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Thoughts and commentary of Pelicans expert and insider Jake Madison. A daily deep dive into the New Orleans Pelicans, the NBA and all the happening around Zion Williamson and the team. #pelicans #nba

LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 19, 2017--Pelicans dem...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans demolishing of the Orlando Magic. He then talks about the rumor that Dwight Howard is in the Pelicans' sights.
19 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 18, 2017--Jrue Holiday...
Jake Madison talks about Jrue Holiday's struggles and how it's impacting the Pelicans' offense. He then previews tonight's game against the Magic.
22 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 17, 2016--Anthony Davi...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' loss to the Pacers, a game in which Anthony Davis was injured. He then talks about potential trade targets in Paul Millsap, and Carmelo Anthony
23 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 16, 2017--What happene...
Jake Madison looks at the problems with rebounding in the Pelicans' loss to the Bulls. He then previews today's game against the Pacers.
15 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 12, 2017--Recapping th...
Jake Madison talks about the big night's from both Tyreke Evans and Terrence Jones in the Pelicans' win over the Nets, and previews the Bulls game
22 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 12, 2017--Previewing t...
Jake Madison previews the Pelicans v/ Nets matchup tonight in Brooklyn, he also talks about the fallout should the Pelicans lose
11 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 10, 2016--Pelicans, An...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans first win in 2017 as the team destroys the Knicks behind Anthony Davis' monster game
13 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 9, 2016--Recapping the...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' loss to the Celtics, talks about how Donatas Motiejunas played, and previews tonight's Knicks game.
16 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 6, 2016--Paul Millsap ...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' loss to the Atlanta Hawks, and talks trade rumors surrounding Paul Millsap
17 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 5, 2016--Talking Antho...
Jake Madison welcomes J.M. Poulard of bballbreakdown.com onto the show to talk defense. Jake then previews tonight's Hawks game
22 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 4, 2017--Pelicans sign...
Jake Madison gives you the rundown on the newest Pelicans Donatas Motiejunas, who his arrival impacts. He then compares Buddy Hield and Jamal Murray
17 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 3, 2016--Pelicans lose...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' loss to the Cavaliers, and he breaks down the top play of the game
16 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Jan. 2, 2017--Pelicans beat...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' victory over the Knicks on Friday, talks about the potential of signing Donatas Motiejunas, and previews the Cavs game. Happy New Year!
23 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 30, 2016--Talking with...
Jake Madison welcomes Michael Pellissier to the podcast to talk about the Pelicans' rookie duo of Buddy Hield and Cheick Diallo. He then talks more about the small-ball lineup
26 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS-Dec. 29, 2016--Recapping the...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans victory over the Clippers, talks small-ball, and Buddy Hield
20 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 28, 2016--Recapping th...
Jake Madison returns after the holiday to recap the Pelicans' wins against the Heat and Mavs. The small-ball lineup worked against Dallas, what does that mean going forward?
17 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 23, 2016-- Pelicans tr...
Jake Madison talks about some Pelicans trade rumors, poses a wild one, and gives out presents to Pelicans players
15 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 22, 2016--Recapping th...
Jake Madison returns from being sick to recap the past two Pelicans games. He also talks about the different distribution of minutes.
18 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 20, 2016--Do the Pelic...
Jake Madison talks about Alvin Gentry's recent quotes about finding the Pelicans' identity, and previews tonight's game against the 76ers.
19 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 19, 2016--Recapping th...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' losses to the Rockets and Spurs, sees how former Pelicans Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon played, and looks at a bright spot for the team. He also looks at how the new CBA can help the Pelicans keep Anthony Davis. And! T...
41 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 16, 2016--Recapping th...
Even though the Pelicans have struggled in crunch time this season they came from behind to beat the Pacers. Jake Madison breaks down the win quarter by quarter
19 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 15, 2016--Pelicans' 'c...
Jake Madison talks about the trouble the Pelicans face when they have a close game in the 4th quarter. He then previews the game tonight against the Pacers
23 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 14, 2016--Breaking dow...
Jake Madison breaks down the Pelicans' loss to the Warriors, tell you what the did well, where it went wrong, and looked at the Anthony Davis/Draymond Green matchup
17 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 13, 2016--Why are the ...
Jake Madison talks about the rut the Pelicans are stuck in, and how the desire to win is causing it. He also previews tonight's game against the Warriors and presents a way for the Pelicans to win.
20 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Dec. 12, 2016--Pelicans go ...
Jake Madison breaks down the Pelicans two game this weekend, and explains why he doesn't think the win over the Suns is that great. He then talks about Cheick Diallo who played well Saturday
22 min