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Adam Mares and Matt Moore host the daily podcast Locked on Nuggets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. Adam and Matt delve deep into the Nuggets and the NBA with his unequaled connections. #nuggets #denver #nba

Locked On Denver Nuggets - 3.1 - Denver Nuggets...
Altitude TV's Ally Sturm on the Nuggets, road life in the NBA, and more
37 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.28 - Everything th...
Notes on Denver's awful loss to the Clippers
30 min
Locked On Denver Nugges - 2.27 - Nuggets Vs Cli...
The Clippers are a high powered and balanced offense but an inconsistent defense. Sound familiar?
27 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.25 - Owned
Notes on Denver's 3rd straight loss to the Rockets
19 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.24 - The Beautiful...
As the Nuggets hot streak continues, I reflect on a beautiul moment in this team's arc
34 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.22 - The Plumlee p...
How Mason Plumlee can shore up the Nuggets defense without slowing the offense
35 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.20 - Special Guest...
On Denver's young core, Jokic's upside, and the fit of Murray and Harris
39 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.19 - 10 in 10. Ana...
The 10 key players for the Denver Nuggets over the last 10 games
46 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.15 - Victory lap
Notes on Jokic's historic night and the Nuggets win over the Bucks
32 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.14 - 4 quarter off...
Notes on Denver's win over the Spurs
28 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.13 - Twitter and I...
Answering listener questions on Twitter and Instagram
32 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.12 - Veteran Presence
Notes on Denver's ugly win over the Suns
26 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.9 - The last new day
Trade deadline recap plus Kirk Henderson of Mavs Moneyball and salary cap expert, Jeff Siegel
44 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.7 - Nuggets trade ...
Previewing the NBA trade deadline from the Nuggets' perspective
34 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.6 - THIS is Denver...
Notes on Denver's wins over the Warriors and Hornets
28 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 2.2 - An unforgettab...
Notes on Denver's incredible win against hte Thunder in what was one of the best NBA games of the year
51 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.1 - State of the N...
An hour of Nuggets talk with Matt Moore
66 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.31 - Back to back
Notes on Denver's loss to the Spurs
33 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.30 - Why are all o...
Notes on Denver's loss to the Celtics
35 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.28 - Chad Andrus o...
A quick post game recap with Chad Andrus
27 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.26 - Throwback Thu...
Notes on Denver's offensive assault on the New York Knicks
25 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.25 - 5 things Denv...
As Malone vows to call fewer plays, the Nuggets free-flowing offense looks to make a return
34 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.24 - Guest JZ Mazl...
Jz Mazlish on evaluating Nikola Jokic
47 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.23 - The Blue Arrow
Notes on Denver's win ove the Blazers and Jamal Murray's ascent
32 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.22 - The Nuggets w...
Notes from an uplifting Sunday practice
23 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.20 - Weekend Summi...
Nuggets struggling, petty szn, and best fighters in the NBA
58 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.18 - Identity Crisis
Notes on Denver's loss to the Clippers
25 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.17 - Jokic in the ...
Notes on the win over the Mavericks as Jokic returns to the C spot
23 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.16 - 10 in 10. Loo...
The Nuggets have fallen into a slump at the worst possible time
54 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.12 - Weekend Summi...
Complte Tomfoolery
60 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.11 - Adversity, ho...
Notes on Denver's worst loss of the year
25 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.10 - Life, psychol...
An hour-long chat about basketball and life with former NBA scout, consultant, and writer, Dr. Tavis Heath
62 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.9 - Joker's bounce...
Notes on Denver's loss to the Warriors
18 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.8 - Turnovers and ...
Notes on the ugly loss to the Kings
25 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.6 - Weekend Summit...
Notes on the win over Utah, power ranking Murray's rivalries, and hot take takedown
58 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.5 - 10 things we h...
10 things we hope to learn about the Nuggets in January
31 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.4 - Gary's Army
Notes on Denver's win over the Suns
26 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 1.3 - Trust Fall
The Nuggets look to expand their rotation
31 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.29 - Weekend Summ...
My 200th episode as host of the show
54 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.28 - True Grit
Notes on Denver's OT loss to Jimmy Butler and the Timberwolves
27 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.27 - The Nuggets ...
Notes on Denver's win over the Jazz
32 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.22 - Christmas Su...
