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Adam Mares and Matt Moore host the daily podcast Locked on Nuggets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. Adam and Matt delve deep into the Nuggets and the NBA with his unequaled connections. #nuggets #denver #nba

Locked on Denver Nuggets - 3.2 - The Ball Is Po...
Adam provides detailed notes alongside Romania's biggest Nuggets fans
49 min
Locked On Nuggets 2.29: Clip Creamed
Well at least Michael Porter Jr. got minu... oh wait.
27 min
Locked on Nuggets 2.28: Showdown In Clipperville
Ivica Zubac is your best hope? Really?
31 min
Locked On Nuggets 2.26: Morris' Day and the Time
The Nuggets wax the Pistons, Monte Morris is the captain now, and hey, Gary Harris is alive!
26 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.25 - What I'm look...
A quick preview of tomorrow night's game
12 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.24 - Notebook on t...
With Adam Mares
28 min
Locked On Nuggets 2.20: World's Finest at All-S...
Quo feramus, quo vadimus
43 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.19 - The 10 most i...
Plus, the lineups we really want to see
51 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.18 - The keys to t...
Plus, news and notes
36 min
Locked On Nuggets 2.13.19: Not But But Painful
When is a made basket a jump ball? Trick question. It literally never is.
31 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.12 - Previewing th...
Plus, notes on the win over the Spurs
38 min
Locked On Nuggets 2.9.19: The Blue Arrow Is Bac...
Making sense of a not-great, not-bad trade deadline, what it means for the future, and oh, Jamal Murray burned the Suns' house down.
34 min
Locked On Nuggets 2.6.20: Can't Stop The Seven
There are wins. There are good wins. And there's whatever that was.
27 min
Locked On Nuggets 2.5.20: Requiem and Reconfigure
A major trade for the Nuggets, a dominant win, and a goodbye to old friends
30 min
New Episode: Pros and Cons of trading for Jrue ...
Plus, a look ahead to Tuesday night's matchup with Dame and the Blazers
27 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 2.3 - As players ret...
Plus, notes on the gritty loss to the Pistons
34 min
Locked on Nuggets 1.31.20: Jokic Tears Down The...
Is a 27-1 run good? I'm asking for a friend.
27 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.28 - Keith Parish ...
Plus, the hottest take I've ever had
35 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.27 - Farewell, Kobe
On Kobe's shocking departure, his legacy, and a basketball game under a cloud
37 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.24 - Andy Feinstei...
The Big Stiff Summit #5, with Andy Feinstein
48 min
Locked On Nuggets 1.23: A Real Pain In The (Eve...
Injuries, the Rockets game, and it's time to talk about trades
30 min
Locked On Nuggets 1.21: A Diamond Win In The Sc...
Whoo, Lord, that MPJ kid...
36 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.20 - Stubborness w...
On Denver's loss to the Pacers
30 min
Locked On Nuggets 1.17: Down (Three Starters) B...
P.J. Dozier? MPJ? It's a youth movement in Denver! Nuggets go back to back vs. bad teams behind the kiddos and Joker.
37 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.14 - The first 100...
Plus, notebook on the win over the Clippers
35 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.13 - World's Fines...
World's Finest
50 min
Locked On Nuggets 1.8: Why So Serious, Luka?
The Nuggets rattle off a big win on the road with some clutch defense, clutch Jokic, and more Jokic. Did I mention Jokic?
33 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.6 - Deep dive on J...
Plus, Barton's Birthday joy
29 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 1.5 - The ball has e...
Notes on Denver's brutal loss to the Wizards
24 min
Locked On Nuggets 1.2.20: MP-FRIGGIN'-J
And lo, I saw a rider on a pale horse, and his name was MPJ and buckets followed with him.
31 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.31 - The game has...
On the evolution of sports and the NBA
44 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.31 - The future o...
The 2nd part of a 3-part conversation with Dr. Travis Heath
36 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.31 - "Inat." Part...
With interviews from Nikola Jokic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Nemanja Bjelica
24 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.30 - The Michael ...
Notes on Denver's win over the Kings
32 min
Locked On Nuggets 12.23: World's Finest On A Wi...
Gary Harris takes over, Paul Millsap puts in work and the good times keep rolling
48 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.22: Sweet Home On Speer
That no one will remember this win makes it no less good.
33 min
Locked on Nuggets 10.20: Things Are Getting Bet...
Things look pretty good for Denver compared to where they were two weeks ago, and it's not just the record
30 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.15 - Knicks recap...
Quick notes on the win over the Knicks
36 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.15 - The new Niko...
Notes on a win over the OKC Thunder
37 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.10 - Ringz cultur...
Why are Nuggets fans so miserable?
44 min
Locked on Nuggets 12.9: The Road Is Paved With ...
The causes and consequences of Denver's offensive issues
29 min
Locked on Nuggets 12.6: Don't Take Your Pants O...
Man alive are the Knicks terrible, but hey, the Nuggets rolled.
26 min
Locked On Nuggets 12.4: Joke's On You
Not good enough vs. the Lakers, but almost, so maybe?
36 min
Locked On Nuggets 12.3: World's Finest on Laker...
Bandwagon fans, existential basketball crises, and Wilco
40 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 12.3 - Notebook on a...
That one stung
35 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.25 - Notebook on ...
Beasley returned, Murray is launching 3s, and Millsap continued to roll
29 min
Locked on Nuggets 11.23: Keep The Car Running
Another night, another win for the gritty, defensive Nuggets and I'm no longer kidding
26 min
Locked on Nuggets 11.21: What A Friggin' Win
Down goes Harden, up come the Nuggets, and all hail Malone
32 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.19 - Mike Olson o...
