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Ku Khahil of Detroit Bad Boys and YouTuber at Ku's Ball Room goes to work every day for Detroit Pistons fans on the daily Locked On Pistons Podcast. The Detroit Bad Boys writer and credentialed media member brings podcast listeners inside the team from a fan's and expert's perspective on the only daily Pistons podcast. We've got guests, analysis and laughs as the Pistons try to get back to the glory days. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

218: Locked On Pistons - July 5th, 2017 - Persi...
For the first time, we simulcast an episode of Locked On #Pistons on Periscope. We talk KCP contract uncertainty, Pierre Jackson, the Summer League youngsters and more. Championship Thursday tomorrow! Hosted by Duncan Smith
13 min
217: Locked On Pistons - July 3rd - KCP still a...
We're three days into free agency, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has yet to receive an offer sheet. We look at what that might mean, and best and worst case scenarios for the #Pistons down the road. The kids are looking good in Summer League, and Eric M...
14 min
216: Locked On Pistons - June 30, 2017 - What t...
In a packed episode, we talk about what to expect from the #Pistons in the early stages of free agency, and we kick off our first Five Star Friday review. Perhap the perfect guy to review first is Chauncey Billups, and we take a long look at Mr. Big Sh...
17 min
215: Locked On Pistons - June 29 - What you nee...
We're just over a day away from free agency, so it's time to take a look at what the #Pistons will be dealing with regarding their cap and luxury tax concerns, and how they can add players in free agency. Hosted by Duncan Smith
15 min
214: Locked On Pistons - June 28, 2017 - How An...
Darrun Hilliard has been traded by the #Pistons to the Houston #Rockets for cash considerations to help facilitate the Chris Paul trade. Oh yeah, and Phil Jackson got fired apparently. We spend some time breaking down how Andre Drummond could improve h...
16 min
213: Locked On Pistons - June 12, 2017 - Reddit...
The #Pistons Summer League roster is set, with some familiar faces and new guys alike. We hit part two of our Reddit/Twitter Mailbag and address questions about Reggie Jackson's trade value, Luke Kennard's ceiling and floor, depth concerns and more. H...
21 min
212: Locked On Pistons - June 26 - Pistons Redd...
We go to Reddit and Twitter questions for this episode. What are the #Pistons Summer League plans? How do Henry Ellenson and Jon Leuer's futures look? Luke Kennard, more Kennard and even more Kennard! Hosted by Duncan Smith
20 min
211: Locked On Pistons - June 23, 2017 - With t...
The pick is in, and the Detroit #Pistons have selected Luke Kennard from Duke with the 12th pick. We take a look at what this skilled scorer (with serious defensive issues) can bring to the Pistons. Hosted by Duncan Smith
11 min
210: Locked On Pistons - June 22, 2017 - Andre ...
The NBA salary cap drops by $2 million and the #Pistons are in the middle of rumors with talks of trades for Andre Drummond. Hosted by Duncan Smith
12 min
209: Locked On Pistons - June 21, 2017 - Did th...
It's been another crazy day in the NBA and a trade between the #Lakers and #Nets may have cost #Pistons guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope a big pay day. We also look at scenarios in which Aron Baynes could return to Detroit. Hosted by Duncan Smith
23 min
208: Locked On Pistons - June 20, 2017 - Aron B...
The pace of news coming out around the NBA ramps up with rumors that D'Angelo Russell may be available, and we speculate on how the #Pistons could acquire him from the #Lakers. Aron Baynes opts out, why trades of Jimmy Butler and Paul George could be g...
16 min
207: Locked On Pistons - June 19, 2017 - Is the...
We take on a busy weekend in which the #Celtics and #Sixers swap picks and Paul George indicates he wants to leave the #Pacers. Donovan Mitchell makes his #Pistons visit, a lawsuit threatens to derail the move to Little Caesars Arena, and we kick off F...
19 min
206: Locked On Pistons - June 16, 2017 - Reggie...
Reggie Bullock has been suspended by the NBA for the first five games of the NBA season, so we discuss how that affects the #Pistons plans for him. We also dig in on which prospects have NOT worked out for the Pistons, and what that means. Hosted by D...
15 min
205: Locked On Pistons - June 15, 2017 - How sh...
No starting lineups worked for the #Pistons last season, so we take a look at some variations that might help them battle last season's struggles. Hosted by Duncan Smith
18 min
204: Locked On Pistons - June 14, 2017 - Twitte...
