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Ku Khahil of Detroit Bad Boys and YouTuber at Ku's Ball Room goes to work every day for Detroit Pistons fans on the daily Locked On Pistons Podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys writer and credentialed media member brings podcast listeners inside the team from a fan's and expert's perspective on the only daily Pistons podcast. We've got guests, analysis and laughs as the Pistons try to get back to the glory days. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

157: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/5/2017 -- Forward 3...
Why have the Pistons' forwards taken a step back on 3-point shooting?
12 min
156: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/4/2017 -- Reggie Ja...
Should the Pistons regret not sitting Reggie Jackson sooner? Do injuries provide positive indicators for Detroit's future? What to make of Magic's exposed board?
13 min
155: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/3/2017 -- Should Pi...
What's Stan Van Gundy's job security? Should the Pistons tank? What's the latest on KCP's DUI?
13 min
154: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/31/2017 -- KCP DUI
How will Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's DUI affect his free agency? Can the Pistons give a straight answer on Reggie Jackson? What does the Pistons' win over the Nets mean?
13 min
153: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/30/2017 -- SVG's in...
Why did Stan Van Gundy completely reverse himself on handling injuries? Is there something deeper with Reggie Jackson? A mistrust of the training staff? Something else? And what to make of the Pistons-Heat two-minute report?
12 min
152: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/29/2017 -- Anatomy ...
Why did the Pistons lose to the Heat? Why have the Pistons stumbled down the stretch? And what's going on with Reggie Jackson?
15 min
151: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/28/2017 -- Reggie J...
Will the Pistons shut down Reggie Jackson? What would that mean for Detroit? Are the Pistons still in the playoff race?
13 min
150: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/27/2017 -- Have Pis...
What is Stan Van Gundy doing after loss to Magic?
13 min
Is Brooklyn planning a max offer to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? How should the Pistons handle that? What to make of Ish Smith starting over Reggie Jackson?
11 min
148: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/23/2017 -- Oy vey
Are the Pistons falling apart? Where should they go from here?
12 min
147: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/21/2017 -- Rest
What to make of Stan Van Gundy's Pistons and the rest debate, the road ahead in Detroit's playoff chase
11 min
146: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/20/2017 -- More fra...
Who did Stan Van Gundy single out, positively and negatively after win over Suns? Is Reggie Jackson out of shape?
12 min
145: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/17/2017 -- Defendin...
Responding to Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux about Henry Ellenson, praise for Tobias Harris
10 min
144: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/16/2017 -- Out of a...
Stan Van Gundy sounds like he has run out of answers? I find a few and remained stumped on ohers
15 min
143: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/15/2017 -- Bombed
What does Cleveland lighting up the Pistons mean? How does Detroit stack up with the Jazz?
10 min
142: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/14/2017 -- Andre Dr...
What's with the buzz for Andre Drummond winning Defensive Player of the Year?
17 min
141: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/9/2017 -- Pacers loss
14 min
140: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/13/2017 -- Tobias H...
How does Tobias Harris starting affect Detroit? Is Reggie Jackson elevating the Pistons to another level?
12 min
139: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/10/2017 -- Energy l...
Can the Pistons play like they did against Cleveland every game?
10 min
138: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/8/2017 -- What's st...
Big-picture analysis plus a couple notes on Aron Baynes and Ish Smith
18 min
137: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/7/2017 -- Reggie Ja...
12 min
136: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/6/2017 -- Point gua...
How did the Pistons tweak their use of Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith? What worked well? Will it continue?
11 min
135: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/3/2017 -- Change in...
Reggie Jackson or Ish Smith?
10 min
134: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/2/2017 -- Andre Dru...
Why does Andre Drummond's focus wane? Why don't the Pistons shoot well enough?
15 min
133: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/1/2017 -- Lineup co...
What do the Pistons do at point guard and forward?
10 min
132: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/28/2017 -- Reggie J...
What made Reggie Jackson's late 3-pointer against the Celtics such a bad idea? Does the hot hand exist? How did Detroit catch a Boogie break? What set Richard Hamilton apart from his fellow 2004 starters?
13 min
131: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/27/2017 -- Richard ...
Should the Pistons have retired Hamilton's number? Who was missing from the ceremony? Why did the Pistons lose to the Celtics?
22 min
130: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/24/2017 -- Playoff ...
