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The Locked On Reds podcast is the only daily podcast for Reds Country to get its fix from Great American Ballpark. Host Jeff Carr gives you all the news, rumors, rumblings, and tumblings as the Reds attempt to win more games than they lose, in the 2021 season. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

The Cincinnati Reds did not Trade Luis Castillo...
Jeff talks about the saga of misinformation that cascaded through Twitter Sunday evening and looks at some mail
22 min
Free Agent Rotation Options for the Cincinnati ...
Jeff looks at three low-cost rotation options for the Reds and talks about their odds to win the division
22 min
The Cincinnati Reds Options for a Fifth Starter
Jeff looks at the in-house guys who will be contending for the fifth rotation spot for the Reds and gives his pick
22 min
The Spincinnati Reds and the Challenge they Face
Jeff looks at what hashtag-Spincinnati is and the challenge it has placed on those wielding it
21 min
Reds Interview Lookback: Yid, Sam LeCure and Ry...
Jeff looks back on some interview highlights of 2020 with Yid, Sam LeCure, and Ryan Meyer
16 min
Reds Reliever Brandon Bailey, Part Two
Jeff concludes his conversation with Brandon Bailey as they talk about Driveline and how Brandon views the Reds bullpen
19 min
Reds Reliever Brandon Bailey
Jeff welcomes Brandon Bailey, newly acquired from the Astros, to the podcast to talk about his trade experience and more
15 min
Five Burning Questions for the Cincinnati Reds ...
Jeff gives you his five burning questions for the Reds to answer in 2021
18 min
Reds Interview Lookback: Bronson Arroyo and Luc...
Jeff takes a look at some highlights from a couple interviews in 2020 with Bronson Arroyo and Lucas Sims
19 min
The Cincinnati Reds Salary Cap
Jeff talks some #JeffsJunkMail and looks at some bold predictions, the Reds core, and where does the Reds salary cap come from
21 min
Top-Five Reds Deadball Era Pitchers
Jeff and Cam Miller journey back to the Deadball Era to bring you the five best pitchers for the Cincinnati Reds
26 min
A Festivus for the Reds in Us
Jeff celebrates Festivus by airing some grievances with the Reds and telling of the feats of strength Jose De Leon has shown
17 min
What's up With Trade Rumors and Cincinnati Reds...
Jeff unpacks some rumors and considers the source. He also looks at some Cincinnati Reds who are enticing trade chips
19 min
Trevor Bauer Too Expensive? And Who is the Reds...
Jeff looks at a trade the Reds made, why they can't pay Trevor Bauer, and whether Amir Garrett or Lucas Sims is the bullpen ace in 2021
19 min
Top-Five Reds Deadball Era Hitters
Jeff welcomes Cam Miller on to the podcast to talk about the top five Reds to hit the dead ball in the Deadball Era
30 min
David Bell Speaks
Jeff breaks down a long interview David Bell gave to the media and wonders at who the core of the Reds are?
23 min
What is the Plan, Reds?
