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Ryan Tracy, Founder of Rogue Analytics & Performance Consulting and Eric Crocker, former NFL/AFL cornerback bring the NFL Draft to life every day with insight and analysis on college football prospects, NFL Front office evaluation process and the NFL on Locked on NFL Draft, part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #NFL #NFLDraft

Locked On NFL Draft - 5/28/10 - Summer Scouting...
Trevor and Ben embark on their 2020 Summer Scouting Series with the quarterback position
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/24/10 - Fun, Fantastic,...
Trevor and Ben bring you another long-winded Fan Friday answering all your question about football and more
43 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/23/10 - The Season Finale
Trevor and ben wrap up the draft mulligan series with the final four teams who have yet to be saved
23 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/22/10 - This Episode Is...
Noted life-long Ndamukong Suh fans Trevor Sikkema and Ben Solak talk about the Suh signing and also draft things
25 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/21/10 - Y'all Want Gera...
Trevor and Ben recap want an odd ending it was to the Gerald McCoy era in Tampa and where he may end up next (plus more draft mulligans)
34 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/20/10 - If Only Game of...
Trevor and ben run through four more draft classes and give their best draft mulligan for each team
25 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/17/19 - The Best #FanFr...
Trevor and Ben embark on what is the most wild Fan Friday to date
46 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/16/19 - WE ARE YELLING ...
Trevor surprises Ben with a new intro to the podcast and the duo tries to figure out what ther heck is going on up in New York
33 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/15/19 - Challenging Bil...
Trevor and Ben continue their draft mulligans series, and kick things off by questioning the decision making of the GOAT himself
28 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/14/19 - So Instead Of D...
Trevor and ben continue the draft mulligan series with a handful of teams, one of which decided to pick Daniel Jones
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/13/19 - The Oh So Obvio...
This week Trevor and Ben start their draft mulligan series where they pick a random team out of a hat and fix their draft class with one single pick
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/10/19 - The Return of #...
Trevor and Ben navigate through ben's first #FanFriday with one of the longest episodes to date -- all answering your questions
45 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/9/19 - Draft Class Reca...
Trevor and Ben wrap up their conference overview of each NFL Draft class with the Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks and Rams
34 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/8/19 - Draft Class Reca...
Trevor and Ben make their way down south to analyze and grade the draft classes of the Falcons, Saints, Panthers and Buccaneers
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/7/19 - Draft Class Reca...
Trevor and Ben make their way through the NFC North recapping the draft classes of the Vikings, Bears, Packers and Lions
35 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/6/19 - Draft Class Reca...
Trevor and Ben switch conferences to the NFC and start by (crap) talking a division near and dear to Ben's heart
37 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/3/19 - Draft Class Reca...
Trevor and Ben wrap up their AFC draft class recaps with the Raiders, Broncos, Chargers and Chiefs
31 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/2/19 - Draft Class Reca...
Trevor and Ben head down south to recap draft classes for the Jags, Texans, Colts and Titans
30 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 5/1/19 - Draft Class Reca...
Trevor and Ben tackle every AFC North draft class and give their best, worst and some overall grade thoughts
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/30/19 - Draft Class Rec...
Trevor and Ben begin their journey of grading every single draft class starting with the AFC East
31 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/26/19 - Recapping Round...
21 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/24/19 - How Seattle Jus...
27 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/23/19 - I'm On The EDGE...
Trevor and Ben get down and dirty with this 2019 EDGE rush class. They talk final rankings and sleepers.
33 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/22/19 - Everyone Panic;...
Trevor and Ben welcome you into draft week by introducing chaotic yet plausible situations in which this quarterback class can ruin the draft
33 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/21/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben wrap up the 2019 Guest Mock Draft with the final two picks for the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots
37 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/20/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben hit the home stretch with just four teams left to go in the guest mock, starting with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers
38 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/19/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben get two picks closer to the final picks of the 2019 Guest Mock Draft
35 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/18/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben hit the middle of the 20's with two elite guest to talk about the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts
40 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/17/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben keep trucking through this 2019 Guest Mock Draft with the help of two special guests to pick for the Texans and the Raiders
39 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/16/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben get back to the Guest Mock Draft with two all-star guests to pick for the Seahawks and Ravens
39 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/15/19 - Breaking Down F...