With the roster set, will the Pistons make the playoffs?
14 min
129: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/23/2017 -- Trade-de...
Why did the Pistons, involved in so many rumors, not make a deal?
12 min
128: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/22/2017 -- Andre Dr...
What could the Pistons get from the Celtics for Andre Drummond? KCP available? Who's likely to be traded? What did the Lakers want with Reggie Jackson? Detroit's DeMarcus Cousins interest?
19 min
127: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/21/2017 -- Andre Dr...
Digging deeper into Pistons trade rumors
11 min
126: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/20/2017 -- What hap...
Plus evaluating the Reggie Jackson-Magic rumor
12 min
125: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/17/2017 -- Trade-de...
What do the Pistons need? Who's on the block?
11 min
124: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/16/2017 -- Reggie J...
Did Reggie Jackson alter the Pistons' trade outlook by play against Mavericks? What's the hole in SVG's Yogi Ferrell story?
13 min
123: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/15/2017 -- Zach Low...
Digging deeper into Zach Lowe's fantastic article on the Pistons
19 min
122: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/14/2017 -- [sound o...
How many ways can the Pistons disappoint? Plus one way they caught a break
19 min
121: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/13/2017 -- Reggie J...
Which point guard will help the Pistons more down the stretch? What lies ahead for Detroit in its schedule?
17 min
120: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/10/2017 -- Blaha, O...
What makes George Blaha THE BEST? What's Charles Oakley's tie to the Pistons? Which budding star is Darko Milicic indirectly influencing? What does Jabari Parker's injury mean to Detroit?
14 min
119: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/9/2017 -- Finding a...
Could the Pistons have found an identity during win over Lakers/Isiah Thomas celebration? Keep an eye on Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson
13 min
118: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/8/2017 -- Dunc'd On...
How can the Pistons try to upgrade at point guard from Reggie Jackson? Can Detroit flip Aron Baynes, Reggie Bullock for a better backup guard?
17 min
117: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/7/2017 -- Reggie Ja...
Would trading Reggie Jackson to the Pelicans make sense? What did Reggie Jackson's night against 76ers say about how he's clicking with Pistons?
13 min
116: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/6/2017 -- Are the P...
Are the Pistons soft? How did Stan Van Gundy stick up for players to Charles Barkley? Did the Pistons get screwed agains the Celtics?
14 min
115: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/3/2017 -- SVG's vis...
Did Aron Baynes tell the Pistons he'll opt out? What did Stan Van Gundy say about his trading strategy -- and, more importantly, what did he mean? Could Detroit target Wilson Chandler?
11 min
114: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/2/2017 -- Trading A...
What did KCP's breakout game mean for Detroit? Why would the Pistons trade Aron Baynes or Boban Marjanovic? How did the Bucks-Hornets trade affect Detroit?
17 min
113: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/1/2017 -- Charles B...
Is Charles Barkley right about his Pistons criticism? Where did Stan Van Gundy go too far with his Donald Trump criticism, and why was he mostly right to speak out?
14 min
112: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/31/2017 -- Loss to ...
What's the biggest reason the Pistons lost to Boston? Hint: It wasn't Reggie Jackson, but that's not to say Jackson produced a feel-good performance
13 min
111: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/30/2017 -- More ind...
Is Stan Van Gundy wary of Reggie Jackson-centered offense? Can the Pistons overcome Jackson on defense? When will KCP find rhythm? Is Stanley Johnson finally on right track?
11 min
110: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/27/2017 -- Does Joe...
Would changing All-Star format help Andre Drummond? How are Stanley Johnson and Eric Ebron similar? What would Joe Dumars have to answer in a GM interview?
17 min
109: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/26/2017 -- Should A...
How I pick All-Stars
15 min
108: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/25/2017 -- Who leak...
What should we evaluate in trade reports beyond the rumored deal? Did any Pistons make Rising Stars Challenge? What does that say about the state of the team?
16 min
107: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/24/2017 -- 'Punked'...
Why didn't Detroit play harder? Does KCP provide hope? How much blame does Andre Drummond deserve? What did Marcus Morris do to rankle DeMarcus Cousins?
13 min
106: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/23/2017 -- Reggie J...
Is Stan Van Gundy open to a trade? How did Reggie Jackson react to the rumor? Does the Pistons over the Wizards mean something extra?
17 min
105: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/20/2017 -- What do ...
