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Peter Bukowski, co-founder of The Leap, brings you a daily look at the Green Bay Packers year round with Locked On Packers! Go beyond the latest injury news into what you're seeing on the field, how it works, and how it might change with new players or against a division rival. It's the podcast for fans who know what happened, they want to know why and how! Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Packers - Sept. 5 - The NFL is a Crue...
The NFL is a cruel business, as the Green Bay Packers' roster moves demonstrated. Plus, we take our first looks at Sunday's opener at the Jacksonville Jaguars.
18 min
Locked on Packers - Sept. 3 - Release of Josh S...
The Green Bay Packers released All-Pro guard Josh Sitton on Saturday. What does that mean? Plus, the Packers kept six undrafted rookies but no long snappers. Could a familiar face fill that void?
12 min
Locked on Packers - Sept. 2 - Packers-Chiefs an...
We review last night's Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game in the context of what it means for the Packers' remaining roster battles. Plus, Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers talked about being cleared in the NFL's PED investigation.
19 min
Locked on Packers - Sept. 1 - Words We'll Thank...
The NFL has cleared Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers of allegations raised in an Al-Jazeera America documentary. Plus, we preview tonight's preseason game in the context of the battle at No. 3 wide receiver and other roster spots up for grabs.
20 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 31 - Shocking Punter N...
We try to make sense of the decision to release Tim Masthay. Plus, the Packers swung a trade in getting down to 75 players. And a devastating injury in Minnesota shakes up the NFC North race.
21 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 30 - Nelson's Big Play...
At practice on Monday, Jordy Nelson's comeback continued with an excellent catch during his first 11-on-11 work in a year. Also, playmakers are wanted to settle the battle at cornerback, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix could be a breakout star and Tim Masthay won pu...
16 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 29 - Biggest Surprises...
With two practices to go, what have been the biggest surprises of Green Bay Packers training camp? Plus, the latest on Jordy Nelson's return. Will he play in Thursday's preseason finale vs. Kansas City?
21 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 27 - Reviewing Friday ...
In a special Saturday edition of Locked on Packers, we wrap up Friday night's victory with some standout performances and what they mean in the position battles.
11 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 26 - Previewing Tonigh...
The Green Bay Packers play at the San Francisco 49ers on Friday night. Here's what to watch.
15 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 25 - PEDs, Kenny Clark...
Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers talked to the NFL on Wednesday. They had been have been forthright with investigators. Also, Kenny Clark and the dreary history of Ted Thompson's DL draft picks and, unlike Thompson, we talk about the undrafted free age...
18 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 24 - First Big Positiv...
Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson had a key moment at Tuesday's Green Bay Packers training camp practice. Plus, some injury updates and a look at the punting battle and the undrafted rookies making a move on special teams. And it's PED Day for Clay Matthe...
20 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 23 - Return of Jordy, ...
A day shy of the one-year anniversary of his torn ACL, Jordy Nelson made his training camp debut for the Green Bay Packers on Monday. Plus, J.C. Tretter is the starting center, the backs fumbled too much and your questions.
19 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 22 - The Three Toughes...
Time is running out for the bubble players to make their run at roster spots. Looking ahead to Sept. 3, when rosters must be cut to 53 players, what will be the toughest decisions for Packers GM Ted Thompson? #Packers #NFL
17 min
Locked on Packers - Aug 19 - Nelson's "return" ...
Jordy Nelson's comeback reached the dress rehearsal stage on Thursday night vs. Oakland. Plus, strong performances by the defense and running game.
19 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 18 - Jordy Nelson is b...
Bill Huber, the publisher of Packer Report, and his wife, Mrs. Packer Report, discuss Brett Hundley and other issues. Plus, the show concludes with the return of Jordy Nelson and what it might mean to the offense.
30 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 17
The latest on the NFL's performance-enhancing drugs investigation into Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, and a rundown of where the Packers offense stands headed into Thursday's preseason game vs. Oakland.
20 min
Locked on Packers - Aug. 15
The NFL had placed an interview-with-us-or-else request on Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers over allegations made in a documentary. Plus, Aaron Rodgers' preseason playing time and the key to the #Packers defense.
21 min