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Adam Mares and Matt Moore host the daily podcast Locked on Nuggets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. Adam and Matt delve deep into the Nuggets and the NBA with his unequaled connections. #nuggets #denver #nba

Locked On Nuggets: Gary Harris is a star
In this episode, I share my notes on the win over the Pelicans and the continued improvement of Gary Harris.
28 min
Locked On Nuggets: Mudiay!!!!! (4-3)
In this episode, I talk about Mudiay's big night and the Nuggets win over the Heat on the road.
30 min
Locked On Nuggets: State of the Nuggets, with s...
In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by Nate Duncan, host of the Dunc'd on Basketball Podcast. He shares his notes on the game against Portland, Nikola Jokic's weaknesses, the Nurkic-Plumlee deal, Plumlee's value in restricted ...
44 min
Locked On Nuggets: Nurkic strikes back
In this episode, I am joined by Harrison Wind of BSN Nuggets and Dev Johnson of Mile High Sports. We talk about the crushing loss and a very interesting post-game locker room.
34 min
Locked On Nuggets: Previewing the biggest game ...
In this episode, I preview the biggest game of the year as the Nuggets head to Portland to take on Jusuf Nurkic and the Trail Blazers. I go over many of the marquee matchups and some of the key factors of the game. Get hyped, Nuggets fans. This is the ...
29 min
Locked On Nuggets: Analyzing a brutal loss to t...
In this episode, I recap the brutal loss to the Pelicans at home in front of a loud and rowdy crowd.
19 min
Locked On Nuggets: The train keeps on rolling (...
In this episode, I share my notes on the win over the Pacers. The ball movement and passing on this team continues to look impressive night in and night out. Jokic seems to take his matchups with other young centers very personally. He also looks like ...
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: One of the best night's of t...
In this episode, I recap an amazing night at Pepsi Center as the Denver Nuggets dismantled the reigning champion, Cleveland Cavaliers. Everything about this game was perfect. The crowd was incredible, Jokic posted up on Lebron, Wilson outplayed the Kin...
26 min
Locked On Nuggets: Cavs-Nuggets crossover pod w...
In this episode, I am joined by Chris Manning of the Locked On Cavaliers podcast and we discuss the upcoming game between the Cavs and the Nuggets. We discuss what is going on in the world of both teams.
30 min
Locked On Nuggets: coast to coast (3-21)
In this episode, I talk about the soul crushing loss to the Rockets, the Plumlee-Jokic starting lineup, the youngins lineups, and Nelson's last shot.
25 min
Locked On Nuggets: It's not dark yet, but it's ...
In this episode, I share my notes on the loss against the Rockets and discuss why the Blazers now have the upper hand in the race for the 8th seed.
21 min
Locked On Nuggets: Barton's career-high and the...
In this episode, I recap the win over the Clippers. Will Barton had a career-high and was a huge boost to the Nuggets. Also, Jokic, Plumlee, and Faried are looking like a dynamic frontcourt trio.
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: NCAA tourney primer with Sam...
In today's episode, I am joined by Sam Vecenie to discuss the NCAA tournament and players for Nuggets fans to keep an eye on. Sam and I agree that the Nuggets are most likely to target a forward in the draft and being that the Nuggets will likely be se...
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: King me (3-12)
In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I recap the win over the Kings and talk about the growing chemistry between Gallo and Jokic. I also talk about Murray's growth since moving up in the depth chart.
21 min
Locked On Nuggets: Weekend Summit with Matt Moo...
In this weekend summit edition of the podcast, I am joined once again by Matt Moore along with TJ McBride and Daniel Lewis. We discuss the win over the Celtics, the playoff race, and more. I end the podcast by getting the Jokic Flu.
44 min
Locked On Nuggets: The upside and downside of m...
In this special edition of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by two of the biggest names in Nuggets coverage, Matt Moore from CBS Sports and Christopher Dempsey of Altitude TV and Radio. We recap the loss to the Wizards, some big picture issue...
46 min
Locked On Nuggets: Ill Will 3-7-17
In this episode I go over my notes on the win over the Kings and Wilson Chandler's career night.
17 min
Locked On Nuggets: Charlotte's interesting adju...
In this episode, I explain the Hornets' interesting adjustment to take away the flow of the Nuggets' offense. Then I deconstruct the controversy that arose in the locker room after the game and the difficult balance between on the record and off the re...
