Locked On Pacers - Daily Podcast On T...

Tony East covers the Pacers for Forbes and Adam Friedman covers the Pacers for Indy Cornrows. Together, they bring you the Locked On Pacers podcast, a daily Indiana Pacers podcast that is a part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Pacers 1/26 - Should Turner and Sabon...
Tony talks about Domantas Sabonis invitation to the rising stars challenge, updates you on the teams injuries, and talks with coach McMillan and Myles Turner about possible starting Turner and Sabonis together. He then previews tonights Pacers-Cavs game.
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/25/18 - "Why did Nate McMi...
16 min
Locked On Pacers 1/24 - Victor Oladipo is an al...
Tony East breaks down Victor Oladipo's all star bid. He also offers updates on Myles Turners injury and talks with Cory Joseph and Al Jefferson. Tune in!
28 min
Locked On Pacers 1/23 - "The Cavs game could am...
Adam and Tony join forces to recap the Lakers and Spurs game as well as preview the Suns, Cavs, and Magic games!
51 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/20/18 - Spurs preview with...
28 min
Locked On Pacers 11/19 - Lakers preview with Cr...
Tony and "Cranjis McBasketball" from Forum Blue and Gold team up to preview all aspects of tonight's game between the Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers. #Pacers #Lakers #basketball #NBA
48 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/18/18 - "Al Jefferson vs. ...
13 min
Locked On Pacers 1/17 - Mailbag! Sabonis and Tu...
Mailbag! Tony East of the West Indianapolis Community News hosts this episode of the Locked On Pacers podcasts and answers your questions from Twitter!
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/16/18 - "We don't know whe...
50 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/15/18 - "If Al Jefferson c...
14 min
Locked On Pacers 1/14 - Suns preview with Geral...
Tony and Gerald Bourguet, the editor n' chief of Hoops Habit, preview tonights game between the Indiana Pacers and Phoenix Suns #Suns #Pacers #basketball
28 min
Locked On Pacers 1/12 - Cavs preview with Grant...
Tony and Grant Afseth from Indiana Sports Coverage team up to preview tonights Indiana Pacers game against the Cleveland Cavaliers! #NBA #Basketball #Pacers #Cavs
12 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/11/18 - "Halfway through t...
54 min
Locked On Pacers 1/10 - GR3, Myles, and Domas i...
Tony updates the status of the injuries to Glenn Robinson III, Myles Turner, and Domantas Sabonis with quotes from the guys themselves. He also previews tonights game against the Miami Heat.
12 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/9/18 - "The most evenly di...
12 min
Locked On Pacers 1/8 - "Are the Pacers buyers, ...
A jammed packed episode! Adam and Tony talk Dipo's return, Wilkins waiver, Bojan's injury, and prep for the trade deadline. They also preview the games against the Bucks and Heat. Tune in! #NBA #basketball #Pacers
39 min
Locked On Pacers 1/5 - Mailbag! Plus Oladipo in...
Tony hosts and opens by talking about the Victor Oladipo injury with quotes from Oladipo and McMillan at practice. He also gets McMillan talking about potential lineup changes. At the end, he answers your questions from Twitter
18 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/4/18 - "Don't sacrifice lo...
14 min
Locked On Pacers 1/3 - Bucks preview with Jorda...
Jordan Treske, a site expert for Behind the Buck Pass, joins to preview tonight's Milwaukee Bucks - Indiana Pacers matchup! #basketball #NBA #Bucks #Pacers
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 1/2/18 - "It was the worst w...
37 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/29/17 - "Without Victor O...
33 min
Locked On Pacers 12/28 - "I miss Rick Carlisle"
Tony and special guest Quin Carroll from Mavs Moneyball fanposts team up to recap the Indiana Pacers 98-94 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Tune in! #NBA #Pacers #Mavericks #basketball
15 min
Locked On Pacers 12/27 - "I'm so glad we don't ...
Adam and Tony recap the Indiana Pacers crushing defeat to the Detroit Pistons and talk a little about the upcoming game against the Dallas Mavericks. #NBA #basketball #Pacers #Pistons
21 min
Locked On Pacers 12/24 - Christmas Live show - ...
Tony and Adam get together for a live Christmas show to preview the upcoming Pistons and Mavs games and then talk about many of the players. #NBA #Pacers #Pistons #Mavericks
39 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/21/17 - "Bogdanovic could...
14 min
Locked On Pacers 12/20 - Hawks preview with Jef...
Tony and Jeff Siegel from Peachtree Hoops preview tonights game between the Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks! #NBA #basketball #Pacers #Hawks
22 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/19/17 - "Well that sucked."
36 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/18/17 - Pacers 101
27 min
Locked On Pacers 12/15 - Box Out Andre Drummond!
