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The Locked On Reds podcast is the only daily podcast for Reds Country to get its fix from Great American Ballpark. Host Jeff Carr takes a daily look at the offseason that will (hopefully) see the Reds set up for success in 2022 after missing the playoffs in 2021. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Locked On Reds - 10/2/19 Friend of the Show, Mo...
Jeff sits down with Mo Egger and talks about the first thing he'll remember about 2019, Aristides Aquino, and the pitching
23 min
Locked On Reds - 10/1/19 How the Pitching got GOT
Jeff takes a look back at the pitching and also delivers the big story of the day for the Reds.
24 min
Locked On Reds - 9/30/19 #GetTheHitting
Jeff begins unpacking the season with the first major offseason storyline of #GetTheHitting
21 min
Locked On Reds - 9/27/19 Drew Koch from Blog Re...
Jeff talks with Drew Koch about Marty's last game, Joey Votto, and why the Pirates suck
34 min
Locked On Reds - 9/26/19 Thanks Marty
Jeff talks about Marty Brenneman and looks at an article in Cincinnati Magazine by Chad Dotson about the offseason
24 min
Locked On Reds - 9/25/19 More lineup woes and a...
Jeff recaps another frustrating loss in which the lineup stalled after the first and explains why the Reds should go after Mookie Betts
18 min
Locked On Reds - 9/23/19 Sonny Gray
Jeff talks about the awesome season Sonny Gray has had as he looks to pitch for maybe his last start of 2019
17 min
Locked On Reds - 9/23/19 The Reds will not lose...
Jeff relishes in the fact that 2019 will not be another 90-loss season and looks at some potential free agents
22 min
Locked On Reds - 9/20/19 Eugenio Suarez and the...
Jeff talks about the greatness of Eugenio Suarez and expounds on the absolute necessity of the Reds going all in.
21 min
Locked On Reds - 9/19/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Reds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 9/18/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Reds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
32 min
Locked On Reds - 9/17/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Reds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
32 min
Locked On Reds - 9/16/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Eds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
30 min
Locked On Reds - 9/13/19 Nick Senzel and the La...
Jeff talks about the season-ending injury to Nick Senzel and a few other Reds topics
21 min
Locked On Reds - 9/12/19 An Attempt at a No-Hit...
Jeff talks about Sonny Gray's stellar night and has a few bones to pick
20 min
Locked On Reds - 9/11/19 Hashtag-Late Night Reds
Jeff recaps the opening game in Seattle and thinks through some things on Phillip Ervin
17 min
Locked On Reds - 9/10/19 Off-Day Ramblings and ...
Jeff talk about how the Reds aren't dull and takes some Locked On Reds Line questions and comments
22 min
Locked On Reds - 9/9/19 Locked On Michael Lorenzen
Jeff reaps a few things about the Reds-Diamondbacks series, gushes about Michael Lorenzen, and pontificates about Joey Votto.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 9/7/19 The First Ever Locked O...
Jeff takes a look at where the Reds are with so few games left and why he thinks the front office will the job done
18 min
Locked On Reds - 9/6/19 Bobby Nightengale from ...
Jeff chats with the Reds beat writer from the Cincinnati Enquirer about his journey to the Queen City, locker room talk, and if Derek Johnson owns a wand
26 min
Locked On Reds - 9/5/19 Michael Lorenzen is Bab...
Jeff talks about a Reds win, a Ruthian feat reached by Lorenzen, and takes some calls.
17 min
Locked On Reds - 9/4/19 Raisel Iglesias and Whe...
Jeff wonders at where the Reds are and how they will get to where we all want them next year and also bloviates about Raisel Iglesias
18 min
Locked On Reds - 9/3/19 The Reds did not have a...
Jeff recaps a dismal weekend and tries to find the positives for the Reds
17 min
Locked On Reds - 8/30/19 Wrapping Up the Marlin...
Jeff recaps the Reds walk-off loss to the Marlins, gives a new poll, and previews the weekend marathon in St. Louis
22 min
Locked On Reds - 8/29/19 Locked On Reds 300
Jeff is joined by the Founding Father, James Rapien, to talk all things Reds in celebration of 300 episodes
29 min
Locked On Reds - 8/28/19 The Plight of Peraza
Jeff recaps back-to-back wins for the Reds in Miami while also looking at Joey Votto and Jose Peraza
19 min
Locked On Reds - 8/27/19 Gray and Galvis lead t...