21 min
Locked On Nuggets: The ball was popping! (3-2)
In this episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I share my notes on one of the most impressive road wins of the season. The Nuggets offense looked incredible and their defense looked pretty good too. Oh, and Nikola Jokic put up his 2nd straight tripl...
30 min
Locked On Nuggets: Joker is back, great team wi...
In this episode, I share my notes on the great Nuggets win over the Bulls in which the team scored 125 behind the third triple double of the month for Nikola Jokic. I also talk about the great play of Gary Harris and Wilson Chandler d'ing up Jimmy Butl...
30 min
Locked On Nuggets: A slump, fatigue, and a miss...
In this episode, I share my notes on the Nuggets loss to the Grizzlies, my thoughts on Jokic's slump, and a missed opportunity to put some distance on the 8th seed.
22 min
Locked On Nuggets: Weekend Summit with Jeff Mor...
In this Weekend Summit episode of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by the always terrific Harrison Wind of BSN Nuggets, The King of Thornton, Jeff Morton of Denver Stiffs and Colorado Sports Guys podcat, and the very funny (and soft spoken) C...
45 min
Locked On Nuggets: Anticlimactic (2-24)
In this episode, I discuss the horrible loss to the new look Kings.
17 min
Locked On Nuggets: Trade deadline post-mortem (...
In this episode, I share my thoughts on the trade deadline and the moves the Nuggets made and did NOT make.
20 min
Locked On Nuggets Podcast: The 11th hour
In this episode, I share the latest breaking news, rumors, and reports on the trade deadline and talk about Mudiay's new role off of the bench.
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: Around the team in 30 minute...
In this episode, I take a close look at the stats and performance of the Nuggets over the last month of the season.
40 min
Locked On Nuggets: What Boogie in New Orleans m...
In this episode, I discuss Jamal Murray's MVP game in New Orleans, the Pelicans acquiring Boogie and what that means for the 8th seed, and the latest trade buzz around the Nuggets.
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: Plumlee's debut and Bogdan's...
In this episode, I am joined for the last time by Bogdan Popa as we recap the disappointing loss to the Timberwolves and Mason Plumlee's Nuggets debut. We also let Bogdan reflect on his experience here in Denver and the warm welcome he received from Ti...
32 min
Locked on Nuggets: Plumlee arrives, who else de...
In this episode, I am joined again by Bogdan Popa to talk about Mason Plumlee's arrival in Denver. We also discuss how willing we would be to depart with certain members of the roster.
38 min
Locked On Nuggets: Another night to remember 2-...
In this episode, I am joined by my friend Bogdan Popa, one of the biggest Nuggets fans in the world. Bogdan traveled from Romania to see the Denver Nuggets live in person and joins me to share his insight and analysis on one of the most amazing Nuggets...
34 min
Locked On Nuggets: The Nuggets got a Plumlee fo...
In this episode, I share my thoughts on the trade that sent Jusuf Nurkic and Memphis's 1st round draft pick to Portland for Mason Plumlee and a 2nd round pick. Around the 23 minute mark I am joined by Erik Gundersen who shares a scouting report on Plu...
53 min
Locked On Nuggets: 2-9-17 Nikola Jokic is bette...
In this episode, I explain why I think Nikola Jokic is better than Kristaps Porzingis and why I think there's a really good chance that he will always be better than Porzingis.
30 min
Locked On Nuggets: 2-8-17 Bad Jameer and Barton...
In this episode, I share my thoughts on the loss to the Atlanta Hawks and talk about how Jameer Nelson and Will Barton tend to freeze out Nikola Jokic and stagnate the offense despite putting up solid individual numbers.
15 min
Locked On Nuggets: 2-7-17 Mudiay's defensive st...
In this episode, I make the case for bringing Mudiay off of the bench even after he returns from injury and significant;y reducing his role to focus on his defensive struggles.
21 min
Locked On Nuggets: 2-6-17 Nuggets defense shows up
In this episode I share my notes on the win over the Dallas Mavericks including an impressive defensive effort, a Will Barton scoring barrage, and the return of Jokic the fouler.
20 min
Locked On Nuggets: Weekend Summit with Sean Wal...
In this weekend summit edition of the podcast, I am joined by Sean Walsh of Mile High Sports radio, Aniello Piro of Mile High Sports magazine, and Daniel Lewis of Denver Stiffs. We recap the win over the Bucks, Jokic's triple double, the locker room a...
45 min
Locked On Nuggets: 2-2-17 Trade rumors everywhere!
