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Join host Mike D’Abate of Sports Illustrated’s Patriots Country for your daily dose of news, notes and analysis on the six-time Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots. From Boston, Mass.—to Providence, Rhode Island—to Aroostook County, Maine, Pats fans get their coverage from Locked On Patriots, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Foxboro Finance: Patriots Free Agency Primer wi...
Mike welcomes Miguel ‘PatsCap’ Benzan to discuss the impending actions to be taken by the Pats as they approach free agency for the 2022 NFL Season.
33 min
What Now at Wideout?; Potential Patriots Tight-...
Mike welcomes Clare ‘ClazzyClare’ Cooper to discuss the Patriots free agent options at wide receiver and the best tight end prospects from the Combine.
55 min
Van Noy Released, Potential Patriots Combine Ta...
Mike welcomes Steve Balestrieri, as the duo discuss the Patriots release of LB Kyle Van Noy, as well as potential Patriots draft targets from the Combine.
34 min
Mike and Murph Muse the Draft, Jackson, Patriot...
Murph joins Mike as the duo discuss J.C. Jackson, the franchise tag and provide their grades on two listener-submitted mock drafts.
44 min
Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper? -or- Robby to the Resc...
Host Mike D’Abate provides his thoughts on the latest rumors surrounding the New England Patriots and wide receivers Amari Cooper and Robby Anderson
25 min
“I’m Sorry, Mr. Jackson?” — Patriots Reportedly...
Host Mike D’Abate discusses the New England Patriots, J.C. Jackson and their cornerback depth chart.
26 min
Catchers at the Combine, Amari Cooper and Third...
Mike welcomes Steve Balestrieri to discuss the Pats prospects at the Combine, pursuing Amari Cooper and
33 min
Patriots, Pass Catchers and Positivity: Asiasi,...
Mike welcomes Clare ‘ClazzyClare’ Cooper as the duo discuss the Patriots offense and the potential for moves to be made among the pass catchers for 2022.
41 min
Musing the Draft, Patriots Watchful Eye at the ...
Murph joins Mike as the duo discuss the Patriots potential targets at the Combine, as well as the 2022 NFL Draft
34 min
Foxboro Finance: Talking J.C. Jackson, Patriots...
Mike is joined by Miguel ‘PatsCap’ Benzan to discuss New England Patriots finances, including the potential fate of J.C. Jackson
43 min
Draft Musings with Murph - Patriots 2022 Draft ...
Murph joins Mike to discuss the Patriots offensive coaching staff and potential Pats first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft
38 min
Drafting Tight Endage? — Talking Patriots inter...
Mike welcomes Clare ‘ClazzyClare’ Cooper to discuss Patriots draft targets at the tight end position, as well as the role of Nick Caley in 2022.
60 min
Tag…You’re It? — J.C. Jackson and the Franchise...
Mike welcomes back Steve Balestrieri as the duo discuss J.C. Jackson and the Franchise Tag, as well as the Patriots assistant coaches on offense.
39 min
Reasonable Re-Signings: Evaluating the 2022 New...
Mike welcomes Steve Balestrieri to discuss the Patriots internal free agents heading into 2022.
43 min
Pats Priorities: What are the Biggest Needs on ...
Mike welcomes Clare ‘ClazzyClare’ Cooper to discuss the Patriots top priorities on offense and defense heading into 2022.
50 min
On to ‘22 — Super Bowl LVI Recap, Patriots Gett...
Murph joins Mike to recap Super Bowl LVI, discuss the Patriots odds of contending in ‘22 and dish on the Coachin’ Poachin’ of the Pats’ staff.
37 min
Big Game, Big Scho — Mac Jones, Patriots 2022 P...
Mike welcomes Mark Schofield of USA Today to talk Mac Jones and the Patriots in 2022 and give their predictions for Super Bowl LVI.
49 min
Coaches Chat with the Countess: Patriots Coachi...
Mike welcomes Clare ‘ClazzyClare’ Cooper to discuss the Pats coaching changes and look ahead to Super Bowl LVI
52 min
Super Bowl LVI Thoughts with Solomon Wilcots: B...
Mike is joined by former Cincinnati Bengals safety and NFL Analyst Solomon Wilcots to preview Super Bowl LVI
31 min
Much Ado About Nothing - DeflateGate Debunked, ...
Murph joins Mike to discuss the latest news on DeflateGate, Patriots Performances at the Pro Bowl and an early look at the 2022 NFL Draft.
44 min
Fox on Friday - Brady’s Retirement, Brian Flore...
Mike welcomes Tanya Ray Fox of FS1, as the duo discuss Tom Brady, Brian Flores and take an early look at Super Bowl LVI.
47 min
Bye-Bye Brady, Gronk Next?-Discussing Brady’s R...
Mike welcomes Clare ‘ClazzyClare’ Cooper to discuss Tom Brady’s Retirement and Tight Endage Thoughts on Rob Gronkowski
53 min
BONUS: The Time We Got "Brady'd" | Locked On Ho...
26 min
All-In Patriots: Brady Retiring? McDaniels to L...
Mike and Murph discuss the latest on Tom Brady’s potential retirement and the impact of Josh McDaniels departure on the Patriots.
45 min
Back in the New England Groove - Mike and Murph...
Mike welcomes Murph to discuss a wild weekend of football in the 2021 NFL Playoffs, while talking Patriots priorities.
41 min