Tony breaks previews the weekends games against the Nets and Pistons.
13 min
Locked On Pacers 12/14 - Paul George homecoming...
How did the Pacers look against the Thunder in a 100-95 loss? How did Paul George fair in his return to indy? We've got it all covered in this episode.
25 min
Locked On Pacers 12/13 - Paul George returns
Tony and James Holas from bball breakdown preview Paul Georges return from an emotional and on court perspective.
21 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/11/17 - "Oladipo, Oladipo...
53 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 12/8/17 - "Victor Oladipo is...
44 min
Locked On Pacers 12/7 - Oladipo for President (...
Austin Hutchinson from Locked On Bulls . com joins to recap the Indiana Pacers crazy comeback win over the Chicago Bulls!#NBA #Pacers #Bulls #basketball
17 min
Locked On Pacers 12/6 - Bulls preview with Step...
Stephen Noh from the Athletic Chicago joins to preview Bulls-Pacers. We are sponsored by draft.com, the best place to play fantasy sports. #NBA #Bulls #Pacers #basketball
16 min
Locked On Pacers 12/4 - Raptors recap, Oladipos...
Adam and Tony review the 115-120 Pacers loss to the Toronto Raptors and look at Oladipo's huge week. Then, they preview the upcoming games against both the Knicks and Bulls. Tune in! #Pacers #Knicks #Bulls #NBA #basketball
43 min
Locked on Pacers 12/1/17: Raptors preview w/ Se...
26 min
Locked On Pacers 11/29 - Rockets preview with 9...
Tony and guest Eric Spyropoulos team up to preview Rockets/Pacers! #Rockets #Pacers #NBA #basketball . Sponsored by DRAFT.com
14 min
Locked on Pacers 11/28/17: "You sounded like Ba...
34 min
Locked On Pacers 11/27 - Celtics recap and Magi...
Tony breaks down the Pacers 108-98 loss to the Boston Celtics and then preview tonight's game against the Orlando Magic. Tune In! #Pacers #Magic #Celtics #basketball #NBA
15 min
Locked On Pacers 11/25 - Raptors review and Cel...
Tony and Adam team up for a live review of the Pacers 107-104 win over the Raptors and then preview tonight's game against the Boston Celtics! #NBA #basketball #Raptors #Celtics #Pacers
30 min
Locked On Pacers 11/23 - Raptors preview with S...
Sean Woodly of Locked On Raptors joins the podcast for a crossover episode! Sean is the host of Locked On Raptors and has the scoop for a preview of tonight's Pacers-Raptors match up. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
27 min
Locked On Pacers 11/22 - Shorter Rotation and A...
Tony breaks down the shorter rotation, coming at the expense of Al Jefferson and Tj Leaf. He then talks about Oladipo's all-star candidacy. Tune In! #NBA #basketball #Pacers sponsored by DRAFT https://draft.com/
16 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/21/17 - "If it wasn't for...
19 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/20/17 - Join Tony in Bogd...
49 min
Locked On Pacers 11/18 - Pistons thoughts and H...
Tony talk with Frank Urbina from Hoopshype and NBA Math to preview tonight Heat-Pacers matchup. Then, Aaron Johnson from Palace of Pistons joins to review the Pacers comeback win over the Detroit Pistons! Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #Basketball #Heat #Pistons
27 min
Locked On Pacers 11/17 - Pistons crossover pod ...
Tony and Matt Schoch, the host of Locked On Pistons, preview Pacers-Pistons in a dual pod that covers a variety of topics about both teams. Tune In! #NBA #basketball #Pistons #Pacers
32 min
Locked On Pacers 11/16 - Grizzlies win reaction...
Tony breaks down the 116-113 win over the Memphis Grizzlies and discusses his take on the "should Sabonis start?" debate. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #Grizzlies #basketball
15 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/15/17 - Rockets Review an...
20 min
Locked On Pacers 11/13 - Turners struggles, Kuz...
Adam and Tony break down the upcoming week and discuss Turner's struggles and the chance the Pacers have to add Mindaugas Kuzniskas to the roster. Tune in! #NBA #Basketball #Pacers
45 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/12/17 - Rockets Preview w...
28 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/10/17 - Bulls Preview w/ ...
21 min
Locked On Pacers 11/9 - 4th quarter woes and Bi...
Tony breaks down the losses to the Pistons and Pelicans and looks closer at the Pacers 4th quarter struggles. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
14 min
Locked On Pacers 11/8 - Pistons preview with Du...
Tony and Duncan Smith from Pistons Powered and The Athletic team up to preview Pistons-Pacers. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #Pistons #Basketball
28 min
Locked On Pacers 11/7 - Pelicans preview with M...
