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Join host Mike D’Abate of Sports Illustrated’s Patriots Country for your daily dose of news, notes and analysis on the six-time Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots. From Boston, Mass.—to Providence, Rhode Island—to Aroostook County, Maine, Pats fans get their coverage from Locked On Patriots, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

AFC-Style East versus West II: Patriots/Broncos...
Mike is joined by Cody Roark of Locked On Broncos to discuss the Pats/Broncos 2020 matchup.
35 min
AFC-Style East versus West: Patriots/Chiefs Cro...
Mike is Joined by Chris Clark of Locked on Chiefs to discuss the Pats/Chiefs 2020 matchup.
35 min
And Their Opponents: Patriots 2020 Schedule Bre...
Tanya Ray Fox joins Mike to discuss the 2020 New England Patriots season schedule.
37 min
East Meets West IV: Patriots/Cardinals Crossove...
Mike is Joined by Alex Clancy of Locked on Cardinals to discuss the Pats/Cards 2020 matchup.
38 min
East Meets West III: Patriots/Rams Crossover - ...
Mike is Joined by Brad “Bear” Mader of Locked on Rams to discuss the Pats/Rams 2020 matchup.
38 min
East Meets West II: Patriots/Seahawks Crossover...
Mike is Joined by Corbin Smith of Locked on Seahawks to discuss the Pats/Seahawks 2020 matchup.
43 min
East Meets West: Patriots/49ers Crossover - 5/4...
Mike is Joined by Brian Peacock of Locked on 49ers to discuss the Pats/Niners 2020 matchup
38 min
Tiger Kings? Stidham, Hastings, Coe add Auburn ...
Zac Blackerby of Locked On Auburn joins Mike to talk Stidham, Hastings and Coe in New England
32 min
UnDrafted Treasures: Patriots UDFA Talk with Ba...
Mike is joined by Steve Balestrieri to talk Patriots UDFA and the potential of Andy Dalton to NE.
38 min
Talking Cap with Pats Cap: Part II - Setting th...
Miguel Benzan returns to Set the Record Straight when it comes to all things Patriots Salary Cap.
29 min
Talking Cap with Pats Cap: Part I - 4/28/2020
Miguel Benzan (aka Pats Cap) joins Mike to talk the Patriots post-draft salary cap situation.
31 min
Pats Wrap: Patriots 2020 NFL Draft Recap - 4/27...
Mike Recaps the 2020 NFL Draft for the New England Patriots
39 min
Forget the First Round: Patriots Draft Day 1 Re...
Murph joins Mike to break down the Patriots Day 1 NFL Draft activities and Preview Days 2 and 3.
35 min
T.G.I. Draft Day: Patriots Draft Preview with A...
Alex Barth of 985 The Sports Hub joins Mike to Preview Round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft
35 min
GOAT Herding? Gronk joins Tom in Tampa, Patriot...
Mike is joined by Mark Schofield to discuss Gronk’s trade to TB and what it means for the Patriots Draft plans.
41 min
Two Days Away-Tuesday: Patriots Draft Talk with...
Mike talks Patriots Draft Prospects with John Vogel of NFLDraftRite.com
33 min
Patriots Day, New Threads and Mock Drafts - 4/2...
Mike provides his thoughts on New England’s new uniforms and his analysis on the latest Patriots’ Mock Drafts
33 min
The Billy Pulpit? Patriots Draft talk with Pat ...
Mike is joined by Pat Lane of Pats Pulpit (SB Nation) to talk some Belichickian Draft Strategy for the PatriotsThe
39 min
From Maize and Blue to Patriot Blue? - Isaiah H...
Isaiah Hole of Locked On Wolverines joins Mike to talk Cesar Ruiz and other Michigan draft prospects for the Patriots
40 min
Who-Should-It-Be-Wednesday: Defensive Draft Opt...
Murph joins Mike to discuss the potential NFL Draft selections for the Patriots Defense.
29 min
Balestrierian Draft Insight: Patriots Draft Pri...
Steve Balestrieri joins Mike to talk Patriots draft priorities and Bill Belichick’s strategy for 2020.
27 min
Mock Draft Special: Patriots Draft Needs and Wa...
Mike provides his latest draft analysis and Locked On NFL kicks off the 2020 Mock Draft Special
36 min
Evan’s Expertise: Patriots Draft Analysis with ...
Mike is joined by Evan Lazar of CLNS Media for some in-depth Patriots draft analysis.
33 min
Thought-Provoking Thursday: Patriots Draft Prog...
