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Ku Khahil of Detroit Bad Boys and YouTuber at Ku's Ball Room goes to work every day for Detroit Pistons fans on the daily Locked On Pistons Podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys writer and credentialed media member brings podcast listeners inside the team from a fan's and expert's perspective on the only daily Pistons podcast. We've got guests, analysis and laughs as the Pistons try to get back to the glory days. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Pistons - 9/11/18 - Detroit Fan Depre...
Lions, depair, no-shows for JV and Dre disrespected by the national media again
28 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/10/18 - Grant Hill Is A H...
We relive #33's speech and give details on a former Pistons assistant on the move
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/7/18 - Terry Mills On Pla...
Former Michigan great and Pistons sharpshooter on playing with the Hall of Famer
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/6/18 - Grant Hill Listene...
Detroit fans react to Grant Hill going into the Hall of Fame on Friday night
32 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/5/18 - Grant Hill's Unful...
Locked On Magic host joins to chop it up about Grant Hill's career and legacy
34 min
Locked On Pistons - 9/4/18 - Should Grant Hill ...
As G-Hill goes into the hoops Hall of Fame, we debate whether he should be in the Detroit rafters
26 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/30/18 - Pistons Fantasy T...
Fantasy host joins for in-depth look at Detroit roster
40 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/29/18 - Impartiality On T...
Michigan talk, along with how to be impartial as a fan and team podcast host
20 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/27/18 - Kay Felder On Fre...
Career similarities between Blake Griffin and Grant Hill; plus, Jim of Detroit Sports Collectibles
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/23/18 - The All-Time All-...
We reveal the best Pistons of all-time, as voted by the readers and named by our expert
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/21/18 - More With George ...
Legendary Pistons broadcaster on what is next 42 years into his career
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/20/18 - George Blaha On C...
Legendary Detroit broadcaster joins podcast for first part of two-part interview
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/17/18 - Missed Opportunit...
Pistons players silent as Detroit mourns; who are the best Pistons ever?
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/16/18 - Pistons Slighted ...
Andre is too old, but Luke and Stanley deserved better; plus, our winter interview with LB
29 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/15/18 - Blake Griffin's N...
Beat writer reviews Drummond's rap album, transaction reporter transacts, Pistons sign player
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/13/18 - Irksome Schedulin...
Calendar could create competitive imbalances and everything you need to know for NBA2K League playoffs
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/10/18 - Andre Drummond Is...
Dre celebrates with a rap album release and Let's Get It Ramo talks NBA 2K League
19 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/8/18 - Pistons Pick Sachi...
Latest front office hire is a disciple of Morey and Hinkie; can he get Pistons back in holiday mix?
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/7/18 - Vegas Win Over/Und...
Not much to get excited about as Las Vegas, national media predicts another mediocre season
25 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/2/18 - Five Words On Your...
Pistons Podcast Week wraps with a newcomer to the show
23 min
Locked On Pistons - 8/1/18 - Johnny Hamilton Si...
Pistons sign new player and Inside The Cylinder host talks TBT and DBB
21 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/31/18 - Aaron Johnson Of ...
Pistons Podcast Week continues with our friendly neighbors from POP
22 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/30/18 - Laz Jackson Of De...
We'll highlight the other online audio content about the team this week
24 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/27/18 - Blake Griffin, An...
Hall of Fame thoughts on the Tigers, Lions training camp, PistonsGT and The Basketball Tournament
18 min
Locked On Pistons - 7/26/18 - Blake Griffin: Ho...
Twitter needed something to argue about this July, so how about Blake vs. Love?
18 min