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Tony East, an Indiana Pacers reporter for Sports Illustrated/FanNation and Forbes, brings you the Locked On Pacers podcast, a daily Indiana Pacers podcast that is a part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Pacers - 03/30/20 - Was Game 2 of 200...
Was Game 2 of 2000 finals the turning point in Pacers championship hopes?
31 min
Locked On Pacers 3/27 - Rockets "preview" with ...
Tony East is joined by Jackson Gatlin of Locked On Rockets to preview what Pacers-Rockets might have looked like tonight if it happened.
27 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/26/20 - Myles Turner seas...
Myles Turner season review
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/25/20 - Mailbag edition
Mailbag edition
36 min
Locked On Pacers 3/24 - Brian Bowen II leads th...
Tony is joined by Ryan Eggers of The Fieldhouse to discuss the Pacers taking on the Suns in NBA2K with Brian Bowen II controlling they team. They also review Bowen II's season.
34 min
Locked On Pacers 3/23 - Pacers/Lakers 2000 NBA ...
Tony and Adam rewatch game 1 of the 2000 NBA FInals between the Pacers and Lakers.
33 min
Locked On Pacers 3/20 - Heat-Pacers preview and...
Tony is joined by David Ramil of Locked On Heat to "preview" Pacers-Heat tonight and discuss the Jimmy Butler/TJ Warren beef.
44 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/19/20 - Domantas Sabonis ...
Domantas Sabonis season review
15 min
Locked On Pacers 3/18 - Warriors preview, plus ...
Tony discusses tonight's game against the Golden State Warriors and looks at Justin Holiday's season. Plus, a look at Holiday's upcoming free agency.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/16/20 - Implications of C...
Implications of Covid-19 on Pacers and league
39 min
Locked On Pacers 3/13 - Lamb has successful sur...
Tony discusses the Pacers news of late, including Lamb surgery and the struggles signing Lance, and the league suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 3/12 - The NBA, and the Pacers...
Tony is joined by Jared Wade, former Editor-In-Chief of 8 Points, 9 Seconds, to discuss the NBA season being suspended due to players testing positive for COVID-19 .
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/11/20 - Close losses aren...
Close losses aren't enough but are at least encouraging
18 min
Locked On Pacers 3/10 - Celtics (and possible p...
Tony is joined by Chris Grenham, who covers the Boston Celtics for Forbes, to discuss tonight's Pacers-Celtics showdown and a potential playoff preview.
32 min
Locked On Pacers 3/9 - Pacers roll through road...
Tony and Adam discuss the Pacers fantastic 4-1 road trip and the nice wins over the Bulls and Mavs. They also talk about Malcolm Brogdon's injury and Lance Stephenson possibly coming back.
60 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/06/20 - The injuries are ...
The injuries are piling up plus Mavs and Bulls preview
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 03/05/20 - Pacers lose to th...
Pacers lose to the Bucks and Malcolm Brogdon injury
18 min
Locked On Pacers 3/4 - Giannis is unstoppable, ...
Tony previews tonight's Bucks game and talks about how good Giannis Antetokounmpo is. He also discusses Victor Oladipo's frequent injuries since returning.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 3/3 - The Pacers are back in f...
Tony recaps the Pacers 116-111 win over the San Antonio Spurs and how the Indiana big men were able to take over. Plus, a discussion about Aaron Holiday and his playing time.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 3/2 - Myles is clutch, Brogdon...
Tony and Adam discuss Myles Turner's clutch play, Victor Oladipo fitting in to the starting five, and Malcolm Brogdon performing better. Plus, a look at the upcoming week of games for the Pacers.
39 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/28/20 - Pacers look like ...
Pacers look like the team of old
22 min
Locked On Pacers 2/27 - Blazers in town! Plus J...
Tony takes a closer look at the Lillard-less Portland Trail Blazers ahead of tongith's Pacers-Blazers matchup. He then takes a look at the standings and discusses JaKarr Sampson
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/26/20 - Pacers get back on...
Pacers get back on track
17 min
Locked On Pacers 2/25 - Jeremy Lamb out for the...
Tony discusses Jeremy Lamb's season-ending injury and looks at what comes next for the Pacers. Plus, he preview tonight's Pacers-Hornets game.