Today we go to #Pistons Twitter for questions. We talk about possible lineup configurations, trade ideas, draft pick options, cap space and more. Hosted by Duncan Smith
22 min
203: Locked On Pistons - June 13, 2017 - What t...
With the NBA Finals complete, we take a look at what the #Pistons can learn from the Golden State #Warriors. Hosted by Duncan Smith
14 min
202: Locked On Pistons - June 12, 2017
We take a look back at Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower's transaction record for the #Pistons and evaluate what we know about each move today as we go into a pivotal season for the duo. Hosted by Duncan Smith
34 min
201: Locked On Pistons - June 8, 2017
We go to the Reddit Mailbag and answer questions courtesy of #Pistons Reddit. Hosted by Duncan Smith
21 min
200: Locked On Pistons - June 7, 2017
We take a look at the free agent and prospect mini-camps the #Pistons have held the last couple days, and we look at the news surrounding the Pistons' new downtown practice facility. Hosted by Duncan Smith
6 min
199: Locked On Pistons - June 6, 2017
A deeper look at just why the #Pistons need to sign Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and how they can cut costs to do so. Hosted by Duncan Smith
12 min
198: Jack McCloskey and the Pistons' shooting woes
Jack McCloskey, former #Pistons GM and architect of the Bad Boys passed away last week, and we spend some time on a major inefficiency in the Pistons offense. Hosted by Duncan Smith
9 min
197: Reddit Mailbag Part 2, Anthony Tolliver cu...
We go to the Reddit Mailbag in the second part of our two-part Reddit series to answer your #Pistons questions, and we talk about former Piston Anthony Tolliver who was cut by the Sacramento #Kings on his birthday. It turns out, that might not be such ...
18 min
196: What of Aron Baynes?
Aron Baynes still hasn't announced his decision to opt in or out of his player option. We'll discuss his impact with the team and how his decision could impact the #Pistons going forward. Hosted by @DuncanSmithNBA
14 min
195: How does the 2003/04 Pistons team stack up?
There's a misconception about the 2003/04 Detroit Pistons that they were an unimpressive regular season team that got hot at the right time. We'll dispell that myth and talk about C.J. Miles and the toughest team Dwyane Wade ever faced. Hosted by @Dun...
12 min
194: Pistons open to trading No. 12 pick for a ...
According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the #Pistons are open to trading the 12th overall draft pick for a win-now veteran. Do they have the pieces for such a move? Hosted by @DuncanSmithNBA
10 min
193: Pistons Reddit Mailbag Part 1
We go to the mailbag and answer your #Pistons questions. Thanks to Pistons Reddit for your interest and inquiries. Hosted by @DuncanSmithNBA
21 min
192: Do Andre Drummond's free throws matter?
We'll take a look at Andre Drummond's historic free throw struggles, how much they matter, and how much even a small improvement could help the #Pistons. Hosted by @DuncanSmithNBA
13 min
191: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/25/2017 -- Handoff ...
Locked On Pistons gets a new host
24 min
188: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/22/2017 -- KCP, Jer...
What will Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's guilty plea mean for him? What is Jonas Jerebko bringing the Celtics?
14 min
190: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/24/2017 -- Donovan ...
How should the Pistons feel about drafting Donovan Mitchell? Could Terrance Ferguson fit at No. 12? What's important about Pistons switching back to 97.1 for radio?
11 min
189: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/23/2017 -- Ike Anig...
Scouting report for UCLA center Ike Anigbogu, whom the Pistons worked out today
14 min
187: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/19/2017 -- Hawks GM...
Do you want Joe Dumars or Chauncey Billups to become the Hawks' next general manager? Which Pistons mark did the Cavaliers just tie?
12 min
186: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/18/2017 -- Draft st...
How should the Pistons approach fit when evaluating draft prospects?
13 min
185: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/17/2017 -- Lottery ...
What does the Pistons picking No. 12 mean for them?
15 min
184: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/16/2017 -- Logo, lo...
What do I think of the Pistons' "new" logo? Ranting about the lottery...
14 min
183: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/15/2017 -- Bulls wa...
What's misunderstood about the Pistons walking off the floor without shaking the Bulls' hand? What did the Celtics get right that the Pistons didn't? How did Detroit handle combine interviews?
15 min
182: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/12/2017 -- Justin J...
How would Justin Jackson or Luke Kennard fit with the Pistons?
10 min
181: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/11/2017 -- Zach Col...