Mason Ginsberg from Bourbon Street Shots joins Tony to preview Pelicans Pacers, then Grant Afseth from Indiana Sports Coverage comes on to review the end of Knicks-Pacers. Tune In! #basketball #NBA #Pacers #Knicks #Pelicans
29 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/6/17 - Adam and Tony week...
57 min
Locked On Pacers 11/4 - Knicks preview with Dan...
Tony and Dan Favale from NBA Math and Bleacher Report team up to preview Sunday's Knicks-Pacers game in New York. Tune In! #NBA #Knicks #Basketball #Pacers
24 min
Locked On Pacers 11/3 - Sixers preview with Eri...
Tony and Eric Sidewater from BBALLBREAKDOWN/SixersScience preview the 76ers-Pacers upcoming matchup. Tune In! #NBA #Basketball #Pacers #Sixers
28 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/2/17 - What if the Pacers...
13 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 11/1/17 - Cross Over Podcast...
37 min
Locked On Pacers 10/31 - Kings preview with Cam...
Cameron Stewart of 16 Wins a Ring and his own great medium site joins to preview Pacers - Kings! #NBA #Kings #Pacers #basketball
23 min
Locked On Pacers 10/30 - OLADIPO!! The Second A...
Kelly Dwyer joins to talk about his new project, then Tony and Adam review the Pacers past week and preview the upcoming one. Tune In! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
63 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/28/17 - Spurs Preview w/ ...
24 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/27/17 - Three thoughts on...
13 min
Locked On Pacers 10/26 - Minnesota and OKC recap
Tony breaks down the Pacers win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday and loss in the Paul George revenge game against the Thunder on Wednesday. #NBA #Basketball #Pacers
10 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/25/17 - Thunder Preview w...
This is must listen to episode of the Locked on Pacers podcast! Adam refrains from talking too much s*** about Paul George and Carson gives some great insight into Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.
32 min
Locked On Pacers 10/24 - Timberwolves preview w...
Tony and Lucas Seehafer preview the Pacers Twolves game tonight and Tony talks a bit about the Eric Bledsoe trade news! #Pacers #NBA #Basketball
34 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/23/17 - "Lance Stephenson...
Adam and Tony are back to break down the best players from the Pacers last week and preview the next three games.
60 min
Locked On Pacers 10/21 - Heat preview w/ Kelly ...
Tony and Kelly Cohen from, well, everywhere preview the Pacers Saturday game with the Heat. Then Tony breaks down the 114-96 Pacers loss against the Trail Blazers. #NBA #Basketball #Pacers
26 min
Locked On Pacers 10.20 - Portland preview w/ Di...
Tony and Oliver Maroney preview the Pacers game tonight against the Trail Blazers #NBA #Pacers #basketball
38 min
Locked On Pacers 10/19 - Nets game reactions
Adam and Tony discuss the Pacers 140-131 win over the Nets and over react to some statistical trends.
48 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/18/17 - Three Bold Predic...
The season is finally here and Adam Friedman previews the Nets vs. Pacers season opener and gives three bold predictions before the season starts.
12 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/16/17 - Breaking down the...
On today's show, Adam and a sick Tony discuss Glenn Robinson's injury, the final Pacers roster spot and break the opening week. Enjoy!
43 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/13/17 - Glenn Robinson in...
Adam Friedman goes solo for Friday's Locked on Pacers update. He discusses Glenn Robinson's surgery and why Myles Turner might not be better than last season.
11 min
Locked on Pacers 10/12 - Season preview with Wh...
Tony and SBNation's Whitney Medworth (@its_Whitney) talk about their random expectations for the Pacers upcoming season. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
44 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/11/17 - Breakdown of Pres...
On Wednesday's Locked on Pacers Update Adam Friedman does it solo and goes player by player to discuss their preseason performances.
14 min
Locked On Pacers 10/10 - Preseason against DET,...
Adam and Tony break down the Pacers-Pistons preseason game and talk about the roster and the team's new jerseys! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
29 min
Locked On Pacers 10/9 - First two preseason gam...
Tony breaks down the first two preseason games without doing too much of a deep dive. He also talks about the NBA potentially changing its playoff structure. Tune In! #basketball #NBA #Pacers
13 min
Locked On Pacers 10/6 - The Fringe Players Seas...
Tony East and 8points9seconds writer Jonathan Matthes join forces to break down some of the guys on the fringe of the roster as well as those fighting for a roster spot in training camp. Check it out! #NBA #Pacers #basketball
38 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/5/17 - Glenn Robinson pla...
The final installation of the Locked on Pacers player previews. Adam brought on Tom Lewis former host of the Locked on Pacers podcast and current Editor n' chief of Indycornrows the Pacers SB Nation site. They discuss Robinson's injury and impact of i...
