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Locked On Pacers - Daily Podcast On T...
<p>Tony East covers the Pacers for Forbes and Adam Friedman covers the Pacers for Indy Cornrows. Together, they bring you the Locked On Pacers podcast, a daily Indiana Pacers podcast that is a part of the Locked On Podcast Network.</p>
Locked on Pacers - 12/06/19 - Pistons and Knick...
Pistons and Knicks preview, plus a little on Malcolm Brogdon
26 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/5/19 - Pacers beat OKC an...
Pacers beat OKC and a little on the Myles Turner social media drama
24 min
Locked On Pacers 12/4 - News dump! Sampson back...
Tony previews tonights game against the Thunder. He also discusses Myles Turner off social media, JaKarr Sampson's return to practice, Victor Oladipo, and various Mad Ants topics.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 12/3 - The Grizzlies stink, TJ...
The Pacers handle the Grizzlies with ease. Tony East recaps the game and looks at TJ Warren's recent form before diving in to the Eastern Conference standings after 20 games.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/02/19 - A great week ruin...
A great week ruined by a disappointing end
53 min
Locked On Pacers 11/27 - Doug McDermott's great...
Tony chats about Doug McDermott, the Turbonis duo, the starting 5 sans Vic, and looks ahead at the upcoming game against the Utah Jazz
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/26/19 - The Vic-less star...
The Vic-less starting five returns to beat the Grizzlies
21 min
Locked On Pacers 11/25 - The Aaron Holiday week...
Tony and Adam discuss the Aaron Holiday week as well as the good play of Doug McDermott and the shortened injury report. Plus, a week preview.
61 min
Locked On Pacers 11/22 - Pacers getting healthy...
Tony discusses the pacers injury updates surrounding Oldipo, Lamb, Sumner, McConnell, and Brogdon. He also previews tomorrow's game against the Magic and discusses the healthy rotation.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/21/19 - Mailbag on Nate M...
Mailbag on Nate McMillan's coaching, free agency and much more!
45 min
Locked On Pacers 11/20 - Pacers play-by-play an...
Tony East is joined by Chris Denari to discuss the Pacers injuries, where the team is right now, what to expect going forward, and his Butler days.
29 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/19/19 - A Holiday special...
A Holiday special in Brooklyn
23 min
Locked On Pacers 11./18 - Injuries galore, Turn...
Tony and Adam discuss the Pacers insane amount of injuires, the weekend that was, Turners return. and the upcoming week of games.
50 min
Locked On Pacers 11/15 - Vic plays full court w...
Tony provides details on Victor Oladipo playing full court with the Mad Ants. He then is joined by Ben DuBose of Rockets Wire to talk Rockets-Pacers, then Brian Sampson of Forbes and Brew Hoops joins to talk Bucks-Pacers
54 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/14/19 - Mailbag show on j...
Mailbag show on just about everything Pacers related
43 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/13/19 - The Pacers are no...
The Pacers are now winners of 7 of 8, but the hard part starts now
22 min
Locked On Pacers 11/12 - Pacers-Thunder preview...
Tony is joined by David Brandon of Daily Thunder to chat about Chris Paul and the Oklahoma City Thunder ahead of tonight's Pacers-Thunder game.
27 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/11/19 - The Pacers are on...
The Pacers are on a hot streak thanks to Sabonis and the week preview
59 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/08/19 - Weekend preview o...
Weekend preview of the Pacers matchups against the Pistons and Magic
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/07/19 - THIS IS THE AARON...
25 min
Locked On Pacers 11/6 - Pacers blow huge 4th qu...
Tony recaps a tough Pacers loss to the Hornets and discusses some individual performances. He then looks at tonight's game vs the Wizards.
21 min
Locked On Pacers 11/5 - How about the Brogdon g...
Tony and Adam look ahead at the upcoming week of games and discuss Malcolm Brogdon's tremendous start to the season,
48 min
Locked On Pacers 11/4 - The Pacers are back to ...
Tony chats about the performances of nearly every Pacers player from the weekend and discusses the Sabonis injury. Plus, a closer look at the wins over the Cavs and Bulls.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 11/1 - Turner and Sumner out f...
Tony discusses the Myles Turner and Edmond Sumner injuries and when they might return. Plus, a preview of this weekends games.
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/31/19 - The Pacers finall...
The Pacers finally won a game!
20 min
Locked On Pacers 10/30 - The clash of two strug...
Tony is joined by Nick LeTourneau of Nets Republic to preview Nets-Pacers and discuss Kyrie's wild season.
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/29/19 - "Everybody needs ...
"Everybody needs to calm down" after the Pacers 0-3 start
23 min
Locked On Pacers 10/28 - Pacers start the seaso...
Tony and Adam talk through the Pacers first two games of the season and cover all of the teams' struggles. Plus, a look ahead at the incoming week of games.
59 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/25/19 - Pacers-Cavs with ...
Pacers-Cavs with Locked on Cavs host Chris Manning
28 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/24/19 - The Pacers are ba...
The Pacers are back and Turner & Sabonis might work
38 min
Locked On Pacers 10/23 - Pacers basketball is b...
Tony is joined by Lazarus Jackson of Detroit Bad Boys to catch up on the Pistons ahead of opening night for the Pacers.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/21/19 - Emergency pod! Do...
Emergency pod! Domantas Sabonis signs $75 million extension
20 min
Locked On Pacers 10/21 - Sabonis talks about hi...
Tony East and Adam Friedman discuss the newest updates on the Sabonis situation. They also chat about Oladipo practicing, Goga's debut, and preview the first two games of the season.
39 min
Locked On Pacers 10/19 & 10/20 - Sabonis and Pa...
Tony East and Jared Wade talk about the latest news on the Domantas Sabonis extension troubles and the Pacers potentially shopping the big man.
27 min
Locked On Pacers 10/18 - The final player seaso...
Tony previews the upcoming seasons for the guys on the end of the bench - Alize Johnson, Brian Bowen II. Naz Mitrou-Long, and JaKarr Sampson
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/17/19 - Happy belated bir...
Happy belated birthday Jermaine O'Neal and Myles Turner season preview
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/16/19 - Goga actually pla...
Goga actually played for Pacers, this not a drill.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 10/15 - Gameday! Timberwolves ...
Tony looks ahead at tonight's Pacers-Timberwolves game and discusses the upcoming season for Edmond Sumner
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/14/19 - T.J. Leaf will be...
T.J. Leaf will be back next year, Pacers beat the bulls and Victor Oladipo season preview
46 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/11/19 - T.J. Leaf team op...
T.J. Leaf player option, Bulls game and Doug McDermott Season preview
19 min
Locked On Pacers 10/9 - JaKeenan Gant waived, D...
Tony discusses the Pacers waiving JaKeenan Gant and previews the upcoming season for Domantas Sabonis
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/07/19 - Pacer basketball ...
Pacer basketball is back and through two preseason games they look great.
57 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/03/19 - Pacers vs. Kings ...
Pacers vs. Kings and T.J. Leaf season preview
24 min
Locked On Pacers 10/2 - Jeremy Lamb season prev...
Tony chats about what to expect from new Pacers shooting guard Jeremy Lamb this season
20 min
Locked On Pacers 9/30 - Basketball is here! Pre...
Tony and Adam get pumped about the return of Pacers basketball. They talk media day, preseason games, the trip to India, and preview Malcolm Brogdon's season.
53 min
Locked on Pacers - 09/23/19 - Two Pacers make t...
Two Pacers make the top under 25, Vic shows off in Miami and T.J. Warren season preview
47 min
Locked on Pacers - 09/16/19 - "Myles can't play...
SI 100, Goga player preview, World Cup
59 min
Locked On Pacers 9/12 - Pacers fantasy basketba...
Tony is joined by Josh Lloyd of Locked On Fantasy Basketball to project the fantasy value of the Pacers' players
28 min
Locked On Pacers 9/9 - SI top 100 predictions, ...
Tony and Adam talk about the upcoming SI top 100 NBA players rankings and where the Pacers will be on it. Plus, a preview of Aaron Holiday's season and Lithuania being eliminated from the World Cup
54 min
Locked On Pacers 9/2 - Turner and Sabonis conti...
Tony and Adam chat about the start of FIBA World Cup play and discuss the younger Pacers. Plus, a look around at the Central Division.
45 min
Locked on Pacers - 08/26/19 - Myles Turner is o...
Myles Turner is on the USA roster and win totals from around the internet
45 min
Locked On Pacers 8/19 - Going through the sched...
Tony and Adam talk about all of the newest info surrounding the Pacers and then go through the schedule one game at a time
49 min
Locked On Pacers 8/13 - Pacers schedule release...
Tony chats about the Pacers schedule, Myles Turner suiting up for team USA, and Sabonis' comments about his extension
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 08/12/19 - Mailbag part 2
Mailbag part 2
37 min
Locked On Pacers 8/5 - Mailbag part 1! Which Pa...
Tony and Adam answer some of your questions from Twitter!
41 min
Locked On Pacers 8/1 - Pacers sign Naz Mitrou-L...
Tony discusses the Pacers finalizing their training camp roster by signing Naz Mitrou-Long as well as the TJ McConnell presser
17 min
Locked On Pacers 7/29 - What is the Pacers best...
Tony and Adam discuss the Pacers win total over/under + the best offensive and defensive lineups the team could run out
59 min
Locked On Pacers 7/25 - Pacers sign JaKarr Samp...
Tony and Stephen Noh from The Athletic Chicago discuss Justin Holiday and JaKarr Sampson's games plus they talk about Thaddeus Young on the Bulls.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 07/22/19 - "Is there a chanc...
Justin Holiday signing, rotations, rookie options
53 min
Locked On Pacers 7/19 - The Pacers sign a playe...
Tony discusses the Pacers signing of Amida Brimah and some other cap minutiae. He also discusses JaKeenan Gant and CJ Wilcox and looks at why McConnell hasn't been officially signed yet.
15 min
Locked On Pacers 7/15 - Alize Johnson gets his ...
Tony and Adam talk takeaways from Summer League, Alize Johnson's contract status, and discuss Oladipo's injury + the video of him hitting a three-pointer.
41 min
Locked on Pacers - 07/13/19 - Special weekend e...
The trade value of every Pacer player.
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 07/11/19 - "The Domantas Sab...
Room exception guys, Sabonis extension, surveying the East
53 min
Locked On Pacers 7/10 - TJ McConnell breakdown ...
Tony brings on SixersAdam from Liberty Ballers to talk about the nuances of TJ McConnell's game. He also discusses game 3 of summer league
28 min
Locked On Pacers 7/9 - Should Domantas Sabonis ...
Tony chats about the Malcolm Brogdon introductory press conference, a possible Sabonis extension, and game 2 of Pacers summer league action
22 min
Locked On Pacers 7/8 - Summer League begins, Ka...
Tony and Adam discuss the huge Paul George trade and Kawhi joining him in LA. They then talk summer league game 1 and about the Lamb/Warren presser
40 min
Locked on Pacers - 07/06/19 - Special weekend e...
Special weekend edition, with a special guest
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 07/04/19 - Pacers bring in T...
Pacers bring in T.J. McConnell and Herb Simon calls up the Bucks
40 min
Locked On Pacers 7/3 - Walker Mehl of Locked On...
Tony has Walker Mehl and Brian Sampson on, who respectively cover the Hornets and Bucks, to talk more about the Pacers new additions in Jeremy Lamb and Malcolm Brogdon
39 min
Locked On Pacers 7/1 - What will the Pacers do ...
Adam and Tony discuss the Pacers remaining cap space and what could be done in the rest of free agency. They also talk about Pacers players switching teams and the fit of Lamb and Brogdon.
39 min
Locked On Pacers 6/30 - Pacers sign Malcom Brog...
Tony and Adam react to the start of free agency, where the Pacers sign Malcolm Brogdon and Jeremy Lamb
54 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/28/19 - Free agent primer...
Free agent primer 2, Rozier, IT and hypothetical Sabonis trades
59 min
Locked On Pacers 6/27 - Should the Pacers trade...
Tony discusses the Pacers trading for Eric Gordon, some important CBA rules to know, and scouts new Pacers two-way contract recipient Brian Bowen
23 min
Locked On Pacers 6/26 - TJ Warren scouting repo...
Tony is joined by Evan Sidery of Bright Side of the Sun to talk about all things TJ Warren - his game, his injury history, and more.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/25/19 - Free agency prime...
Free agency primer #1
45 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/24/19 - "Now that we have...
Draft and Pritchard speaks up on power forward
39 min
Locked On Pacers 6/21 - Draft reactions and dis...
Tony and Adam chat about the draft during the draft. Hear live reactions to the picks and trade plus analysis on all the Pacers new players.
76 min
Locked On Pacers 6/20 - Goga Bitadze scouting r...
Cole Zwicker of the Stepien break down the game of Pacers first round pick Goga Bitadze
9 min
Locked On Pacers 6/20 - Draft Day! Draft talk, ...
Tony chats about the seasons we just saw from Davon Reed and Alize Johnson. He then discusses the Mike Conley to Utah trade and talks about the NBA Draft.
24 min
Locked On Pacers 6/19 - Ricky Rubio rumors and ...
Tony chats about the Pacers rumored interest in Ricky Rubio and the No. 4 pick and reviews the season of Kyle O'Quinn
18 min
Locked On Pacers 6/18 - Draft preview, should t...