On this episode Trevor and Ben take a break from the 2019 Guest Mock Draft to breakdown some of their final rankings for the 2019 NFL Draft Class
31 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/12/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and ben round out the Top 20 with two great guests to pick for the Steelers and Titans
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/11/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben take things up north with two teams in very different circumstances
37 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/10/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben make their way to the middle picks of the 2019 Guest Mock Draft where Carolina and Washington go on the clock
36 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/9/19 - 2019 Guest Mock ...
Trevor and Ben usher in two important picks in the 2019 draft with the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/8/19 - 2019 Guest Mock ...
Trevor and ben kick off a new week of the 2019 Guest Mock Draft with two heater guests to talk Bengals and Chargers
47 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/5/19 - 2019 Guest Mock ...
Trevor and Ben round out the Top 10 with two great guests to pick for Buffalo and Denver, as well as give us some inside draft info...
35 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/4/19 - 2019 Guest Mock ...
Trevor and Ben take on the teeth of the Top 10 with two great guests who navigate them through picks involving the Jags and the Lions
34 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/3/19 - 2019 Guest Mock ...
Trevor and Ben navigate their way through the middle of the Top 10 in their Guest Mock Draft with two experts from each team
34 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/2/19 - 2019 Guest Mock ...
Trevor and Ben keep the Guest Mock draft rolling with two more picks, this time with two defensive studs in the sights of the Jets and the Raiders...
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/12/19 - 2019 Guest Mock...
Trevor and Ben get back to the 2019 Guest Mock with two All-Star guests to pick for the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens
39 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 4/1/19 - 2019 Guest Mock ...
Trevor Sikkema and Benjamin Solak kick off the second edition of LoND's Guest Mock Draft with two special guests and some important picks
27 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/28/19 - Everything We K...
Jon and Trevor go in-depth with their knowledge of Arizona's interest in Kyler Murray, what happened with Josh Rosen, potential deals that could be on the table and why the Cardinals process is bad no matter what.
31 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/27/19 - Live On Twitch:...
Jon and Trevor go live on Twitch to dive DEEP into the 2019 WR class, taking all of your questions on the sleepers, overrated and high-end WR prospects in the NFL Draft.
49 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/26/19 - Evaluating The ...
Jon and Trevor forge into the big uglies, talking about Jeffery Simmons' stock, Ed Oliver and the 2019 IDL class' fall from "grace",
28 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/25/19 - Evaluating Edge...
Jon and Trevor discuss the 2019 edge defender class, which day 2 prospects are worth the risk, Burns > Gary and several big name edges you shouldn't touch until day three.
28 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/22/19 - Evaluating The ...
Jon and Trevor discuss the 2019 cornerback class, a group missing premier talent at the top and featuring a ton of overrated prospects
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/21/19 - March Madness N...
Jon and Trevor discuss Trevor's latest article for TDN, comping March Madness teams to 2019 NFL Draft prospects in creative fashion.
25 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/20/19 - Live On Twitch ...
Jon and Trevor go live on Twitch to discuss Jaylon Ferguson's brutal pro day and take all of your NFL Draft-related questions.
54 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/19/19 - Scouting The 20...
Jon and Trevor roll through the 2019 safety class, breaking down which safeties fit best at what spot on the field, and where you should value some of the top names in the class.
37 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/18/19 - (Dueling) Mock ...
Jon and Trevor do dueling mock drafts of the 2019 NFL Draft, each selecting their own first round slate with quarterbacks falling and plenty of surprises throughout the first 32 picks.
43 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/15/19 - Will RBs Matter...
Jon and Trevor discuss the age old question of whether running backs matter, specifically in the 2019 NFL Draft, and which ones have a chance to go off the board in Round 1 or in the top 100.
31 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/14/19 - So, Who Still N...
Jon and Trevor roll through the first round, looking at each team and asking if they need a quarterback and if they'll take one in Round 1.
29 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/13/19 - Live On Twitch ...
Jon and Trevor go live on Twitch to break down all the free agent moves from day 2, including the Giants trading Odell and the 49ers landing Dee Ford.
51 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/12/19 - Evaluating Day ...
Jon an Trevor dive into the dumbness of free agency and how the moves made on the first day impact the top 10 slots in the 2019 NFL Draft
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/11/19 - Unchained Opini...