Jeff recaps Monday's win in Miami, talks about Sonny Gray's magnificence, and asks a pressing question about the Reds bullpen.
18 min
Locked On Reds - 8/26/19 Reds Swept by Pirates
Jeff rants about the Reds getting swept by the Pirates and also about the bad players weekend uniforms
19 min
Locked On Reds - 8/23/19 PIIF with Wick Terrell
Jeff talks with Wick Terrell about the upcoming Reds-Pirates series, where some young guys fit in, and is someone else about to be waived?
26 min
Locked On Reds - 8/22/19 Luis Castillo, Kyle Cr...
Jeff recaps the Reds series win over the Padres, talks about why the Pirates suck, and a little history
18 min
Locked On Reds - 8/21/19 The Reds Win and Jeff ...
Jeff recaps a masterful performance by Sonny Gray and introduces some new things to the podcast
18 min
Locked On Reds - 8/20/19 The One With a Bunch o...
Jeff recaps a Reds loss to the Padres, a game in which they struck out a bunch.
19 min
Locked On Reds - 8/19/19 Another 4-Game Split f...
Jeff recaps a weekend of .500 baseball and wonders about Alex Wood
19 min
Locked On Reds - 8/16/19 PIIF with Steven Offen...
Jeff talks with the host of the Reds Alert pod, Steven Offenbaker, about some key decisions on some key players, coming up.
30 min
Locked On Reds - 8/15/19 Reds Give up a LOT of ...
Jeff recaps a Reds blowout loss to the Nationals and looks at the time the Reds got kicked out of the National League
16 min
Locked On Reds - 8/14/19 Reds Slip Further Away...
Jeff recaps another loss in which the hitting failed the Reds and takes a Locked On Reds Line voicemail
20 min
Locked On Reds - 8/13/19 Reds Fall to Nationals...
Jeff recaps another one-run defeat, this time the Reds losing to the Nationals and what Freddy Galvis means to this club
16 min
Locked On Reds - 8/12/19 Locked On Aristides Aq...
Jeff reaps the awesomeness that is Aquino and looks at who should be playing the most, from here on out.
15 min
Locked On Reds - 8/9/19 PIIF with Coop from the...
Jeff laments a bad game from Thursday and then chats with Coop from the Hunt 4 Reds October podcast.
23 min
Locked On Reds - 8/8/19 The Most Important Seri...
Jeff previews the Reds-Cubs series that looks to be a make or break for the Reds playoff chances,
16 min
Locked On Reds - 8/7/19 Reds Sweep the Angels
Jeff recaps a homer-filled Tuesday night Reds win over the Angels and gushes over Aquino, Barnhart, and Lorenzen.
18 min
Locked On Reds - 8/6/19 A Career-Mark for Casti...
Jeff recaps an amazing performance by Luis Castillo and talks about the addition of Kevin Gausman
18 min
Locked On Reds - 8/5/19 Reds Split with Braves,...
Jeff talks about the Reds weekend in Atlanta and takes a few calls
18 min
Locked On Reds - 8/2/19 Reds Beat Writer C. Tre...
Jeff and Trent break down what transpired in the most momentous week of the Reds 2019 season.
33 min
Locked On Reds - 8/1/19 Recapping the Reds Trad...
Jeff chats the Reds Trade Deadline with Bronson Arroyo
21 min
Locked On Reds - 7/31/19 The Reds Fight and the...
Jeff recaps a wild fight between the Reds and Pirates on Tuesday and tries to convey his thoughts on the Trevor Bauer trade.
22 min
Locked On Reds - 7/30/19 Reds Score 10 Runs in ...
Jeff recaps an amazing night for the Reds as they beat the Pirates 11-6 and also talks trade stuff
22 min
Locked On Reds - 7/29/19 Tucker Barnhart is Bac...
Jeff recaps a winning weekend, in which Tucker Barnhart's return was directly related, and looks at some trade deadline news/rumors
15 min
Locked On Reds - 7/26/19 Doug Gray is Back for ...
Jeff talks all things Reds with Doug Gray
38 min
Locked On Reds - 7/25/19 Reds Take Series from ...
Jeff recaps a series-winning performance by the Redlegs, in Milwaukee, and looks at the upcoming series with the Rockies.
15 min
Locked On Reds - 7/24/19 Reds Deadline SZN Rumo...