Tony and Adam talk NBA Draft, trades, best and worst case scenarios on draft night, and more
54 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/17/19 - "Aaron Holiday fu...
Aaron Holiday season review
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/14/19 - "Wes Matthews sho...
Wes Matthews player review
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/13/19 - "We are going to ...
Woj reports, Vic runs and draft preview
40 min
Locked On Pacers 6/10 - Edmond Sumner season re...
Tony reviews the season of Edmond Sumner and looks at what is next for the young, athletic guard
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/07/19 - "It was a sub-par...
Cory Joseph season review
16 min
Locked On Pacers 6/5 - D'Angelo Russell rumors ...
Tony discusses the D'Angelo Russell rumors and looks back at Tyreke Evans season
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 06/03/19 - "I have no idea w...
Draft pick value, NBA finals talk and over/under salaries
65 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/31/19 - Victor Oladipo pl...
Victor Oladipo player review
20 min
Locked On Pacers 5/29 - Bojan Bogdanovic gave t...
Tony recaps Bojan Bogdanovic's season and looks ahead to his future
24 min
Locked On Pacers 5/27 - All-Defense and All-NBA...
Tony and Adam talk about the All-NBA teams and All-Defense teams and what their impact on the Pacers are. Plus, some discussion of draft workouts and prospects.
47 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/24/19 - "If Darren Collis...
Darren Collison season review
19 min
Locked On Pacers 5/22 - Draft workouts start + ...
Tony briefly reviews the first day of draft workouts for the Pacers and talks about Thaddeus Young's season and future.
21 min
Special edition: The missing 12 minutes from Mo...
The missing 12 minutes from Monday podcast
13 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/20/19 - "It's going to co...
Player awards, Tyreke Evans and the Mike Conley competition
65 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/17/19 - Myles Turner seas...
Myles Turner season recap, "the three seasons of Myles Turner."
24 min
Locked On Pacers 5/15 - Draft lotto breaks perf...
Tony reviews Domantas Sabonis' season and talks about how nearly perfect the draft lottery went for the Pacers
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/13/19 - The trade value o...
The trade value of every Pacer player
42 min
Locked On Pacers 5/10 - TJ Leaf season recap + ...
Tony talks about TJ Leaf's season and then discusses what comes next for Leaf and his contract with the team.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 5/9 - Doug McDermott season re...
Tony talks about Doug McDermott's season in Indiana and discusses what comes next for McD in terms of contract and trades
18 min
Locked On Pacers 5/6 - Postseason presser recap...
Tony and Adam discuss the post season press conference and the themes from it. They also muse if any Pacers could win awards this season.
63 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/03/19 - The mailbag extra...
Mailbag podcast part 4
30 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/02/19 - The mailbag extra...
Mailbag podcast part 3
34 min
Locked on Pacers - 05/01/19 - The mailbag extra...
Mailbag podcast part 2
29 min
Locked on Pacers - 04/30/19 - The mailbag extra...
Mailbag podcast part 1
35 min
Locked On Pacers 4/29 - Chatting with Pacers si...
Tony and Pacers sideline reporter Jeremiah Johnson chat about Twitter, the Pacers offseason, the Celtics series, and JJ's summer plans
45 min
Locked On Pacers 4/26 - What does a Mike Conely...
Tony is joined by Joe Mullinax of Grizzly Bear Blues to discuss what a Mike Conley trade might look like between the Indiana Pacers and Memphis Grizzlies
30 min
Locked On Pacers 4/25 - 3 under the radar free ...
Tony discusses 3 less discussed free agents that the Pacers could pursue this summer and what it might cost to get them.
18 min
Locked On Pacers 4/24 - What did the Celtics do...
Max Carlin from CelticsBlog joins the show to chat about Pacers-Celtics one last time.
28 min
Locked on Pacers - 04/23/19 - Who's in and who'...
Well the offseason is here unfortunately
60 min
Locked On Pacers 4/22 - The Indiana Pacers seas...
Tony discusses the end of the Pacers season in Game 4 to the Boston Celtics. He also discusses Nate McMillan and Kevin Pritchard and lays the foundation for the offseason
22 min
Locked On Pacers 4/20 - The same problems persi...
Hear Tony's thoughts after Game 3 + comments from Doug McDermott, Myles Turner, and Domantas Sabonis
23 min
Locked On Pacers 4/19 - Crossover recap of game...
Tony from Locked On Pacers and John from Locked On Celtics discuss games 1 and 2 and what to watch for in Bankers Life Fieldhouse
45 min
Locked On Pacers 4/17 - The Pacers implode, and...
Tony and Adam discuss Game 2 and the devastating 4th quarter. They also get into many heated debates about the team and point fingers at... well, everyone.
56 min
Locked On Pacers 4/16 - Game 2 preview, shake u...
Tony chats about adjustments the Pacers can make to win game 2, what the rotation should look like, and why Aaron Holiday shouldn't play
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 04/14-15/19 - "That sucked."...
Pacers vs. Celtics game 1
41 min
Locked On Pacers 4/13 - Locked on crossover wit...
Tony and John Karalis from Locked On Celtics preview the first round of the NBA Playoffs
50 min
Locked On Pacers 4/12 - The final regular seaso...
Tony recaps the Pacers final regular season game in Atlanta. He also reflects a bit on the season and looks at the playoff schedule and Marcus Smart's injury.
18 min
Locked On Pacers 4/11 - End of season mailbag!
Tony answers your questions from Twitter
24 min
Locked On Pacers 4/10 - The final regular seaso...
Tony looks at the Pacers final game of the regular season in Atlanta. He also talks playoffs and Myles Turner.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 04/09/19 - "Would you take t...
With the Pacers playoff matchup set Adam and Tony talk Celtics-Pacers
38 min
Locked on Pacers - 04/08/19 - The Pacers are of...
Pacers lose to Nets but have one more game against the Hawks
28 min
Locked On Pacers 4/6 - Well, that sucked. Celti...
Tony talks Celtics loss and the Nets game and includes some postgame audio from Wesley Matthews
23 min
Locked On Pacers 4/4 - The Pacers finally get a...
Tony talks Doug McDermott, Pistons, Celtics, and the remaining schedule for various teams.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 04/03/19 - "I wouldn't be su...
Only four games left
67 min
Locked On Pacers 4/2 - March is in the past, un...
Tony recaps the Pacers win over the Pistons and looks around the league and at the Pacers injuries.
16 min
Locked On Pacers 4/1 - "The Pacers still contro...
Tony recaps a rough weekend of Pacers basketball and looks ahead at the Pistons
20 min
Locked On Pacers 3/29 - Locked On Crossover wit...
Tony East and John Karalis from Locked On Celtics get together to talk Pacers-Celtics since those two teams might play each other a time or two over the next month
42 min
Locked On Pacers 3/28 - "The third quarter is n...
Tony discusses the Pacers loss in OKC to the Thunder as well as third quarter woes and Cory Joseph's struggles
19 min
Locked On Pacers 3/27 - "The Thunder are really...
Brady Trantham 107.7 FM The Franchise OK joins the show to preview Pacers-Thunder
28 min
Locked On Pacers 3/26 - "Load management? Forge...
Tony talks about the issue of "load management" and talks about the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, whose season has come to a close.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/25/19 - "Tyreke Evans has...
Pacers finish the week with a win against the Nuggets and have another tough week
57 min
Locked On Pacers 3/22 - "Thank god that road tr...
Tony discusses the Warriors beatdown of the Pacers and Aaron Holiday and then looks at some guys to watch in the NCAA tournament.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 3/21 - "How do you even beat t...
Tony looks ahead at the Warriors and discusses McDermott's weird shooting and the NBA as a whole
18 min
Locked On Pacers 3/20 - "Where has this Tyreke ...
Tony recaps Pacers-Clippers and talks about Tyreke Evans' huge night. He also looks at the even split between games with and without Victor Oladipo.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 3/19 - "The Blazers could not ...
Tony recaps Pacers-Blazers and looks at Myles Turner's huge night. He also looks ahead at tonight's matchup with the Clippers.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/18/19 - "Can we take 5 mi...
Pacers beat the Thunder, Knicks and they play four games on the west coast
65 min
Locked On Pacers 3/15 - The Pacers beat PG, Mat...
Tony East recaps an amazing night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse as the Pacers come back from 19 down to defeat Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder.
22 min
Locked On Pacers 3/14 - Paul George is back in ...
Tony previews tonight's game against the Thunder and talks about Paul George and the trade.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 3/13 - Finally back on track, ...
Tony discusses the Pacers win over the Knicks and talks about Oladipo moving and putting up shots plus Tyreke Evans "personal reasons" updates
17 min
Locked On Pacers 3/12 - "Nobody sets better scr...
Tony previews tonight's game against the New York Knicks and talks about Doug McDermott and Domantas Sabonis
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/11/19 - "The Pacers just ...
Break down of the week and preview of this week's games against the Knicks, Thunder and Nuggets
62 min
Locked On Pacers 3/8 - "So that Giannis guy is ...
Tony and Brian Sampson from BrewHoop and BucksFilmRoom discuss the Pacers-Bucks game and the Pacers chance at getting Khris Middleton in the summer
23 min
Locked On Pacers 3/7 - "Let Giannis do his thin...
Tony previews the Bucks game coming up tonight and looks at Myles Turner's recent stretch and the tiebreaker scenarios headed the Pacers way
19 min
Locked On Pacers 3/6 - "Robin Lopez always kill...
Tony is joined by VJ Veemu of Blog A Bull . com to talk about all the action from Pacers-Bulls plus the future of the Pacers central division counterparts.
21 min
Locked On Pacers 3/5 - Analyzing Kevin Pritchar...
Tony looks ahead at tonight's Bulls game and analyzes Kevin Pritchard's interview with NBA.com
20 min
Locked on Pacers 3/4/19: "You have 30 seconds t...
Break down of the Pacers 1-2 week plus a preview of this week's games
80 min
Locked On Pacers 2/28 - "The Pacers could not s...
Tony recaps the game against Dallas and looks ahead at tonight's game against the Timberwolves
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/27 - "Thaddeus Young deserve...
Tony previews tonights Mavs game and looks at the contributions from Thaddeus Young
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/26/19 - "Did you know Pac...
Preview of this week's Pacers game
60 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/25/19: "Myles Turner play...
Pacers take on the Pistons
17 min
Locked On Pacers 2/24 - "Wesley Matthews is fit...
Tony recaps the Pacers two wins over the Wizards and Pelicans and evaluates Wes Matthews play so far
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/22 - "The Pacers schedule is...
Tony looks at the Pacers remaining schedule and previews the Wizards and Pelicans games
19 min
Locked On Pacers 2/20 - "Can Bojan play the 4? ...
Tony and Adam answer more questions from Twitter in the second and final part of their week ling mailbag.
63 min
Locked On Pacers 2/18 - "Which Colts player wou...
Tony and Adam answer the first group of your questions from Twitter, some Pacers some not!
67 min
Locked on Pacers 02/14/19: "The loss wasn't dis...
Pacers lose to the Bucks 106-97
18 min
Locked On Pacers 2/13 - "Wesley Matthews had a ...
Tony previews tonight's Bucks game and talks about Wesley Matthews debut. He also muses over Myles Turner's Defensive Player of the Year candidacy.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/12/19 - "Myles Turner sho...
Pacers beat the Hornet and break down of the whole week
52 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/11/19: "It seems like Myl...
Pacers beat the Cavs and Clippers
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/7 part 2 - The Pacers make a...
Tony breaks down the Pacers trade at the deadline as well as the signing of Wes Matthews
8 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/07/19: "Are the Pacers re...
Pacers beat the Lakers 136-94
50 min
Locked On Pacers 2/6 - "Handing LeBron the bigg...
Tony recaps the Pacers dominant win over the Los Angeles Lakers
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/5 - Welcome Lance Stephenson...
Tony discusses the Pacers win over the New Orleans Pelicans and looks ahead at the Lance Stephenson return game and all of the things surrounding the Lakers
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/4 - What do the latest Pacer...
Tony and Adam check out why the bench is playing so poorly, discuss Doug McDermott, look at trades and trade rumors, and prview the next 2 games
68 min
Locked on Pacers 02/03/19: "The Pacers brought ...
Pacers beat the Heat 95-88
24 min
Locked on Pacers 02/01/19: "What do you expect ...
Pacers lose to the Magic 107-100
16 min
Locked On Pacers 1/31/19: "Is it time to hit th...
Pacers lose to the Wizards 107-89
50 min
Locked On Pacers 1/30 - The Warriors are unreal...
Tony is joined by Michael Sykes to talk Wizards ahead of Indiana versus Washington tonight. Then, Tony talks about the Warriors game and Sumner starting
37 min
Locked On Pacers 1/28 - "Carmelo Anthony? No wa...
Tony and Adam talk Grizz, no Dipo, Carmelo Anthony, and look ahead at upcoming games
48 min
Locked On Pacers 1/27/19: "All things considere...
Pacers beat the Grizzlies
14 min
Locked on Pacers 1/25/19: Moving past Victor Ol...
Moving past Victor Oladipo's injury
38 min
Locked On Pacers 1/24 - Emergency Victor Oladip...
Emergency Victor Oladipo injury pod
27 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/22/19: "If the Pacers got...
Weekly preview
62 min
Locked On Pacers 1/21 - An exclusive chat with ...
