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Tony East covers the Pacers for Forbes and Adam Friedman covers the Pacers for Indy Cornrows. Together, they bring you the Locked On Pacers podcast, a daily Indiana Pacers podcast that is a part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Pacers 3/4/19: "You have 30 seconds t...
Break down of the Pacers 1-2 week plus a preview of this week's games
80 min
Locked On Pacers 2/28 - "The Pacers could not s...
Tony recaps the game against Dallas and looks ahead at tonight's game against the Timberwolves
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/27 - "Thaddeus Young deserve...
Tony previews tonights Mavs game and looks at the contributions from Thaddeus Young
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/26/19 - "Did you know Pac...
Preview of this week's Pacers game
60 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/25/19: "Myles Turner play...
Pacers take on the Pistons
17 min
Locked On Pacers 2/24 - "Wesley Matthews is fit...
Tony recaps the Pacers two wins over the Wizards and Pelicans and evaluates Wes Matthews play so far
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/22 - "The Pacers schedule is...
Tony looks at the Pacers remaining schedule and previews the Wizards and Pelicans games
19 min
Locked On Pacers 2/20 - "Can Bojan play the 4? ...
Tony and Adam answer more questions from Twitter in the second and final part of their week ling mailbag.
63 min
Locked On Pacers 2/18 - "Which Colts player wou...
Tony and Adam answer the first group of your questions from Twitter, some Pacers some not!
67 min
Locked on Pacers 02/14/19: "The loss wasn't dis...
Pacers lose to the Bucks 106-97
18 min
Locked On Pacers 2/13 - "Wesley Matthews had a ...
Tony previews tonight's Bucks game and talks about Wesley Matthews debut. He also muses over Myles Turner's Defensive Player of the Year candidacy.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/12/19 - "Myles Turner sho...
Pacers beat the Hornet and break down of the whole week
52 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/11/19: "It seems like Myl...
Pacers beat the Cavs and Clippers
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/7 part 2 - The Pacers make a...
Tony breaks down the Pacers trade at the deadline as well as the signing of Wes Matthews
8 min
Locked on Pacers - 02/07/19: "Are the Pacers re...
Pacers beat the Lakers 136-94
50 min
Locked On Pacers 2/6 - "Handing LeBron the bigg...
Tony recaps the Pacers dominant win over the Los Angeles Lakers
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/5 - Welcome Lance Stephenson...
Tony discusses the Pacers win over the New Orleans Pelicans and looks ahead at the Lance Stephenson return game and all of the things surrounding the Lakers
20 min
Locked On Pacers 2/4 - What do the latest Pacer...
Tony and Adam check out why the bench is playing so poorly, discuss Doug McDermott, look at trades and trade rumors, and prview the next 2 games
68 min
Locked on Pacers 02/03/19: "The Pacers brought ...
Pacers beat the Heat 95-88
24 min
Locked on Pacers 02/01/19: "What do you expect ...
Pacers lose to the Magic 107-100
16 min
Locked On Pacers 1/31/19: "Is it time to hit th...
Pacers lose to the Wizards 107-89
50 min
Locked On Pacers 1/30 - The Warriors are unreal...
Tony is joined by Michael Sykes to talk Wizards ahead of Indiana versus Washington tonight. Then, Tony talks about the Warriors game and Sumner starting
37 min
Locked On Pacers 1/28 - "Carmelo Anthony? No wa...
Tony and Adam talk Grizz, no Dipo, Carmelo Anthony, and look ahead at upcoming games
48 min
Locked On Pacers 1/27/19: "All things considere...
Pacers beat the Grizzlies
14 min
Locked on Pacers 1/25/19: Moving past Victor Ol...
Moving past Victor Oladipo's injury
38 min
Locked On Pacers 1/24 - Emergency Victor Oladip...
Emergency Victor Oladipo injury pod
27 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/22/19: "If the Pacers got...
Weekly preview
62 min
Locked On Pacers 1/21 - An exclusive chat with ...
Tony chats with former Pacer Trevor Booker about his time in Indiana and recaps the games from this past weekend.
29 min
Locked on Pacers 01/19/19: "The Pacers should b...
Preview of Mavs and Hornets
22 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/18/18 - "The Pacers aren'...
Pacers lose to the 76ers 120-96
17 min
Locked On Pacers 1/17 - "Which two of the Sixer...
Tony recaps Pacers-Suns, previews Pacers-Sixers ahead of tonight, and talks about the open roster spot that Edmond Sumner didn't get
21 min
Locked On Pacers 1/15 - "Are the Suns really tr...
Tony chats with Suns reporter Gerald Bourguet about the Phoenix Suns ahead of tonights game.
21 min
Locked On Pacers 1/14 - "Honestly we both know ...
