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Long-time Raptors writer & podcaster Sean Woodley and an array of guests lead you through the season with a daily podcast on the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors. Game recaps, opponent check-ins, obscure Raptors history, laughs, feelings, and weekly appearances by Katie Heindl (Dime) and Vivek Jacob (Complex) — you'll find it all on the Locked On Raptors Podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Raptors fan origins, hope for 2023-24 & That Ra...
Sean Woodley and Andrew Ivimey discuss the upcoming season and the state of the Toronto Raptors.
40 min
What's More Likely?! Good offense or bad defens...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob play an offseason edition of What's More Likely to break down a handful of either/or Toronto Raptors scenarios.
35 min
Toronto Raptors sign Garrett Temple, fill up ca...
Sean Woodley discusses the Raptors signing Garrett Temple, the complete 21 man camp roster, and the pending UFA situation the Raptors have on their hands... again.
35 min
Mailbag! What would a successful Point Scottie ...
Sean Woodley goes solo to answer Toronto Raptors mailbag questions from you, the listeners!
33 min
Toronto Raptors Lineup Roulette Returns! Discus...
Sean Woodley and Jamar Hinds play a game of Toronto Raptors Lineup Roulette!
44 min
Where have the Raptors misstepped this summer, ...
Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl chat about the biggest missteps made by the Raptors front office this summer, the ways in which they can turn it around, and ownership uncertainty.
34 min
Are the Toronto Raptors rolling out Vision 6'9 ...
Sean Woodley discusses the clogged state of the Raptors' front court and the realization that the 2023-24 Raptors might be the most Vision 6'9-inspired version of the team to date.
32 min
The pros and cons of the Toronto Raptors making...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob discuss the Raptors' guard rotation, and the pros and cons of making Scottie Barnes the team's starting point guard.
40 min
The case for the Raptors to go all-in and trade...
Sean Woodley and Michael Pina discuss Michael's recent piece about why the Raptors should consider an all-in move for Damian Lillard.
41 min
Which young Raptors will have the biggest leaps...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob answer a bunch of Toronto Raptors questions from you, the listeners!
35 min
Do the Toronto Raptors have offseason analysis ...
Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl chat about the Toronto Raptors' struggle to pick a direction, dig into listener questions and talk about Katie's 9-day Vegas Summer League odyssey.
36 min
The Siakam waiting game, Tyler Herro rumours & ...
Sean Woodley and Asad Alvi discuss the ongoing waiting game in the Pascal Siakam situation, Tyler Herro, and their final Summer League takeaways.
39 min
Do the Toronto Raptors need to pick two of Scot...
Sean Woodley and Jamar Hinds discuss the crossroads the Raptors find themselves at with their three best players, and reflect back on the success of the 2021-22 Raptors.
40 min
Gradey Dick shines in 3rd Summer League game & ...
Sean Woodley discusses the Toronto Raptors' third summer league game before chatting about Dennis Schroder and where he'll fit on the 2023-24 Raps.
33 min
The path forward if the Raptors extend Pascal S...
Sean Woodley discusses the ongoing Pascal Siakam situation, ideal guard targets for the Raptors this summer, and what Jalen McDaniels is all about with Doug Branson of Locked On Hornets.
36 min
Why trading Pascal Siakam would be a collossal ...
Sean Woodley digs into the latest reporting on Pascal Siakam and the rumours surrounding a potential move out of Toronto for the two-time All-NBA forward.
31 min
Summer League Takeaways, tournament talk & asse...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob chat about the Raptors 0-2 start at Summer League, the in-season tournament, and the Raptors' guard issues.
35 min
Remembering Fred VanVleet's best moments with t...
Sean Woodley and Jamar Hinds take a break from transaction talk to reflect back on Fred VanVleet's Raptors tenure and count down their top-3 moments from his seven years in Toronto.
33 min
Grading the Raptors' offseason so far & reasons...
Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob grade the Toronto Raptors offseason to this point before running through some reasons for optimism with this roster as is, and playing a classic Locked On Raptors game.
37 min
Biggest takeaways from Michael Grange's report ...
Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl discuss Michael Grange's latest reporting on the internal strife of the 2022-23 Raptors and the changes that have followed -- and could still continue to follow.
34 min
Is a Pascal Siakam trade next for the Raptors? ...
Sean Woodley discusses the possibility of a Pascal Siakam trade following Fred VanVleet's departure, reacts to the Jalen McDaniels signing, and discusses what the Raps will miss most about Fred VanVleet.
35 min
Reacting to a very bad first day of free agency...
Sean Woodley goes solo the react to Fred VanVleet leaving, Jakob Poeltl staying, Dennis Schroder signing and more from a very bad first day of free agency for the Raptors.
36 min
Final thoughts on Fred VanVleet, running it bac...
Sean Woodley goes solo to set the table for all that could lie ahead for the Raptors going into the NBA's free agency window.
35 min
Is Fred VanVleet Houston-bound? And do the Rapt...
Sean Woodley digs into the latest noise around Fred VanVleet and the Houston Rockets as well as what the backup plan would be for the Raptors in the event he leaves.
35 min
Pascal's Extension, the new CBA, Canada Basketb...
Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl have a wide ranging chat about the new CBA, Pascal Siakam's extension, a crazy trade idea and a coaching change with Canada Basketball.
36 min