The Pistons are reportedly interested in Zach Collins. Can they get him? Any way Pistons could draft Mo Wagner?
11 min
180: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/10/2017 -- Morii sw...
Which Morris is playing for the Wizards, Washington's or Detroit's? Will Andre Drummond's nose surgery help him?
10 min
179: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/9/2017 -- George Ir...
Remembering George Irvine, which Pistons situation parallels the Raptors' with Dwane Casey?
13 min
178: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/8/2017 -- Joe Dumar...
Could the Hawks hire Joe Dumars?
13 min
177: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/6/2017 -- Is KCP be...
How does Kentavious Caldwell-Pope compare to Dwyane Wade and J.J. Redick?
11 min
176: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/4/2017 -- On presid...
Is having a president/coach (like Stan Van Gundy) a good idea?
11 min
175: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/3/2017 -- Steve Kerr
Which two examples from Pistons' past could guide the Warriors through Steve Kerr's absence?
10 min
174: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 5/2/2017 -- Georgios ...
What does Georgios Papagiannis teach us about the Pistons' draft strategy? How did Henry Abbott influence Pistons coverage?
13 min
173: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/28/2017 -- All-Star...
Will the Pistons host an NBA All-Star game?
11 min
171: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/24/2017 -- Swept by...
What's the difference between the Cavaliers sweeping the Pistons last year and Pacers this year? What's in store for Scott Perry with Kings?
14 min
170: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/25/2017 -- Draymond...
What did Draymond Green do that reminds me of Ben Wallace? How are they similar, different? What to make of Texas center Jarrett Allen?
13 min
169: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/26/2017 -- Andre Ro...
Would pending free agent Andre Roberson fit with Pistons? Should Detroit draft Harry Giles or OG Anunoby?
14 min
168: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/27/2017 -- Tigers talk
What did today's Detroit Tigers game reveal about the Pistons?
11 min
172: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/21/2017 -- More-lik...
How would Zach Collins and Justin Patton fit with the Pistons?
16 min
167: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/20/2017 -- Draft pr...
What's the best-case scenario for the Pistons in the likely event they pick 12th or 13th?
14 min
166: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/19/2017 -- Draft pr...
How does the lottery work? Where will the Pistons pick? Who will and won’t be available?
11 min
165: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/18/2017 -- Isiah Th...
Can Pistons great Isiah Thomas impart any wisdom on Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas in this time of grief?
11 min
164: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/17/2017 -- KCP, RFA
What will the Pistons do if Kentavious Caldwell-Pope signs a max offer sheet? What should they do?
15 min
163: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/14/2017 -- End-of-s...
On SVG on three key areas for internal improvement
12 min
162: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/13/2017 -- On SVG o...
What did Stan Van Gundy say about Reggie Jackson? What did it mean?
37 min
161: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/11/2017 -- Last gam...
What will you remember from The Palace?
24 min
160: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/10/2017 -- On The P...
Reflecting on the Pistons' home arena before their final game there
24 min
159: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/7/2017 -- Henry El...
What should we expect from Henry Ellenson these last few games? How excited is Stan Van Gundy about Patrick Ewing?
17 min
158: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/6/2017 -- Throwing ...
What's good with the Pistons? Then everything else. Then what's to come down the stretch
11 min
157: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/5/2017 -- Forward 3...
Why have the Pistons' forwards taken a step back on 3-point shooting?
12 min
156: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/4/2017 -- Reggie Ja...
Should the Pistons regret not sitting Reggie Jackson sooner? Do injuries provide positive indicators for Detroit's future? What to make of Magic's exposed board?
13 min
155: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 4/3/2017 -- Should Pi...
What's Stan Van Gundy's job security? Should the Pistons tank? What's the latest on KCP's DUI?
13 min
154: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/31/2017 -- KCP DUI
How will Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's DUI affect his free agency? Can the Pistons give a straight answer on Reggie Jackson? What does the Pistons' win over the Nets mean?
13 min
153: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/30/2017 -- SVG's in...
Why did Stan Van Gundy completely reverse himself on handling injuries? Is there something deeper with Reggie Jackson? A mistrust of the training staff? Something else? And what to make of the Pistons-Heat two-minute report?
12 min
152: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/29/2017 -- Anatomy ...
Why did the Pistons lose to the Heat? Why have the Pistons stumbled down the stretch? And what's going on with Reggie Jackson?
15 min
151: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/28/2017 -- Reggie J...
Will the Pistons shut down Reggie Jackson? What would that mean for Detroit? Are the Pistons still in the playoff race?