36 min
Locked On Pacers 10/4 - Pacers Offense and Sets...
The Legendary Cranjis McBasketball (@T1m_NBA) joins the Locked On Pacers Podcast to talk about the offensive sets and plays he expects the Pacers to use. Tune In! #Pacers #NBA #Basketball
26 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/3/17 - Al Jefferson playe...
He lost 20 lbs this offseason and is ready to contribute! Adam brought on Doug Branson a fellow Locked on Podcaster. They discussed everything about Al Jefferson, from his meaning to Charlotte and what it would take for Jefferson to have a Charlottesqu...
34 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 10/2/17 - Media Day is dumb
We're back! On today's show, Adam and Tony discuss the impact of Glenn Robinson's injury, lottery reform and the of stories from media day.
50 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9.29 Domantas Sabonis preview ...
Tony and Brady Thantham from Thunder digest preview that upcoming season for Domantas Sabonis, as well as talk a little about Paul George's Thunder!
26 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/28/17 - Lance Stephenson p...
It's time for every fan favorite Pacer, Lance Stephenson. Adam has on Indycornrows Editor Caitlin Cooper on the show to discuss whether Stephenson will the play backup PG or SG, his long-term future with Pacers, and more!
30 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/27/17 Cory Joseph season pre...
Tony and Blake Murphy of The Atletic Toronto and RaptorsRepublic talk about Cory Josephs upcoming season
27 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/26/17 - Player Preview of ...
8points9seconds writer Hunter Kuffel joins Adam to preview Darren Collison. They discussed how Collison fits with Myles Turner, whether Collison is a long-term or short-term solution at point guard and predicted his next season stats.
38 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/25/17 - Jarrod Uthoff signin...
Adam and Tony get together to talk about Darren Collison and his leadership role, the Jarrod Uthoff signing, and Victor Oladipo's season preview! Check it out!
46 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/22/17 Pacers player seasons ...
Tony and 8pts9seconds site expert Ben Gibson take a look at T.J. Leaf and what kind of contributions he may have this season. Tune In!
28 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/21/17 Player Season preview ...
Tony brings on Bullets Forever assitant editor Lyndie Wood to talk about Pacers small forward Bojan Bogdanovic!
33 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/19/17 Thaddeus Young with Wi...
Tony East and Will Furr of 8 points 9 seconds begin the Pacers player season previews by discussion power forward Thaddeus Young!
40 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/18/17 - Myles Turner seaso...
On this week's episode of the Locked on Pacers podcast Adam and Tony discuss Tony's salary value formula and preview Myles Turner. Only 30 days until the Pacer season starts!
45 min
LOCKED ON PACERS 9/11/17 - The bottom of the ro...
Tony and Adam talk the conclusion of tampering, Lottery reform, the signing of the Jones's, and much more! Tune In!
42 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 9/5/17 - "We are hungry for ...
The guys were off for Labor Day so Locked on Pacers is bringing you a Tuesday pod. On the show Adam Friedman and Tony East discuss Bojan Bogdanovic's Eurobasket performance for Croatia, the tampering fine, and unique lineups Nate McMillan could use.
50 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 8/28/17 - Tampering, the bes...
Adam and Tony continue through the offseason - this time discussing Tampering, Our top 5 Pacers players of all time, and Nate McMillan's challenge staggering Myles Turner and Victor Oladipo's minutes. Tune In!
49 min
LOCKED ON PACERS - 8/21/17 - "I'm going to give...
On this week's podcast Adam Friedman and Tony East break down the Pacers schedule, try to find a way to trade away Al Jefferson and stew over the All-NBA/Max extension system.
52 min
Cereal Box Analysis, w/ Adam Friedman and Tony ...
In their first show as Co-Host Adam Friedman and Tony East discuss what make the Pacers a success, compared each Pacer starter to a cereal and discussed the future of Head Coach Nate McMillan.
62 min
"The Pacers should have waited for Kyrie," with...
Adam Friedman is joined by 8points9seconds Co-expert Hunter Kuffel to discuss the new Pacer uniforms, Kyrie trade rumors and of the course the future of Pacers basketball.
43 min
Pacers Deep Dive w/ Tony East of 8points9seconds.
Adam Friedman spoke with 8points9seconds writer Tony East about the Pacers best starting lineup, salary cap implications, and shared complaints about Larry Bird.
46 min
Pacers Offseason Recap w/ Indycornrows' Caitlin...
On Monday's addition of the Locked on Pacers podcast Adam Friedman brought on fellow Indycornrows staff writer Caitlin Cooper. They discussed every Pacers offseason topic, ranging from Kevin Pritchard obsession with UCLA guys to Point Lance. Enjoy!
47 min