Tony and Adam talk about the road trip, the upcoming trade deadline, Myles Turner, and preview the upcoming week of games.
67 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/13/19 - Sunday Edition: "...
Coaching, salary cap and the rest of the East
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/11/19 - "A very obvious s...
Defensive stats plus a Knicks previews
21 min
Locked On Pacers 1/10 - "That was the Pacers wo...
Tony talks about the Pacers worst performance of the season, TJ Leaf, and Tyreke Evans.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 1/9 - "Kyrie Irving vs Victor ...
Tony talks about the Cavs game from last night, Myles Turner's abscene being very apparent, and previews tonight's Celtics game.
24 min
Locked on Pacers - 01/07/18 - "Victor Oladipo f...
Pacers go 2-1 on the week, with three games ahead
65 min
Locked On Pacers 1/4 - "What exactly do the Bul...
Tony is joined by Stephen Noh of the Athletic Chicago to preview Bulls-Pacers
25 min
Locked On Pacers 1/3 - McMillan wins coach of t...
Tony talks about Nate McMillan winning Conference Coach of the Month, Edmond Sumner's looming contract date, and Aaron Holiday making him look dumb.
23 min
Locked On Pacers 1/2 - New Years mailbag! Answe...
Tony answers your questions from Twitter
40 min
Locked On Pacers 1/1/2019 - Happy New Year! Haw...
Tony talks about the injuries to Doug McDermott and Myles Turner and discusses the Hawks game as a whole. He also discusses Oladipo's "new" role
18 min
Locked On Pacers 12/31 - "The Pacers might sign...
Tony chats about tonights game against Atlanta and rehashes the fun from the demolition of the Pistons. He also talks about a potential upcoming roster move
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/29/18 - Saturday special:...
Pacers beat the Pistons 125-88
20 min
Locked On Pacers 12/28 - Pistons preview + futu...
Lazarus Jackson from Detroit Bad Boys joins to talk Pistons ahead of tonight's game and also to discuss the summer of 2019 for the Pacers
42 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/27/18 - "The offense was ...
Pacers beat the Hawks 129-121
26 min
Locked On Pacers 12/26 - Weekly show Christmas ...
Tony and Adam talk about Victor Oladipo fitting in, Thad Young playing great, Tyreke Evans' struggles, and preview the weeks games
48 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/24/18 - "Why were the sta...
Pacers beat Wizards 105-89
18 min
Locked on Pacers 12/22/18: Saturday Edition, "V...
Pacers beat the Nets and the two players I've been most impressed with
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/21/18 - "Something just i...
Victor Oladipo's clutch play is off and a preview of this weekend's games
21 min
Locked On Pacers 12/20 - "Games are 48 minutes ...
Tony recaps the Raptors and Cavs game and praises the recent play of Bojan Bogdanovic.
20 min
Locked On Pacers 12/18 - "The Cavs roster makes...
Tony is joined by Locked On Cavs host Chris Manning to preview Pacers-Cavs
26 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/17/18 - "When people talk...
Pacers win four times in a week and preview of the Cavs and Raptors game
51 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/15/18 - "The Pacers are s...
Pacers beat the Sixers and Knicks preview
22 min
Locked On Pacers 12/13 - Thad shuts down Gianni...
Tony recaps the Pacers dominant win over the Milwaukee Bucks thanks to Thaddeus Youngs monster game
23 min
Locked On Pacers 12/11 - The best game of Myles...
Tony and Derek from iPacersblog join forces to talk about the Pacers-Wizards game and Myles Turner's big night.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/10/18 - "Frankly I don't ...
Break down of the Pacers 3-0 week and a preview of the Wizards and Bucks games
57 min
Locked On Pacers 12/7 - "The Magic are actually...
Tony previews the weekends games against the Magic and Kings with Preston Ellis of Orlando Pinstripe Post
28 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/06/18 - "The Pacers windo...
Random Pacers podcast content
24 min
Locked On Pacers 12/5 - "Domantas Sabonis ate J...
Tony recaps the Pacers ugly win over the Chicago Bulls
24 min
Locked On Pacers 12/4 - Week preview: A new Bul...
Tony and Adam preview the week ahead - including the Bulls, Magic, and Kings games
44 min
Locked on Pacers - 12/03/18 - Glass half empty ...
71 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/30/18 - "Victor Oladipo's...
Break down of Pacers 104-96 loss to the Lakers and Kings preview.
19 min
Locked On Pacers 11/29 - "Does good Lance exist...
Tony talks Lance, Lakers, Korver trade, and TJ Leaf
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/28/18 -"Myles Turner migh...
19 min
Locked On Pacers 11/27 - "Good things happen wh...