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/24/20 - Something has got...
Something has got to change
60 min
Locked On Pacers 2/21 - The Pacers are back! Kn...
Tony previews tonight's game against the New York Knicks and talks about some recent Pacers news. He then looks at the remaining schedule for the blue and gold.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/20 - Mailbag! Buyout centers...
Tony and Adam open up the mailbag and answer your questions from Twitter! Buyout centers, zone defense, player optimization, and more discussed.
34 min
Locked On Pacers 2/19 - Pacers team awards at t...
Tony and Adam determine the Pacers MVP, ROY, DPOY, and more so far this season.
41 min
Locked On Pacers 2/18 - All-Star game recap + b...
Tony discusses Domantas Sabonis' performance at All-Star weekend and why the Pacers probably won't be involved in the buyout market
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 2/13/20 - The Pacers finally...
The Pacers finally got back on track
21 min
Locked On Pacers 2/12 - Bucks preview with Ti W...
Tony is joined by Ti Windisch of the Gyro Step podcast to discussion tonight's matchup between the Pacers and Bucks. Even if Giannis doesn't play, this will be a tough one for Indiana.
44 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/11/20 - Thoughts on why t...
Thoughts on why the Pacers are in a slump
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/10/20 - "Tony East is can...
"Tony East is cancelled," plus a really depressing Pacers week
51 min
Locked On Pacers 2/7 - Trade deadline recap! To...
Tony discusses the trade deadline; including the Pacers standing pat and all the moves around the league. Plus, a look at the Pelican's ahead of Saturday's game.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/06/20 - "Well that sucked...
"Well that sucked," Pacers lose to the Raptors
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/5 - TJ Leaf trade coming? Sa...
Tony discusses TJ Leaf potentially being on the trade block and Sabonis being named to the All-Star skills challenge. He then is joined by Locked On Raptors host Sean Woodly to discuss Raptors-Pacers
42 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/04/20 - Bad losses plus t...
Bad losses plus trade deadline stuff
17 min
Locked On Pacers 2/3 - Bad loss to the Knicks, ...
Tony and Adam talk about Victor Oladipo's first week back, how the rotation looks now, losing to the Knicks, and the upcoming week of games.
46 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/31/19 - Trade deadline pl...
Trade deadline plus Sabonis is an All-Star
34 min
Locked On Pacers 1/30 - The return of clutch Vi...
Tony and Adam recap Victor Oladipo's debut and his heroics that led the Pacers to a win.
27 min
Locked On Pacers 1/29 - Victor Oladipo is playi...
Tony previews Victor Oladipo's return against the Bulls by looking at his mentality, the Bulls as a team, and what the rotation might look like
24 min
Locked On Pacers 1/28 - Mailbag! How many point...
Tony and Adam answer your questions from Twitter, about Oladipo, Turner, McDermott, free agency, and more
46 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/26/20 - The last game wit...
The last game without Victor Oladipo
59 min
Locked On Pacers 1/24 - Golden State stinks now...
Tony takes a closer look at the Pacers matchup tonight against the Golden State Warriors and why the Pacers should cruise. Plus, a discussion about All-Stars and TJ Leaf.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/23/20 - Pacers crush the ...
Pacers crush the Suns
24 min
Locked On Pacers 1/22 - Suns preview with Brend...
Tony is joined by Locked On Suns host Brendon Kleen of Locked On Suns to preview tonight's Pacers-Suns game in Phoenix.
26 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/21/20 - Pacers get paved ...
Pacers get paved by the Jazz, plus thoughts on a 10-man rotation
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/20/20 - Perfect week, plu...
Perfect week, plus a thrilling win in Denver
59 min
Locked On Pacers 1/17 - Previewing the new-look...
Tony discusses tonight's game against the new-look Minnesota Timberwolves, who just made a trade. Plus, a look at the Wolves inquiring about Aaron Holiday and Nuggets talk with Gage Bridgford of Denver Stiffs
32 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/16/20 - The Pacers are ba...
The Pacers are back on track after beating the T-Wolves
23 min
Locked On Pacers 1/15 - Timberwolves preview(s)...