In this groundhog day edition of the podcast, I discuss the loss to the Grizzlies, the defensive focus, and the two HUGE trade rumors that are floating around regarding Wilson Chandler and Emmanuel Mudiay.
23 min
Locked On Nuggets: 2-1-17 Nuggets defense is la...
In this episode, I share my notes on the game against the Lakers and talk about just how bad this defense is from top to bottom.
16 min
Locked On Nuggets: On relevancy, hope, and bein...
This episode is a big departure from the typical analysis that I do on this show. Instead, I wanted to address the idea that many people in Denver's local radio media have advertised, that the Denver Nuggets are irrelevant. I talk about what it means t...
19 min
Locked On Nuggets: 1-29-17 No Joker, no problem
In this episode, I recap the great win over the Suns on the road and share my notes on the game. Jamal Murray stepped up despite some rookie moments and Gallo went full Rooster!
16 min
Locked On Nuggets: 1-26-17 Inside the locker ro...
In this episode, I share my notes from the exciting win over the Suns at home and take you inside the locker room after the injury to share with you what I saw and heard.
20 min
Locked On Nuggets: Jameer wants an apology
In this episode, I recap the win over the Jazz and apologize to Jameer Nelson for any slander he may have received from Nuggets Nation. I also talk about Darrell Arthur's big game and the importance of the upcoming 3-game series of games.
21 min
Locked on Nuggets: A tale of two point guards, ...
In this episode, I recap the loss to the Timberwolves. Jamal Murray shined as a point guard and Jameer Nelson...did not.
29 min
Locked On Nuggets: 1-21-17 Weekend Summit Episode
In this weekend Summit edition, I am joined by Jake Marsing of 5280 Sports, TJ McBride of BSN Nuggets, and Jeff Morton of Denver Stiffs and Colorado Sports Guys. We recapped the big win over the Clippers, the surprisingly great crowd, and the race for ...
48 min
Locked On Nuggets: Joker just keeps raising the...
In this episode, I recap the entertaining loss to the Spurs. Jokic set a new career high with 35 points and continues to keep setting the bar higher and higher. Mudiay lost the PG battle to a rookie. Juancho showed flashes of his game and potential. Mu...
20 min
Locked On Nuggets: Special guest Coach Nick fro...
In this episode, I am joined by coach Nick of BballBreakdown. Nick recently published an excellent video on Nikola Jokic in which he claims Jokic to be the best passing center in the game. He had a lot of great insights into what makes Jokic so special...
19 min
Locked On Nuggets: 1-18-17 Will the Thrill Barton!
In this episode, I recap the win over the Lakers, talk about Barton's big night, Jokic's aggressiveness, and Faried's gravity.
11 min
Locked On Nuggets: 1-16-17 Mudiay's best game a...
In this episode, I share my notes on the Nuggets win against the Magic. Mudiay had what I thought was his best game as a pro and dropped a career-high 13 assists. Faried was spectacular and even flashed some nice passing. And then Jokic. What more can ...
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: Around the team in 30 minutes
In this episode, I go through the entire roster and breakdown how they've played over the last month. Similar to what Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux do on the fantastic Dunc'd On podcast when they do 15 (teams) in 60 minutes. It was a fun podcast with so...
36 min
Locked On Nuggets: #MagicJokic in London
In this episode, I recap the exciting game over the Pacers in London in which the Nuggets put up 140 points. I talk about the continued progress of Nikola Jokic and then comment on Faried, who called out the city of Denver in his post game report.
22 min
Locked On Nuggets: Basketball analytics with au...
In this episode, I am joined by Andy Glockner, founder of The Cauldron and author of Chasing Perfection. We talk about the state of basketball analytics and how teams use analytics departments. We then focus on the Denver Nuggets and talk about how to ...
64 min
Locked On Nuggets: No one person is going to sa...
In this episode, I recap the game against the Spurs. The Nuggets offense was as good as ever but unfortunately, their defense was as bad as ever. I discuss the continued systemic issues on that end of the floor as well as Nurkic's effort, Darrell's imp...
15 min
Locked On Nuggets: The Nuggets and Spurs have s...
In this episode, I am joined by Jeff Garcia, host of the Locked On Spurs podcast. The two of us co-host this episode as both the Locked on Nuggets and Locked on Spurs podcast. We preview the game against the Spurs and Nuggets and share our 3 keys to th...
27 min
Locked On Nuggets: Free Falling
In this episode, I discuss the Nuggets awful loss to the Kings with a focus on Mudiay's defense, Nurkic's hot streak, and Malone's post game comments.
