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Travis Rodgers, from ESPN Los Angeles, co-host of the Rams pregame, halftime, and postgame shows, brings you the most informative Los Angeles Rams and NFL content every day with the daily Locked On Rams podcast. Part of the Locked On Podcast network #Rams #LosAngeles #nfl

Locked on Rams Jan. 13, 2017: McVay named HC, P...
The Rams have their head coach and defensive coordinator on same day the Chargers announce they are coming to town.
17 min
Locked on Rams Jan. 9, 2017: Are the Rams blowi...
Nothing is going right for the Rams in this coaching search. Trent Rush discusses who they are going after and why, plus other news and notes.
17 min
Locked on Rams Jan. 5, 2017: Rams coaching sear...
Rams interviewing Sean McVay and Harold Goodwin today, according to LA Times. Plus why Chargers could make Rams better and how is this not a rebuild?
17 min
Locked on Rams Jan. 3, 2017: Going through the ...
At least 8 candidates will interview to replace Jeff Fisher. Trent Rush discusses who they are and what a good fit would be.
16 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 29, 2016: Is Greg Robinson ...
Is Greg Robinson a bust? Plus, Johnny Hekker fresh off setting an NFL record.
16 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 26, 2016: Rams worst loss o...
Rams worst loss of season vs SF, Hekker sets a record, Britt hits a milestone
16 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 22, 2016: 49ers Reporter Jo...
49ers Reporter Joe Fann joins Trent Rush ahead of Saturday's game with San Francisco
17 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 21, 2016: Jared Goff back a...
Jared Goff back at practice, Donald and Hekker to Orlando, and Jon Gruden not interested "right now."
17 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 20, 2016: Will Jon Gruden b...
Will Jon Gruden be the Rams next HC? Plus who will backup Goff if he's not cleared?
15 min
Locked On Rams Dec. 16, 2016: Rams lose in Seat...
Jared Goff got hurt, but shows flashes of brilliance in Rams 24-3 loss in Seattle on Thursday Night Football.
16 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 15, 2016: Game day in Seatt...
Alexander and Cunningham OUT, Gaines and Quinn doubtful, Aaron Donald vs Seahawks OLine, and Rams uniforms discussed.
17 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 14, 2016: Who replaces Jeff...
Harbaugh, Carroll, Gruden, McDaniels all discusses as Trent Rush talks about the potential candidates to fill the Rams head coaching vacancy.
16 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 13, 2016: Jeff Fisher Fired...
Jeff Fisher Fired; John Fassel named interim HC. What this means for the rest of this season and beyond.
16 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 12, 2016: Recap of Rams 42-...
#LockedonRams #LARams #Goff #Gurley #Fisher #Snead #Demhoff #TrentRush
17 min
Locked on Rams Dec. 9, 2016: New host for LOR!;...
New host for LOR!; Jeff Fisher extension, Goff thoughts. #Rams #NFL
16 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 30, 2016 Jeff Fisher V. Eri...
Jeff Fisher V. Eric Dickerson is what the Rams don't need. #Rams #NFL
13 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 22, 2016: Rams keeping comp...
#Rams keeping company with dregs on NFL
11 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 21, 2016 Rams Groundhog Day...
#Rams Groundhog Day Show continues despite Goff debut. #Dolphins
14 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 17, 2016 Part II with Locke...
Locked on #Rams Nov. 17, 2016 Part II with Locked on #Dolphins Ronald Canniff.
13 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 16, 2016: Part 1 with Locke...
Part 1 with Locked on #Dolphins host Ronald Canniff looking forward to this weeks matchup. #Rams
14 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 15, 2016 Hallelujah! Rams t...
Hallelujah! Rams to star Goff on Sunday! #NFL #Rams
14 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 14, 2016 Rams win 9-6, acco...
#Rams win awful game, accomplish nothing for long term. #NFL
14 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 10, 2016 Why Isn't Goff Pla...
Why Can't Jared Goff Get ON The Field? #NFL #Rams
15 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 8, 2016 #Rams season offici...
13 min
Locked on Rams Nov. 2, 2016 Rams Schedule favor...
Rams schedule gets easier, which is bad news for future. NFL Network's Brian Baldinger gets 6-month suspension for being a football player; Lilo's weird new accent.
16 min