Tony chats with former Pacer Trevor Booker about his time in Indiana and recaps the games from this past weekend.
29 min
Locked on Pacers 01/19/19: "The Pacers should b...
Preview of Mavs and Hornets
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/18/18 - "The Pacers aren'...
Pacers lose to the 76ers 120-96
17 min
Locked On Pacers 1/17 - "Which two of the Sixer...
Tony recaps Pacers-Suns, previews Pacers-Sixers ahead of tonight, and talks about the open roster spot that Edmond Sumner didn't get
21 min
Locked On Pacers 1/15 - "Are the Suns really tr...
Tony chats with Suns reporter Gerald Bourguet about the Phoenix Suns ahead of tonights game.
21 min
Locked On Pacers 1/14 - "Honestly we both know ...
Tony and Adam talk about the road trip, the upcoming trade deadline, Myles Turner, and preview the upcoming week of games.
67 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/13/19 - Sunday Edition: "...
Coaching, salary cap and the rest of the East
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/11/19 - "A very obvious s...
Defensive stats plus a Knicks previews
21 min
Locked On Pacers 1/10 - "That was the Pacers wo...
Tony talks about the Pacers worst performance of the season, TJ Leaf, and Tyreke Evans.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 1/9 - "Kyrie Irving vs Victor ...
Tony talks about the Cavs game from last night, Myles Turner's abscene being very apparent, and previews tonight's Celtics game.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/07/18 - "Victor Oladipo f...
Pacers go 2-1 on the week, with three games ahead
65 min
Locked On Pacers 1/4 - "What exactly do the Bul...
Tony is joined by Stephen Noh of the Athletic Chicago to preview Bulls-Pacers
25 min
Locked On Pacers 1/3 - McMillan wins coach of t...
Tony talks about Nate McMillan winning Conference Coach of the Month, Edmond Sumner's looming contract date, and Aaron Holiday making him look dumb.
23 min
Locked On Pacers 1/2 - New Years mailbag! Answe...
Tony answers your questions from Twitter
40 min
Locked On Pacers 1/1/2019 - Happy New Year! Haw...
Tony talks about the injuries to Doug McDermott and Myles Turner and discusses the Hawks game as a whole. He also discusses Oladipo's "new" role
18 min
Locked On Pacers 12/31 - "The Pacers might sign...
Tony chats about tonights game against Atlanta and rehashes the fun from the demolition of the Pistons. He also talks about a potential upcoming roster move
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/29/18 - Saturday special:...
Pacers beat the Pistons 125-88
20 min
Locked On Pacers 12/28 - Pistons preview + futu...
Lazarus Jackson from Detroit Bad Boys joins to talk Pistons ahead of tonight's game and also to discuss the summer of 2019 for the Pacers
42 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/27/18 - "The offense was ...
Pacers beat the Hawks 129-121
26 min
Locked On Pacers 12/26 - Weekly show Christmas ...
Tony and Adam talk about Victor Oladipo fitting in, Thad Young playing great, Tyreke Evans' struggles, and preview the weeks games
48 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/24/18 - "Why were the sta...
Pacers beat Wizards 105-89
18 min
Locked on Pacers 12/22/18: Saturday Edition, "V...
Pacers beat the Nets and the two players I've been most impressed with
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/21/18 - "Something just i...
Victor Oladipo's clutch play is off and a preview of this weekend's games
21 min
Locked On Pacers 12/20 - "Games are 48 minutes ...
Tony recaps the Raptors and Cavs game and praises the recent play of Bojan Bogdanovic.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 12/18 - "The Cavs roster makes...
Tony is joined by Locked On Cavs host Chris Manning to preview Pacers-Cavs
26 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/17/18 - "When people talk...
Pacers win four times in a week and preview of the Cavs and Raptors game
51 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/15/18 - "The Pacers are s...
Pacers beat the Sixers and Knicks preview
22 min
Locked On Pacers 12/13 - Thad shuts down Gianni...
Tony recaps the Pacers dominant win over the Milwaukee Bucks thanks to Thaddeus Youngs monster game
23 min
Locked On Pacers 12/11 - The best game of Myles...
Tony and Derek from iPacersblog join forces to talk about the Pacers-Wizards game and Myles Turner's big night.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/10/18 - "Frankly I don't ...
Break down of the Pacers 3-0 week and a preview of the Wizards and Bucks games
57 min
Locked On Pacers 12/7 - "The Magic are actually...
Tony previews the weekends games against the Magic and Kings with Preston Ellis of Orlando Pinstripe Post
28 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/06/18 - "The Pacers windo...
Random Pacers podcast content
24 min
Locked On Pacers 12/5 - "Domantas Sabonis ate J...
Tony recaps the Pacers ugly win over the Chicago Bulls
24 min
Locked On Pacers 12/4 - Week preview: A new Bul...
Tony and Adam preview the week ahead - including the Bulls, Magic, and Kings games
44 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/03/18 - Glass half empty ...
71 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/30/18 - "Victor Oladipo's...
Break down of Pacers 104-96 loss to the Lakers and Kings preview.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 11/29 - "Does good Lance exist...
Tony talks Lance, Lakers, Korver trade, and TJ Leaf
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/28/18 -"Myles Turner migh...
19 min
Locked On Pacers 11/27 - "Good things happen wh...
Tony recaps the Jazz game and previews tonights Suns matchup
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/26/18 - "It could have be...
Pacers half week preview of Jazz and Suns.
41 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/21/18 - "From a fan's per...
Special guest
20 min
Locked On Pacers 11/20 "That was the best team ...
Tony recaps the Pacers incredible victory over the Utah Jazz
23 min
Locked On Pacers 11/19 - "The Pacers need to fi...
Tony and Adam talk Oladipo's injury, Aaron Holiday's explosion, Ben Moore signing in San Antonio, and preview this weeks games.
63 min
Locked On Pacers 11/16 - "Check out some of the...
Tony talks about the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and previews the Heat game solo. He is then by Jeff Siegel of Peachtree Hoops to talk about the Atlanta Hawks
34 min
Locked On Pacers 11/15 - "I want to see Oladipo...
Tony and Adam answer your questions from twitter #NBA #basketball #Pacers
49 min
Locked On Pacers 11/14 - Early season mailbag: ...
Tony and Adam answer your questions from twitter #NBA #basketball #Pacers
48 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/13/18 - "It seems to me t...
A look back at the Pacers 1-3 week.
43 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/12/18 - "Paul Pierce was ...
Pacers lose to the Rocket 115-103.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/10/18 - "Myles Turner see...
Pacers beat Heat and Rockets preview
25 min
Locked On Pacers 11/8 - Philly is a matchup nig...
Tony recaps the Pacers loss to the 76ers
18 min
Locked On Pacers 11/7 - "I have no idea who can...
Tony preview the 76ers game with Jackson Frank of the Athletic Philadelphia and Liberty Ballers
35 min
Locked On Pacers 11/6 - "You have to make your ...
Tony recaps the Pacers loss to the Rockets
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/05/18 - "The confidence, ...
Pacers win three close games and have three more tough matchups ahead
62 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/03/18 - Saturday special:...
Preview of the Pacers game against the Celtics
30 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/01/18 - "I think this gam...
Can Sabonis become the Pacers starting center?
19 min
Locked On Pacers 10/31 - Spooky Halloween Knick...
Tony previews the Knicks game and talks about the shot selection from the Pacers this season. #NBA #basketball #Pacers
22 min
Locked On Pacers 10/30 - "The Pacers might scor...
Tony and Adam talk about last weeks games and preview the upcoming week of action. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
49 min
Locked On Pacers 10/29 - "Cory Joseph is motor ...
Tony previews the Blazers game and talks about Cory Joseph's great season so far #NBA #Pacers #TrailBlazers #basketball
18 min
Locked On Pacers 10/28 - "Pacers beat Cavs and ...
Tony talks about the Pacers win over the Cavs and discusses the season that has happened for the young guys so far #Pacers #Cavs #basketball #NBA
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/26/18 - "I think the Pace...
Preview of the Pacers game against the Cavs
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/25/18 - "I think the Pace...
Recap of Pacers 116-86 win over the Spurs
18 min
Locked On Pacers 10/24 - "I promise both Turner...
Tony previews the Spurs game and rambles about Myles Turner #NBA #Pacers #Spurs #basketball
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/23/18 - "Adam you really ...
Break down of the Pacers first week and a preview of the Spurs and Cavs games.
55 min
Locked On Pacers 10/22 - "Kyle O'Quinn kept the...
Tony talks about Kyle O'Quinn and previews tonights game against the Timberwolves
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/19/18 - "If Darren Collis...
Preview of Milwaukee Bucks game and a discussion about Sabonis-Turner
21 min
Locked on Pacers 10/18/18 - "After this game it...
Break down of Grizzlies and Myles Turner's extension
37 min
Locked On Pacers 10/17 - The regular season is ...
Jonathan Rosenberg from The Bball Index joins Tony to preview Grizzlies Pacers! #NBA #Pacers #Grizzlies #basketball
25 min
Locked On Pacers emergency 10/15 pod - Myles Tu...
Tony talks about the Myles extension
6 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/15/18 - "We finally have ...
A preview of the first week of the season
48 min
Locked On Pacers 10/12 - Johnson and Stewart wa...
Tony previews the season for the end of the bench guys and discusses the waiving of Omari Johnson and Elijah Stewart #NBA #Pacers #basketball
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/11/18 - "The Pacers ended...
Pacers lose to the Bulls and a mailbag question.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/10/18 - "Ike Anigbogu mig...
UCLA player preview
14 min
Locked On Pacers 10/9 - Preseason games 1-3 rec...
Tony and Adam discuss the first three preseason games, including Edmond Sumner's incredible success and more. #NBA #basketball #Pacers
39 min
Locked On Pacers 10/8 - Cavs preview with Locke...
Tony and Locked On Cavs host Chris Manning preview tonights Pacers-Cavs game #NBA #Pacers #Cavaliers #basketball
27 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/05/18 - "I don't think Th...
Thaddeus Young season preview
15 min
Locked On Pacers 10/4 - Pacers first two presea...
Tony and Adam preview the first two preseason games for the Indiana Pacers.
25 min
Locked On Pacers 10/3 - Victor Oladipo season p...
Tony is joined by Derek from iPacersblog to discuss the upcoming season for Victor Oladipo and Space Jam 2. #Basketball #NBA #Pacers
32 min
Locked On Pacers 10/2 - Media day recap with qu...
Tony recaps the media day experience with quotes from Coach McMillan, Kyle O'Quinn, Tyreke Evans, and TJ Leaf! #Pacers #NBA #basketball
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/01/18 - Top five storylin...
Caitlin Cooper joins Adam to discuss Victor Oladipo's second season, the Turner-Sabonis pairing and much much more.
60 min
Locked on Pacers - 9/28/18 - "The number one qu...
Domantas Sabonis player preview
19 min
Locked On Pacers 9/27 - "Kyle O'Quinn can do a ...
Tony is joined by Tommy Dee to talk about the upcoming season for Kyle O'Quinn. They sprinkle in some Doug McDermott talk. #basketball #Pacers #NBA #Knicks
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 9/26/18 - "Isn't Myles Turne...
Adam has a special guest to preview Myles Turner's season.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 9/24/18 - "I don't think the...
Adam and Tony discuss Jimmy Butler trades, C.J. Wilcox injury, ESPN 100 rankings and much more.
48 min
Locked on Pacers - 9/21/18 - "Doug McDermott ca...
LOP: Doug McDermott player preview.
31 min
Locked On Pacers 9/19 - "Bojan Bogdanovic could...
Tony previews Bojan Bogdanovic's 2018-19 season #Pacers #NBA #basketball
18 min
Locked On Pacers 9/17 - "Should the Pacers trad...
Adam and Tony discuss the Jimmy Butler news, Oladipo's ranking in the SI top 100, and some international Pacers. #Pacers #basketball #NBA
45 min
Locked on Pacers - 9/14/18 - "I think its safe ...
Darren Collison player preview
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 9/12/18 - "Darren Collison s...
30 min
Locked On Pacers 9/10/18 - "Same old Cory Josep...
Tony hops in with Jacob Goldstein to talk about Cory Joseph, trade rumors, and the Bball Index. #Pacers #basketball #NBA #Suns
21 min
Locked On Pacers 9/7/18 - Tyreke Evans season p...
Adam and Tony preview Tyreke Evans season #Pacers #basketball #NBA
32 min
Locked on Pacers - 9/4/18 - "Paul George is com...
Adam and Tony talk the most average Pacers teams and central division
44 min
Locked On Pacers 8/30 - The last fan show!
Tony is joined by fans for the final fan show of the summer. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
44 min
Locked On Pacers 8/27 - "What are the Pacers bi...
Tony and Adam discuss the Pacers biggest weaknesses #NBA #Pacers #basketball
34 min
Locked On Pacers 8/22 - Fan Show Number 3!
Tony has four fans on to talk all things Pacers! #Pacers #basketball #NBA
54 min
Locked on Pacers - 8/20/18 - "I still think bec...
41 min
Locked on Pacers - 8/17/18 - Fan Podcast episode 2
41 min
Locked On Pacers 8/15 - "The Pacers depth will ...
Adam and Tony discuss the schedule and the Pacers first Vegas over/under line #Pacers #NBA #basketball
32 min
Locked On Pacers 8/13 - Lance Stephenson talk w...
