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Join host Mike D’Abate of Sports Illustrated’s Patriots Country for your daily dose of news, notes and analysis on the six-time Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots. From Boston, Mass.—to Providence, Rhode Island—to Aroostook County, Maine, Pats fans get their coverage from Locked On Patriots, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 11/11/16- Breaking Down The...
Chris Simoneau analyzes the Patriots offense versus the Seahawks defense. #Patriots
14 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 11/10/16- How Will The Patr...
Chris Simoneau discusses the Patriots/Seahawks Week 11 matchup, the Game of the Week in the NFL. #alwaysagreatgame
17 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 11/8/16- Did The Patriots M...
Chris Simoneau hands out report cards to the defense this time, and he was a little tougher with his grades than he was with the offense. #fixthepassrush
22 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 11/6/16- Who Had The Best F...
Chris Simoneau grades the entire starting offense. #Bettergradesthanthedefense
24 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 11/3/16- Who Stood Out On t...
Chris Simoneau revisits the Patriots win in Buffalo and examines the coaches All-22 film to see who really stood out, good and bad. #tapedontlie
27 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 11/1/16- Why Did The Patrio...
Chris Simoneau discusses the Jamie Collins trade and also scours the league for possible future Patriots with the trde deadline approaching shortly. #shockingtrade
21 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/31/16- Who Are The Studs...
Chris Simoneau discusses yesterday's win in Buffalo and also examines the trade market. #shouldhavedonetheshow20minuteslater #collinstradewillbecoveredtomorrow
20 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/30/16- Who Is Inactive F...
Chris Simoneau fills you in on who'll miss today's pivotal AFC East showdown. #hugegame
8 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/28/16- Can The Bills Swe...
Chris Simoneau discusses Sunday's matchup between the Patriots and Bills. #nomccoy?
20 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/27/16- Is The Pass Rush ...
Chris Simoneau discusses today's Patriots news and notes & also answers questions from the "Fan Mailbag". #tradeseasonishere #timetofixthepassrush
19 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/25/16- What Did The Tape...
Chris Simoneau updates you on today's Patriots news and gives his takeaways from his All-22 breakdown. #uglyfootball #hardtowatch
18 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/24/16- Who were Sunday's...
Chris Simoneau discusses the Patriots/Steelers game from yesterday and gives you his "Studs and Duds" for the game. #uglyday #toomanydudstochoosefrom
27 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/21/16- Is Duron Harmon O...
Chris Simoneau discusses the Patriots and Steelers injury report, Bill Belichick's new addition to the family, and a story about Belichick, Bill Russell, and safety Duron Harmon. #silentleader #grandpabill
15 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/19/16- Is Devin McCourty...
Chris Simoneau discusses some recent positive reports from ProFootballFocus and also previews the Patriots/Steelers game. #keyonleveonbellandantoniobrown
21 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/18/16- Who Stood Out On ...
30 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/17/16- Who Stood Out In ...
Chris Simoneau discusses the Patriots/Bengals game from yesterday. #bradyisunstoppable #soisgronk #suspendburfict
21 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/16/16- Who Wins Sunday?
Can the Bengals upset the Jamie Collin-less Patriots? #redzonewoes #bradywilldominateagain
11 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/14/16- What's Up With Th...
Today we discuss the 2016 Bengals, a team that typically is one of the best in the AFC but is currently struggling at 2-3. Can their offense get it going versus the Patriots? #redzonetroubles #shouldhavekeptsanuandjones
18 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10-12-16- Martellus Bennett...
#bennettbrothershavenofilter #uniformtalk #hurricanebelichick
25 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10-10-16- Who will challeng...
#eaststillrunsthroughfoxboro #miami#1pick #canrexkeepittogether? #isrevisislandatouristsitenow?
17 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/9/16- Patriots Postgame ...
Chris Simoneau discusses today's Patriots 33-13 win over the Cleveland Browns. #bradysreturn #gronkisback #bennettisatoughbeast #711hoganlivesuptohisnickname
22 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/8/16- How will the Patri...
Chris Simoneau discusses the matchup in Cleveland between the Patriots and the Browns, the first game back for All-Pro quarterback Tom Brady. #bradysreturn #dontforgetaboutninkovich
19 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS- 10/5/16- What's up with Gro...
Join us today as we discuss Gronk and his hammy issues and Brady knocking the rust off his 39-year old arm.
12 min
Locked On Patriots- October 4, 2016
New Host Chris Simoneau discusses Sunday's game vs. the Bills and also the Tom Brady return and it's effect on the franchise. #tombrady #newenglandpatriots
20 min
LOCKED ON PATRIOTS - Sept. 12, 2016 - How Jimmy...
The Boston Herald's Jeff Howe examines Jimmy Garoppolo's first career start and how the young quarterback was responsible for the Patriots' victory against the Cardinals.
21 min