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The Locked On Reds podcast is the only daily podcast for Reds Country to get its fix from Great American Ballpark. Host Jeff Carr details the oldest baseball franchise and why the Reds will be in the thick of the playoff race in 2020, once the season gets going. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day.

Locked On Reds - 3/21/19 Nick Senzel and Ballpa...
Jeff talks about reports that Nick Senzel will break camp on the Major League roster and gets excited about Frybox
17 min
Locked On Reds - 3/20/19 Luis Castillo Gets the...
Jeff discusses the Reds decision to make Luis Castillo the Opening Day starter
15 min
Locked On Reds - 3/19/19 Get Your Playoff Tickets
Jeff outlines why the Cincinnati Reds will make the playoffs in 2019
16 min
Locked On Reds - 3/18/19 Locked On Crossover wi...
Moose Michaels of Locked On Cardinals (Baseball) drops in to chat about the Cincinnati Reds' rivals
25 min
Locked On Reds - 3/15/19 PIIF with Wick Terrell...
Wick Terrell stops by to chat all things Cincinnati Reds with your host, Jeff Carr
25 min
Locked On Reds - 3/14/19 TBT Vada Pinson
Jeff looks at the career of the best centerfielder in Cincinnati Reds history and he also gives you an update on an old friend.
15 min
Locked On Reds - 3/13/19 The Curious Case of Ma...
Where does Matt Kemp fit in, on this Reds team? Jeff looks at that and how the roster is beginning to take shape
17 min
Locked On Reds - 3/12/19 Lorenzen, Wood, and Jo...
Jeff recaps Michael Lorenzen's two-way day, talks about the impact of Alex Wood's back, and gives you his ideal lineup.
17 min
Locked On Reds - 3/11/19 Michael Lorenzen and t...
Jeff talks about Michael Lorenzen's busy Monday plans and gives a look at the 2019 Pittsburgh Pirates
15 min
Locked On Reds - 3/8/19 PIIF With Drew Koch fro...
Jeff chats with Drew Koch from the Blog Red Machine about where Phillip Ervin and Robert Stephenson fit in and who will be the Reds MVP in 2019
21 min
Locked On Reds - 3/7/19 TBT Edd Roush and Thoug...
Jeff looks at one of the best centerfielders in Reds history, Edd Roush, and shows why the coaching staff has the Reds poised for a good 2019.
18 min
Locked On Reds - 3/6/19 A Reds Fan's view of th...
Jeff gives an overview of the Chicago Cubs and talks about Sonny Gray's impending resurgence with the Reds
17 min
Locked On Reds - 3/5/19 A View of the Brewers f...
Jeff recaps the Monday doubleheader and looks at the Brewers 2019 season.
16 min
Locked On Reds - 3/4/19 Nick Senzel, Luis Casti...
Should be worried about Luis Castillo? Nick Senzel on Opening Day, and a look at the rival St. Louis Cardinals
15 min
Locked On Reds - 3/1/19 PIIF Chad Dotson Returns
Chad Dotson joins Jeff to talk about the Cincinnati Reds
22 min
Locked On Reds - 2/28/19 TBT What's in a Name?
Jeff looks at some interesting names in Reds history and rants about Nick Senzel
15 min
Locked On Reds - 2/27/19 Will Jose Peraza Ever ...
Jeff looks at the meteoric start to Spring Training by Jose Peraza
17 min
Locked on Reds - 2/26/19 The First Loss of the ...
Jeff recaps the Reds first loss of Cactus League play
16 min
locked on Reds - 2/25/19 Let the (Spring Traini...
Jeff recaps the first two Spring Training games, the Jose Iglesias signing, and Sonny Gray
16 min
locked on Reds - 2/22/19 PIIF with Doug, Pt. 2
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to talk Scooter, Michel Triana, and Opening Day philosophies.
22 min
Locked On Reds - 2/21/19 TBT Deacon Bill McKechnie
Jeff talks all about the Reds second-greatest manager of all time.
18 min
Locked on Reds - 2/20/19 To Scooter, or Not?
Jeff makes a contentious point
16 min
Locked on Reds - 2/19/19 Tank you Very Much
Jeff talks about the idea of tanking, Puig extension thoughts, and Derek Dietrich
17 min
Locked on Reds - 2/18/19 Votto Reporting In
Jef talks about Joey Votto's first interview as he checked in for Spring Training
17 min
Locked on Reds - 2/15/19 PIIF Master and Appren...
Jeff is joined by James Rapien to talk Reds and even some Indians news
25 min
Locked on Reds - 2/14/19 A Red TBT
Jeff introduces you to Red Lucas
21 min
Locked on Reds - 2/13/19 The Spring of Tucker
Jeff looks at Tucker Barnhart's excitement at still being a Red and gets you excited about Spring Training
16 min
Locked on Reds - 2/12/19 A Free Agent is Signed
Jeff looks at the first Reds free agent signing of the offseason
17 min
locked on Reds - 2/11/19 Early Thoughts on the ...