Jeff answers some Jeff's Junk Mail and looks at what the plan is for the Reds in 2021
25 min
How We Lookin, Part Two, with Steve Offenbaker
Jeff and Steve conclude their discussion of where the Reds are, big picture, and even look at the big picture for all of MLB
24 min
How We Lookin with Steve Offenbaker
Jeff welcomes friend of the show Steven Offenbaker back on to the podcast to talk about the state of the Reds
23 min
The Reds Traded Raisel Iglesias
Jeff breaks down the Reds most recent trade, wonders at where they're going with this, and introduces you to the new Red
23 min
Thank You Curt Casali
Jeff looks back on three years of Curt Casali and also talks about the maddening world of Sonny Gray rumors
17 min
How the Reds Attack the Offseason, with Doug Gray
Jeff concludes his conversation with Doug Gray as they look at some moves the Reds could make to get back into the playoffs in 2021
17 min
Reds Non-Tenders with Doug Gray
Jeff welcomes Doug Gray on to the podcast to talk about the players the Reds let go of on Wednesday and what it means for the team, moving forward
22 min
How the Reds Avoid Sending Mixed Signals
Jeff breaks down how the Reds can keep Reds fans going...and what they could possibly do to derail the bandwagon
16 min
The Reds First Trade of the Young Offseason
Jeff breaks down the Reds first trade of this offseason and looks at a good deal and a bad deal on this Black Friday
16 min
Reds Baseball and Murder, with Chad Dotson
Jeff welcomes Chad Dotson on to the podcast to talk about a story of dingers and murder for this Throwback Thursday
14 min
The Reds Best Hitter in 2020: Nick Castellanos
Jeff tells you why Nick Blastellanos was the Reds best hitter in 2020 and also looks at another bad rumor
15 min
The Reds Best Hitter in 2020: Jesse Winker
Jeff breaks down da year Da Wink had and tells you why he deserves to be in the lineup every single day in 2021
16 min
Could Trevor Bauer Return?
Jeff takes a look at a rumor about Trevor Bauer liking the Mets and wonders why Reds fans aren't more excited about the possibility of him staying in Cincinnati.
16 min
A Bad Rumor
Jeff looks at a proposed trade rumor that sucks and breaks down the players protected from the Rule 5 draft by the Reds
17 min
When Votto was an MVP
Jeff throws back to 2010 and the year Joey took the NL MVP home. He also defends the Votto contract.
18 min
Joey Votto from 2020
Jeff recaps a peaks and valleys season for Joey Votto and looks at what it means for him, and the Reds, moving forward
15 min
Reading Between the Lines and a Possible Move f...
Jeff examines the words Nick Krall had for Mark Sheldon and also present an interesting way for the Reds to improve the roster
18 min
Throwback Thursday on a Friday with Cam Miller
Jeff welcomes Cam Miller back on the podcast this time to talk about the Deadball Era Reds
23 min
Trevor Bauer is Your 2020 NL Cy Young Winner
Jeff celebrates the Reds first ever Cy Young Winner and also gives an alternative look as to how the Reds move forward without him
16 min
The Last Time the Reds had a Cy Young Hopeful...
Jeff looks back to 2014 and the year Johnny Cueto put together.
16 min
Answering Some Mail
Jeff turns the Jeff's Junk Mail Segment into an episode as he looks at the future and an out-of-the-box shortstop solution
17 min
Rob Wooten on the Next Chapter of His Baseball ...
Jeff talks with Rob Wooten about retiring as a player and moving on to the next stage of his career with the Reds
24 min
Locked On Tucker Barnhart
Jeff talks about Tucker Barnhart's second Gold Glove Award and looks at how Didi Gregorious could help in 2021
20 min
Rising Mahle and Trading Iglesias
Jeff talks about the strides Tyler Mahle made in 2020 and an interesting idea of trading Raisel Iglesias
19 min
Qualifying Offers and Would You Rather Have Bau...