25 min
Locked On Nuggets: Valuable lessons for a young...
In this episode I talk about the game against the Warriors, Nurkic's impact, Barton's continued brilliance, and Malone's rotation. I also talk about the valuable lesson Murray is learning right now.
15 min
Locked on Nuggets: Paul Millsap and the Denver ...
In this episode I talk about Paul Millsap and how he would fit in with the Nuggets, what it'd cost to get him in a trade, and whether or not he'd re-sign. I also look ahead to the Warriors game.
25 min
Locked on Nuggets: Two steps forward, one step ...
In this episode I am joined by Chad Andrus to discuss the disappointing loss to the 76ers. Chad also shares his thoughts on Malone, Jokic, Mudiay, and Murray.
21 min
Locked on Nuggets: The centers of the future, w...
In this episode I am joined by David Naylor of Canis Hoopus to discuss the exciting game, the two young centers, and the future of these two teams.
48 min
Locked on Nuggets: Ranking the teams fighting f...
In this episode, I share some notes from today's practice including Malone's thoughts on the current 9-man rotation, Mudiay's defense, and Wilson leaving the bench before the game ended. Then I rank the teams vying for the 8th seed, from least likely t...
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: Crisis averted in Los Angeles
In this episode, I share my notes on the team's win over the Clippers including Gallo's foul drawing antics, Mudiay's defense, Jokic's fouls, and Barton's great play.
28 min
Locked on Nuggets: Christmas Summit with Dev Jo...
In this podcast, I recap the heartbreaking Nuggets loss to the Hawks with Jeff Morton, Ryan Blackburn, and Dev Johnson
35 min
Locked on Nuggets: Reacting to George Karl's qu...
In this episode, I share my thoughts and reactions to George Karl's comments about Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin. I also talk about Will Barton's comments about his desire to stay in Denver.
16 min
Locked on Nuggets: Regressing back to the mean
In this episode, I talk about the somewhat predictable blowout loss to the Clippers and what it might have revealed about Mudiay, Harris, and Jokic. I also talk about the Nuggets defensive scheme and Barton getting back to full strength.
25 min
Locked on Nuggets: Gary, Emmanuel, and Nikola
In this episode, I talk about Jokic's near triple double performance, Gary Harris's shooting, and Emmanuel Mudiay looking like a dominant guard.
23 min
Locked On Nuggets: A glimpse of potential
In this episode, I share my notes from the Nuggets impressive win over the Knicks. I talk about Jokic's passing and fouling, Faried's perfect game, and Wilson's under rated effort.
26 min
Locked on Nuggets: They say the darkest hour is...
In this episode I break down the most exciting and promising win of the season, the return of Gary Harris, and the return of Nikola Jokic to the starting lineup. I also talk about Jusuf Nurkic's diminished role and Emmanuel Mudiay's minutes reduction.
22 min
Locked on Nuggets: If I ruled the world
In this episode, I talk about where Jokic and Murray rank among the best U23 prospects in the NBA and then share a brief look at what I would do if I owned the team and coached the team.
34 min
Locked On Nuggets: A turning point in the season
In this episode, Daniel Lewis joins me to discuss the dumpster fire that is the Denver Nuggets right now. We look big picture and ask if this season is salvageable and whether or not the team should change their focus.
33 min
Locked on Nuggets: The Jokic-Faried pairing and...
In this episode I share my notes on the win against the Orlando Magic and explain why Jokic and Faried are able to lead the Nuggets to a 117 ORTG. I might even gush about Jokic a bit more than usual.
22 min
Locked on Nuggets: Turning it over to Jameer
In this episode, I discuss the new starting lineup, Faried getting a DNP-CD, and recap the game against the Wizards.
17 min
Locked on Nuggets: The problem is becoming more...
In this episode of the podcast, I recap the collapse and comeback against the Nets. I also speculate that it is finally time to pull back the reigns on Emmanuel Mudiay.
26 min
Locked on Nuggets: Process and results
The Nuggets got a win in the city of brotherly love behind Jamal Murray's shooting and the vet lineup that closed it out. Also, which team approached rebuilding the right way?
20 min
Locked on Nuggets: Has Malone lost the team? Ha...
Reviewing the last 2 games and asking whether the team has given up on Malone & Mudiay. Also, looking ahead to an important road trip.
20 min
Locked on Nuggets: 1 on 1 with Nuggets rookie, ...
