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Long-time Raptors writer & podcaster Sean Woodley and an array of guests lead you through the season with a daily podcast on the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors. Game recaps, opponent check-ins, obscure Raptors history, laughs, feelings, and weekly appearances by Katie Heindl (Dime) and Vivek Jacob (Complex) — you'll find it all on the Locked On Raptors Podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Locked on Raptors - 02/06/2018 - The Raptors Ar...
Sean Woodley dives into the reasons why the Raptors aren't going to do anything at the trade deadline.
27 min
Locked on Raptors - 02/05/2018 - Trivia Tournam...
Sean Woodley hosts the second day of first round action in the Locked on Raptors Trivia Tournament,
116 min
Locked on Raptors - 02/01/2018 - Raptors/Wizard...
Sean Woodley recaps a loss against the Wizards in which Kyle Lowry both nearly won and totally lost it for the Raptors.
22 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/31/2018 - Raptors/Wolves...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob recap the Raptors' win over the Wolves from the Air Canada Centre.
26 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/30/2018 - Arkells Front ...
Sean Woodley chats with Arkells front man Max Kerman about the roots of his Raptors fandom, his playing style and more.
25 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/28/2018 - Trivia Tournam...
Day 1 of the Locked on Raptors Andrea Bargnani Memorial Trivia Tournament.
74 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/27/2018 - The All-Nonsen...
Sean Woodley and Adithya (@brownasthenight) answer a collection of strange mailbag questions.
40 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/27/2018 - Locked on Jazz...
Sean Woodley chats with David Locke about the Raptors 97-93 loss to Utah on Friday night.
20 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/24/2018 - Canned Soup fo...
Sean Woodley and John Gaudes discuss a blowout win over the Hawk, the East standings and canned soup.
33 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/23/2018 - The Real All-S...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob discuss Kyle Lowry earning his 4th All-Star nod and then draft their ideal All-Star teams.
48 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/22/2018 - DeMar DeRozan ...
Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl take stock of the Raptors after the hardest part of the schedule, discuss which All-Stars DeMar DeRozan is more fun than, and assess the Jason Kidd firing.
41 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/20/2018 - Preseason Prop...
Sean Woodley, Sahal Abdi and Vivek Jacob check in on how their preseason Raptors prop bets are looking at the halfway point of the year.
50 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/17/2018 - Raptors/Piston...
Sean Woodley and Daniel Reynolds recap the Raptors' 96-91 win over the Pistons from the Air Canada Centre.
26 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/15/2018 - So... About th...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob break down a wild near-comeback by the Raptors against the Warriors on Saturday.
29 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/12/2018 - Raptors stomp ...
Sean Woodley and Sahal Abdi break down the Raptors' 133-99 win over the Cavs on Thursday night.
28 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/11/2018 - Raptors/Cavs L...
Sean Woodley and Chris Manning discuss where the Raptors and Cavs sit at the midway-ish point of the year and tee up Thursday night's match-up.
35 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/10/2018 - An Annoying Lo...
Sean Woodley breaks down the Raptors' 90-89 loss to the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.
27 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/09/2018 - Raptors/Heat L...
Sean Woodley and Wes Goldberg break down Tuesday's Raptors/Heat match-up and the status of both teams.
33 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/08/2018 - About Kyle Low...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob recap a Raps win over Brooklyn and ponder what a long-term absence for Kyle Lowry might mean.
30 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/05/2018 - Questions in t...
Sean Woodley and Sahal Abdi answer listener questions about "ma fuzzy," Dwane Casey, visiting fan etiquette and more.
34 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/03/2018 - 2017 in Review...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob discuss the best and worst of Raptors basketball from the year 2017.
48 min
Locked on Raptors - 01/02/2018 - Raptors/Bucks ...
Sean Woodley recaps DeMar DeRozan's record-setting night and a wild OT win for the Raptors against Milwaukee.
29 min
Locked on Raptors - 12/30/2017 - City Jersey Gr...
Sean Woodley and Steve Sladkowski discuss their favourite and least favourite Nike City uniforms as well as the Raptors' uninspiring leaked design.
36 min
Locked on Raptors - 12/21/2017 - Luked on Rancors
Sean Woodley and Justin Rowan review The Last Jedi and discuss some of the larger implication of its surprising plot decisions.
36 min
Locked on Raptors - 12/20/2017 - OG & DeMar Swa...
Sean Woodley and Harsh Davé discuss the Raptors 129-111 win over the Hornets and look ahead to a pair of games vs. Philly.
32 min