Jeff discusses the Reds extending a QO to Trevor Bauer and what that means and then answers an interesting question
19 min
Celebrating Trevor Bauer
Jeff recaps an awesome year by Trevor Bauer
19 min
Reds Talk with Lance McAlister
Jeff is joined by the host of Sports Talk on 700 WLW, Lance McAlister, to talk about 2020 and what we can look forward to in 2021
25 min
Locked On NL Central Crossover, Part Three
Jeff, Lucas, and Sean finish up their discussion about the state of the division
31 min
Locked On NL Central Crossover, Part Two
Jeff, Lucas, and Sean continue their conversation now looking at one free agent for each of their team's continued success
24 min
Locked On NL Central Crossover, Part One
Jeff is joined by the hosts of the Locked On Cardinals, Lucas Smith, and Locked On Cubs, Sean Sears, to talk about 2020
21 min
Brandon Saho from WLWT Stops By, Part Two
Jeff and Brandon Saho conclude their conversation by looking at whether the Reds will add to their payroll, re-sign Trevor Bauer, and more
16 min
Brandon Saho from WLWT Stops By, Part One
Jeff is joined by Brandon Saho from WLWT sports to talk about the departure of Dick Williams and what's next for the Reds
16 min
Interpreting Nick Krall
Jeff talks about what Nick Krall talked about in his introductory zoom conference after being named head of Reds baseball ops
19 min
Nick Krall's Two Main Objectives
Jeff looks at two big picture items for Nick Krall to focus on and talks about Andrelton Simmons
19 min
Questions that Remain and Nick Krall is the Guy
Jeff talks about three questions we had of the Reds in 2020 that remain for 2021 and Nick Krall's official promotion
18 min
Three Ways the Reds Confused us in 2020
Jeff takes a look at three items that were not on Reds fans' minds entering the season but manifested themselves during it
20 min
An Obscure Throwback and a Possible Shortstop f...
Jeff talks about an obscure former Red and looks at a possibility for shortstop next season
15 min
What Reds Fans Know After 2020
Jeff talks about the three things that we know about the Reds after the conclusion of the 2020 season
19 min
Remembering Joe Morgan
Jeff celebrates the life and career of Joe Morgan
14 min
Social Media Chased Away Dick Williams? and the...
Jeff wonders if the story of social media affecting Dick Williams doesn't point to a larger picture and the play that started the Reds' success
21 min
Locked On Blog Red Machine with Drew Koch
Jeff is joined by Drew Koch to talk Trevor Bauer, Dick Williams' replacement, and the fork in the road the Reds are at
26 min
Throwback to the 1904 Reds
Jeff brings back Throwback Thursday and kicks off the offseason series with a look at the other successful Deadball Era Reds team (not 1919)
18 min
Replacing Dick Williams
Jeff talks about the surprise resignation of Dick Williams and the importance for the Reds to get his replacement right
19 min
Dick Williams Isn't Mad?
Jeff breaks down some comments made by Dick Williams about the 2020 Reds
19 min
The First Half the Set the Reds Back
Jeff breaks down he July and August months that saw the Reds underperforming and far from expectations
19 min
Reds Put 2020 in the Rearview
Jeff recaps an abrupt and disappointing end to 2020 and gets you set for what to expect from the podcast in the offseason
17 min
Locked On Frustration
Jeff recaps one of the most frustrating games to be a Reds fan and then bounces back by telling why the Reds will still win the series
21 min
The Wild Card Reds
Jeff previews game one of the Wild Card Series between the Reds and Braves and talks Fall Instructional League with Doug Gray
33 min
Reds Postseason Success Coming? with Doug Gray
Jeff concludes his chat with Doug Gray about the Reds and Braves, some about the playoffs, in general, and David Bell's 2020
20 min
The Reds Who Snuck On In, with Doug Gray
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to put a bow on the Reds 2020 Regular season and begin looking at the Wild Card matchup with the Braves
15 min
Reds Team Photographer Ryan Meyer
Jeff chats with the team photographer for the Reds, Ryan Meyer
19 min
Locked On Trevor Bauer
Jeff recaps the fourth-straight series win by the Reds and tells you why its a no-brainer, Trevor Bauer should win the Cy Young
21 min
Down to the Wire, Here's Three-Day Bauer
Jeff recaps the return of Sonny Gray and takes a deeper look at Trevor Bauer on three-days rest
19 min
The Cincinnati Reds are Above .500
Jeff recaps a great win for the Reds and gets you set for Tuesday's game
20 min
Reds Win Series over White Sox and get Set for ...
Jeff recaps an awesome series win for the Reds and previews Monday's game
17 min
Reds Set to Face White Sox
Jeff previews this White Sox series for the Reds and takes some Jeff's Junk Mail
19 min
Reds Rest After Fifth-Straight Win
Jeff recaps the Reds fifth-straight win and catches up on some other news around the team
19 min
Michael Lorenzen is Clutch, David Bell was Righ...