Where does Andre Drummond stand among his peers? Why didn't the Pistons support each other in All-Star voting? How is Reggie Bullock stepping up with KCP out?
16 min
104: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/19/2017 -- Reggie J...
Could the Pistons trade Reggie Jackson? How does their win over the Hawks inform the discussion?
16 min
103: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/18/2017 -- Mood an ...
How did one decent win change the mood of the team? What does the upcoming schedule offer? Is Stan Van Gundy backward on cap-clearing trades? What's the latest on the Pistons' move downtown?
13 min
102: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/17/2017 -- No panic...
What did Tom Gores' say about team's direction? What do the tea leaves say about KCP? Does Stan Van Gundy want a shakeup? Is Andre Drummond healthy?
11 min
101: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/16/2017 -- SVG's jo...
How badly do the Pistons need Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Jon Leuer back? What does Tom Gores' vote of confidence for Stan Van Gundy mean? Who stepped up against the Lakers?
12 min
100: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/13/2017 -- Time to ...
What's the latest on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's injury, and what's the fallout for Detroit?
13 min
99: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/12/2017 -- Rotation ...
How must Reggie Jackson step up at point guard? When will Jon Leuer return? Which option without him is unavailable for now? Should Andre Drummond start All-Star game? Did Pistons get officiating help against Trail Blazers?
14 min
98: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/11/2017 -- Collapse ...
Where is the Pistons' psyche? Did Andre Drummond's teammates leave him out to dry? Who pleasantly surprised?
13 min
97: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/10/2017 -- Jon Leuer...
What do the Pistons do without Jon Leuer? How do the Pistons match up with the Kings? Does the Derrick Rose situation mirror any with the Pistons?
15 min
96: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/9/2017 -- Feel-good ...
When was last time Pistons won consecutive games? Why should the Pistons pay KCP? What's Jon Leuer's status? What does that mean for the rest of the rotation?
11 min
95: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/6/2017 -- Road trip,...
How do the Pistons stack up for their five-game Western Conference road trip? Is this the start of Boban Marjanovic's emergence in Detroit? Is Reggie Jackson finally healthy? How does the Kyle Korver trade help Pistons? Should Pistons trade for Paul Mi...
14 min
94: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/5/2017 -- State of t...
What's going wrong for the Pistons?
11 min
93: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/3/2017 -- Rememberin...
In the Pistons' final season at The Palace, a look back on memorable moments against the Pacers, Lakers, Spurs, Celtics, Trail Blazers, Bulls and Heat
20 min
92: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 1/2/2017 -- Revisiting...
Patrick Hayes joins Dan Feldman to look back on major Pistons draft debates: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope vs. Trey Burke and Stanley Johnson vs. Justise Winslow
29 min
91: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/28/2016 -- SVG's co...
Is Stan Van Gundy too grating? How many starting forwards does it feel like the Pistons have? Why do the Bucks concern me so much?
14 min
90: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/27/2016 -- Beating ...
Why was beating Cleveland so important? What effect is the new starting lineup having? Should Andre Drummond shoot underhanded free throws?
10 min
89: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/26/2016 -- Cavalier...
Will LeBron James and Kyrie Irving play against Pistons? Who starts at small forward for Detroit? Will Pistons make a trade?
12 min
88: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/23/2016 -- Richard ...
Should the Pistons retire Richard Hamilton's number? How can Detroit beat the Warriors?
13 min
87: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/22/2016 -- Starting...
Will the Pistons starting lineup still change? Should the Pistons feel good about how they lost to the Grizzlies? Do Ben Wallace, Tracy McGrady and Tim Hardaway belong in the Hall of Fame
18 min
86: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/21/2016 -- New star...
Who starts for the Pistons now? Has Reggie Jackson figured out how to play? What's in store against Memphis?
13 min
85: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/20/2016 -- "Team me...
What had Stan Van Gundy so heated? How will he change the Pistons' starting lineup? Is Reggie Jackson rebelling?
12 min
84: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/19/2016 -- Lineup ...
Should Pistons change starters? How much blame does Reggie Jackson deserve? What did Pistons discuss in team meeting?
13 min
83: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/17/2016 -- White Ho...
Who surprised the Pistons at their White House visit? Which three Pistons stand out as beneficiaries of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement? What's the latest indication the Pistons dodged a bullet with Donatas Motiejunas? What's in store for the P...