Tony East is joined by Dane Moore of Zone Coverage Minnesota to chat about the Timberwolves (and trades) ahead of the upcoming Pacers-Timberwolves games
43 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/14/20 - Pacers beat Phill...
Pacers beat Philly, plus Holiday vs. McDermott in the rotation
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/13/20 - Turner goes off, ...
Turner goes off, the rotation when Oladipo returns and a preview of this week's games
66 min
Locked On Pacers 1/10 - Bulls-Pacers preview! C...
Tony is joined by Jordan Maly of Locked On Bulls to talk Bulls-Pacers ahead of tonight's game.
41 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/09/20 - Victor Oladipo an...
Victor Oladipo announces return date and Jimmy Butler decides to be a jerk
16 min
Locked On Pacers 1/8 - Heat in town, how will L...
Tony discusses how the Pacers can take down the Heat. He also chats about Aaron Holiday's balance of passing and scoring and looks at Jeremy Lamb with the bench.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/7/20 - A second half for ...
A second half for the ages, Pacers beat the Hornets
23 min
Locked On Pacers 1/6 - Pacers in a slump, offen...
Tony and Adam discuss the Pacers struggles over the past 7 games. They also chat about Aaron Holiday's bad quarter, offensive rebound struggles, and TJ Warren succeeding. Plus, a look ahead at the coming week of games.
54 min
Locked On Pacers 1/3 - Offensive rebounding kil...
Tony discusses the Pacers tough loss to the Denver Nuggets. He also discusses Chad Buchanan's comments on Victor Oladipo and looks ahead at tomorrow's game against the Atlanta Hawks
18 min
Locked On Pacers 1/2 - Nuggets preview with TJ ...
Tony is joined by TJ McBride of Mile High Sports to talk all things Nuggets ahead of Pacers-Nuggets
32 min
Locked On Pacers 1/1 - Pacers smash the Sixers,...
Tony discusses the Pacers dominant NYE win over the 76ers. He also chats about the Mad Ants and officials admits that he was wrong about Aaron Holiday.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 12/31 - Last pod of the year! ...
Tony is joined by Adam Aaronson, formerly of Liberty Ballers, to chat Pacers-Sixers ahead of Tuesday's matinee.
34 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/30/19: Aaron Holiday's ce...
Aaron Holiday's ceiling, Brogdon injury and week preview
52 min
Locked On Pacers 12/27 - Heat and Pelicans this...
Tony discusses the upcoming weekend of games against the Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans. He also takes a look at Edmond Sumner's play over the past three games.
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/26/19 - Victor Oladipo re...
Victor Oladipo return date comes into picture
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/24/19 - Aaron Holiday cam...
Aaron Holiday came to play against the Raptors
22 min
Locked On Pacers 12/23 - Pacers bench continues...
Tony and Adam discuss the week that was for the blue and gold, including great performances against the Lakers and Kings and the first half against the Bucks. Plus, a look at the bench and the upcoming week of games.
62 min
Locked On Pacers 12/20 - The Kings are in town!...
Tony is joined by Tim Maxwell from Sactown Royalty to chat about the Kings ahead of tonight's Pacers-Kings mathcup. Plus, Yogi Ferrell, Kyle Guy, and Caleb Swanigan talk
32 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/19/19 - Domantas Sabonis ...
Domantas Sabonis all-star case, no trades, and two important weeks ahead
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/18/19 - The Pacers beat t...
The Pacers beat the Lakers, I repeat the Pacers beat the Lakers
24 min
Locked On Pacers 12/17 - LeBron and the Lakers ...
Alex Regla of Silver Screen and Roll joins Tony to chat Pacers-Lakers ahead of tonight's clash
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/16/19 - Bench mob, Aaron ...
Bench mob, Aaron Holiday's jump and a tough week ahead
53 min
Locked On Pacers 12/13 - Should any Pacers be A...
With the All-Star game just over 2 months away, Tony discusses which Pacers may make the Eastern Conference All-Star team. He also looks at the Pacers weekend opponents.
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/12/19 - Pacers finally be...
Pacers finally beat a good team
22 min
Locked On Pacers 12/11 - Playoff rematch! Pacer...
