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Long-time Raptors writer & podcaster Sean Woodley and an array of guests lead you through the season with a daily podcast on the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors. Game recaps, opponent check-ins, obscure Raptors history, laughs, feelings, and weekly appearances by Katie Heindl (Dime) and Vivek Jacob (Complex) — you'll find it all on the Locked On Raptors Podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Toronto Raptors Season-in-Review: Was O.G. Anun...
Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl chat about O.G. Anunoby's excellent season and where he and the franchise go from here.
40 min
Toronto Raptors Seasoin-in-Review: Jakob Poeltl...
Sean Woodley reviews the season of Jakob Poeltl, who reinvigorated the Raptors upon his arrival at the Trade Deadline.
38 min
How much a failure were the 2022-23 Toronto Rap...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob begin to perform the autopsy on the 2022-23 Toronto Raptors.
39 min
End-of-season presser Takeaways: Searching for ...
Sean Woodley runs through some of his biggest takeaways from the Raptors' end-of-season media availability.
33 min
Raptors season comes to end in embarrassing fas...
Sean Woodley goes live on the heels of the Raptors' awful loss to the Chicago Bulls in the play-in game.
41 min
BONUS: Kyle Lowry turns in vintage game in Miam...
21 min
Raptors-Bulls Crossover Preview: The Stakes, Sw...
Sean Woodley and Pat the Designer break down the Raptors-Bulls 9/10 play-in matchup set to go down in Toronto on Wednesday night.
35 min
BONUS: Chicago Bulls Preview, Everything You Ne...
11 min
BONUS: How Toronto Raptors Matchup to Chicago B...
11 min
What's More Likely: Comprehensive Raptors vs. B...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob preview the Toronto Raptors' play-in matchup with the Chicago Bulls through a game of What's More Likely?
39 min
Putting a bow on the Toronto Raptors' aggressiv...
Sean Woodley wraps up the Toronto Raptors regular season and share his first blush thoughts on the play-in matchup with the Bulls.
35 min
Mailbag: Jeff Dowtin Jr. backlash, questioning ...
Sean Woodley goes solo to field questions from you, the listeners, about the play-in bound Toronto Raptors.
35 min
Raptors suffer disheartening, brick-filled loss...
Sean Woodley and Jamar Hinds break down the Toronto Raptors' 97-93 loss to the shorthanded Boston Celtics.
43 min
Barton & Boucher pop off as Raptors easily hand...
Sean Woodley recaps the Toronto Raptors' 120-100 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday night.
31 min
Is this version of the Toronto Raptors better t...
Sean Woodley and Louis Zatzman chat about the Raptors' late-season improvement, whether it's enough to inspire confidence in the team going forward & much more.
38 min
Are we in the final days of Nick Nurse's Toront...
Sean Woodley addresses the rumours swirling around Nick Nurse and recaps the Raptors' 1-1 weekend against the Sixers and Hornets.
37 min
Making sense of the Toronto Raptors' average pl...
Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl discuss the league's state of extreme parity and how the Raptors' fit into an unfamiliar NBA landscape.
39 min
Scottie Barnes takes over, Raptors play like a ...
Sean Woodley goes solo to break down the Toronto Raptors' 106-92 win over the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.
33 min
Is there any hope for the Toronto Raptors bench...
Sean Woodley and Es Baraheni chat about the state of the Toronto Raptors bench.
40 min
Raptors take care of business vs. Pistons & Wiz...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob recap the Raptors' 2-0 weekend against the Pistons and Wizards.
46 min
Mailbag: Most important development cases on th...
Sean Woodley answers listener questions about the Toronto Raptors as the stretch-run of the NBA season heats up.
36 min
Raptors suffer baffling loss to Haliburton-less...
Sean Woodley and Jamar Hinds break down the Toronto Raptors' 118-114 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night.
38 min
What's at stake for the Raptors & Pacers in the...
Sean Woodley and Tony East chat about the Raptors and Pacers' motivations in the play-in race ahead of their matchup Wednesday night.
38 min
Why O.G. Anunoby should make an All-Defense tea...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob lay out the very compelling case for O.G. Anunoby to make his first NBA All-Defense team.
40 min
Raptors put together promising weekend, split b...
Sean Woodley breaks down the Toronto Raptors' promising weekend split with the Wolves and the Bucks.
38 min