Tony talks about Lance Stephenson with the Lakers Legacy Podcast (@LakersLegacyPod)! #Lakers #Pacers #basketball #NBA
42 min
Locked On Pacers 8/8 - The first ever Locked On...
The first ever Locked On Pacers fan show! We had listeners on this episode to talk about their favorite Pacers memories and why they are a fan of the team. #Pacers #basketball #NBA
34 min
Locked On Pacers 8/6 - "Here's a stat that show...
Adam and Tony talk CJ Wilcox, the McMillan extension, and discuss playing Sabonis and Turner together. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
47 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 7/30/18 - "Today, Myles Turner ...
48 min
Locked On Pacers 7/23 - "Which three Pacers wou...
Adam and Tony talk Kawhi-George HIll trade, Lance Stephenson, and a fake hypothetical NBA expansion! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
30 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 7/19/18 - "Roy Hibbert is th...
28 min
Locked On Pacers 7/17 - Post free agency mailbag!
Tony and Adam answer your questions from twitter! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
52 min
Locked On Pacers 7/11 - "Please don't play two ...
Tony is joined by iPacersblog to talk Nate McMillan contract extension talks, Kevin Pritchards team building comments, and summer league #NBA #Pacers #basketball
25 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 7/9/18 - "Kyle O'Quinn is th...
29 min
Locked On Pacers 7/6 - "TJ Leaf better dominate...
Tony and Adam preview Pacers summer league #NBA #Pacers #basketball
27 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 7/4/18 - "Hey at least we we...
LOCKED ON PACERS - 7/4/18 - "Hey at least we were right about something."
25 min
Locked On Pacers 7/3 - McDermott breakdown, Cen...
Tony is joined my Matt Schoch of Locked on Pistons and Nick Angstadt of Locked On Mavericks to talk GR3, Doug McDermott, and the NBA Central Division #NBA #Pacers #Pistons #Mavericks #basketball
20 min
Locked On Pacers 7/2 - "Doug McDermott, GR3, an...
Tony and Adam discuss free agency scuttlebutt - McDermott to the Pacers, GR3 to Detroit, and LeBron to the Lakers. #NBA #Pacers #basketball #Lakers #Pistons
35 min
Locked On Pacers 6/29 - Free agency primer
Adam and Tony do a free agency primer for the Pacers #NBA #basketball #Pacers
49 min
Locked On Pacers 6/26 - "Lance is worth more to...
Tony and Jonny Matthes break down Lance having his option declined and Oladipo winning NBA Most Improved Player. #NBA #basketball #Pacers
20 min
Locked On Pacers 6/24 - "Lance Stephenson is mo...
Tony and Adam talk about Aaron Holiday, Lance Stephenson's contract, TJ Leafs upcoming season, and Alize Johnson. #Basketball #NBA #Pacers
39 min
Locked On Pacers 6/22 - 2018 NBA Draft recap
Adam and Tony recap the Pacers 2018 NBA Draft pick. #Pacers #NBA #basketball #NBADraft
28 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 6/20/18 - NBA Draft special:...
33 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 6/18/18 - "I give it 50-50 c...
45 min
Locked On Pacers 6/15 - "Joe Young? More like J...
Tony reviews the seasons of Joe Young and TJ Leaf #Pacers #NBA #basketball
23 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 6/13/18 - "Al Jefferson is a...
11 min
Locked On Pacers 6/11 - "We could know the goal...
Adam and Tony discuss the finals, the pre-draft workouts, Cory Joseph's player option, and a new potential trade candidate. #Pacers #NBA #basketball
35 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 6/8/18 - "It sounds like Pri...
13 min
Locked On Pacers 6/6 - "What comes next for GR3...
Tony reviews an injury-filled season for Glenn Robinson III #NBA #Pacers #basketball
16 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 6/4/18 - "The moment that pi...
29 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 6/01/18 - "Lance's contract ...
16 min
Locked on Pacers 5/30 - "Oladipo was the only A...
Tony and Adam discuss Victor Oladipo's awards, draft prospects, the finals matchup, and more. #Pacers #NBA #basketball
32 min
Locked On Pacers 5/28 - "If Bojan could play D ...
Tony recaps Bojan Bogdanovic's season #Pacers #basketball #NBA
15 min
Locked On Pacers 5/25 - "Thad Young made very f...
Tony is joined by 8points9seconds writers Dylan Hughes and Liam Monroe to discuss Thaddeus Young's season. #NBA #basketball #Pacers
25 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 5/24/18 - "This season was D...
14 min
Locked On Pacers 5/22 - "Where do the Pacers st...
Tony and Adam discuss draft prospects, the pacers standing in the Eastern Conference, the indy 500, and Ben Moore. #Pacers #basketball #NBA
42 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 5/18/18 - "Myles Turner has ...
15 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 5/17/18 - "I had tempered ex...
18 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 5/15/18 - "I'm not as enamor...
44 min
Locked On Pacers 5/11 - Season recaps for the e...
Tony talks about the seasons of Edmond Sumner, Trey McKinnney-Jones, Ike Anigbogu, Alex Poythress, Damien Wilkins, and Ben Moore. #Basketball #NBA #Pacers
17 min
Locked On Pacers 5/10 - Domantas Sabonis season...
Jonny Matthes from 8 points 9 seconds joins Tony East to recap Domantas Sabonis' season #Pacers #NBA #basketball
27 min
Locked On Pacers 5/8 - "Trades, trades, and mor...
Adam and Tony discuss some trades that the Pacers could pursue this offseason #Pacers #NBA #basketball
34 min
Locked On Pacers 5/4 - Offseason Mailbag number 1
Tony and Adam answer your questions from twitter #NBA #basketball #Pacers
47 min
Locked On Pacers 5/2 - Let the off-season begin...
Tony East discusses Head Coach Nate McMillan and President of Basketball Operations Kevin Prtichard's end of season presser #NBA #basketball #Pacers
12 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/30/18 - "What happened to ...
24 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/29/18 - "Nothing more spec...
15 min
Locked On Pacers 4/28 - "Oladipo's big night" G...
Tony recaps Pacers Cavs game 6 and Oladipo's big game. #basketball #nba #Pacers #Cavaliers
10 min
Locked On Pacers 4/27 - "Do or Die" Game 6 preview
Tony previews Pacers-Cavs game 6 and talks about necessary adjustments for the Pacers to win. #Pacers #Cavs #NBA #basketball
10 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/26/18 - "It's time for Nat...
28 min
Locked On Pacers 4/25 - "More Sabonis? Or More ...
Tony previews Pacers Cavs game 5 #Pacers #Cavaliers #NBA #basketball
13 min
Locked On Pacers 4/23 - "Victor Oladipo could n...
Tony and Adam recap Pacers-Cavs game 4 #NBA #Pacers #Cavaliers #basketball
29 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/21/18 - "The man, the myth...
47 min
Locked On Pacers 4/20 - "Come and get the ball ...
Tony East preview Pacers-Cavs game 3 and what adjustments he expects from both teams. #NBA #basketball #Cavaliers #Pacers
15 min
Locked On Pacers 4/19 - Tony and Adam off the r...
Tony and Adam recap Pacers-Cavs game 2 #NBA #Cavaliers #basketball #Pacers
26 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/18/18 - "Expect the Cavs t...
17 min
Locked On Pacers 4/17 - Crossover game one reca...
Tony and Chris Manning of Locked on Cavs team up to recap game one. #Pacers #Cavs #basketball #NBA
26 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/16/18 - "The Pacers carved...
48 min
Locked On Podcast Crossover (Pacers/Cavs): Indi...
Chris Manning of Locked On Cavs/Fear the Sword joins to preview the Pacers/Cavs series! #Cavaliers #Pacers #NBA #basketball #playoffs
39 min
Locked On Pacers 4/14 - Playoff Mailbag!
Tony answers playoffs related questions in this weekend mailbag! #Pacers #playoffs #NBA #basketball
24 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/13/18 - Pacers-Cavaliers s...
47 min
Locked On Pacers 4/11/18 - "Poythress and Sumne...
Tony breaks down the Pacers final game of the regular season against the Charlotte Hornets and talks for the final time about the scenarios for the Pacers first round opponent. #NBA #Pacers #Hornets #basketball
15 min
Locked On Pacers 4/10 - Playoff seeding scenari...
Adam and Tony team up for the last time of the regular season to talk playoff scenarios and rotations, Myles, GR3, Domas, and the Hornets game.
55 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/09/18 - "Lets be honest th...
15 min
Locked On Pacers 4/6/18 - "Transitive property:...
Tony East hosts today's episode and talks about the Pacers 126-106 win over the Golden State Warriors and previews tonight's game against the Raptors. #Warriors #raptors #Pacers #basketball #NBA
19 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/5/18 - "This game will be ...
14 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/4/18 "I'm holding out hope...
16 min
Locked On Pacers 4/3/18 - "The altitude could b...
Tony preview tonights game between the Pacers and Denver Nuggets #Pacers #Nuggets #basketball #NBA
16 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 4/02/18 - "The Pacers contro...
76 min
Locked On Pacers 3/30 - "The Kings were better ...
Tony recaps the Pacers 106-103 win over the Sacramento Kings and previews Sundays game against the Clippers #Kings #Pacers #NBA #basketball #clippers
14 min
Locked On Pacers 3/29 - "The Kings just stink" ...
Tony recaps the Pacers win over the Golden State Warriors and previews tonight's game against the Sacramento Kings. #Kings #Pacers #Warriors #NBA #basketball
14 min
Locked On Pacers 3/28 - "The rest of the schedu...
Adam and Tony talk Bojan. Vic GR3, playoff seeding, 538's Pacers article, and preview the Kings and Clippers games. #Kings #Clippers #Pacers #NBA #basketball
61 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/27/18 - Warriors Preview w...
33 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/26/18 - Pacers clinch play...
17 min
Locked On Pacers 3/23 - "Pacers vs Tobias Harri...
Lucas Hann of Locked On Clippers/ClipsNationSBN joins to talk about tonight's Pacers-Clippers matchup Lucas Hann of Locked On Clippers/ClipsNationSBN joins to talk about tonight's Pacers-Clippers match-up #Pacers #Clippers #basketball #NBA
39 min
Locked On Pacers 3/22 - "Jrue Holiday is an awe...
The New Orleans Pelicans defeated the Indiana Pacers 96-92. Tony East breaks it down, and a concerning sign for Oladipo, on today's Locked On Pacers podcast. #NBA #Pacers #Pelicans #basketball
15 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/21/18 - Pelicans preview a...
16 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/20/18 - "Myles Turner look...
67 min
Locked On Pacers 3/19 - "This win may not be as...
The Pacers take on the Lakers tonight at Banker Life Fieldhouse. Tony previews that game and recaps the loss to the Washington Wizards. #NBA #basketball #Lakers #Pacers #Wizards
17 min
Locked On Pacers 3/16 - "Get ready for the Al J...
Tony recaps the Pacers loss to the Toronto Raptors and discusses the injury to Myles Turner. He also very briefly talks about this weekends Wizards game. #NBA #basketball #Wizards #Pacers #Raptors
17 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/15/18 - "The Pacers don't ...
15 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/14/18 - "Lance getting und...
17 min
Locked On Pacers 3/13 - Most important game of ...
Tony previews what he believes to be the most important game of the season against the Philadelphia 76ers. #76ers #Pacers #basketball #NBA
11 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/12/18 - "That one will shu...
68 min
Locked On Pacers 3/9 - We never have to talk ab...
Tony previews tonights game against the Atlanta Hawks and talks a little bit about the Collison injury and some potential Pacers playoff struggles. #NBA #Pacers #basketball #Hawks
14 min
Locked On Pacers 3/8 - "Rudy Gobert is very goo...
Taylor Griffin from SBNation's SLC Dunk joins to recap the Indiana Pacers 104-84 loss to the Utah Jazz. #Jazz #Pacers #basketball #NBA
18 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/7/18 - "Turner has to hit ...
15 min
Locked On Pacers 3/6 - "How long can Bojan sust...
Tony and Adam recap the Bucks win and preview the weeks remaining games. #basketball #NBA #Pacers #Bucks #Celtics #Hawks #Jazz
57 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/5/18 - "Bojan is establish...
16 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 3/2/18 - "Myles Turner needs...
55 min
Locked On Pacers 3/1 - Hawks recap and dissecti...
Tony recaps the Pacers loss to the Atlanta Hawks and discusses Victor Oladipo's recent shooting struggles. #NBA #basketball #Pacers #Hawks
14 min
Locked On Pacers - EMERGENCY PODCAST Trevor Boo...
Tony and Adam break down the Trevor Booker signing. #Pacers #NBA #basketball
21 min
Locked On Pacers 2/28 - Exclusive talk with Joe...
Tony East talks about Joe Young and includes a sound bite from his interview with the point guard last week. He also previews tonight's game in Atlanta against the Hawks. #Hawks #Pacers #basketball #NBA
15 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 2/27/18 - "I blame Lance Ste...
16 min
Locked On Pacers 2/26 - Crossover Episode with ...
The Pacers Pride Podcast joins Tony and Adam to recap the Hawks game and GR3s return. The group also previews the Mavericks and Hawks games. #basketball #NBA #Pacers #Mavericks #Hawks
43 min
Locked On Pacers 2/23 - Mailbag! Plus Hawks pre...