Jeff takes a break from the ups and downs of the season to look at the rumors surrounding the Reds
17 min
Locked On Reds - 7/23/19 Reds Give Everybody Ul...
Jeff recaps, and recoups from, a Reds win against the Brewers in Milwaukee and takes some calls.
18 min
Locked On Reds - 7/22/19 Requiem for a Playoff ...
Jeff looks at a discouraging weekend for the 2019 season and pronounces the Reds' 2019 playoff hopes dead
17 min
Locked On Reds - 7/19/19 PIIF with Drew Koch
Jeff talks with Drew Koch about the trade deadline, where the Reds are going from here, and other sundry things
29 min
Locked On Reds - 7/18/19 Previewing Reds-Cardin...
Jeff talks with the host of the Locked On Cardinals podcast, Moose Michaels, to preview this weekend.
23 min
Locked On Reds - 7/17/19 Reds Get Walked-Off by...
Jeff recaps yet another night of peaks and valleys and missed opportunities. He also wonders if he should worry about Joey Votto
18 min
Locked On Reds - 7/16/19 Reds Start the Week wi...
Jeff recaps the series-opening win in Chicago, with all its ins and outs, and responds to a few voicemails
15 min
Locked On Reds - 7/15/19 A Reds Weekend in Colo...
Jeff recaps a series loss by the Reds, a chance for Phil Ervin, and Dick Williams plans for the deadline
16 min
Locked On Reds - 7/12/19 A Friday Chat with Cha...
Jeff talk about the Cincinnati Reds with Chad Dotson
30 min
Locked On Reds - 7/11/19 The Reds Rotation Shuf...
Jeff talks about the re-shuffled rotation launching after the break, Taylor Trammell's (almost) steal of home in the Future's Game, and a little throwback
19 min
Locked On Reds - 7/10/19 An All-Star Break Spec...
Jeff holds a mock interview for MLB commissioner with Mike Mardis
40 min
Locked On Reds - 7/9/19 Two Deserving Cincinnat...
Jeff recaps a wild Home Run Derby, takes a look at Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray, and plays GM for a minute.
23 min
Locked On Reds - 7/8/19 Half the Reds Season is...
Jeff takes a look at the confusing nature of this Reds team with half the season gone
21 min
Locked On Reds - 7/4/19 Fourth of July Special,...
Happy Independence Day, Reds Country! Recap Wednesday's win over the Brewers and hear some stories from the voice of the Dragons, Tom Nichols
38 min
Locked On Reds - 7/3/19 Puig Walks (Runs) Off a...
Jeff recaps a thrilling, extra-inning, walk-off Reds win that was brought about by Yasiel Puig
19 min
Locked On Reds - 7/2/19 Reds Lose on Canada Day
Jeff recaps another close Reds loss to the Brewers and hopes Suarez's big night will break his slump
21 min
Locked On Reds - 7/1/19 Reds take Another Serie...
Jeff recaps a jam-packed weekend of Reds winning, Puig plunking, and Ervin crushing.
21 min
Locked On Reds - 6/28/19 Tarren Bland from ESPN...
Jeff talks Reds with Tarren Bland from ESPN 1530
28 min
Locked On Reds - 6/26/19 How Not to Follow a Si...
Jeff struggles to find words to describe the Reds who have now lost four-straight and are right back out of whatever they may have been in.
17 min
Locked On Reds - 6/26/19 The Reds Lost, but Red...
Jeff recaps a tough game for the Reds, against the Angels, on Tuesday night and takes a look at a coming together of Reds Twitter
16 min
Locked On Reds - 6/25/19 Previewing the Reds-An...
Jeff talks with Adam Riggs, former major league ballplayer and host of the Bleav in Angels podcast, about Reds-Halos and about Adam's playing career.
32 min
Locked On Reds - 6/24/19 The Reds had a Very Go...
Jeff recaps a phenomenal week of Redlegs baseball action and he has a question he wants you to answer.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 6/21/19 Wick Terrell Returns
Jeff recaps the series opening win over the Brewers, and fifth-straight win for the Redlegs, and then chats with Wick Terrell from RedReporter.com
40 min
Locked On Reds - 6/20/19 The One Where the Reds...
Jeff recaps a walkoff, series sweeping win by the Cincinnati Reds over the Houston Astros and previews the upcoming series with the Milwaukee Brewers
16 min
Locked On Reds - 6/19/19 The Reds Best the Astr...