Jeff Looks at an article from Mark Sheldon talking about 25-man roster predictions.
17 min
Locked on Reds - 2/8/19 The Quintessential PIIF...
Jeff chats all things Reds with Wick Terrell, managing editor over at RedReporter.com
27 min
Locked on Reds - 2/7/19 TBT about Johnny
Jeff talks about the MLB Network Special Bench and the guy who he replaced.
16 min
Locked on Reds - 2/6/19 To DH, or not to DH?
Jeff looks at the proposed rule changes outlined by Ken Rosenthal, and some more rumors
17 min
Locked on Reds - 2/5/19 Phil on the Fringe
Jeff looks at Phil Ervin's Spring on the fringe and other news and notes
16 min
Locked on Reds - 2/4/19 Monday Musings
Jeff wonders, aloud, about Robert Stephenson, JT Realmuto, and projections.
16 min
Locked on Reds - 2/1/19 PIIF with CTR
C. Trent Rosecrans joins the show to talk a myriad of subjects
19 min
Locked on Reds - 1/31/19 Bucky Walters TBT
Jeff takes a look at the career of Bucky Walters
15 min
Locked on Reds - 1/30/19 Senzel is the Key
Jeff takes a look at Nick Senzel and how he will help the Reds in 2019
16 min
Locked on Reds - 1/29/19 A Realmuto Big Rumor
Jeff talks about the Reds possibly getting J.T. Realmuto
16 min
Locked on Reds - 1/28/19 Moving on to Spring Tr...
Jeff tells you why it's time to shift focus from rumors to Spring Training
15 min
Locked on Reds - 1/25/19 The Definitive PIIF wi...
Jeff sits down with Mo Egger and talks all things Reds offseason
21 min
Locked on Reds - 1/24/19 TBT Once EVER (To this...
There has been just one time in the history of Major League Baseball that this has happened, and the Reds did it
15 min
locked on Reds - 1/23/19 Votto a HOFer?
Jeff discusses the HOF Inductees and whether Joey Votto could be one, down the road.
16 min
Locked on Reds - 1/22/19 Becoming Interesting
Jeff looks at the details of the Sonny Gray deal and starts thinking about the big picture of 2019
16 min
Locked on Reds - 1/21/19 Reds and Gray
Jeff talks Sonny Gray to Cincinnati and looks back at some obscure former pitchers
18 min
Locked on Reds - 1/18/19 PIIF with Doug
Jeff chats with Doug Gray of RedlegNation.com and RedsMinorLeagues.com
22 min
Locked on Reds - 1/17/19 TBT Thinking About Marty
Jeff reminisces about Marty Brenneman
15 min
Locked on Reds - 1/16/19 Where do You See 2019 ...
Jeff asks all Reds fan a question and then looks at Sal Romano
15 min
Locked on Reds - 1/15/19 Are the Reds #GettingT...
Jeff discusses rumors, rumors, and more rumors all centered around pitching
17 min
Locked on Reds -1/14/19 Arbitration and Stuff
Jeff takes a look at the arbitration process and a few signings to avoid it that have him thinking
16 min
Locked on Reds -1/11/19 The Most Dangerous PIIF...
Jeff welcomes the creator of Redleg Nation Radio and the author of "The Big 50" in for a chat about the Redlegs
19 min
Locked on Reds - 1/10/19 TBT Noodles and Cotham
Jeff takes a look at one of the best pitchers in the history of the Reds and says a few words about an under-the-radar hire
15 min
Locked On Reds - 1/9/19 Keuchel?
Jeff discusses some positive rumors surrounding a big target for the Reds and an out-of-the-box idea.
16 min
Locked on Reds - 1/8/19 Mahle, Winker, and Math
Jeff takes a deep dive into the statistics of two of the Reds more promising young players.
17 min
Locked on Reds - 1/7/19 Trade Rumor Developments
Jeff looks at some developing rumors, where does Puig fit in, and the Winter Caravan
15 min
Locked on Reds - 1/4/19 PIIF, Master and Appren...
Jeff hots the first Phone It In Friday on the Locked on Reds podcast and has an interview with the OG of Locked on Reds
17 min
Locked on Reds - 1/3/19 Lombardi TBT and Foresh...
Jeff introduces a throwback Thursday player from the Reds past and looks at an article of intrigue written my Mark Sheldon of MLB.com
13 min
Locked on Reds - 1/2/19 Wood, Puig, and Kemp, O...
New host Jeff Carr talks about the Dodgers and Reds trade, diving a bit deeper into some numbers, and also looks at opportunity cost for free agent pitchers
15 min
Locked on Reds - 12/31/18 New Year, New LOR
Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Jeff, Jeff Carr. I let you know that this year is going to be different for the Reds and I catch you up on the moves the Reds have done, to this point.
14 min
Locked on Reds - 11/2/18 A free agent target an...
A free agent target and Brantley on new pitching coach Derek Johnson
14 min
Locked on Reds - 10/26/18 David Bell, the World...