Tony recaps the Jazz game and previews tonights Suns matchup
23 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/26/18 - "It could have be...
Pacers half week preview of Jazz and Suns.
41 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/21/18 - "From a fan's per...
Special guest
20 min
Locked On Pacers 11/20 "That was the best team ...
Tony recaps the Pacers incredible victory over the Utah Jazz
23 min
Locked On Pacers 11/19 - "The Pacers need to fi...
Tony and Adam talk Oladipo's injury, Aaron Holiday's explosion, Ben Moore signing in San Antonio, and preview this weeks games.
63 min
Locked On Pacers 11/16 - "Check out some of the...
Tony talks about the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and previews the Heat game solo. He is then by Jeff Siegel of Peachtree Hoops to talk about the Atlanta Hawks
34 min
Locked On Pacers 11/15 - "I want to see Oladipo...
Tony and Adam answer your questions from twitter #NBA #basketball #Pacers
49 min
Locked On Pacers 11/14 - Early season mailbag: ...
Tony and Adam answer your questions from twitter #NBA #basketball #Pacers
48 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/13/18 - "It seems to me t...
A look back at the Pacers 1-3 week.
43 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/12/18 - "Paul Pierce was ...
Pacers lose to the Rocket 115-103.
21 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/10/18 - "Myles Turner see...
Pacers beat Heat and Rockets preview
25 min
Locked On Pacers 11/8 - Philly is a matchup nig...
Tony recaps the Pacers loss to the 76ers
18 min
Locked On Pacers 11/7 - "I have no idea who can...
Tony preview the 76ers game with Jackson Frank of the Athletic Philadelphia and Liberty Ballers
35 min
Locked On Pacers 11/6 - "You have to make your ...
Tony recaps the Pacers loss to the Rockets
20 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/05/18 - "The confidence, ...
Pacers win three close games and have three more tough matchups ahead
62 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/03/18 - Saturday special:...
Preview of the Pacers game against the Celtics
30 min
Locked on Pacers - 11/01/18 - "I think this gam...
Can Sabonis become the Pacers starting center?
19 min
Locked On Pacers 10/31 - Spooky Halloween Knick...
Tony previews the Knicks game and talks about the shot selection from the Pacers this season. #NBA #basketball #Pacers
22 min
Locked On Pacers 10/30 - "The Pacers might scor...
Tony and Adam talk about last weeks games and preview the upcoming week of action. #NBA #Pacers #basketball
49 min
Locked On Pacers 10/29 - "Cory Joseph is motor ...
Tony previews the Blazers game and talks about Cory Joseph's great season so far #NBA #Pacers #TrailBlazers #basketball
18 min
Locked On Pacers 10/28 - "Pacers beat Cavs and ...
Tony talks about the Pacers win over the Cavs and discusses the season that has happened for the young guys so far #Pacers #Cavs #basketball #NBA
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/26/18 - "I think the Pace...
Preview of the Pacers game against the Cavs
16 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/25/18 - "I think the Pace...
Recap of Pacers 116-86 win over the Spurs
18 min
Locked On Pacers 10/24 - "I promise both Turner...
Tony previews the Spurs game and rambles about Myles Turner #NBA #Pacers #Spurs #basketball
25 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/23/18 - "Adam you really ...
Break down of the Pacers first week and a preview of the Spurs and Cavs games.
55 min
Locked On Pacers 10/22 - "Kyle O'Quinn kept the...
Tony talks about Kyle O'Quinn and previews tonights game against the Timberwolves
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/19/18 - "If Darren Collis...
Preview of Milwaukee Bucks game and a discussion about Sabonis-Turner
21 min
Locked on Pacers 10/18/18 - "After this game it...
Break down of Grizzlies and Myles Turner's extension
37 min
Locked On Pacers 10/17 - The regular season is ...
Jonathan Rosenberg from The Bball Index joins Tony to preview Grizzlies Pacers! #NBA #Pacers #Grizzlies #basketball
25 min
Locked On Pacers emergency 10/15 pod - Myles Tu...
Tony talks about the Myles extension
6 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/15/18 - "We finally have ...
A preview of the first week of the season
48 min
Locked On Pacers 10/12 - Johnson and Stewart wa...
Tony previews the season for the end of the bench guys and discusses the waiving of Omari Johnson and Elijah Stewart #NBA #Pacers #basketball
17 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/11/18 - "The Pacers ended...
Pacers lose to the Bulls and a mailbag question.
18 min
Locked on Pacers - 10/10/18 - "Ike Anigbogu mig...
UCLA player preview
14 min
Locked On Pacers 10/9 - Preseason games 1-3 rec...
Tony and Adam discuss the first three preseason games, including Edmond Sumner's incredible success and more. #NBA #basketball #Pacers
39 min