Jeff recaps a thrilling series victory for the Reds over the prohibitive World Series favorite Astros and their ace
18 min
Locked On Reds - 6/18/19 The Reds Survive Monday
Jeff recaps a tense win by the Reds over the Astros and applauds the managerial decision-making of David Bell
15 min
Locked On Reds - 6/17/19 Running out of Time to...
Jeff recaps a disappointing home weened series, as well as Puig's resurgence and Tyler Mahle vs David Bell
18 min
Locked On Reds - 6/14/19 PIIF with Matt Wilkes ...
Jef is joined by Matt Wilkes, co-founder of Reds Content Plus, to break down the numbers on the hitting, the pitching, and Nick Senzel.
39 min
Locked On Reds - 6/13/19 Reds Split with Indians
Jeff recaps the Reds' Wednesday win over the Indians and wonders if the Reds compare to a St Louis team that just went worst to first in a year.
15 min
Locked On Reds - 6/12/19 Locked On Dragons
Jeff recaps the Dayton Dragons win over the West Michigan Whitecaps and begrudgingly talks about the Reds loss to the Indians
16 min
Locked On Reds - 6/11/19 Telephone Tuesday
Jeff hosts the first ever all voicemail episode. This one is dictated by you, the listener
23 min
Locked On Reds - 6/10/19 A Frustrating Weekend ...
Jeff recaps a frustrating weekend and talks with James Rapien about the forthcoming Reds-Indians series
28 min
Locked On Reds - 6/7/19 Mo Egger, Friend of the...
Jeff welcomes Mo Egger, friend of the show, onto the podcast totally the Reds big picture for 2019
39 min
Locked On Reds - 6/6/19 Postponement Enjoyment ...
Reds-Cards got postponed on Wednesday night, so Jeff looks at some more Pirates' broadcaster shenanigans and talks TBT about Ted Kluszewski
17 min
Locked On Reds - 6/5/19 Reds Open Cardinals Ser...
Jeff recaps Tuesday night's Reds win and gives a few reasons for optimism.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 6/4/19 Crossover with Locked O...
Jeff talks with Moose Michaels of Locked On Cardinals about the upcoming series
28 min
Locked On Reds - 6/3/19 The Reds Need to Be Rea...
Jeff recaps a disappointing week and looks at why the Reds may need to be sellers at the deadline
18 min
Locked On Reds - 5/31/19 Doug Gray, The Saga Co...
Jeff is joined by friend of the podcast, Doug Gray, to talk MLB Draft and other things related to the professional base-ball team in Cincinnati.
31 min
Locked On Reds - 5/30/19 Why the League Doesn't...
Jeff talks a little about Wednesday's Reds loss and a lot about Suarez getting beaned
18 min
Locked On Reds - 5/29/19 Locked On Derek Dietrich
Jeff recaps Derek Dietrich's big night and talks with Clay Snowden about the Louisville Bats
22 min
Locked On Reds - 5/28/19 The Reds are Heating Up
Jeff recaps a great weekend for the Cincinnati Reds
16 min
Locked On Reds - 5/24/19 Joel Luckhaupt, the Se...
Jeff talks with Joel Luckhaupt about Joey Votto, Nick Senzel, and if the pitching staff can keep this momentum going
33 min
Locked On Reds - 5/23/19 An Infuriating Loss
Jeff gets a bit demonstrative with his displeasure over the Reds' loss on Wednesday.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 5/22/19 Reds Shutout Brew Crew
Jeff recaps the Reds shutout victory over the Brewers and waxes philosophical about Joey Votto
16 min
Locked On Reds - 5/21/19 The First Locked on Ci...
Jeff is joined by Joe Goodberry and Jake Liscow of Locked On Bengals
45 min
Locked On Reds - 5/20/19 David Bell: A Thinking...
Jeff recaps the Reds weekend and gives a thought about David Bell
17 min
Locked On Reds - 5/17/19 Bronson Arroyo
Jeff sits down with former Red Bronson Arroyo
32 min
Locked On Reds - 5/16/19 Puig and the Reds' Wal...
Jeff recaps a thrilling win for the Cincinnati Reds over the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday and does a Throwback Thursday segment.
15 min
Locked On Reds - 5/15/19 Reds No Match for Kyle...
Jeff recaps the Reds loss to Kyle Hendricks and answers a few voicemails
16 min
Locked On Reds - 5/14/19 Reds Ready for the Cubs
Jeff previews the first series against the Cubs and answers a question about some free agents.
16 min