Tony East is joined by John Karalis of Locked On Celtics to talk Pacers-Celtics playoffs last year, how the team's look this year, and discuss Romeo Langford + Carsen Edwards
35 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/10/19 - Paul George bring...
Paul George brings the show with him in his return to Indy
20 min
Locked On Pacers 12/9 - Pacers D saves against ...
Tony and Adam discuss the Pacers road trip, Sabonis' great recent play, Oladipo practicing again, and the coming week of opponents for the Pacers.
55 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/06/19 - Pistons and Knick...
Pistons and Knicks preview, plus a little on Malcolm Brogdon
26 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/5/19 - Pacers beat OKC an...
Pacers beat OKC and a little on the Myles Turner social media drama
24 min
Locked On Pacers 12/4 - News dump! Sampson back...
Tony previews tonights game against the Thunder. He also discusses Myles Turner off social media, JaKarr Sampson's return to practice, Victor Oladipo, and various Mad Ants topics.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 12/3 - The Grizzlies stink, TJ...
The Pacers handle the Grizzlies with ease. Tony East recaps the game and looks at TJ Warren's recent form before diving in to the Eastern Conference standings after 20 games.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/02/19 - A great week ruin...
A great week ruined by a disappointing end
53 min
Locked On Pacers 11/27 - Doug McDermott's great...
Tony chats about Doug McDermott, the Turbonis duo, the starting 5 sans Vic, and looks ahead at the upcoming game against the Utah Jazz
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/26/19 - The Vic-less star...
The Vic-less starting five returns to beat the Grizzlies
21 min
Locked On Pacers 11/25 - The Aaron Holiday week...
Tony and Adam discuss the Aaron Holiday week as well as the good play of Doug McDermott and the shortened injury report. Plus, a week preview.
61 min
Locked On Pacers 11/22 - Pacers getting healthy...
Tony discusses the pacers injury updates surrounding Oldipo, Lamb, Sumner, McConnell, and Brogdon. He also previews tomorrow's game against the Magic and discusses the healthy rotation.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/21/19 - Mailbag on Nate M...
Mailbag on Nate McMillan's coaching, free agency and much more!
45 min
Locked On Pacers 11/20 - Pacers play-by-play an...
Tony East is joined by Chris Denari to discuss the Pacers injuries, where the team is right now, what to expect going forward, and his Butler days.
29 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/19/19 - A Holiday special...
A Holiday special in Brooklyn
23 min
Locked On Pacers 11./18 - Injuries galore, Turn...
Tony and Adam discuss the Pacers insane amount of injuires, the weekend that was, Turners return. and the upcoming week of games.
50 min
Locked On Pacers 11/15 - Vic plays full court w...
Tony provides details on Victor Oladipo playing full court with the Mad Ants. He then is joined by Ben DuBose of Rockets Wire to talk Rockets-Pacers, then Brian Sampson of Forbes and Brew Hoops joins to talk Bucks-Pacers
54 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/14/19 - Mailbag show on j...
Mailbag show on just about everything Pacers related
43 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/13/19 - The Pacers are no...
The Pacers are now winners of 7 of 8, but the hard part starts now
22 min
Locked On Pacers 11/12 - Pacers-Thunder preview...
Tony is joined by David Brandon of Daily Thunder to chat about Chris Paul and the Oklahoma City Thunder ahead of tonight's Pacers-Thunder game.
27 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/11/19 - The Pacers are on...
The Pacers are on a hot streak thanks to Sabonis and the week preview
59 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/08/19 - Weekend preview o...
Weekend preview of the Pacers matchups against the Pistons and Magic
19 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/07/19 - THIS IS THE AARON...
25 min
Locked On Pacers 11/6 - Pacers blow huge 4th qu...
Tony recaps a tough Pacers loss to the Hornets and discusses some individual performances. He then looks at tonight's game vs the Wizards.
21 min
Locked On Pacers 11/5 - How about the Brogdon g...
Tony and Adam look ahead at the upcoming week of games and discuss Malcolm Brogdon's tremendous start to the season,
48 min
Locked On Pacers 11/4 - The Pacers are back to ...
Tony chats about the performances of nearly every Pacers player from the weekend and discusses the Sabonis injury. Plus, a closer look at the wins over the Cavs and Bulls.
19 min