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Ku Khahil of Detroit Bad Boys and YouTuber at Ku's Ball Room goes to work every day for Detroit Pistons fans on the daily Locked On Pistons Podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys writer and credentialed media member brings podcast listeners inside the team from a fan's and expert's perspective on the only daily Pistons podcast. We've got guests, analysis and laughs as the Pistons try to get back to the glory days. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

30: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 10/4/2016 -- Reggie Ja...
Are Reggie Jackson's knees a concern? At least defensive mindset is a positive -- and one of many
13 min
29: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 10/3/2016 -- Would/sho...
What's Tom Gores up to?
13 min
28: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/30/2016 -- Getting d...
Good new on Tobias Harris' defense. Who will follow?
13 min
27: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/29/2016 -- Positivit...
Plenty of good news coming from the Pistons about Jon Leuer, Stanley Johnson and more
13 min
26: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/28/2016 -- Ish Smith...
Would using both point guards simultaneously work? Will the NBA suspend Tim Hardaway? Is Stan Van Gundy right about Hillary Clinton dominating the debate?
15 min
25: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/27/2016 -- Andre Dru...
Will Andre Drummond's new techniques help him at the line? Will any Pistons protest the national anthem?
15 min
24: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/26/2016 -- Pistons f...
Josh Lloyd of Locked on Fantasy and Dan Feldman of Locked on Pistons discuss which Detroit players will produce big numbers this season -- and should be avoided in your drafts
55 min
23: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/23/2016 -- Pistons n...
Previewing the Detroit Pistons' centers
14 min
22: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/22/2016 -- How Jon L...
Previewing the Detroit Pistons' power forwards
12 min
21: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/21/2016 -- How long ...
Previewing the Detroit Pistons' small forwards
13 min
20: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/20/2016 -- What Kent...
Previewing the Detroit Pistons' shooting guards
14 min
19: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/19/2016 -- Do the Pi...
Previewing the Pistons' point guards: Reggie Jackson, Ish Smith, Lorenzo Brown, Ray McCallum and Michael Gbinije
15 min
18: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/16/2016 -- Revisitin...
Dan Feldman of Locked on Pistons needles Frank Madden of Locked on Bucks about Greg Monroe. They also discuss other things.
31 min
17: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/15/2016 -- Why the C...
How do the Pistons pass the Celtics? Where does Jaylen Brown fit into the equation? What is Jonas Jerebko up to in Boston?
38 min
16: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/14/2016 -- Can the P...
Dan Feldman of Locked on Pistons and Doug Branson discuss Andre Drummond's defensive track, whether former Stan Van Gundy assistant Steve Clifford's defensive scheme in Charlotte would help Detroit and whether the Hornets took enough of a step back -- ...
33 min
15: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/13/2016 -- How much ...
Dan Feldman of Locked on Pistons and Chris Manning of Locked on Cavaliers discuss last year's first-round series, the biggest threats (including Detroit) to Cleveland this year and beyond and what Detroit native Kay Felder will do as the Cavs' backup p...
31 min
14: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/12/2016 -- Why the s...
Knicks or Pistons this year? Knicks or Pistons down the road? Brandon Jennings or Ish Smith? Jared Dubin of Locked on Knicks and Dan Feldman of Locked on Pistons discuss all the angles relating to these two teams
34 min
13: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 8/9/2016 -- Pistons me...
Remember when Allen Iverson played for the Pistons? Or would you rather talk about Shaq in the 2004 Finals?
21 min
12: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/8/2016 -- Talking Pi...
Does the Pistons' upside justify their plan?
30 min
11: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 9/1/2016 -- Patrick Ha...
How deep are the Pistons' ties to Flint and vice versa?
35 min
10: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 8/30/2016 -- Pistons s...
What did the Pistons get in undrafted guard Trey Freeman? What are the mechanics behind his partially guaranteed contract?
15 min
9: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 8/26/2016 -- ESPN formu...
An ESPN formula based on Real Plus-Minus put the Pistons fourth in the Eastern Conference. Reasonable or nah?
13 min
8: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 8/24/2016 -- Stanley Jo...
How big a deal is it Stan Van Gundy said Stanley Johnson can be "frustrating" and a "challenge to deal with"? Is Stan Van Gundy's pre-camp demand of players reasonable? Whom did the Grand Rapids Drive lose in the D-League draft?
19 min
7: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 8/19/2016 -- Narratives...
"Ish Smith saved the 76ers' season." "The Pistons played the Cavaliers so tough." How much did those narratives influence Detroit signing Smith and Jon Leuer?
22 min
6: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 8/16/2016 -- Critiquing...
I respond to Nate Duncan's (D+), Danny Leroux's (C-) and Stan Van Gundy's (A) grades for the Pistons offseason and give my own
21 min