Mike is joined by Robert Marcello of Full Press Coverage to offer some alternative insight on the Patriots draft plans.
27 min
Wisdom Wednesday: Fromm, Hurts or Morgan as Pat...
Mike is joined by Murph to talk about three potential draft options at quarterback for the Patriots
36 min
Then and Now Tuesday: Patriots, Brady move forw...
Mike is joined by Ian Glendon of Full Press Coverage to talk Tom Brady and the Patriots future.
30 min
Mad About Mocks: Patriots Mock Draft Monday - 4...
Mike offers his analysis on both expert and listener-inspired Mocks Drafts for the New England Patriots.
27 min
Talking Patriots with Tanya Ray Fox - 4/3/2020
Tanya Ray Fox of FS1 joins Mike to discuss the Patriots 2020 prospectus.
33 min
Reality to Fantasy: Patriots and Fantasy Footba...
Kyle Senra of FPC Fantasy Football joins Mike to talk Patriots player roles in Fantasy Football
27 min
What-To-Do Wednesday: Patriots Talk with Bales...
Mike is joined by Steve Balestrieri to talk Patriots Draft Prospects and the next phase of Free Agency.
26 min
Murph The Draft; Face of the Patriots Franchise...
Mike and Murph discuss draft strategy and the new ‘Face’ of the Patriots franchise.
31 min
Be Aware, The Mocks of March - Patriots Mock Dr...
Mike reviews the latest submissions from experts and listeners on Patriots Mock Draft Monday.
30 min
Friday with a Frisco Flavor: Snowman talks Brad...
Mike is joined by Brian Snow to discuss Tom Brady in Tampa and the Patriots 2020 outlook.
26 min
Friends Close, Enemies Closer: Patriots and Bil...
Mike is joined by Brandon Ray of FPC Bills to discuss the balance of power in the AFC East.
27 min
Patriots Crossover Wednesday - Who Dat, Why Tom...
Ross Jackson of Locked On Saints joins Mike to talk the similarities and differences with the Brady and Brees negotiations.
36 min
Time to Move on Tuesday: Patriots are on to 202...
Mike is joined by Steve Balestrieri to talk Patriots QB options, Draft strategy and SG3’s release.
31 min
Mock Draft Mondays of March: Patriots Draft and...
Mike talks Patriots free agency and takes a deep dive into New England’s possible strategy in the upcoming NFL Draft.
29 min
Finality Friday and Scho-Time Patriots Analysis...
Mark Schofield joins Mike to talk the Patriots quarterback situation and share some thoughts on TB in TB.
38 min
Thoughts On Tom: Brady, Patriots Prepare to Mov...
Mike is joined by Ian Glendon to discuss the future of Brady and the Patriots, while sharing their favorite Thoughts On Tom.
46 min
What-Happened Wednesday: Brady and Ex-Pats Leav...
Murph joins Mike to discuss the fallout from Tom Brady’s departure and the Patriots’ latest free agency news.
38 min
Brady Bids Farewell; Pats Cap Breaks Down Why I...
Mike welcomes Miguel Benzan (aka PatsCap) to talk Patriots finances and what could have been the deal to bring Tom Brady back to Foxboro.
44 min
Manic Mock Draft Monday: Patriots are on to 202...
Mike recaps the weekend free-agency buzz and the latest mock draft predictions for the Patriots.
35 min
Friday with Fox - Patriots, COVID-19 and Brady ...
Tanya Ray Fox of FX1 joins Mike to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the Patriots and provide her final thoughts on Brady Watch 2020.
34 min
Tight End/Trade Talk Thursday: New England Patr...
Mike addresses the latest on trade rumors and free agent targets at tight end for the New England Patriots.
26 min
Crossover Wednesday: From Brady to Stidham? - 3...
Mike is joined by Zac Blackerby of Locked On Auburn to discuss the potential of Jarrett Stidham.
29 min
Hot-Take Hotel: Talking Patriots Trends with Ba...
Mike is joined by Steve Balestrieri to talk Tom Brady and the rest of the trending topics in Patriots Nation.
26 min
The Mocks of March: Patriots Mock-Draft Monday ...
Mike breaks down the latest Patriots draft predictions on Mock Draft Monday
29 min
Free Your Mind Friday: Patriots Chat with Murph...
Mike and Murph break down the ‘week that was’ for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady’s future plans.
33 min
Twitter Thursday and the Locked On Patriots Mai...
Mike opens up the Locked On Patriots Mailbag to answer your questions on Twitter Thursday.
33 min
Brady back to the Bay? McCourty to Stay? - 3/4/...
Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald joins Mike to talk Brady possibly joining the 49ers and the future of the McCourty twins in Foxboro.
33 min
Tuesday Trends and Tom Brady with Glendon - 3/3...
Joining Mike on #TrendingTuesday is Ian Glendon of Full Press Coverage to talk all things Tom Brady.
27 min
Combine Wrap-Up, Mock Draft Monday and Read Tom...
Mike welcomes in the month of March by recapping the Combine and trying to make sense out of the latest weekend hoopla surrounding Tom Brady
31 min
Barth talks Brady, Sanu and Rookie QBs - 2/28/2020
Alex Barth of 98.5 The Sports Hub joins Mike to talk Brady’s future, Sanu’s surgery and Combine Quarterbacks
31 min
Bye-Bye Brady??? Not So Fast - 2/27/2020
Murph joins Mike to discuss the latest development on the Brady Saga and the Patriots free agency and draft targets.
38 min
St. Elmo’s Flavor at the Combine? Scho’s Patrio...
Mike is joined by Mark Schofield with an on-location report from the 2020 NFL Draft Combine
26 min
Trending Tuesday: PatsCap Sets the Record Strai...
Miguel Benzan (aka PatsCap) returns to set the record straight about the Patriots salary cap.
42 min
Let the Combine Commence; Patriots Mock Draft M...
Mike previews Combine Week and break down the latest Mock Draft Monday selection for the Patriots.
21 min
Lazar’s Patriots Lowdown: Combine, CBA and Cha...
Evan Lazar of CLNS joins Mike to talk, NFL CBA, pursuing Stefon Diggs and the upcoming Draft Combine.
30 min
Monster Thoughts on the New CBA - 2/20/2020
Murph joins Mike to discuss the latest news on the potential CBA, and what it means for the Patriots.
30 min
What-If Wednesday: Wynn, Diggs and Odell??? Oh ...
Mike explores the Patriots’ chances of trading for Stefon Diggs and Odell Beckham, Jr., and moving Isaiah Wynn to guard.
28 min
Thuney, Tom and Trending Topics - 2/18/2020
Steve Balestrieri of PatsFans.com joins Mike to talk Brady, Thuney and TB12 for the Troops??
37 min
Mock Drafts and Mount Rushmores - 2/17/2020
Mike reveals his New England Patriots’ Mount Rushmore and his thoughts on this week’s selection for Mock Draft Monday
31 min
Ultimate AFC East Crossover: Who Do You Love? ...
Mike, John Butchko (Locked On Jets) and Joe Marino (Locked On Bills) talk some AFC East-love on Valentine’s Day.
45 min
Ultimate AFC East Crossover: ‘Fins Up - 2/13/2020
Mike, John Butchko (Locked On Jets) and Joe Marino (Locked On Bills) take a Day Four look at the Miami Dolphins
36 min
Ultimate AFC East Crossover: Jets All the Way??...
Mike, John Butchko (Locked On Jets) and Joe Marino (Locked On Bills) take a Day Two look at the New York Jets.
29 min
Ultimate AFC East Crossover: Overdue Bills? - 2...
Mike, Joe Marino (Locked On Bills) and John Butchko (Locked On Jets) take a Day Two look at the Buffalo Bills
39 min
Ultimate AFC East Crossover: Patriots are Still...
Mike is joined by Joe Marino (Locked On Bills) and John Butchko (Locked On Jets) for a Patriots prospectus
41 min
Fair and Objective Friday: Baxter talks Brady, ...
Russell Baxter joins Mike to discuss the 2019 NFL Season and the 2020 Prospectus for the Patriots and Tom Brady.
43 min
Throwback Thursday: Revisiting the Patriots 201...
Mike examines Tom Brady’s ‘Preferred’ Status in New England and takes a look back at the 2019 NFL Draft for the Patriots
31 min
What-If Wednesday: PodVader’s Patriots Wisdom -...
Mike is joined by the PodVader himself Jay Soderberg to play a game of What-If in Patriots Nation
34 min
Trending Like Tom; Feeling the Draft - 2/4/2020
Murph is back to join Mike as they discuss the Trending Topics in Patriots Nation
29 min
‘Not Going Anywhere’ on Mock Draft Monday - 2/3...
Mike recaps Super Bowl LIV, talks Tom Brady’s Super Bowl ad, and reveals the Patriots pick for Mock Draft Monday
28 min
One Clear Voice: Patriots Talk with Bob Socci ...
The ‘Voice of the Patriots’ Bob Socci Jon’s Mike to discuss Brady, Scarnecchia and Super Bowls.