14 min
82: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/15/2016 -- Craig Sa...
My Craig Sager story, what the new Collective Bargaining Agreement means for the Pistons
15 min
81: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/14/2016 -- Should P...
Would the Pistons trade Stanley Johnson? Reasons for optimism about Pistons' season? Will Pistons beat Mavericks?
11 min
80: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/13/2016 -- Report ...
Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux give their thoughts on the Pistons so far
14 min
79: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/12/2016 -- How were...
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... schedule.... snow... Stanley
13 min
78: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/9/2016 -- Time for ...
How friendly is the Pistons' upcoming schedule? What's key to beating the Timberwolves? Is there any truth to this Paul George rumor?
12 min
77: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/8/2016 -- Loss to H...
Why did Stan Van Gundy think Pistons lost to Charlotte? Why do I think Pistons lost to Charlotte? Good news for Spencer Dinwiddie
11 min
76: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/7/2016 -- Pistons m...
Why did the Pistons beat the Bulls? What does it mean against the Hornets?
11 min
75: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/6/2016 -- Is it Sta...
Has Stanley Johnson earned his way back into the rotation? Is a game against the Bulls the right time to test him?
12 min
74: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/5/2016 -- Stanley J...
Is Stanley Johnson working hard enough? Is Darrun Hilliard a viable alternative? When will Reggie Bullock return?
11 min
73: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 12/2/2016 -- Reggie J...
When will Reggie Jackson return? What do Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux think about the Pistons?
11 min
72: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/30/2016 -- Andre D...
Was the NBA right to fine Andre Drummond? What does Reggie Bullock's injury mean for the Pistons? What can we take from Detroit's win over Boston?
11 min
71: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/30/2016 -- Beating ...
Did Andre Drummond deserve his ejection? What were Detroit's big advantages over Charlotte? Will the inverse apply against the Celtics?
10 min
70: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/29/2016 -- Hornets...
Why will Charlotte's backcourt give Detroit trouble? What does Mike Conley's injury mean for the Pistons? Are Detroit fans ahead of the game on Russell Westbrook?
13 min
69: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/28/2016 -- Reggie ...
When will Reggie Jackson make his season debut? What's going on with Stanley Johnson? Why are the Pistons so much better at home? What early lessons should carry into the rest of the season?
15 min
68: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/25/2016 -- Reggie ...
What does Reggie Bullock's injury do to the Pistons' rotation? What does the Pistons' schedule have in store? Will Pistons join other teams in boycotting Trump hotels?
11 min
67: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/24/2016 -- Andre Dr...
How Andre Drummond led and other Pistons followed against Miami
8 min
66: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/23/2016 -- More on ...
Who does the new arena deal really help? Which Heat player is the biggest concern for Detroit? Which calls did officials miss down the stretch of Pistons-Rockets?
14 min
65: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/22/2016 -- Arena-de...
Why should you be skeptical of the deal that brings the Pistons downtown? Did KCP choke against the Rockets?
13 min
64: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/21/2016 -- Downtown...
What will we learn tomorrow about the Pistons' move downtown? How will Pistons' rotations affect them? What went wrong in final moments against Celtics?
14 min
63: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/18/2016 -- LeBron, ...
Why the Pistons should worry about Tristan Thompson more than LeBron James tonight, how the Pistons rank in real plus minus and how the 2004 Pistons beat Kobe Bryant at his own game
12 min
62: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/17/2016 -- Losing t...
The Pistons' imperfect handling of Kristaps Porzingis and rebounding, Stan Van Gundy's perfect response to Phil Jackson's "posse" comments
14 min
61: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/16/2016 -- Center k...
Will Andre Drummond play? Will the Knicks use Joakim Noah or Kristaps Porzingis more at center? What do Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux think of the Pistons so far?
15 min
60: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/15/2016 -- Winning ...
Who stepped up against the Thunder? Is Aron Baynes a starting-caliber center? Why is Stan Van Gundy couching his criticism of Trump voters?
16 min
59: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/14/2016 -- Mentalit...
Why did winning on the road mattered so much? Who is Jon Leuer to refute Stan Van Gundy? Can the Pistons beat the Thunder without Andre Drummond?
12 min
58: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 11/11/2016 -- Previewi...
What's in store for tonight's Pistons-Spurs game?
28 min