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Thoughts and commentary of Pelicans expert and insider Jake Madison. A daily deep dive into the New Orleans Pelicans, the NBA and all the happening around Zion Williamson and the team. #pelicans #nba

LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 20, 2017--Pelicans blo...
Jake Madison recaps how the New Orleans Pelicans were able to beat both the Rockets and Timberwolves to get back to 4.5 games out of the 8th seed
17 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 17, 2017--Should the P...
Jake Madison looks the Pelicans lottery odds and if they should tank the rest of the season. He then previews this weekend's games
19 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 16, 2017--Pelicans los...
Jake Madison recaps the latest Pelicans loss. He then talks about the reports that Alvin Gentry is on the hot seat in New Orleans
19 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 15, 2017--Pelicans cru...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans big win over the Portland Trail Blazers, previews the Miami match-up, and gives an update on AD's ankle
16 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 14, 2017--Talking Peli...
Jake Madison welcomes ESPN's Justine Verrier to the show to talk Pelicans. Justin takes a long look at the many questions surrounding New Orleans
33 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 13, 2017--Pelicans bea...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' OT win over the Hornets without DeMarcus Cousins playing in the 4th quarter. Is it telling that the 3 Pelicans wins have come with Cousins in a smaller role?
18 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 10, 2017--DeMarcus on ...
The Pelicans are having problems with DeMarcus Cousins standing at the 3-point line, Jrue Holiday is struggling, defensive rebounding is a problem, Jake Madison dives in deep on everything. He then previews the Charlottle game
23 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 9, 2017--Pelicans fall...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans loss to the Raptors and gives an update on the Anthony Davis wrist injury
19 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 8, 2017--Pelicans poor...
Jake Madison takes a look at how the Pelicans poor shot selection hurts their offense. He then previews tonight's game against the Raptors
18 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 7, 2017--Pelicans fall...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' loss to the Jazz, and then Michael McNamara joins the show to talk about the Pelicans' options this offseason
46 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 6, 2017--Pelicans notc...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans 1-1 weekend. He then dives into the usage rates of Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, and Jrue Holiday
21 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 3, 2017--Talking DeMar...
Tas Melas joins the show to breakdown how the Pelicans have played since acquiring DeMarcus Cousins. Jake then previews the Spurs matchup
33 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 2, 2017--Pelicans beat...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' win over the Pistons, what changed with Jrue Holiday? And he then gives a look at the playoff standings.
17 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Mar. 1, 2017--DeMarcus Cous...
Jake Madison recaps the Mardi Gras day that DeMarcus Cousins enjoyed, previews tonight's game against Detroit, and looks at the starting lineup's advanced stats
13 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 27, 2017--Pelicans fal...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' two losses over the weekend and breaks down what is going wrong with the offense.
23 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 24, 2017--Pelicans blo...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans 129-99 loss to the Rockets. Was it as bad as the score indicated in DeMarcus Cousins' debut?
23 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 23, 2017--Takeaways fr...
Jake Madison gives you the biggest takeaways from DeMarcus Cousins' introductory press conference, he then previews his debut tonight.
21 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 22, 2017--How does DeM...
Jake Madison dives deep into how DeMarcus Cousins fits into the Pelicans' offense.
27 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 21, 2017--What are the...
Jake Madison welcomes Leo Beas of CowbellKingdom.com to the show to talk about the potential pitfalls of the DeMarcus Cousins trade for the Pelicans. Jake then dives deep on why he isn't too worried.
36 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 20th, 2017--Breaking d...
Jake Madison welcomes Sam Vecenie to break down the blockbuster trade which brought DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans
29 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--DeMarcus Cousins traded to ...
Jake Madison records an emergency edition of Locked on Pelicans as New Orleans makes a blockbuster trade to bring in DeMarcus Cousins
18 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 17, 2017--Jrue Holiday...
Jake Madison talks about the improvements Jrue Holiday has recently made to his game. He then previews All-Star Weekend for Pelicans fans
21 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 16, 2017--Pelicans ups...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' win over Memphis, Brook Lopez posts a monster stat line, Jahlil Okafor smoke screen?
16 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 15, 2017--Previewing t...
Jake Madison previews tonight's game against Memphis, gives updates on trade rumors, starts eliminating players from the roster
13 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--Feb. 14, 2017--Brook Lopez ...
Jake Madison recaps the Pelicans' win over the Suns, and breaks down why Brook Lopez would be a great addition to the Pelicans.
23 min