David Bell, the World Series and analytics
12 min
Locked on Reds - 10/22/18 Meet new Reds manager...
Thoughts on Bell, the organization and the future
12 min
Locked on Reds - 10/19/18 And then there were t...
James Rapien discusses the three favorites to be the next Reds' manager
10 min
Locked on Reds - 10/12/18 An offseason chat wit...
An offseason chat with Chad Dotson
20 min
Locked on Reds - 10/8/18 The Reds' managerial s...
The Reds' managerial search continues
8 min
Locked on Reds - 10/5/18 Fan apathy and the nex...
Fan apathy and the next Reds' manager
13 min
Locked on Reds - 10/1/18 The Reds finish 67-95 ...
The Reds finish 67-95 and thoughts on their next manager
14 min
Locked on Reds - 9/28/18 Let's celebrate the an...
Let's celebrate the anniversary of CLINCHMAS!
12 min
Locked on Reds - 9/27/18 I wouldn't promote Jim...
Jim Riggleman's future and thoughts about the offseason
13 min
Locked on Reds - 9/26/18 Who will be the Reds' ...
Who will be the Reds' next manager?
11 min
Locked on Reds - 9/20/18 Thoughts on another lo...
Thoughts on another loss and fixing the rotation
12 min
Locked on Reds - 9/18/18 Gennett's battle for t...
Gennett's battle for the crown and Yelich hits for the cycle... again
6 min
Locked on Reds - 9/17/18 Cincinnati drops two o...
The Reds drop two of three, despite getting good pitching in Chicago
10 min
Locked on Reds - 9/13/18 How is this team going...
How is this team going to get better next season?
11 min
Locked on Reds - 9/11/18 Cincinnati continues t...
The Reds beat L.A.... again
11 min
Locked on Reds - 9/10/18 The Reds take two of f...
The Reds win two over the weekend, plus we celebrate Joey Votto's birthday
13 min
Locked on Reds - 9/7/18 The Reds make finally m...
The Reds finally took Homer Bailey out of the rotation
12 min
Locked on Reds - 9/5/18 They're one game behind...
They're one game behind the '17 Reds
12 min
Locked on Reds - 9/4/18 A familiar record and D...
A familiar record and Dat Dude is back
10 min
Locked on Reds - 8/31/18 Harvey, the future and...
Harvey, the future and more with Chad Dotson
15 min
Locked on Reds - 8/29/18 Disco deals, the Reds ...
Disco deals, the Reds win and Matt Harvey continues to start
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/28/18 A Brewers preview, Wri...
A Brewers preview. Wrigley and why the owner shouldn't be a fan
11 min
Locked on Reds – 8/27/18 Bob Castellini needs t...
The Reds' problems start at the top
14 min
Locked on Reds - 8/24/18 A trip to Wrigley, plu...
Billy Hamilton's future, why he may have value and a trip to Wrigley
16 min
Locked on Reds – 8/22/18 Matt Harvey claimed, p...
Matt Harvey claimed, plus the Reds win one of three in Milwaukee
13 min
Locked on Reds - 8/21/18 Another Homer Bailey l...
Another Homer Bailey loss and a tough schedule ahead
10 min
Locked on Reds - 8/20/18 That was a fun weekend
The Reds swept the Giants at Great American Ballpark
12 min
Locked on Reds - 8/17/18 Why is Joey Votto stil...
Why is Joey Votto still playing?
9 min
Locked on Reds - 8/15/18 Romano struggles as th...
Romano struggles as the Reds drop 2nd straight against Indians
12 min
Locked on Reds - 8/14/18 A 10-3 loss, plus Vott...
A 10-3 loss, plus Votto and Bailey
13 min
Locked on Reds – The Reds take two of three fro...
The Reds started the home stand off well – can they keep it going?
9 min
Locked on Reds - 8/9/18 Stephenson struggles an...
Stephenson struggles and the Reds lose again
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/7/18 Bailey struggles and a ...
Bailey struggles and a big decision looms
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/6/18 Harvey, Greene and more...
Harvey, Greene and more bad news for the Reds
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/3/18 Mahle's struggles, Matt...
Mahle's struggles, Matt Harvey's future and a weekend preview
11 min
Locked on Reds - 8/1/18 The Reds didn't trade H...
The Reds didn't trade Harvey and that's okay
16 min
Locked on Reds - 7/31/18 Breaking down the Adam...
Breaking down the Adam Duvall trade
24 min
Locked on Reds – 7/30/18 Castillo is picking up...
Castillo is picking up steam and the trade deadline looms
12 min
Locked on Reds - 7/27/18 Winker's injury, Mahle...
Winker's injury, Mahle's struggles and the trade deadline
13 min
Locked on Reds - 7/26/18 The Reds win as the re...
The Reds win as the rebuild continues
12 min
Locked on Reds - 7/25/18 Bailey, the roller coa...
Bailey, the roller coaster season and more
14 min