Adam and Tony welcome GR3 back, break down the Trey McKinney-Jones signing, answer mailbag questions from twitter, and preview tonight's game against the Hawks
55 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 2/22/18 - Special Edition "B...
54 min
Locked On Pacers 2/19 - "Sabonis' ceiling is Al...
Adam and Tony recap all things all-star break for the Indiana Pacers. #basketball #NBA #Pacers
37 min
Locked On Pacers 2/18 - Pacers talk with sideli...
Jeremiah Johnson from Fox Sports Indiana and the Pacers joins the Locked On Pacers podcast to discuss the Pacers, sideline reporting, and more! #NBA #basketball #Pacers
34 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 2/15/18 - The All-Star break...
15 min
Locked On Pacers 2/14 - Nets preview and charit...
In this episode, host Tony East and Nick LeTourneau from NetsDaily preview tonights Pacers-Nets game. They also talk about an awesome basketball related charity opportunity for you all. #NBA #Pacers #Nets #basketball
31 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 2/13/18 - "Who's better Kyri...
44 min
Locked On Pacers 2/12 - Oladipo's big night and...
Tony hosts and discusses the Pacers 121-113 win over the New York Knicks. #basketball #Knicks #Pacers #NBA
13 min
Locked On Pacers 2/9 - Trade Deadline recap and...
"Coach Spins" aka Adam Spinella from NBA Math and BballBreakdown joins to recap the trade deadline action and preview the Pacers game tonight against the Boston Celtics. #NBA #Pacers #Celtics #basketball
53 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/8/18 - "So, we recorded th...
39 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 2/7/18 - "Don't overreact to...
19 min
Locked On Pacers 2/6 - "Bojan is BACK" Wizards ...
Jake Whitacre from Bullets Forever joins Locked On Pacers to recap the Pacers 102-111 loss to the Washington Wizards. #NBA #basketball #Wizards #Pacers
25 min
Locked On Pacers 2/5 - "Relax about the cap space"
Tony and Adam join up to preview the trade deadline and the upcoming games against the Wizards and Pelicans. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
77 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 2/01/18 - "Not emergency pod...
46 min
Locked On Pacers 2/1 - "That was an ugly win"
Tony and Will Furr from 8 points 9 seconds recap the Pacers 105-101 win over the Memphis Grizzlies
20 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/31/18 - "You have an obses...
53 min
Locked On Pacers 1/30 - State of the Indiana Pa...
Nate Duncan joins Tony to talk about where the Pacers are as a team right now and preview the upcoming trade deadline for the team. #basketball #Pacers #NBA
34 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/29/18 - "Lance shouldn't s...
20 min
Locked On Pacers 1/26 - Should Turner and Sabon...
Tony talks about Domantas Sabonis invitation to the rising stars challenge, updates you on the teams injuries, and talks with coach McMillan and Myles Turner about possible starting Turner and Sabonis together. He then previews tonights Pacers-Cavs game.
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/25/18 - "Why did Nate McMi...
16 min
Locked On Pacers 1/24 - Victor Oladipo is an al...
Tony East breaks down Victor Oladipo's all star bid. He also offers updates on Myles Turners injury and talks with Cory Joseph and Al Jefferson. Tune in!
28 min
Locked On Pacers 1/23 - "The Cavs game could am...
Adam and Tony join forces to recap the Lakers and Spurs game as well as preview the Suns, Cavs, and Magic games!
51 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/20/18 - Spurs preview with...
28 min
Locked On Pacers 11/19 - Lakers preview with Cr...
Tony and "Cranjis McBasketball" from Forum Blue and Gold team up to preview all aspects of tonight's game between the Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers. #Pacers #Lakers #basketball #NBA
48 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/18/18 - "Al Jefferson vs. ...
13 min
Locked On Pacers 1/17 - Mailbag! Sabonis and Tu...
Mailbag! Tony East of the West Indianapolis Community News hosts this episode of the Locked On Pacers podcasts and answers your questions from Twitter!
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/16/18 - "We don't know whe...
50 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/15/18 - "If Al Jefferson c...
14 min
Locked On Pacers 1/14 - Suns preview with Geral...
Tony and Gerald Bourguet, the editor n' chief of Hoops Habit, preview tonights game between the Indiana Pacers and Phoenix Suns #Suns #Pacers #basketball
28 min
Locked On Pacers 1/12 - Cavs preview with Grant...
Tony and Grant Afseth from Indiana Sports Coverage team up to preview tonights Indiana Pacers game against the Cleveland Cavaliers! #NBA #Basketball #Pacers #Cavs
12 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/11/18 - "Halfway through t...
54 min
Locked On Pacers 1/10 - GR3, Myles, and Domas i...
Tony updates the status of the injuries to Glenn Robinson III, Myles Turner, and Domantas Sabonis with quotes from the guys themselves. He also previews tonights game against the Miami Heat.
12 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/9/18 - "The most evenly di...
12 min
Locked On Pacers 1/8 - "Are the Pacers buyers, ...
A jammed packed episode! Adam and Tony talk Dipo's return, Wilkins waiver, Bojan's injury, and prep for the trade deadline. They also preview the games against the Bucks and Heat. Tune in! #NBA #basketball #Pacers
39 min
Locked On Pacers 1/5 - Mailbag! Plus Oladipo in...
Tony hosts and opens by talking about the Victor Oladipo injury with quotes from Oladipo and McMillan at practice. He also gets McMillan talking about potential lineup changes. At the end, he answers your questions from Twitter
18 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/4/18 - "Don't sacrifice lo...
14 min
Locked On Pacers 1/3 - Bucks preview with Jorda...
Jordan Treske, a site expert for Behind the Buck Pass, joins to preview tonight's Milwaukee Bucks - Indiana Pacers matchup! #basketball #NBA #Bucks #Pacers
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/2/18 - "It was the worst w...
37 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/29/17 - "Without Victor O...
33 min
Locked On Pacers 12/28 - "I miss Rick Carlisle"
Tony and special guest Quin Carroll from Mavs Moneyball fanposts team up to recap the Indiana Pacers 98-94 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Tune in! #NBA #Pacers #Mavericks #basketball
15 min
Locked On Pacers 12/27 - "I'm so glad we don't ...
Adam and Tony recap the Indiana Pacers crushing defeat to the Detroit Pistons and talk a little about the upcoming game against the Dallas Mavericks. #NBA #basketball #Pacers #Pistons
21 min
Locked On Pacers 12/24 - Christmas Live show - ...
Tony and Adam get together for a live Christmas show to preview the upcoming Pistons and Mavs games and then talk about many of the players. #NBA #Pacers #Pistons #Mavericks
39 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/21/17 - "Bogdanovic could...
14 min
Locked On Pacers 12/20 - Hawks preview with Jef...
Tony and Jeff Siegel from Peachtree Hoops preview tonights game between the Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks! #NBA #basketball #Pacers #Hawks
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/19/17 - "Well that sucked."
36 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/18/17 - Pacers 101
27 min
Locked On Pacers 12/15 - Box Out Andre Drummond!
Tony breaks previews the weekends games against the Nets and Pistons.
13 min
Locked On Pacers 12/14 - Paul George homecoming...
How did the Pacers look against the Thunder in a 100-95 loss? How did Paul George fair in his return to indy? We've got it all covered in this episode.
25 min
Locked On Pacers 12/13 - Paul George returns
Tony and James Holas from bball breakdown preview Paul Georges return from an emotional and on court perspective.
21 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/11/17 - "Oladipo, Oladipo...
53 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/8/17 - "Victor Oladipo is...
44 min
Locked On Pacers 12/7 - Oladipo for President (...
Austin Hutchinson from Locked On Bulls . com joins to recap the Indiana Pacers crazy comeback win over the Chicago Bulls!#NBA #Pacers #Bulls #basketball
17 min
Locked On Pacers 12/6 - Bulls preview with Step...
Stephen Noh from the Athletic Chicago joins to preview Bulls-Pacers. We are sponsored by draft.com, the best place to play fantasy sports. #NBA #Bulls #Pacers #basketball
16 min
Locked On Pacers 12/4 - Raptors recap, Oladipos...
Adam and Tony review the 115-120 Pacers loss to the Toronto Raptors and look at Oladipo's huge week. Then, they preview the upcoming games against both the Knicks and Bulls. Tune in! #Pacers #Knicks #Bulls #NBA #basketball
43 min
Locked on Pacers 12/1/17: Raptors preview w/ Se...
26 min
Locked On Pacers 11/29 - Rockets preview with 9...
Tony and guest Eric Spyropoulos team up to preview Rockets/Pacers! #Rockets #Pacers #NBA #basketball . Sponsored by DRAFT.com
14 min
Locked on Pacers 11/28/17: "You sounded like Ba...
34 min
Locked On Pacers 11/27 - Celtics recap and Magi...
Tony breaks down the Pacers 108-98 loss to the Boston Celtics and then preview tonight's game against the Orlando Magic. Tune In! #Pacers #Magic #Celtics #basketball #NBA
15 min
Locked On Pacers 11/25 - Raptors review and Cel...
Tony and Adam team up for a live review of the Pacers 107-104 win over the Raptors and then preview tonight's game against the Boston Celtics! #NBA #basketball #Raptors #Celtics #Pacers
30 min
Locked On Pacers 11/23 - Raptors preview with S...
Sean Woodly of Locked On Raptors joins the podcast for a crossover episode! Sean is the host of Locked On Raptors and has the scoop for a preview of tonight's Pacers-Raptors match up. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
27 min
Locked On Pacers 11/22 - Shorter Rotation and A...
Tony breaks down the shorter rotation, coming at the expense of Al Jefferson and Tj Leaf. He then talks about Oladipo's all-star candidacy. Tune In! #NBA #basketball #Pacers sponsored by DRAFT https://draft.com/
16 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/21/17 - "If it wasn't for...
19 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/20/17 - Join Tony in Bogd...
49 min
Locked On Pacers 11/18 - Pistons thoughts and H...
Tony talk with Frank Urbina from Hoopshype and NBA Math to preview tonight Heat-Pacers matchup. Then, Aaron Johnson from Palace of Pistons joins to review the Pacers comeback win over the Detroit Pistons! Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #Basketball #Heat #Pistons
27 min
Locked On Pacers 11/17 - Pistons crossover pod ...
Tony and Matt Schoch, the host of Locked On Pistons, preview Pacers-Pistons in a dual pod that covers a variety of topics about both teams. Tune In! #NBA #basketball #Pistons #Pacers
32 min
Locked On Pacers 11/16 - Grizzlies win reaction...
Tony breaks down the 116-113 win over the Memphis Grizzlies and discusses his take on the "should Sabonis start?" debate. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #Grizzlies #basketball
15 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/15/17 - Rockets Review an...
20 min
Locked On Pacers 11/13 - Turners struggles, Kuz...
Adam and Tony break down the upcoming week and discuss Turner's struggles and the chance the Pacers have to add Mindaugas Kuzniskas to the roster. Tune in! #NBA #Basketball #Pacers
45 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/12/17 - Rockets Preview w...
28 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/10/17 - Bulls Preview w/ ...
21 min
Locked On Pacers 11/9 - 4th quarter woes and Bi...
Tony breaks down the losses to the Pistons and Pelicans and looks closer at the Pacers 4th quarter struggles. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
14 min
Locked On Pacers 11/8 - Pistons preview with Du...
Tony and Duncan Smith from Pistons Powered and The Athletic team up to preview Pistons-Pacers. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #Pistons #Basketball
28 min
Locked On Pacers 11/7 - Pelicans preview with M...
Mason Ginsberg from Bourbon Street Shots joins Tony to preview Pelicans Pacers, then Grant Afseth from Indiana Sports Coverage comes on to review the end of Knicks-Pacers. Tune In! #basketball #NBA #Pacers #Knicks #Pelicans
29 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/6/17 - Adam and Tony week...
57 min
Locked On Pacers 11/4 - Knicks preview with Dan...
Tony and Dan Favale from NBA Math and Bleacher Report team up to preview Sunday's Knicks-Pacers game in New York. Tune In! #NBA #Knicks #Basketball #Pacers
24 min
Locked On Pacers 11/3 - Sixers preview with Eri...
Tony and Eric Sidewater from BBALLBREAKDOWN/SixersScience preview the 76ers-Pacers upcoming matchup. Tune In! #NBA #Basketball #Pacers #Sixers
28 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/2/17 - What if the Pacers...
13 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/1/17 - Cross Over Podcast...
37 min
Locked On Pacers 10/31 - Kings preview with Cam...
Cameron Stewart of 16 Wins a Ring and his own great medium site joins to preview Pacers - Kings! #NBA #Kings #Pacers #basketball
23 min
Locked On Pacers 10/30 - OLADIPO!! The Second A...
Kelly Dwyer joins to talk about his new project, then Tony and Adam review the Pacers past week and preview the upcoming one. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
63 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/28/17 - Spurs Preview w/ ...
24 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/27/17 - Three thoughts on...
13 min
Locked On Pacers 10/26 - Minnesota and OKC recap
Tony breaks down the Pacers win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday and loss in the Paul George revenge game against the Thunder on Wednesday. #NBA #Basketball #Pacers
10 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/25/17 - Thunder Preview w...