Plus, Mike'e perspectife on the 2019-20 Nuggets season so far
60 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.18 - How the Nugg...
Plus, a critique of Michael Malone's strategy with Michael Porter Jr.
31 min
Locked On Nuggets 11.15: Fine, We'll Do It The ...
Another gritty grind win for the Grit and Grind Nuggets
40 min
Locked On Nuggets 11.14: The Wait-And-See Diagn...
Diagnosing problems vs. problems that require remedy, and man, Trae Young is good
33 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.12 - Why aren't t...
Plus, mailbag questions
32 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.11 - Another day,...
Notebook episode on a win in Minny
34 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.9: The Joker Returns
Nikola Jokic is back, Murray is exemplary, Barton a sneaky hero and down goes Embiid.
28 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.8: Kickstarting 101
How do you get the Nuggets offense going without Nikola Jokic trying more?
19 min
Locked on Nuggets 10.7: The Foreboding Numbers
Nuggets stats show a mediocre team so far, but is that good news or bad news at 5-2?
33 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.6 - Matt Moore an...
A great 45 minute conversation
44 min
Locked on Nuggets - 11.5 - Is the Jokic fuss mu...
Plus, looking ahead to the Miami Heat
19 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 11.4 - One night aft...
Plus, why Jokic's funk is on him
30 min
Locked On Nuggets 11.1: Ruh-Roh
Hey, what if all the Nuggets played badly at the same time? (Except MPJ.)
32 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.31: A Dallas Downer
Also, when's the Kid gonna get in?
24 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.29 - Ugly wins ar...
Plus, some notes on Murray, Plumlee, and Harris
31 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.28 - Notebook: Je...
Plus, Jamal Murray's improvement as a player
30 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.23: Want To Hear A Joke? (...
What do you get when you try and stop Nikola Jokic with Hassan Whiteside for a whole game even with foul trouble?
28 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.22 - Predicting s...
Plus, notes on the rookie extension deadline coming and going
29 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.21 - Who's stock ...
Plus, news and notes including a clue into the rotation
38 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.19: The End Of The Beginning
Preseason finale, Malone Big Mad, Murray maximizes, forward distribution, and a Week 1 primer
29 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.16 - Jeff Stotts ...
Everything you need to know about the Denver Nuggets' injury history and player recovery
35 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.15 - A fully arme...
In praise of Jerami Grant and Michael Porter Jr.
35 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.14 - What has imp...
Plus game notes and what to look forward to against the Suns
29 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.11: Game Not Found
If MPJ scores 12 in a game no one can watch, did it happen?
31 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.10: Pump Up The MPJams
Michael Porter Jr. debuts, Grant shines, preseason game 1 takeaways
32 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.8 - What I'm look...
Plus, some announcements on DNVR shirts and live shows
22 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.7 - We Don't Skip...
The Denver Nuggets have developed the perfect mantra
22 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.4: Lessons Learned
What we learned in training camp, what preseason will teach us, and the Gary Harris "situation"
25 min
Locked On Nuggets 10.3: Camp Good Vibes
A small forward plot twist and Joker in command
28 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 10.2 - Michael Malon...
Plus other notes from day one of training camp
20 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.30 - MEDIA DAY: Ga...
Adam Mares and Matt Moore share their notes on media day
29 min
Locked On Nuggets 9.27: Let's Train This Camp
What adventures await in the (Colorado) Springs?
32 min
Locked on Nuggets - 9.24 - Introducing the new ...
Plus, which Nuggets player will have the most/least predictable season?
58 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.17 - Wishlist for ...
What do you hope each player added to their arsenal this summer?
29 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.16 - With a gold m...
Plus, Sports Illustrated's top 100 player rankings
35 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.13 - Juancho Herna...
Plus, a look at USA's future at FIBA World Cup and Serbia's win over USA.
29 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.11 - Despite the h...
Plus, takeaways from Nikola Jokic's play, Juancho Hernangomez fighting for the gold medal and a look at the two upcoming semifinal FIBA World Cup games
32 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.9 - The path to go...
Plus, a breakdown of Serbia's loss to Spain as well a discussions about Altitude looking into a streaming platform
30 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.6 - Nikola Jokic a...
Plus, lots of talk about Altitude TV and Bol Bol signing a two-way contract with the Nuggets
27 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.3 - I say goodbye ...
Plus, LOTS of talk about Jokic, Juancho, FIBA, and the upcoming Nuggets season
40 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.28 - The battle be...
Plus, what does the national media get wrong about the Denver Nuggets?
33 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.23 - Mailbag! Favo...
Plus, just how valuable is continuity?
33 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.21 - Best & Worst ...
Is it realistic to think the Nuggets COULD win a championship?
36 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.16 - Mailbag: Who ...
Plus, how would the Nuggets be viewed had they lost to the Spurs?
38 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.14 - Best & worst ...
Three of the biggest x-factors for the Nuggets in 2020
42 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 9.12 - Best & Worst ...
Plus, Nikola Jokic returned to the court in Serbia!
36 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.9 - Mailbag! What ...
Plus, other crazy and not so crazy questions
25 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.7 - Best and worst...
Plus, a note on crossing the 500 episodes milestone
37 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.5 - Best & Worst c...
Plus, will Murray and Harris emerge as one of the league's best back courts?
38 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.2 - How do the Den...
Plus, the keys to a successful season
27 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 8.1 - How do the Den...
Plus, more NBA over/unders
33 min
Locked on Denver Nuggets - 7.30 - NBA over/unde...
And how every team matches up with the Denver Nuggets
39 min