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The Cincinnati Reds are headed for their most anticipated MLB season in probably 50 years. Locked On Reds will be with you every single day reacting to Reds news, rumors, and transactions. Is David Bell managing this talented Reds roster correctly? Is Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, Christian Encarnacion-Strand, Noelvi Marte, Will Benson, Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, Andrew Abbott, Graham Ashcraft, Alexis Diaz, and company taking the next step? Will the Reds win the NL Central division in 2024? Jeff and Steve will keep you tuned in to all the important things to know about your Cincinnati Reds every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day.

Questions, and Answers, About our Cincinnati Reds
Jeff digs into some junk mail from the Locked On Reds Line about shortstops, prospects, and Jose De Leon
22 min
Locked On Cincinnati Reds Prospects with Aram L...
Jeff is joined by the host of the Locked On MLB Prospects podcast, Aram Leighton, to break down the Reds farm system
26 min
Shortstops, Hall of Fame Votes, and Reds Prospe...
In a packed podcast, Jeff looks at the movements of the shortstop market, a disgusting Hall of Fame Vote, and talks with Aram Leighton about the Reds farm system
20 min
Baseball Trade Values and the Cincinnati Reds
Jeff is joined by the co-founder of BaseballTradeValues.com, John Bitzer, to talk about the site and some Reds values
26 min
Locked On Cincinnati Reds Stockings
Jeff takes a look back at the Reds who played in the American Association before the turn of the 20th century.
21 min
The Cincinnati Reds Lineup and How it can be Be...
Jeff looks at the abysmal performance of the 2020 lineup and how it can improve in 2021
19 min
The Cincinnati Reds did not Trade Luis Castillo...
Jeff talks about the saga of misinformation that cascaded through Twitter Sunday evening and looks at some mail
22 min
Free Agent Rotation Options for the Cincinnati ...
Jeff looks at three low-cost rotation options for the Reds and talks about their odds to win the division
22 min
The Cincinnati Reds Options for a Fifth Starter
Jeff looks at the in-house guys who will be contending for the fifth rotation spot for the Reds and gives his pick
22 min
The Spincinnati Reds and the Challenge they Face
Jeff looks at what hashtag-Spincinnati is and the challenge it has placed on those wielding it
21 min
Reds Interview Lookback: Yid, Sam LeCure and Ry...
Jeff looks back on some interview highlights of 2020 with Yid, Sam LeCure, and Ryan Meyer
16 min
Reds Reliever Brandon Bailey, Part Two
Jeff concludes his conversation with Brandon Bailey as they talk about Driveline and how Brandon views the Reds bullpen
19 min
Reds Reliever Brandon Bailey
Jeff welcomes Brandon Bailey, newly acquired from the Astros, to the podcast to talk about his trade experience and more
15 min
Five Burning Questions for the Cincinnati Reds ...
Jeff gives you his five burning questions for the Reds to answer in 2021
18 min
Reds Interview Lookback: Bronson Arroyo and Luc...
Jeff takes a look at some highlights from a couple interviews in 2020 with Bronson Arroyo and Lucas Sims
19 min
The Cincinnati Reds Salary Cap
Jeff talks some #JeffsJunkMail and looks at some bold predictions, the Reds core, and where does the Reds salary cap come from
21 min
Top-Five Reds Deadball Era Pitchers
Jeff and Cam Miller journey back to the Deadball Era to bring you the five best pitchers for the Cincinnati Reds
26 min
A Festivus for the Reds in Us
Jeff celebrates Festivus by airing some grievances with the Reds and telling of the feats of strength Jose De Leon has shown
17 min
What's up With Trade Rumors and Cincinnati Reds...
Jeff unpacks some rumors and considers the source. He also looks at some Cincinnati Reds who are enticing trade chips
19 min
Trevor Bauer Too Expensive? And Who is the Reds...
Jeff looks at a trade the Reds made, why they can't pay Trevor Bauer, and whether Amir Garrett or Lucas Sims is the bullpen ace in 2021
19 min
Top-Five Reds Deadball Era Hitters
Jeff welcomes Cam Miller on to the podcast to talk about the top five Reds to hit the dead ball in the Deadball Era
30 min
David Bell Speaks
Jeff breaks down a long interview David Bell gave to the media and wonders at who the core of the Reds are?
23 min
What is the Plan, Reds?
Jeff answers some Jeff's Junk Mail and looks at what the plan is for the Reds in 2021
25 min
How We Lookin, Part Two, with Steve Offenbaker
Jeff and Steve conclude their discussion of where the Reds are, big picture, and even look at the big picture for all of MLB
24 min
How We Lookin with Steve Offenbaker
Jeff welcomes friend of the show Steven Offenbaker back on to the podcast to talk about the state of the Reds
23 min