This is must listen to episode of the Locked on Pacers podcast! Adam refrains from talking too much s*** about Paul George and Carson gives some great insight into Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.
32 min
Locked On Pacers 10/24 - Timberwolves preview w...
Tony and Lucas Seehafer preview the Pacers Twolves game tonight and Tony talks a bit about the Eric Bledsoe trade news! #Pacers #NBA #Basketball
34 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/23/17 - "Lance Stephenson...
Adam and Tony are back to break down the best players from the Pacers last week and preview the next three games.
60 min
Locked On Pacers 10/21 - Heat preview w/ Kelly ...
Tony and Kelly Cohen from, well, everywhere preview the Pacers Saturday game with the Heat. Then Tony breaks down the 114-96 Pacers loss against the Trail Blazers. #NBA #Basketball #Pacers
26 min
Locked On Pacers 10.20 - Portland preview w/ Di...
Tony and Oliver Maroney preview the Pacers game tonight against the Trail Blazers #NBA #Pacers #basketball
38 min
Locked On Pacers 10/19 - Nets game reactions
Adam and Tony discuss the Pacers 140-131 win over the Nets and over react to some statistical trends.
48 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/18/17 - Three Bold Predic...
The season is finally here and Adam Friedman previews the Nets vs. Pacers season opener and gives three bold predictions before the season starts.
12 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/16/17 - Breaking down the...
On today's show, Adam and a sick Tony discuss Glenn Robinson's injury, the final Pacers roster spot and break the opening week. Enjoy!
43 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/13/17 - Glenn Robinson in...
Adam Friedman goes solo for Friday's Locked on Pacers update. He discusses Glenn Robinson's surgery and why Myles Turner might not be better than last season.
11 min
Locked on Pacers 10/12 - Season preview with Wh...
Tony and SBNation's Whitney Medworth (@its_Whitney) talk about their random expectations for the Pacers upcoming season. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
44 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/11/17 - Breakdown of Pres...
On Wednesday's Locked on Pacers Update Adam Friedman does it solo and goes player by player to discuss their preseason performances.
14 min
Locked On Pacers 10/10 - Preseason against DET,...
Adam and Tony break down the Pacers-Pistons preseason game and talk about the roster and the team's new jerseys! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
29 min
Locked On Pacers 10/9 - First two preseason gam...
Tony breaks down the first two preseason games without doing too much of a deep dive. He also talks about the NBA potentially changing its playoff structure. Tune In! #basketball #NBA #Pacers
13 min
Locked On Pacers 10/6 - The Fringe Players Seas...
Tony East and 8points9seconds writer Jonathan Matthes join forces to break down some of the guys on the fringe of the roster as well as those fighting for a roster spot in training camp. Check it out! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
38 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/5/17 - Glenn Robinson pla...
The final installation of the Locked on Pacers player previews. Adam brought on Tom Lewis former host of the Locked on Pacers podcast and current Editor n' chief of Indycornrows the Pacers SB Nation site. They discuss Robinson's injury and impact of i...
36 min
Locked On Pacers 10/4 - Pacers Offense and Sets...
The Legendary Cranjis McBasketball (@T1m_NBA) joins the Locked On Pacers Podcast to talk about the offensive sets and plays he expects the Pacers to use. Tune In! #Pacers #NBA #Basketball
26 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/3/17 - Al Jefferson playe...
He lost 20 lbs this offseason and is ready to contribute! Adam brought on Doug Branson a fellow Locked on Podcaster. They discussed everything about Al Jefferson, from his meaning to Charlotte and what it would take for Jefferson to have a Charlottesqu...
34 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/2/17 - Media Day is dumb
We're back! On today's show, Adam and Tony discuss the impact of Glenn Robinson's injury, lottery reform and the of stories from media day.
50 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9.29 Domantas Sabonis preview ...
Tony and Brady Thantham from Thunder digest preview that upcoming season for Domantas Sabonis, as well as talk a little about Paul George's Thunder!
26 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/28/17 - Lance Stephenson p...
It's time for every fan favorite Pacer, Lance Stephenson. Adam has on Indycornrows Editor Caitlin Cooper on the show to discuss whether Stephenson will the play backup PG or SG, his long-term future with Pacers, and more!
30 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/27/17 Cory Joseph season pre...
Tony and Blake Murphy of The Atletic Toronto and RaptorsRepublic talk about Cory Josephs upcoming season
27 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/26/17 - Player Preview of ...
8points9seconds writer Hunter Kuffel joins Adam to preview Darren Collison. They discussed how Collison fits with Myles Turner, whether Collison is a long-term or short-term solution at point guard and predicted his next season stats.
38 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/25/17 - Jarrod Uthoff signin...
Adam and Tony get together to talk about Darren Collison and his leadership role, the Jarrod Uthoff signing, and Victor Oladipo's season preview! Check it out!
46 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/22/17 Pacers player seasons ...
Tony and 8pts9seconds site expert Ben Gibson take a look at T.J. Leaf and what kind of contributions he may have this season. Tune In!
28 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/21/17 Player Season preview ...
Tony brings on Bullets Forever assitant editor Lyndie Wood to talk about Pacers small forward Bojan Bogdanovic!
33 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/19/17 Thaddeus Young with Wi...
Tony East and Will Furr of 8 points 9 seconds begin the Pacers player season previews by discussion power forward Thaddeus Young!
40 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/18/17 - Myles Turner seaso...
On this week's episode of the Locked on Pacers podcast Adam and Tony discuss Tony's salary value formula and preview Myles Turner. Only 30 days until the Pacer season starts!
45 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/11/17 - The bottom of the ro...
Tony and Adam talk the conclusion of tampering, Lottery reform, the signing of the Jones's, and much more! Tune In!
42 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/5/17 - "We are hungry for ...
The guys were off for Labor Day so Locked on Pacers is bringing you a Tuesday pod. On the show Adam Friedman and Tony East discuss Bojan Bogdanovic's Eurobasket performance for Croatia, the tampering fine, and unique lineups Nate McMillan could use.
50 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 8/28/17 - Tampering, the bes...
Adam and Tony continue through the offseason - this time discussing Tampering, Our top 5 Pacers players of all time, and Nate McMillan's challenge staggering Myles Turner and Victor Oladipo's minutes. Tune In!
49 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 8/21/17 - "I'm going to give...
On this week's podcast Adam Friedman and Tony East break down the Pacers schedule, try to find a way to trade away Al Jefferson and stew over the All-NBA/Max extension system.
52 min
Cereal Box Analysis, w/ Adam Friedman and Tony ...
In their first show as Co-Host Adam Friedman and Tony East discuss what make the Pacers a success, compared each Pacer starter to a cereal and discussed the future of Head Coach Nate McMillan.
62 min
"The Pacers should have waited for Kyrie," with...
Adam Friedman is joined by 8points9seconds Co-expert Hunter Kuffel to discuss the new Pacer uniforms, Kyrie trade rumors and of the course the future of Pacers basketball.
43 min
Pacers Deep Dive w/ Tony East of 8points9seconds.
Adam Friedman spoke with 8points9seconds writer Tony East about the Pacers best starting lineup, salary cap implications, and shared complaints about Larry Bird.
46 min
Pacers Offseason Recap w/ Indycornrows' Caitlin...
On Monday's addition of the Locked on Pacers podcast Adam Friedman brought on fellow Indycornrows staff writer Caitlin Cooper. They discussed every Pacers offseason topic, ranging from Kevin Pritchard obsession with UCLA guys to Point Lance. Enjoy!
47 min
The Future of the Pacers
Adam Friedman discusses Paul George trade rumors, T.J. Leaf, free agency and more on today's Locked on Pacers podcast.
23 min
Paul George Tradeapalooza
Adam Friedman goes it solo to update Pacer fans on the latest Paul George rumors. He breaks out his tin foil hat to discuss some possible NBA George trades.
23 min
Emergency Podcast 6-17-17
Paul George announces he plans to sign with the Lakers next summer. Adam Friedman brings on the Indycornrows Caitlin Cooper to discuss possible trade and the future of the Pacers.
26 min
Locked on Pacers 6-14-17
Adam Friedman upgrades the show with some new tunes. He does three segments: The first one on the Kevin Love for Paul George Rumor (1:20), then a throwback Pacer moment from June 14 (5:00), and finally he adds he's Locked on Pacers mock draft piece (8...
13 min
Locked on Pacers Podcast 6-7-17
Adam Friedman goes solo today to discuss the Paul George for Kevin Love rumor, Gordon Hayward rumors, and more.
11 min
Locked on Pacers 6/5/17
Adam Friedman took over the podcast and talked to former host Tom Lewis of Indycornrows.com. They discussed C.J. Miles opting out, the Pacers draft pick and more.
28 min
Locked on Pacers - 5/22/17 - Paul George as Pac...
The offseason turned funky after Paul George missed out on an All-NBA team which brought out all kinds of speculation about PG's future. Could the team possibly trot him out next year as their team leader if he really was only interest in going to L.A....
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 5/15/17 - Big week! Pacers b...
The NBA will announce the All-NBA teams on Thursday which will allow the Pacers to map their offseason depending on if Paul George makes one of the three teams. While planning for their future with or without PG, the team is also working out potential ...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 5/8/17 - Point guard market,...
The offseason rolls on we hit on the point guard market taking shape, front court roster options for next season. Also, Paul George in Disneyland and rumblings of the team being shopped by Herb Simon.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 5/1/17 - Pacers moving forwa...
While waiting for Larry Bird to speak, we focus on Kevin Pritchard's past and what his future may look like with the Pacers along with doing the same regarding Jeff Teague. Although, with Teague we can break down his Instagram posts.
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/28/17 - Larry Bird handing...
The Pacers may be in for drastic offseason changes after reports that Larry Bird will step down as team president, leaving the heavy lifting this offseason to Kevin Pritchard. Bird's impact on the Pacers over the better part of the past two decades wa...
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/24/17 - The future is now ...
Losing in the playoffs always brings a sudden end to the season. For that reason, Paul George didn't want to address his future after the game. But make no mistake, the future is now as the Pacers head into a vital offseason that will either see them t...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/21/17 - Pacers blow big le...
The Pacers took a 25-point lead to the half and then let it all slip away in the second half, losing Game 3 to the Cavs, 119-114. Paul George scored 36 points with 15 rebounds but it wasn't enough as LeBron James finished with a 41-12-13 double-double....
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/20/17 - Will Pacers adjust...
The Pacers could use the perimeter threat of C.J. Miles in the starting lineup against the Cavs who have paid little mind to Monta Ellis on the perimeter in the first two games. Also, Paul George shook off the reaction to his comments after Game 2 whic...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/18/17 - Cavs Big 3 take ca...
The Pacers struggled to avoid getting burned by the variety of mismatches Cleveland has to offer, but in the end the Cavs' leaned on LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love to handle the heavy lifting with a combined 89 points on 51 shots. Pacers hea...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/17/17 - Pacers lost opport...
The Pacers came up just short in their Game 1 upset bid against LeBron James and the Cavs. Now Indiana faces a challenge to get back in position to win Game 2 after failing to take advantage of several factors that were in their favor in Game 1.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/13/17 - Pacers clinch play...
The Pacers took care of business, beating the Hawks for their fifth consecutive win to lock up the seventh seed in the East. Their reward is a playoff series against the defending champion Cavaliers starting on Saturday afternoon on ABC.
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/12/17 - Hawks clinch 5th p...
The Pacers will try to clinch 7th place in the East against an Atlanta team that has nothing to play for, likely taking the opportunity to rest key players. That doesn't mean several veteran Hawks can't still make life difficult for the Pacers. Also, a...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/11/17 - Pacers finish off ...
The Pacers held on to beat the 76ers and maintain seventh place in the East with one game remaining. Paul George was ejected after Gerald Henderson mucked up the game and lured PG into a poor reaction. Regardless, the Pacers need a win or loss by Chica...
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/10/17 - Pacers run past Ma...
The Pacers continued winning over the weekend in Orlando and did get a little help, but not enough to clinch a playoff spot. Depending on how the final games finish up for several teams, the Pacers could jump up to 5th in the East or fall out of the pl...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/7/17 - Pacers remain on a ...
The Pacers continued trending in a positive direction by beating the Bucks for the first time this season. With three games remaining, the Pacers are in good shape to hold onto a playoff spot in the East. Now they just have to take their solid play on...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/5/17 - Lance helped Paul G...
Lance Stephenson showed up on plenty of local media outlets on Wednesday after helping the Pacers win on Tuesday. Among the things we learned is that Lance loves Hooters and he took note of PJ Tucker trash talking PG when the Pacers lost to the Raptors...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/5/17 - Pacers rally behind...
The Pacers fell behind the Raptors by 19 points and appeared headed for a disappointing end to the season. Then Paul George caught fire and Lance Stephenson lit up the Fieldhouse with energy and the Pacers flipped the game, beating the Raptors 108-90. ...
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/4/17 - Paul George, Nate M...
Lance Stephenson was constantly talking to teammates and in Paul George's ear to get him going in the second half in Cleveland. PG and Nate McMillan enjoyed the effort Lance showed. For his part, Lance hope to find his shooting rhythm and can't wait to...
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 4/3/17 - Paul George, LeBron...
Paul George and LeBron James threw hoop haymakers throughout the extra time finishing with 43 and 41 points, respectively. But the Pacers came up short in their double-OT loss which keeps them out of the playoffs in the East. Lance Stephenson made his ...