A roundtable discussion on a bundle of Denver Nuggets topics
57 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.19 - Nuggets stru...
Notes on the home loss to the Timberwolves
20 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.18 - 10 in 10 - T...
The 10 key players for the Denver Nuggets over the last 10 games
41 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.17 - Late game bl...
Lots of interesting notes on Denver's loss in OKC
34 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.16 - Two-way Torr...
Torey Craig, Trey Lyles, Mason Plumlee usher in the best Nuggets win of the year
29 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.15 - Weekend Summ...
Remember, Remember, the 15th of December
65 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.14 - Jamal & G
Jamal Murray and Gary Harris keep raising the bar
24 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.13 - A beautiful ...
Jamal Murray keeps showing flashes
29 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.12 In defense of ...
Evaluating Michael Malone at this point of the season and his tenure in Denver
37 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.11 - Trey knocked...
Anatomy of a collapse
26 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.9 - Weekend Summi...
A Denver Nuggets and NBA smorgasbord with guests from around the NBA
74 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.8 - Twitter & Ins...
Answering listener questions live on the air
31 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.7 - "We are a bad...
Notes on another road loss, this time to Cousins, Holiday, and the Pelicans.
22 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.5 - Road Nuggets ...
The Nuggets are starting to look like their old selves, and not in a good way!
17 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.4 - Jamal Murray ...
Notes on Denver's shorthanded win over the Lakers
22 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.2 - Weekend Summi...
The weekly round table discussion on a potpourri of Denver Nuggets related topics
38 min
Locked On Denver Nuggets - 12.1 - A very Thrill...
Notes on the win ove the Bulls
25 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.29 - Utah's gamep...
Utah did what I think most teams should do against the Nuggets
25 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.28 - Denver Nugge...
Looking at the last 10 games for 10 key Nuggets players
39 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.27 - Is Kenneth F...
I'm not ready to say Jokic is a leader just yet, but he appear to be headed in the right direction
25 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.23 - Thanksgiving...
The weekly round table discussion about the Nuggets and more
49 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.22 - The implicat...
How Millsap's absence affects the players on the roster
33 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.21 - Nikola Jokic...
Notes on the win over the Kangz
23 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.20 - A tale of tw...
The road Nuggets are nothing like the home Nuggets
14 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.17 - Friday Summi...
A buffet of Denver Nuggets and NBA talk
60 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.15 - Twitter and Instagr...
Answering listener questions as I record live on Instagram and Twitter
21 min
Locked on Nuggets - 11.14 - Blazers smoke Nuggets
How Portland exposed Denver's biggest weakness
20 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.13 - A win over the Orla...
Notes on the win over the Magic and previewing the Balkan showdown, with Dan Marang
50 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.10 - Friday Summit with ...
Recap of the win over OKC and life on the NBA beat
50 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.8 - Jokic goes for a new...
Jokic impersonates Dirk, scores 41 in his honor
18 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.9 - Australia loves the ...
An Aussie's perspective on the Denver Nuggets
35 min
Locked on Nuggets - 11.7 - Steve Jones, former ...
Early insights on the Nuggets and life as an NBA coach
25 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.6 - Evaluating every pla...
Quick deep dive on the key Denver Nuggets through 10 games
50 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.3 - The Summit, with Mar...
Which Nuggets player is probably the best rapper and actor?
60 min
Locked On Nuggets - 11.2 - A glimpse of potential
Notes on an impresive win over the Raptors
20 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.31 - Halloween Mailbag
Answering listener questions on Twitter and Instagram
27 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.30 - The Unicorn's revenge
Notes on the Nuggets loss at Madison Square Garden
20 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.30 - Mudiay and Murray t...
Recapping the wins over the Brooklyn Nets and the Atlanta Hawks
39 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.26 - Lost identity
In this episode, I recap the abysmal loss to the injured and shorthanded Hornets in Charlotte. Time to panic? Not yet. But all is not well in Nuggets-land.
19 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.23 - Jokic and the Nugge...
In this episode, I recap the loss to the Wizards and why it was equal parts frustrating and encouraging.
29 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.22 - A strange win over ...
In this game a recap the major story lines from last night's win over the Kings. Jokic's refusal to shoot, Faried's impact and fit with Millsap and Jokic, and other notes.