42 min
Senior Bowl Sequel, A ‘Belichickian’ Encounter ...
Mike welcomes John Vogel of NFL Draft Rite to talk Senior Bowl standouts
28 min
Permanent Scar; Scho at the Senior Bowl - 1/29/...
Mike is joined by Mark Schofield as they discuss Dante Scarnecchia, as well as the Senior Bowl
36 min
A Monday for Mamba, Mock-Draft Monday v3 - 1/27...
Mike addresses the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his impact on the Patriots, and this week’s Mock Draft Monday selection.
29 min
Fridays with Fox: Patriots Free Agency and QB T...
Tanya Ray Fox of FS1 joins Mike to talk Brady, McCourty and Eli Manning’s Patriots connection.
35 min
West Coast Wednesday: Snowman talks Jimmy G and...
Niners expert Brian Snow of Snowman In The Morning joins Mike to talk Jimmy G in SF
27 min
Trending Tuesday: The Disturbing History of Aar...
Mike is joined by Ian Glendon as they review the Netflix documentary, “ Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez”
29 min
Open-Minded, Patriots’ Mock Draft Monday - 1/20...
Mike gives his thoughts on Super Bowl 54, Brady’s “Open Mind” and Mock Draft Monday’s Weekly Pick
26 min
Free Agent Friday: Thuney and Conference Title ...
Murph joins Mike to talk Brady, Thuney and AFC/NFC Championship Weekend
38 min
Patriots Throwback Thursday: It Started in Sout...
Mike takes a revisionist look at the Patriots’ 43-0 victory over the Dolphins on 9/15/19
27 min
Talkin’ Cap with Pats Cap: Brady and the Patrio...
Miguel Benzan (aka ‘Pats Cap’) joins Mike to talk Tom Brady and Patriots Free Agency.
43 min
Trending Twitter Tuesday with Steve Balestrieri...
Steve Balestrieri of PatsFans.com joins Mike to discuss the latest Patriots’ trending topics.
28 min
McDaniels, Mayhem and Mock Draft Monday - 1/13/...
Mike introduces Mock Draft Monday for 2020, and offers the latest on McDaniels and Edelman
28 min
Free Agent Friday: Tom Brady - 1/10/2020
Mike welcomes Jay Soderberg to discuss Tom Brady’s plans for 2020.
30 min
Takeaway Thursday: Then and Now in New England ...
Mike opens the Locked On Patriots Mailbag for this season-ending edition of Takeaway Thursday
25 min
Crossover Wednesday: GOAT Edition with Locked O...
Ross Jackson of Locked On Saints joins Mike to talk Brady and Brees
42 min
There Goes the Judge: Pats Coaching Staff Loses...
Patricia Traina of Locked On Giants joins Mike to discuss Joe Judge to NYG
21 min
End Game: Pats/Titans Recap with Murph - 1/6/2020
Mike is joined by Murph to recap Pats/Titans and discuss Brady’s future in Foxboro
38 min
Saturday Night’s Alright for Pats/Titans with M...
Mark Schofield joins Mike as the pair preview Patriots-Titans
41 min
Still Here: Patriots and Positive Energy - 1/2/...
Ian Glendon joins Mike to dispel the Patriots’ Doomsday Prognosis
33 min
Crossover Wednesday with Locked On Titans - 1/1...
Tyler Rowland of Locked On Titans joins Mike to preview Saturday’s Wild Card-Round Showdown
38 min
Takeaway Tuesday and a Fond Farewell to 2019 - ...
Mike closes out 2019 by talking Belichick, Gilmore, Titans and Brady’s Future on Takeaway Tuesday
26 min
Anger Management with Murph: Pats/Fins Recap - ...
Thomas Murphy joins Mike to recap the Pats loss to the Dolphins and its playoff implications
28 min
Fins Finale: Patriots-Dolphins Preview - 12/27/19
Mike D’Abate previews the Patriots Week 17 matchup with the Dolphins
22 min
Beasts of the East: Pats defeat Bills to Captur...
Mike is joined by Thomas Murphy to talk Pats-Bills and Festivus Grievances.
35 min
Barth Talks Buffalo; Divisional Duel in Decembe...
Alex Barth of CLNS media joins Mike to offer his analysis on Patriots-Bills
28 min
Balestrieri and the Bills - 12/19/19
Steve Balestrieri of PatsFans.com joins Mike to preview Patriots-Bills
24 min
Crossover Wednesday with Locked On Bills - 12/1...
Joe Marino of Locked On Bills joins Mike to preview Saturday’s Pats-Bills matchup in Foxboro.
42 min