Jeff recaps the Reds fourth-straight win and starts looking ahead again
19 min
Dugout Mugs and Reds Sweep the Twin-Bill with t...
Jeff recaps a winnin Monday for the Reds and talks with Kris Dehnert from Dugout Mugs about a Pete Rose event tonight
26 min
A Winning Weekend in St Louis for the Reds
Jeff talks about he Reds series victory over the Cardinals and looks at how that positions them for a playoff push
18 min
Talking Reds with Wick Terrell, Second Part
Jeff and Wick change topics from 2020 disappointment to 2021 hope
17 min
Talking Reds with Wick Terrell
Jeff is joined by Wick Terrell as they try to explain their disappointment in the 2020 Reds
23 min
No Run Support for Brilliant Mahle
Jeff recaps another disappointing loss and looks at some pregame comments from Dick Williams
15 min
Tyler Mahle and Some Jeff's Junk Mail
Jeff discusses why he thinks Tyler Mahle should remain in the rotation and answers some Locked On Reds Line messages
27 min
They'll Get em Next Season...
Jeff gets real with the state of the Reds in 2020
22 min
A Frustrating Doubleheader Split
Jeff looks at the split doubleheader with the Reds and Pirates and talks a bit about Moose
20 min
Reds Ready to Pummel the Pirates
Jeff previews a most pivotal series in the Reds 2020 season
21 min
Joseph Daniel Votto Walks Em Off
Jeff talks about the most recent Reds win thanks to the heroics of one Joseph Daniel Votto
21 min
Locked On Reds Crossover with Locked On Cardinals
Jeff is joined by Lucas Smith, host of the Locked On Cardinals podcast to talk about the blowout on Tuesday night
30 min
A Good Day and a Bad Day All Rolled into One fo...
Jeff recaps he Reds moves at the Trade Deadline and a loss to the Cardinals
23 min
Walkoff Wild Pitches Love the Reds
Jeff details a crazy Saturday of baseball as the Reds and Cubs split the 7-innings doubleheader
18 min
Reds Win Double on Thursday
Jeff recaps a good day to be a Reds fan and previews a pivotal series coming this weekend
18 min
Time For Change
Jeff delves into the frustration of another loss and addresses a few listener questions
21 min
Another Reds Loss
Jeff details another Reds loss and why we can now officially declare the Johnny Cueto trade a bust
17 min
Time to Blame David Bell
Jeff gives up his defense of the manager and explains why he needs to get things moving in the right direction and fast
22 min
Reds Balk and a Chat with Bobby Nightengale
Jeff presents his point of view of the balk call that cost the Reds the game in St Louis before welcoming back Bobby Nightengale
22 min
A Night That Will Go Down in Reds Infamy
Jeff details the goings on for the Reds from a sad Wednesday
24 min
Detailing the Reds and Royals Pitching Matchups
Jeff breaks down the pitchers the Reds will face in Wednesday's doubleheader with the Royals
16 min
Unwritten Rules Suck
Jeff looks at the situation surrounding Fernando Tatis Jr and asks why?
17 min
Reds Holding Pattern and Some Trade Ideas
Jeff details the Reds holding pattern and talks about some ideas for trades.
20 min
Taking the Reds Fan's Pulse and the Conclusion ...
Jeff solicits some reactions as the Reds fall to the Pirates and finishes his chat with Robb Carpenter
35 min
Reds Can't Get a Timely Hit
Jeff whines about another Reds loss and presents his case for Freddy Galvis
18 min
Joey Votto Walks the Reds Off in Extras
Jeff recaps a thrilling win as the Reds experienced their first extra-inning game in 2020 and win it
15 min
Reds Starting Pitching and Previewing the Royals
Jeff tells you why you're wrong about David Bell and the Reds starters and previews the upcoming series with Kansas City
16 min