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/31/17 - Paul George can't ...
The Pacers moved on to Toronto for their next game on Friday agaisnt the Raptors. But back in Indy, Lance Stephenson's return was finalized and officially announced. Lance will join the team in Cleveland on Sunday , but will he help pick up the Pacers ...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/30/17 - Pacers lose again ...
The Pacers were far more exciting off the court on Wednesday than on after a bad schedule loss in Memphis. The worn out Pacers had little to offer the Grizz on the back-to-back and now cling to the eighth and final playoff spot in the East. BUT, during...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/29/17 - Pacers punished wi...
The Pacers were unable to finish off the Timberwolves when they had a chance with several opportunities to do so over the final five minutes of the fourth quarter. Instead some sloppy play and a rash of fouls left the Blue and Gold vulnerable to a poor...
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/28/17 - Pacers adjust to i...
The Pacers will try some different lineups against Minnesota after injuries have left fewer options available for Nate McMillan. Regardless the Pacers need to attack the Timberwolves who continue to struggle at the defensive end.
12 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/27/17 - Pacers alter lineu...
Due to injury, the Pacers returned Monta Ellis to the starting lineup and beat the Sixers. But the win came with more injury news which will likely shake up the playing rotation more for at least the next few games. While the Pacers adjust, they did ha...
29 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/23/17 - Jeff Teague, Paul ...
The Pacers lost their fifth consecutive road game but put forth a better effort thanks in large part to the 37 points from Paul George and 25 points from Jeff Teague. But the Celtics were just better 1-9 in their playing rotation at both ends of the co...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/22/17 - Can Pacers compete...
The Pacers have another opportunity to raise their level of play on the road when they face the Celtics. Winning would be great, but just competing to be in position to win late would be an improvement. Plus, it has been a few weeks, so thanks to Zach ...
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/21/17 - Paul George closes...
With a trio of Hoosiers, including Gordon Hayward having a career night, the Jazz made one last run at the Pacers but Paul George scored the final seven points, while loudly proclaiming, "This is my city!" The Pacers look like a different, much better ...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/20/17 - Pacers need anothe...
The Pacers took a lifeless 25-point loss against the Raptors on Sunday night, just one game after proclaiming their last loss on the road prompted a team meeting that would be the turning point of the season. Instead after three days off to rest and pr...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/16/17 - Paul George lifts ...
Paul George lit up the Hornets for 27 second-half points, just two points shy of the team's total points scored in the second half against the Knicks on Tuesday. Instead the Pacers surged into the lead and never looked back as PG delivered a season-hi...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/15/17 - Pacers flip win in...
Much like their trip to New York in December, the Pacers let a double-digit lead slip away and appeared helpless to stop the Knicks from taking over the game in the fourth quarter. The Pacers scored just 29 points in the second half and now head home t...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/14/17 - Pacers hope to bea...
The Pacers are in NYC prepping to play the Knicks on Tuesday but also prepping contingency plans if the blizzard forecast causes problems either at MSG or with their ability to return to Indy where the Pacers are scheduled to play the Hornets on Wednes...
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/13/17 - Pacers hold off He...
The Pacers defended their homcourt and survived a late scare from the Miami Heat on Sunday to eventually win 102-98. The win kept the Pacers secure in sixth place in the East while slowing down a team trying to track them down from behind. The Pacers a...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/9/17 - Pacers pound Piston...
The Pacers returned home to score a quality win over the Pistons on Wednesday night. Combined with a loss by the Bulls, the Pacers moved two games ahead ot Detroit and Chicago in the standings. Thad Young had a strong game as part of a balanced attack ...
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/8/17 - Pacers hit home str...
The Pacers are one of seven teams battling for the final four playoff spots in the East. The Pistons are in Indy on Wednesday as one of a few teams surging of late which will force the Pacers to consistently compete down the stretch to keep those post-...
13 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/7/17 - Pacers finish road ...
The Pacers were unable to back up their strong effort in Atlanta with another win in Charlotte, instead digging a big hole early and not having enough juice to complete the big second-half comeback. Kemba Walker eventually finished off the Pacers as In...
13 min
Locked on Pacers - 3/6/17 - The Third for three...
Glenn Robinson III hit a corner three with less than a second remaining to push the Pacers past the Hawks, but the game-winner was just one of several critical plays in the last two minutes that added up to a big road win for Indiana.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/28/17 - Pacers rally for i...
After falling behind 18-2 in the first quarter, the Pacers show a combination of mental and physical toughness to work their way back into the game thanks to a burst of energy from Monta Ellis and Rodney Stuckey off the bench. The Pacers then hung on t...
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/27/17 - Pacers split weeke...
The Pacers started the weekend strong with a win over the Grizzlies but fell flat on the road in their loss to Miami. Rakeem Christmas played his first meaningful minutes and took advantage to show he could deliver some dirty work in the front court. P...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/24/17 - Pacers make a mess...
The trade deadline included plenty of headlines involving Paul George and the Pacers but resulted in no deals after 3 p.m. ET. When the dust settled, PG let it known he wasn't happy, even if his people did make things more difficult, Larry Bird was now...
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/23/17 - To deal or not dea...
On Wednesday, reports from Woj and Amick put a potential trade of Paul George, most likely to Boston, in play with Larry Bird assessing his star's value. But by the end of the day, PG was able to speak and deny any interest in leaving while expecting t...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/22/17 - Trade deadline Tue...
Another day, another round of Pacers trade rumors as we close in on the NBA trade deadline on Thursday. Any interest in Jahlil Okafor? Could Rodney Stuckey be on the way out? Sure other teams covet the inexpensive upside of Glenn Robinson III. Oh, and...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/21/17 - Pacers shine on Al...
Several Pacers enjoyed the spotlight over All-Star weekend without expending too much energy on the court, but by late Sunday night, trade rumors took center stage. Among those reports including the Pacers, was the team's interest in dealing for Brook...
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/17/17 - Pacers lose again ...
The Pacers lost to the Wizards without ever putting themselves in position to win throughout the second half as so many little things added up to make Indiana's sixth consecutive loss quite hard to watch. BLECH! And then the blech-i-ness continued when...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/16/17 - LeBron and threes ...
The Pacers continued losing, this time on the road to the Cavs as LeBron and friends took control in the fourth quarter. After five consecutive losses, trade chatter surrounding the Pacers continues to increase.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/14/17 - Pacers fall prey t...
The Pacers improved their level of play on Monday night but it wasn't enough to get past the Spurs who executed down the stretch like a championship contender. The Pacers missed more free throws than usual and continued to struggle with a rebound defic...
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/13/17 - Back-to-back losse...
The Pacers took a tough loss on the road to the Wizards and then put forth a poor effort at home to lose to the Bucks which has suddenly wiped away the good feelings from their recent seven-game winning streak. Paul George talked about his struggles wi...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/10/17 - Pacers face anothe...
The Pacers were frustrated by their home loss to the Cavs on Wednesday and expect to bounce back with a winning effort in what will be rough matchup against the Wizards who have been doing a LOT of winning lately.
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/9/17 - Cavaliers rally ove...
The Pacers snapped their seven-game winning streak with a crushing blow from the Cleveland Cavaliers. After a strong start, the Pacers had no answer when the Cavs flashed their championship bona fides in the second half as Kyle Korver made a difference...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/8/17 - Pacers prep for Cav...
The Pacers face the defending champs on Wednesday but does that mean they will face LeBron James? LBJ has sat out to rest in his last two visits to the Fieldhouse and the schedule sets up for a plausible scenario to have him sitting, again. That could ...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/7/17 - Pacers rally past T...
The Pacers didn't shoot well all night nor play particularly well in the first half, but with defense as their guide, they found their way back from a double-digit deficit to beat the Thunder on Monday. The struggle to shoot straight made the win even ...
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/6/17 - Pacers earn back-to...
The Pacers grabbed a pair of wins over the weekend that didn't go according to script. But the bottom line is that the team continues to grow and were able to absorb an injury to Thaddeus Young for at least one game as the schedule gets both busy and ...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/1/17 - Pacers keep rolling...
Paul George had one of his eight points in the second half, but C.J. Miles and Glenn Robinson III filled the scoring gap to help the Pacers hold off the Magic. The win was the Pacers fourth consecutive and second straight on the road. The first win in ...
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/31/17 - Paul George shares...
Paul George attracted plenty of outside attention with a classic two-way effort against James Harden and the Rockets combined with a highlight dunk that was a fixture on social media on Monday. PG showed some leadership chops using that attention to pr...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/30/17 - Paul George gets b...
There was a time when when pre-injury Paul George was a defensive nightmare residing in James Harden's head. It has been a few years, but PG showed up big on Sunday night to slow down Harden once again as the Pacers finished the weekend with a pair of ...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/27/17 - Pacers win on the ...
After getting the nod as an Eastern Conference All-Star reserve, Paul George led the Pacers with big-time effort and 32 points to earn a precious road win over the Timberwolves. While PG set the tone, a strong team effort made the win a reality with Je...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/26/17 - Pacers will be bus...
There is little left for the Pacers and their leaders to talk about after three consecutive losses. Time to put things together on the court, starting in Minnesota on Thursday night. At least the young Pacers are drawing some attention with Myles Turn...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/25/17 - Pacers prep for Mi...
The Pacers earned some boos from the Fieldhouse faithful which didn't sit so well with Paul George. But further comments on the topic at practice on Tuesday seem more benign when taken in the proper context of the interview on video. The team has bigge...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/24/17 - Pacers log third s...
Nate McMillan changed the starting lineup but ended up with the same results. Despite a solid start from the new lineup with C.J. Miles replacing Glenn Robinson III, the Pacers faltered in the middle of the game enough to make their late rally for the...
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/23/17 - Pacers road woes c...
The Pacers lost the last two games of their recent road trip, dropping a mind-numbing loss to the Lakers on Friday, and then simply not having enough for the Jazz on Saturday. The frustration with officiating boiled over for Paul George and Nate McMill...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/20/17 - Crossover preview ...
On this episode, we share a crossover conversation with Harrison Faigen of Locked on Lakers to preview the Pacers annual visit to Staples Center to play the Lakers. Among the topics we hit on include SoCal hopes that Paul George wil force a trade to th...
39 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/19/17 - Pacers rally to ea...
The Pacers shook of a 22-point deficit late in the second quarter to earn a big comeback win over the Kings, 106-100. A strong defensive effort that eventually found some offensive support turned things around with Paul George, Jeff Teague and Myles T...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/18/17 - Pacers playing fo...
Just winning a game on the road would be monumental for the Pacers at this point, but if they can beat the Kings on Wednesday they will deliver a milestone win for Nate McMillan. Also, the roster is a little lighter after Rakeem Christmas and Joe Young...
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/17/17 - Pacers bounce back...
The Pacers started strong then held on to hold off the Pelicans for a 98-95 MLK Day in at the Fieldhouse on Monday. The win was important but Nate McMillan is looking for better and more consistent play as the team tries to solve their problems away f...
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/13/17 - Pacers leave Londo...
Was it the shoes? The palace photo? Why did the Pacers show up so lame against Denver in London? There was no tidy excuse for the lack of effort and execution for the Pacers which was not a good look on the big international stage.
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/11/17 - Pacers get to work...
The Pacers went got to work on their second day in London, practicing for the first time and giving us some highlights at the end. Also, we take a look at a few developing forwards and what they've done in the D at Fort Wayne. Could one eventually emer...
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/9/17 - Pacers pack five ga...
The Pacers head to London riding a five game winning streak after beating the Knicks on Saturday. As the team continues to grow, the trip offers an opportunity for the Pacers to bond both on the court and off.
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/6/17 - Fo! Fo! Fo! Pacers ...
Myles Turner joined Paul George and Jeff Teague in delivering big production as the Pacers beat the Nets for their fourth consecutive win. Turner even looked like Moses Malone on one play to bolster his 15-rebound night. Also, Nate McMillan discusses r...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/5/17 - Monta 'evens Pacers...
The Pacers have played well of late with Monta Ellis helping off the bench, which C.J. Miles explains nicely. Also, Paul George makes almost all of his free throws, so arguing for more was worth the fine. Plus, where is Myles Turner's season stacking ...
12 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/4/17 - Pacers bring home t...
Winning at the Palace at Auburn Hills is always sweet and the Pacers pulled off their second road win against the Pistons in the past couple of weeks, but it was only their fifth road win of the season. Paul George played his superstar role on point a...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/3/17 - Teague questionable...
The Pacers head to Detroit hoping for better results on the road after winning their last two at home. It would help if Jeff Teague is available. Once again, the Pacers improved in the standings by not playing on Monday, plus we ponder whether the team...
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 1/2/17 - Pacers beat Magic t...
Frank Vogel enjoyed his visit to Indy, but surely not his Magic team's 117-104 loss to the Pacers. Indiana won their second consecutive in impressive fashion and will now try to take that positive home cooking on the road.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/28/16 - Pacers panic afte...
After a rough night in Chicago and their third loss in a row, the Pacers were crying foul, while fans and media took exception to the team's performance. To make matters worse, Rodney Stuckey is out again as the Pacers visit the Wizards on Wednesday ...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/23/16 - Paul George remai...