19 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.19 - Nuggets lose to Jaz...
In this episode, I recap the opening night loss to the Jazz and share my 3 biggest takeaways including Wilson's struggle to draw fouls, Barton's hot streak, and Jokic losing the big vs little battle to Joe Johnson.
23 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.17 - Mega preview show w...
In this special round table edition of the show, I am joined by TJ McBride of BSN Denver, Dev Johnson of Mile High Sports, and Brendan Vogt of Dig In Denver. Our lively discussion touches on all Nuggets topics and we witness Gordon Hayward's horrific i...
41 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.16 - Barton injured, Jef...
In this very busy episode, I talk about the Will Barton injury news out of practice. Then I break down the signing of Richard Jefferson and the waiving of Jameer Nelson. Lastly, I am joined by Ben Dowsett of Basketball Insiders to discuss how to beat t...
36 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.2 - Michael Malone on fr...
In this episode, I share my interview with Michael Malone in which he explains that the chemistry between Jokic and Millsap is that of a "2nd or 3rd date." Then I talk to Mason Plumlee who shares very thoughtful answers on spacing, roles, and learning ...
18 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.10 - OKC testing the mettle
In this episode I recap the loss to OKC in Denver's final preseason game. I begin by talking about Wilson Chandler's defensive impact, then discuss Jameer Nelson over Mudiay, small ball lineups, and lastly Denver's toughness and why Jamal Murray embodi...
22 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.9 - Things to look for i...
In this episode I talk about the things I am looking for in the final preseason game of the year for the Denver Nuggets.
18 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.8 - Garris gets extended...
In this episode, I begin by recapping he loss to the Spurs in preseason and share my 3 biggest takeaways. I finish by talking about the 4 year, $84 million extension for Gary Harris.
26 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.6 - Malone on Jokic, Mil...
In this episode I talk about head coach Michael Malone's interesting comments on Jokic's somewhat diminished role as a facilitator on the offensive end. I play the comments in their entirety and then talk about what I take away from those comments and ...
21 min
Locked on Nuggets - 10.5 - Plumlee has arrived!
In this episode I recap the Nuggets preseason win over the Lakers (the second time) and talk spotlight Mason Plumlee - who has been awesome all preseason long - Jamal Murray, and Malik Beasley.
30 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.4 - Gary Harris catches ...
In this belated episode, I share my notes from Denver's win over the Lakers in their 2nd preseason game.
17 min
Locked On Nuggets - 10.1 - The Millsap and Mudi...
In this episode, I talk about the play of Millsap, Jokic, and Mudiay in the team's first preseason game of the year. I also share some quick notes on what stood out about this team so far.
23 min
Locked On Nuggets - 9.28 - Mudiay, Lyles, and C...
In this episode, I talk about the rave reviews Mudiay is earning in camp thus far, how Lyles has slimmed down and plays well alongside Plumlee, and continue to drive the Torrey Craig bandwagon.
19 min
Locked On Nuggets - 9.27 - Chris Axmann of the ...
In this episode I am joined by Chris Axmann of the Almighty Baller radio network to discuss which Nuggets players are likely to break out, Tyler Lydon's pre-draft profile, Trey Lyles' star potential, Denver's defensive woes, and much much more.
38 min
Locked On Nuggets - 9.25 - Media day takeaways,...
In this episode I am joined by Chad Andrus and Zach Mikash to discuss a nine-man rotation, Faried's discontent, and Jokic's Serbian hate mail. And of course, lots of other tidbits from media day.
42 min
Locked On Nuggets - 9.20 - Player profile: Emma...
In this episode, I talk about Emmanuel Mudiay as he enters year three with the Nuggets. He fell out of the rotation last season, will he climb back in this season?
23 min
Locked On Nuggets - 9.19 - Player Profile: Gary...
In this episode, I talk about Gary Harris and why I doubt he'll improve too much, but I've doubted him before and been proven wrong.
28 min
Locked On Nuggets - 9.18 - The Mason Plumlee si...
In this episode, I share my thoughts on the Mason Plumlee signing and talk about how he fits on the roster.
22 min
Locked On Nuggets - 9.2. - Player Profile: Jama...
In this episode, I share my take on Jamal Murray and try to project his upcoming season.
32 min