Nuggets rookie shooting guard Malik Beasley sat down with me to talk about his family, college, the draft, and life in the NBA as a rookie.
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: The worst of the worst
Notes on the Nuggets' awful outing against the Miami Heat which may have been the worst loss of the young season.
22 min
Locked on Nuggets: The band is (slowly) getting...
The Nuggets are slowly getting back to full strength with the (possible) return of Danilo Gallinari, Will Barton, and Juancho Hernangomez. Also, what can the Nuggets learn from the Hornets?
19 min
Locked on Nuggets: Nuggets trade prospects with...
Danny Leroux of Real GM, Sporting News, and Locked on Warriors joins me to talk about the Nuggets season, their crowded rotation, and potential trade pieces going forward.
28 min
Locked on Nuggets: Big win in the valley of the...
Reviewing the Nuggets win over the Suns
24 min
Locked On Nuggets: Friday Summit episode with T...
This roundtable episode is on the Nuggets gut punching loss to the Thunder.
50 min
Locked On Nuggets: Jamal Murray is for real!
Jamal Murray erupted for 24 points in highlight fashion, helping the Nuggets down the Bulls to finish off their 4-game homestand.
18 min
Locked on Nuggets: Quick interview with Nikola ...
I got to sit down with Nikola Jokic to talk about being aggressive versus being passive, got an update on Darrell Arthur, Will Barton, and more. And lastly, I ranked the Nuggets in terms of how irreplaceable they are to the team if everyone else was he...
25 min
Locked on Nuggets: A glimpse of potential
The Nuggets looked very good against the Utah Jazz in their 105-91 on Sunday night. Mudiay continues to round back into form.
21 min
Locked on Nuggets: Nuggets and NBA with Matt Moore
Talking about the Nuggets season so far and looking around the league.
54 min
Locked On Nuggets: One in a row!
The Nuggets' vets are leading the way over the last few weeks.
21 min
Locked on Nuggets: Gary Harris injury and Mudia...
The impact of Gary Harris missing another 4 weeks and analyzing the how and why of Mudiay's struggles this season.
25 min
Locked On Nuggets: New lineup, same result
The Nuggets changed the starting lineup but have yet to find a winning formula.
18 min
Locked on Nuggets: Quick recap of the Warriors ...
In this episode, I recap the ugly Warriors game, talk about the vibes of the team, and talk about how the Nuggets went from a team of depth to a team in desperate need of health.
15 min
Locked on Nuggets: Heartbreak Blues in Memphis
In this episode, I share my notes on the Nuggets heartbreaking game against the Grizzlies including insight on turnovers, transition play with two bigs, and more.
28 min
Locked On Nuggets: Mudiay on fire!
Reviewing the Nuggets big win in Boston including the breakout performance by Emmanuel Mudiay, the return of Gary Harris, and the Nuggets best lineup getting BUCKETS.
17 min
Locked On Nuggets: We have ourselves a rivalry!
Reviewing the Nuggets 102-99 win over the Timberwolves, Jusuf Nurkic's continued improvements, Gallo and Chandler looking like the dynamic duo, and the potential for a nice rivalry brewing between these two teams.
19 min
Locked On Nuggets: On Mudiay, fit, and the absu...
In this episode of the podcast, I quickly recap the game against Toronto. I talk about the most encouraging part of Nurkic's new and improved game so far. Then i give a rant about people's NBA analysis and the idea that NBA players are or are not good.
22 min
Mutombo, Toronto, and a meltdown against Portland
In this episode, I talk about the atmosphere at Pepsi Center for Dikembe Mutombo's jersey retirement ceremony. I then discuss some of the big takeaways from the game against the Portland Trailblazers. Finally, I turn my attention to the upcoming game a...
17 min
Nuggets at Pelicans recap and takeaways
I recap the Nuggets opening night win over the New Orleans Pelicans and breakdown the performances of Jusuf Nurkic, Kenneth Faried, Emmanuel Mudiay, and more. I also share some concerns about the rotation and how coach Malone might not be using the mos...
26 min
Locked On Nuggets, 8/2: Diving into Faried trad...
19 min
Locked On Nuggets, 7/27: Is pursuing a Russell ...
12 min
Locked On Nuggets, 7.25.16, Harris & Mudiay's S...
35 min
Locked On Nuggets, 7/18, Summer league wrap, h...
28 min
Locked On Nuggets -- Diving into top Nuggets su...
35 min