The Pacers started strong but fizzled quickly in the second quarter en route to a 109-102 loss to the Celtics at the Fieldhouse. The C's physical play had PG crying foul quite a bit, but in the end Isaiah Thomas put away the Pacers down the stretch.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/22/16 - Pacers up, down a...
The Pacers have been in a different spot in the Eastern Conference standings after the past four nights, moving up to 6th on their night off in the oddly inconsistent East. They will try to extend their home winning streak to six games when they host t...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/21/16 - Oops, they did it...
The Pacers ran out of gas, losing yet another fourth quarter lead on the road after a barrage of three-pointers from Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. Playing on a back-to-back, the Pacers had no answer at winning time.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/20/16 - NBA Twitter tried...
The Pacers held on to beat the Wizards 107-105 thanks to a game-winner by Thad Young. Paul George made big shots down the stretch, but just as NBA Twitter rushed in to heap praise on PG for his crunch time success, he came up empty on a few possessions...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/19/16 - Defense highlight...
The Pacers finished their three-game road trip on a winning note with a strong effort against the Pistons. Now they begin the week with back-to-back games against the Wizards and Knicks.
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/16/16 - Pacers repeat fou...
The Pacers lost to the Pelicans in similar fashion to their loss in Miami the night before. Fourth quarter offense betrayed the Pacers after being in position to win. Also, the new CBA could make Paul George a LOT of money, but he may need to play bett...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/15/16 - Pacers take step ...
The Pacers had enough defensive stops to beat the Heat but couldn't execute well enough on the offensive end, which led to a 95-89 loss in Miami. At least the NBA and NBPA agreed on a CBA to deliver labor peace for several more years.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/14/16 - Pacers trying to ...
The Pacers have been frustrated with bad road losses, but after a couple of home wins hope to take that winning formula on the road against Miami. With Rodney Stuckey questionable, how will Nate McMillan adjust his reserve rotation?
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/13/16 - Monta Romo? Glenn...
An injury to Monta Ellis opens up an opportunity for Glenn Robinson III to start for the Pacers and he filled in well at shooting guard to support the team's stars as they slowed down the Hornets on Monday night.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/12/16 - It was time for P...
The Pacers fell flat in Dallas to end their road trip but finished strong in their first game home against Portland the next night. Paul George scored 15 points in last half of the fourth quarter to keep the Pacers living that .500 lifestyle. Next up, ...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/9/16 - Pacers wrap up the...
The Pacers will try to return home with a 3-2 record on their road trip with a win over the Mavs on Friday. The Blazers will be waiting for the Pacers to return to Indy for a matchup on Saturday at the Fieldhouse.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/8/16 - Pacers bounce back...
The Pacers finished strong in Phoenix to beat the Suns 109-94 as they moved to 2-2 on their current road trip with their sights set on winning in Dallas to return home with a 3-2 road record.
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/7/16 - Pacers move on to ...
As bad as the loss in Golden State looked, it was still just one loss for the Pacers and now they begin a stretch of the schedule for the remainder of December that will really tell us where the Pacers stand in the East.
15 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/6/16 - Pacers suffer 60 f...
The Pacers wrapped up their season series with the Warriors by getting drubbed 142-106. Klay Thompson efficiently lit up the Pacers for 60 points on just 33 shots in 29 minutes. At least the Pacers don't have to play the Dubs again...unless they meet i...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/5/16 - Pacers earn road w...
The Pacers came up big on the road Sunday night, beating the Clippers to sweep the season series against the Clips and level their record at .500. No time to celebrate for the Pacers as they head to the Bay Area to face the Warriors on Monday night.
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/2/16 - Pacers look to ste...
Nate McMillan didn't enjoy seeing his team take another step back in Portland. Hopefully a shot of good health will push the Pacers back in a positive direction. Plus, talking about three stats explained in an article by John Schuhman on NBA.com.
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/1/16 - Blazers run past s...
The Pacers struggled to stop the Blazers in their 131-109 loss to begin a five-game road trip. The only positive news from a gloomy Portland visit was the injury update on C.J. Miles who may join Paul George in returning to the court before the trip is...
11 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/30/16 - Pacers begin road...
The Pacers tip off a five-game road trip in Portland without Paul George in the starting lineup. When PG returns, will Glenn Robinson III return to the bench or should he remain a starter. Monta Ellis always seems to be the odd man out in these discuss...
26 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/28/16 - Working through P...
The Pacers looked to be in a world of hurt after losing to the Hawks with Paul George sidelined for another week. But weekend wins over the Nets and Clippers sent the Blue and Gold on the road in good shape.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/23/16 - Pacers will be th...
The Pacers face the Hawks before taking Thanksgiving Day off. Paul George and Myles Tuner would certainly help if their respective ankles are up to the task. Also, what are you thankful for about the Pacers so far this season?
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/22/16 - Shorthanded and w...
The Warriors took it easy on the shorthanded Pacers and still ended up drubbing the Blue and Gold at the Fieldhouse, 120-83. Injuries kept Paul George, Myles Turner and C.J. Miles out and they were missed, if for nothing else than to make the game more...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/21/16 - No Paul George? N...
The short-handed Pacers earned their first road win of the season with an OT win over the Thunder in OKC. Playing without Paul George, C.J. Miles and Kevin Seraphin, the Pacers enjoyed big games from Jeff Teague, Glenn Robinson III, Thad Young and othe...
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/18/16 - Hickory Pacers pr...
The Pacers will don their Hickory uniforms when they play the Suns on Friday in what could be a wild game. Also, Ben Bentil quickly played his way into a contract overseas, opening room for Rakeem Christmas at Fort Wayne.
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/17/16 - Pacers beat Cavs ...
The Cavaliers rested LeBron James at the Fieldhouse on Wednesday night so the Pacers took advantage to win their second consecutive game. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love had big games but weren't enough to handle a solid team effort by the Pacers who are n...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/16/16 - Will Cavs rest Le...
The Pacers host the Cavs on Wednesday after the champs earned a tough W against Toronto on Tuesday. LeBron James played over 38 minutes against the Raptors so will he play against the Pacers? The Cavs are playing three games in four days with the Pisto...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/15/16 - Pacers show Vogel...
The Pacers took care of business against a road-weary Magic team in Frank Vogel's return to the Fieldhouse. Kevin Seraphin provided a spark off the bench along with CJ Miles who returned to his valuable reserve role as Rodney Stuckey nears a return to ...
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/14/16 - Blue collar, no s...
The Pacers continue looking for answers after two bad losses over the weekend, remaining winless on the road in a loss to the Sixers and then losing at home against the Celtics. This team needs some juice to spark better play but it is hard to see wher...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/11/16 - Time to panic abo...
While the Pacers prepare to play the Sixers again and try to secure their first road win, a rough start to the season raises the question among some NBA observers that the Pacers may be in trouble and need to do something to change their fortunes this ...
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/10/16 - Pacers slip past...
The Pacers found a way to force OT against the Sixers and then played quite well to earn another home win. Before the game, Nate McMillan discussed the team's defensive approach, as well as applying discipline and accountability with the players. We al...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/9/16 - Biscuits! Pacers m...
Paul George described the Pacers as "lifeless" after losing big in Charlotte. Now they have the Sixers at home in an effort to get better. For fans, the new 'Miss it for biscuits' promo will entertain even if the Pacers don't.
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/8/16 - Pacers punished on...
The Hornets staggered the Pacers early and the response from the blue and gold was dispiriting. Too many turnovers, too many fouls without enough effort or intensity. After talking about accountability, will Coach Nate hold his players to a higher sta...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/7/16 - Hear what Paul Geo...
The Pacers put together their best game of the season to beat the Bulls. Hear what Paul George liked about the defense. Also, the Pacers are in Charlotte on Monday so Doug Branson of Locked on Hornets previews the competition.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/4/16 - Fatal fade in thir...
The Pacers struggled again on the road letting the Bucks pull away after halftime and not being able to sustain a rally to ever have a chance to win the game late.
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/3/16 - McMillan adjusting...
Pacers coach Nate McMillan is adjusting his playing rotation again with Rodney Stuckey out for several games, turning to the veterans on his roster. Also, look ahead to the next game against the Bucks on Thursday.
14 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/2/16 - Paul George frustr...
Paul George scored the final 12 points to lead the Pacers past the Lakers, 115-108. But as we heard from PG after the game, the Pacers still have plenty of work to do at both ends to meet their expectations.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/1/16 - Pacers need sense ...
On the latest episode, we hit on Jeff Teague dealing with a tough start to the season and Nate McMillan repeatedly calling for his team to crank up the intensity and play with a sense of urgency while prepping to play the Lakers
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/31/16 - Pacers dish up di...
The Pacers ran into trouble on the road over the weekend losing in both Brooklyn and Chicago. They return home to deal with issues due to a banged up reserve unit and defensive lapses which are keeping the pace of play slower than the Pacers would prefer.
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/28/16 - Takeaways from Pa...
The Pacers hit the road to play the Brooklyn Nets on Friday. What did we learn from the Pacers opening night win that will help against the Nets?
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/27/16 - Pacers beat Mavs ...
The Pacers weren't perfect but Myles Turner and Paul George came through big in overtime to help the blue and gold beat the Mavericks, 130-121 in the season opener at the Fieldhouse.
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/26/16 - Pacers opening ni...
The Pacers open the season at home against the Dallas Mavericks. Health doesn't appear to be an issue against the experience Mavs' lineup. How will Myles Turner handle a veteran matchup with Andrew Bogut?
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/25/16 - Pacers rate as mu...
The Pacers continued prepping for the regular season on Monday while also signing and waiving Ben Bentil to assign the power forward to Fort Wayne. We also learned about strong TV rating for the preseason broadcasts on FSI and take note of a few famili...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/24/16 - Pacers cut roster...
The Pacers trimmed their roster to the mandated 15-man limit on Sunday as they prepare for the regular season to begin on Wednesday against the Dallas Mavericks. While Glenn Robinson III was the highlight of camp, rookie Georges Niang impressed the peo...
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/21/16 - Paul George sound...
The latest preseason loss by the Pacers didn't sit well with Nate McMillan and Paul George, which had PG using post-game comments to challenge his team to be better. Also, the Pacers picked up a contract option on Myles Turner as the young fella contin...
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/19/16 - Pacers spread off...
We discuss the latest info from the Fieldhouse and comments from Nate McMillan, Paul George and Monta Ellis as they prepare to wrap up preseason play in Milwaukee. We also look at the annual NBA GM survey and wonder what kind of market there may be for...
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/18/16 - Pacers waive two,...
We check in on the Pacers with the latest roster and injury news, relaying comments from players and coach Nate McMillan while also wondering why anyone would worry about Paul George's contract until this season plays out.
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/17/16 - Paul George winks...
We wrap up the Pacers' weekend and look ahead to the final full week of the preseason. A Friday night loss to Frank Vogel's Orlando Magic had the Pacers back at the Fieldhouse on Saturday with plenty to work on during practice.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/14/16 - Pacers on to Orla...
The Pacers continue preseason play in Orlando on Friday. After practicing in Evansville on Thursday, Glenn Robinson talked about his preseason play and Nate McMillan discussed Lavoy Allen altering his thoughts about using a 9 or 10-man rotations. Also,...
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/13/16 - Pacers run past B...
The Pacers jumped out to a huge first half lead in route to cruising past the Bucks in preseason play. There were several highlight performances as Nate McMillan played a regular-season rotation for much of the game, even without Paul George.
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/12/16 - Paul George is st...
Paul George is still sick, Myles Turner likes his team's depth and Jeff Teague is adjusting nicely to his new teammates as they learn to run with him. Also, Nate McMillan complained about his defense and while some of those concerns are due to preseaso...
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/11/16 - What does spread ...
On episode 8 of Locked on Pacers we discuss Paul George missing practice and plans for the Pacers to play the full top of the rotation against the Bucks in Evansville. Also, do you consider Thad Young a spread four? Nate McMillan does.
19 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/10/16 - Who is making the...
On episode 7, we take a look back at the Pacers loss to the Bulls on Saturday, assess the current injury situation and look ahead to week three of preseason.
15 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/7/16 - Pacers beat Bulls,...
The Pacers beat the Bulls 115-108 where buckets were plenty and defense remained a work in progress. With all of the free flowing offense and fast pace, Coach Nate McMillan insists there is some structure to the madness.
19 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/6/16 - Pacers enjoying mo...
Coach Nate McMillan is demanding more discipline and accountability from his players but is also allowing more freedom to push the ball and make plays on the court. The result is starting to build trust between the players and coach. Will it last?
20 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/5/16 - Pacers pound Pelic...
After watching the Pacers open preseason play with a 113-96 win over the Pelicans there was plenty to like, so we took a tour through the box score and shared other observation from the game.
17 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/4/16 - Pacers preseason f...
The Pelicans have plenty of Indiana ties with Solomon Hill, Lance Stephenson and E'Twaun Moore on the roster. We checked in with Jake Madison from Locked on Pelicans to discuss the Pels and how their new players are fitting in.
24 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/3/16 - Watching Monta's m...
Monta Ellis is amazing for his ability to show up every night, but his numbers from last year don't lie, so he and the Pacers may be better off if he rested occasionally in back-to-back situations. Also, after a week of camp, the Pacers begin preseaso...
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LOCKED ON PACERS - Sept 30 - 10 years later a n...
Tom Lewis of Indy Cornrows makes his debut with Locked on Pacers 10 years after starting Indy Cornrow
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