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The Cincinnati Reds are headed for their most anticipated MLB season in probably 50 years. Locked On Reds will be with you every single day reacting to Reds news, rumors, and transactions. Is David Bell managing this talented Reds roster correctly? Is Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, Christian Encarnacion-Strand, Noelvi Marte, Will Benson, Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, Andrew Abbott, Graham Ashcraft, Alexis Diaz, and company taking the next step? Will the Reds win the NL Central division in 2024? Jeff and Steve will keep you tuned in to all the important things to know about your Cincinnati Reds every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day.

Locked On Reds - 10/15/19 Steven Offenbaker fro...
Jeff is joined by the host of the RedsAlert podcast, Steven Offenbaker, as they unpack some Reds offseason topics
30 min
Locked On Reds - 10/14/19 All in? and Raisel Ig...
Do you want the Reds to mortgage the future for 2020? And will Raisel Iglesias be good, next year?
22 min
Locked On Reds - 10/11/19 Playoffs, We're Talki...
Jeff looks at the playoffs as we wrap up the Division Series for both leagues and wonders how you'd take your heartbreak
22 min
Locked On Reds - 10/10/19 Kyle Boddy, David Bel...
Jeff talks about Kyle Boddy, why David Bell's first year was pretty decent, and why today in Reds history isn't all that great.
21 min
Locked On Reds - 10/9/19 Thinking about the Cat...
Jeff plays devil's advocate looking at the catching, wonders about Alex Wood, and rants about analytics nd Charlie Manuel
21 min
Locked On Reds - 10/8/19 Looking Back to Openin...
Jeff looks back at the promising start to 2019 that was Opening Day and how Derek Dietrich made it awesome
22 min
Locked On Reds - 10/7/19 Former Reds in the Pla...
Jeff takes a look at former Reds playing for the chance at a World Series ring right now and sets the stage for the Reds roster.
21 min
Locked On Reds - 10/4/19 Friend of the Show, Mo...
Hear the conclusion of Jeff's chat with Mo Egger as well as some excitement over quotes from Dick Williams and Clint Hurdle fired.
25 min
Locked On Reds - 10/3/19 Friend of the Show, Mo...
Jeff talks with Mo Egger about Turner Ward being let go, the organizational philosophy, and Nick Senzel
26 min
Locked On Reds - 10/2/19 Friend of the Show, Mo...
Jeff sits down with Mo Egger and talks about the first thing he'll remember about 2019, Aristides Aquino, and the pitching
23 min
Locked On Reds - 10/1/19 How the Pitching got GOT
Jeff takes a look back at the pitching and also delivers the big story of the day for the Reds.
24 min
Locked On Reds - 9/30/19 #GetTheHitting
Jeff begins unpacking the season with the first major offseason storyline of #GetTheHitting
21 min
Locked On Reds - 9/27/19 Drew Koch from Blog Re...
Jeff talks with Drew Koch about Marty's last game, Joey Votto, and why the Pirates suck
34 min
Locked On Reds - 9/26/19 Thanks Marty
Jeff talks about Marty Brenneman and looks at an article in Cincinnati Magazine by Chad Dotson about the offseason
24 min
Locked On Reds - 9/25/19 More lineup woes and a...
Jeff recaps another frustrating loss in which the lineup stalled after the first and explains why the Reds should go after Mookie Betts
18 min
Locked On Reds - 9/23/19 Sonny Gray
Jeff talks about the awesome season Sonny Gray has had as he looks to pitch for maybe his last start of 2019
17 min
Locked On Reds - 9/23/19 The Reds will not lose...
Jeff relishes in the fact that 2019 will not be another 90-loss season and looks at some potential free agents
22 min
Locked On Reds - 9/20/19 Eugenio Suarez and the...
Jeff talks about the greatness of Eugenio Suarez and expounds on the absolute necessity of the Reds going all in.
21 min
Locked On Reds - 9/19/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Reds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 9/18/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Reds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
32 min
Locked On Reds - 9/17/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Reds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
32 min
Locked On Reds - 9/16/19 Reds 2019 Minor League...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to break down the Eds farm system in 2019 and how it fared.
30 min
Locked On Reds - 9/13/19 Nick Senzel and the La...
Jeff talks about the season-ending injury to Nick Senzel and a few other Reds topics
21 min
Locked On Reds - 9/12/19 An Attempt at a No-Hit...
Jeff talks about Sonny Gray's stellar night and has a few bones to pick
20 min
Locked On Reds - 9/11/19 Hashtag-Late Night Reds
Jeff recaps the opening game in Seattle and thinks through some things on Phillip Ervin
17 min