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Thoughts and commentary of Pelicans expert and insider Jake Madison. A daily deep dive into the New Orleans Pelicans, the NBA and all the happening around Zion Williamson and the team. #pelicans #nba

LOCKED ON PELICANS--Tim Frazier Trade Reaction
Jake Madison breaks down everything involving the Tim Frazier to the Wizards trade
8 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 22, 2017--Two-way cont...
Jake Madison dives into two-way contracts and why the Pelicans wont trade for another draft pick. He looks at his big board for the 40th pick.
14 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 21, 2017--David Griffi...
The NBA is in an odd state of flux right now and Jake Madison breaks it all down for you. Could former Cavs GM David Griffin be a good candidate as President of Basketball Operations? Does what is happening in New York make you feel better about Benson...
15 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 20, 2017--Draft trades...
With the Sixers/Celtics trade is the market for Jrue Holiday drying up? Should the Pelicans go after Paul George?
22 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 15, 2017--2nd round pi...
Jake Madison welcomes Brendon Kleen of BourbonStreetShots.com and the Step Back to the show to talk NBA Draft and much more
37 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 14, 2017--David West w...
Jake Madison talks about David West chasing a ring . He then breaks down how two way contracts will work and why it matters for the Pelicans
14 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 13, 2017--Recapping ga...
The Warriors are the champions of the NBA. Should the title be discounted due to Kevin Durant? Should the Pelicans pick Frank Mason out of Kansas with the 40th overall pick?
15 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 8, 2017--Recapping gam...
Jake Madison recaps game 3 of the NBA Finals. He then looks at Jawun Evans and Damyean Dotson as potential 40th overall picks
16 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 7, 2017--Why the Pelic...
The Warriors might be the dominant team right now, but eventually that will end. Jake Madison tells you why and lets you know why the Pelicans need to be patient. Will the Pelicans pick someone from Oregon at 40?
13 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 6, 2017--Takeaways fro...
Jake Madison recaps the first two games of the NBA Finals and has a few takeaways for Pelicans fans. He then previews potential 40th pick Nigel Williams-Gross
15 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 2, 2017--Pelicans fans...
A recent paper ranks Pelicans fans as the 2nd most loyal in the league. But that might not be the case. Dell Demps was spotted at a draft prospect's workout. Find out who it was.
15 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--June 1, 2017--NBA Finals pr...
The NBA Finals are finally upon us! Jake Madison previews the matchup between the Warriors and Cavs. He then takes a look at two intriguing second round prospects for the Pelicans
21 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 30, 2017--Pelicans add ...
The Pelicans continue to shake up the coaching staff with the news they may add Sam Mitchell to the bench. Host Jake Madison dives deep on what this means for the team
12 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 25, 2017--Alvin Gentry ...
Alvin Gentry gave a Q & A to Pelicans.com and host Jake Madison breaks down what he said. He then talks about Quincy Pondexter's place in team.
12 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 24, 2017--Cunningham to...
Dante Cunningham is being linked to the Knicks but should the Pelicans resign him? Could the team still play in transition? Talking about the Spurs and Celtics
13 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 23, 2017--What the Chri...
With Chris Finch being hired from the Denver Nuggets, next season's Pelicans' offense becomes pretty obvious. What does it mean for Davis, Cousins, and Holiday?
16 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 22, 2017--Pelicans hire...
The Pelicans shook up their assistant coaches with the addition of Chris Finch. Adam Mares of Locked on Nuggets joins the show to talk about what Finch brings to the table.
22 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 18, 2017--Holiday vs th...
Jake Madison takes a look at Jrue Holiday's averages vs the top and bottom ranked defenses. Is there any amount you would trade Anthony Davis for?
14 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 17, 2017--Pelicans lose...
The Pelicans didn't get lucky in the NBA draft lottery, but are still scouting prospects to take in the 2nd round. Find out who they have been linked with!
17 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 16, 2017--Gentry and De...
Gentry and Demps seem to have their jobs confirmed for next season. What are the Pelicans' lottery odds, and if they keep the pick should they trade it for another All-Star?
15 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 15, 2017--Alvin Gentry ...
Alvin Gentry talked about his job security and offseason plans with Adrian Wojnarowski's The Verticle podcast. Should the Pelicans give a vote of confidence?
24 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 10, 2017--Pelicans link...
The first draft prospect linked to the Pelicans has emerged. Do the Warriors hurt the NBA overall?
14 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 9, 2017--Kyle Lowry hea...
After getting swept it seems Kyle Lowry may want out of Toronto and to head to a western conference contender. Do the Pelicans have room for him? Two reasonable targets the Pelicans could add on the wing. Draft Lottery Rituals.
18 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS-- May 8, 2017--Joe Dumars ru...
Joe Dumars is being linked to the Hawks, what does that mean for the Pelicans? What can spacing in the playoffs teach the Pelicans?
18 min
LOCKED ON PELICANS--May 4, 2017--Rajon Rondo, l...
Would Rondo be an attractive trade target for the Pelicans? What can the Pelicans learn from the NBA playoffs?
13 min