Jon and Trevor offer their takes on the Antonio Brown trade, where the Steelers go from here and whether AB can move then needle for a bad Raiders team or not.
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/8/19 - Antonio Brown, C...
Jon rides solo on the podcast, discussing the Steelers saga with Antonio Brown, why Washington shouldn't get flak for Keenum trade and his updated 2019 safety rankings
23 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/7/19 - It's So Hard To ...
Jon and Trevor offer the names of a handful of prospects they once loved dearly, but now realize it is time to cut the cord and move on from.
23 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/6/19 - Combine Standout...
Jon and Trevor reveal the winner of the 2019 Combine Locked On NFL Draft Challenge, while also ripping through some of the top winners and losers from the defensive performances at the Combine.
27 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/4/19 - Recapping Day 3 ...
Jon and Trevor recap the legend of D.K. Metcalf, some insane WR numbers, and a big shake up in the TE class
34 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 3/1/19 - Recapping Day 2 ...
Trevor and Jon recap all the interviews from the offensive linemen and running back interviews from the Scouting Combine
22 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/28/19 - Recapping Day 1...
Trevor and Jon give you their takes on all the GMs and head coaches who took to the podium on Day 1 of the 2019 NFL Combine
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/27/19 - Combine Predict...
Jon and Trevor go head-to-head picking the best and worst prospects on the defensive side of the ball in each Combine drill.
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/26/19 - Combine Predict...
Jon and Trevor go head-to-head picking the best and worst prospects on the offensive side of the ball in each Combine drill.
33 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/25/19 - Mock Draft Monday
Jon and Trevor forge the greatest mock draft of all time, including a few surprise early picks and a run on edge defenders that would shake up the draft.
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/22/19 - Talking Ole Mis...
Jon and Trevor are joined by Ole Miss tight end Dawson Knox, who talks about the frustrations of his redshirt junior year, proving himself to NFL teams, D.K. Metcalf's work ethic and so much more
20 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/21/19 - Fan Thursday NF...
Jon and Trevor go live on Twitch to answer all your NFL Draft questions, including Ed Oliver's top suitors, the ceiling for Clelin Ferrell and Devin White and much, much more.
45 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/20/19 - The Combine, Ky...
Jon and Trevor discuss the Combine decision Kyler Murray is facing, why it matters for his stock and a group of cornerbacks with a lot to prove in a weak class at the position.
25 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/19/19 - Chillin' With C...
Jon and Trevor welcome Texas defensive lineman Charles Omenihu on the podcast to talk Texas football, misperceptions in the Big 12, his growth as a player and more
16 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/18/19 - Offseasons Plan...
Jon and Trevor unpack the offseasons that each team in the NFC North is facing, including a few teams evaluating a tight end high in the draft and one with hardly a need to address.
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/15/19 - Offseason Plans...
Jon and Trevor finally tell the long-awaited Jon Gruden story, discuss the offseason plans for the NFC South teams and revel in the relaxation of evaluating a team with very few needs.
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/14/19 - Offseason Plans...
Jon and Trevor break down the upcoming offseasons for several NFC East teams, including the Eagles' crossroads offseason and Dallas' draft strategy.
36 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/13/19 - Offseason Plans...
Jon and Trevor offer their takes on how each NFC West team should approach the offseason, including the Cardinals draft day plans and a 49ers team that should be extremely bold
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/12/19 - What To Make Of...
Jon and Trevor go live on Twitch to answer your questions, talk D.K. Metcalf and separate truth from lies in the draft situation of Kyler Murray
29 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/11/19 - Analyzing AAF K...
Jon and Trevor are amped up about the AAF, but in order for the league to sustain their hot start, a few key things still need to happen
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/8/19 - Breaking Down Th...
Jon and Trevor have thoughts on the official NFL Scouting Combine invite list, including the players they are most excited to watch and the biggest snubs at each position.
31 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/7/19 - Offseason Plans ...
Jon and Trevor dive into the team needs of the AFC West squads, including how the Raiders should address the draft and what the odds on Denver taking a quarterbacl
35 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/6/19 - Updated Top 10 D...
Jon and Trevor discuss their updated top 10 defensive positional rankings, including the quandary of Ed Oliver, a suddenly loaded safety class and a highly-debatable edge rusher group
29 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/5/19 - Updated Top 10 O...
