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Ku Khahil of Detroit Bad Boys and YouTuber at Ku's Ball Room goes to work every day for Detroit Pistons fans on the daily Locked On Pistons Podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys writer and credentialed media member brings podcast listeners inside the team from a fan's and expert's perspective on the only daily Pistons podcast. We've got guests, analysis and laughs as the Pistons try to get back to the glory days. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Pistons - 11/27/17 - Is Stanley Johns...
The enigmatic Pistons forward continued his roller coaster season with a good game Friday night when the team needed it
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/22/17 - Stan Van Gundy V...
The Pistons coach/president took on the president and his supporters, with some regrets
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/21/17 - A Schedule Loss ...
LeBron and Co. did not disappoint a strong Little Caesars Arena crowd - but Detroit did
14 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/20/17 - Is Andre Drummon...
Another strong performance on Sunday in Minnesota makes you think Dre is heading that way.
17 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/17/17 - Crossover Podcas...
Matt apologizes for John Green and breaks down Friday night's Pistons/Pacers game with Tony East of Locked On Pacers
32 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/16/17 - Two Polarizing P...
Where were Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson down the stretch in loss to Bucks?
16 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/15/17 - Pistons Prepare ...
Everything you need to know about the #Bucks and Eric Bledsoe as Matt is joined by Locked On Bucks co-host Frank Madden.
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/14/17 - What Can We Lear...
Michael Snyder of DetroitBadBoys.com joins Matt to talk about what he's seeing on film so far this season for the Pistons, who are 10-3.
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/13/17 - What's Gotten In...
A listener chimed in with a thought on where the season is headed for a potential All-Star and we try to find out why he's become one of the league's best shooters.
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/10/17 - A Weekend Look A...
Matt looks at Detroit's chances against Atlanta and Miami, as well as forecasts whether downtown Detroit will host NBA All-Star Weekend someday soon.
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/9/17 - How Is Andre Drum...
He's taking his game to a new level this year, but how is Andre Drummond on the mic? We check with Detroit rap producer Beware about how Andre stacks up in the studio. Also, a recap of another Pistons win.
20 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/8/17 - A Big NBA Trade A...
Matt Schoch has a unique take on the Eric Bledsoe deal and what it could mean for the Pistons. Plus, everything you need to know about Indiana.
16 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/7/17 - A Look At The Pis...
Neil Paine of FiveThirtyEight.com joins Matt to talk about his recent article: 'The Pistons Might Actually Be Good." Are they?
18 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/6/17 - Concerning Negati...
Here are some things to watch out for as #Pistons fans are feeling good about the 7-3 start.
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/3/17 - A Juicy Trade Rum...
Matt breaks down the Eric Bledsoe-to-Detroit rumors and his unpopular opinion about it, and Frank Madden of Locked On Bucks joins to talk about Milwaukee, which visits Detroit Friday night.
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/2/17 - James Edwards III...
The Athletic's James Edwards III joins the podcast to talk about the West coast trip and the biggest reasons for the 5-3 start and what pitfalls there might be. Matt and James also talk Buddha, SVG's rotation and a great hangover cure.
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 11/1/17 - Pistons Dominated...
The #Pistons were disposed of by the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, bringing a dark close to a bright West coast trip. What Pistons player to fans already loathe? And what happened after the game that could impact the team's future?
16 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/31/17 - Last Minute Hall...
18 min
Locked On Pistons - 10/30/17 - A Franchise Chan...
Detroit picks up big upsets in LA, Oakland
19 min
244: Locked On Pistons - LCA First Impressions:...
Matt has thoughts on the good and bad of the forthcoming practice facility and Little Caesars Arena. Plus, how bad was the empty arena downtown and what can the #Pistons organization do to infuse some life into the season? Date: Oct. 25, 2017 Host: Mat...
28 min
243: Locked On Pistons - 'The Process' Comes to...
The Philadelphia 76ers have some weapons that will be a thorn in the side of the #Pistons - and the entire Eastern Conference - for years to come. Matt also has some thoughts as he saw Detroit live for the first time this season for their worst game of...
25 min
242: Locked On Pistons - The Rebirth of a Rebuild?
After one week, should #Pistons fans recalibrate the expectations for this season? We've seen Pistons teams sneak up on us before. Is this the type of team that can spark a new era of winning in Detroit? Plus, some thoughts on Detroit getting screwed d...
17 min
241: Locked On Pistons - A Win and a Defense of...
The #Pistons are 1-0. We break down what to like about the opener and what to be concerned about. Plus, a spirited defense of Little Caesars and the fake news attack on affordable American food. Date: Oct. 18, 2017 Host: Matt Schoch
27 min
240: Locked On Pistons - Ticket Troubles as Pis...
The #Pistons are playing real basketball tonight, but does anyone in Detroit care? We take a look at some strange numbers to begin what could be a season-long discussion about apathy, despite the new Little Caesars Arena. Plus, thoughts on a wild first...
18 min
239: Locked On Pistons - 5 Bold NBA/Pistons Pre...
We join the predictions party with a look at who will impress and who will disappoint around the league. Matt also breaks down exactly what will happen with the #Pistons this season with implications going forward.
18 min