13 min
150: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/27/2017 -- Have Pis...
What is Stan Van Gundy doing after loss to Magic?
13 min
Is Brooklyn planning a max offer to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? How should the Pistons handle that? What to make of Ish Smith starting over Reggie Jackson?
11 min
148: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/23/2017 -- Oy vey
Are the Pistons falling apart? Where should they go from here?
12 min
147: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/21/2017 -- Rest
What to make of Stan Van Gundy's Pistons and the rest debate, the road ahead in Detroit's playoff chase
11 min
146: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/20/2017 -- More fra...
Who did Stan Van Gundy single out, positively and negatively after win over Suns? Is Reggie Jackson out of shape?
12 min
145: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/17/2017 -- Defendin...
Responding to Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux about Henry Ellenson, praise for Tobias Harris
10 min
144: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/16/2017 -- Out of a...
Stan Van Gundy sounds like he has run out of answers? I find a few and remained stumped on ohers
15 min
143: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/15/2017 -- Bombed
What does Cleveland lighting up the Pistons mean? How does Detroit stack up with the Jazz?
10 min
142: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/14/2017 -- Andre Dr...
What's with the buzz for Andre Drummond winning Defensive Player of the Year?
17 min
141: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/9/2017 -- Pacers loss
14 min
140: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/13/2017 -- Tobias H...
How does Tobias Harris starting affect Detroit? Is Reggie Jackson elevating the Pistons to another level?
12 min
139: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/10/2017 -- Energy l...
Can the Pistons play like they did against Cleveland every game?
10 min
138: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/8/2017 -- What's st...
Big-picture analysis plus a couple notes on Aron Baynes and Ish Smith
18 min
137: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/7/2017 -- Reggie Ja...
12 min
136: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/6/2017 -- Point gua...
How did the Pistons tweak their use of Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith? What worked well? Will it continue?
11 min
135: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/3/2017 -- Change in...
Reggie Jackson or Ish Smith?
10 min
134: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/2/2017 -- Andre Dru...
Why does Andre Drummond's focus wane? Why don't the Pistons shoot well enough?
15 min
133: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 3/1/2017 -- Lineup co...
What do the Pistons do at point guard and forward?
10 min
132: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/28/2017 -- Reggie J...
What made Reggie Jackson's late 3-pointer against the Celtics such a bad idea? Does the hot hand exist? How did Detroit catch a Boogie break? What set Richard Hamilton apart from his fellow 2004 starters?
13 min
131: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/27/2017 -- Richard ...
Should the Pistons have retired Hamilton's number? Who was missing from the ceremony? Why did the Pistons lose to the Celtics?
22 min
130: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/24/2017 -- Playoff ...
With the roster set, will the Pistons make the playoffs?
14 min
129: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/23/2017 -- Trade-de...
Why did the Pistons, involved in so many rumors, not make a deal?
12 min
128: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/22/2017 -- Andre Dr...
What could the Pistons get from the Celtics for Andre Drummond? KCP available? Who's likely to be traded? What did the Lakers want with Reggie Jackson? Detroit's DeMarcus Cousins interest?
19 min
127: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/21/2017 -- Andre Dr...
Digging deeper into Pistons trade rumors
11 min
126: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/20/2017 -- What hap...
Plus evaluating the Reggie Jackson-Magic rumor
12 min
125: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/17/2017 -- Trade-de...
What do the Pistons need? Who's on the block?
11 min
124: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/16/2017 -- Reggie J...
Did Reggie Jackson alter the Pistons' trade outlook by play against Mavericks? What's the hole in SVG's Yogi Ferrell story?
13 min
123: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/15/2017 -- Zach Low...
Digging deeper into Zach Lowe's fantastic article on the Pistons
19 min
122: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/14/2017 -- [sound o...
How many ways can the Pistons disappoint? Plus one way they caught a break
19 min
121: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/13/2017 -- Reggie J...
Which point guard will help the Pistons more down the stretch? What lies ahead for Detroit in its schedule?
17 min
120: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/10/2017 -- Blaha, O...
What makes George Blaha THE BEST? What's Charles Oakley's tie to the Pistons? Which budding star is Darko Milicic indirectly influencing? What does Jabari Parker's injury mean to Detroit?
14 min
119: LOCKED ON PISTONS -- 2/9/2017 -- Finding a...
Could the Pistons have found an identity during win over Lakers/Isiah Thomas celebration? Keep an eye on Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson
13 min