Jon and Trevor discuss their updated top 10 offensive positional rankings, including a WR group they see quite differently and a loaded offensive tackle class.
36 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/4/19 - Goff, McVay, Pat...
Jon and Trevor talk Jared Goff, properly evaluating quarterbacks in the NFL, Sean McVay, the Pats dynasty and a whole lot more
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 2/1/19 - Offseason Plans ...
Jon and Trevor discuss offseason plans for the AFC North teams, including the Steelers situation with AB, Baltimore's quiet needs and the Browns operating from a position of strength.
25 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 1/31/19 - Fan Q&A (on Twi...
Jon and Trevor record their podcast live on Twitch and take NFL draft questions from listeners all show long
38 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/30/19 - Offseason Plans...
Jon and Trevor dive into the AFC South, where one team desperately needs a quarterback and another could be looking to move on in the near future.
34 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/29/19 - Offseason Plans...
Jon and Trevor look ahead at the pending offseason of the AFC East teams, including Miami being a team to watch, Buffalo's trade back scenarios and how locked in the Jets should be on an edge defender.
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/28/19 - Senior Bowl Ros...
Jon and Trevor alternate picks to build their own starting lineups out of 2019 Senior Bowl prospects, while breaking down which prospects stood out in Mobile.
38 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/24/19 - Senior Bowl Wid...
Jon and Trevor are joined by Brad Kelly for Thursday's Locked on NFL Draft podcast, including which receivers have starred and which have have struggled in Mobile.
23 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/23/19 - Analysis of Sen...
Jon and Trevor have tons of takeaways from day 1 of Senior Bowl practices, including the day's top quarterback, weigh-in standouts and an unimpressive pass rush group
24 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/22/19 - Senior Bowl's N...
Jon and Trevor talk Jim Nagy's impressive opening press conference, his thoughts on some of the top players in Mobile, Drew Lock's winning demeanor, and Deshaun Davis' smarts and leadership.
20 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/21/19 - Pre-Senior Bowl...
Jon and Trevor give you a pick-by-pick two-person 2019 NFL Draft Mock Draft to get your Senior Bowl week started right!
28 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/18/19 - Super Show: Sen...
Jon and Trevor are joined by the Draft Dudes, Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino, as they offer their extensive list of players to watch in Mobile, Alabama for the 2019 Senior Bowl next week.
30 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/17/19 - Shrine Analysis...
Jon and Trevor go through every player on the Shrine game roster and discuss whether or not they have a shot at making an NFL roster or not, mainly based on their play in St. Pete
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/16/19 - Shrine Week Day...
Jon and Trevor soar through day two of Shrine practices, with stories of the day, the linebacker everyone loves and the best WR amidst a great group.
28 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/15/19 - Shrine Day 1 Re...
Jon and Trevor review the first day of 2019 Shrine practices, including Easton Stick's rough day and the defensive tackle who stole the show.
32 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/14/19 - Previewing Shri...
Jon and Trevor are in Tampa ready to drop Shrine Game coverage all week long, but first a rundown of key players to watch on both the East and West rosters.
25 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/10/19 - Previewing The ...
Jon and Trevor welcome Jim Nagy, Executive Director of the Senior Bowl, on the show to talk about formulating the 2019 rosters, input from NFL teams, like as a scout, and standouts amongst the prospects.
40 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/9/19 - Fan Wednesday NF...
Jon and Trevor go LIVE on Twitch, answering fan questions, discussing new coaching hires, talking NFL Draft prospects and more
46 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 1/8/19 - Analyzing The Natty
Jon and Trevor break down Clemson's shocking throttling of Alabama in the National Championship Game, including an in-depth discussion about when players should be able to declare for the draft.
26 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/7/19 - Unpacking Wild C...
Jon and Trevor break down their top takeaways from Wild Card Weekend, including a QB who wasn't ready, one who was robbed and one whose magic is never-ending.
30 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/4/19 - Super Show: Prev...
Jon and Trevor are joined by The Draft Dudes Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino for an in-depth preview of Monday's CFB National Championship Game
23 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 1/3/19 - Analyzing The Un...
Jon and Trevor take a detailed look at the 82 underclassmen who have declared for the 2019 NFL Draft, including a ridiculous number of offensive skill players
27 min