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Trevor Sikkema and Benjamin Solak of The Draft Network bring the NFL Draft to life every day, all year long, with insight and analysis on college football and the NFL. Locked On NFL Draft is part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #NFL #NFLDraft

Locked on NFL Draft - 11/5/18 - Analyzing The Y...
Jon and Trevor discuss the jaw-dropping season of Patrick Mahomes, judging analysts by their evaluation not their valuation, why Deshaun Watson is a baller and Mitch Trubisky's lowkey struggles
34 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 11/1/18 - NFL Week 9 Pick...
Jon and Trevor lay down their picks for Week 9 of the NFL season, including whether to take Rodgers and the points or New England on Sunday Night Football.
34 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/30/18 - Trade Deadline...
Jon and Trevor offer their perspective on the draft shakeup caused by the trade deadline, before diving into what should be an extremely exciting weekend in college football.
35 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/30/18 - Midseason Rook...
Jon and Trevor discuss their list of midseason NFL offensive and defensive rookie of the year nominees, including a host of viable defensive options.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/29/18 - Midseason 2018...
Jon and Trevor look back at their 2018 NFL Draft big boards to see how their top prospects have fared midway through their first seasons and who should have been higher up the board.
36 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/26/18 - Super Show: Sp...
Jon and Trevor welcome Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino from the Draft Dudes podcast, as the squad discusses which non-football athlete they would rather have on their team.
30 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/25/18 - NFL Week 8 Pic...
Jon and Trevor pick all of the Week 8 games across the NFL landscape, including a couple of really tough ones in another great slate of games.
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/24/18 - You Can Watch ...
Georgia-Florida, Penn State-Iowa, Clemson-Florida State (ok, ok we're reaching). Week 9 in CFB has a couple matchups to keep your scouting eye on.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/23/18 - When The World...
Jon and Trevor discuss the bananas move the Dallas Cowboys to trade a first round pick for the highly inconsistent Amari Cooper in hopes of saving their 2018 season.
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/22/18 - Mock Draft Mon...
Mock Draft Monday is back, as Jon and Trevor perfectly select all 32 first round picks and turn every NFL team into an instant contender.
41 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/18/18 - NFL Week 7 Pic...
It's Week 7 (WEEK SEVEN!) and Jon and Trevor have all the My Bookie NFL picks for you on the latest Locked on NFL Draft podcast.
28 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/17/18 - You Can Watch ...
Jon and Trevor break down a relatively weak slate of college football action, but there are a couple hidden gems you should pay attention to.
34 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/16/18 - Epic Tight End...
The 2019 NFL Draft class has the chance to be one of the best tight end classes in memory, as a massive wave of talented underclassmen infiltrate the college ranks.
32 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/15/18 - Let's Talk 201...
Jon and Trevor discuss the ever-so-intriguing 2017 running back class, evaluating Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara and what the order of backs would be in a re-draft held today.
27 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/12/18 - Super Show: Ro...
Jon and Trevor are joined by Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino for a roundtable discussion to rank six different positional groups of young NFL studs.
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/11/18 - NFL Week 6 Pic...
Jon and Trevor lay down their picks for Week 6 of the NFL season, including a couple high-end matchups that could have major postseason repercussions
24 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/10/18 - The Best Hack ...
What's it like to be a hack writer AND produce quality content? Jon and Trevor are here to tell you all about it folks, along with holding funerals for a few cooked NFL teams.
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/9/18 - Get Ready For T...
Jon and Trevor talk up defensive line prospects on the pod, before diving into a quarterback class becoming more underwhelming by the week.
33 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/8/18 - Rookie QBs Win ...
With Trevor living it up for one more night in Vegas, Jon goes solo on the pod to talk about his impressions from the Week 5 slate of NFL games, including four rookie quarterback performances.
28 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/5/18 - Fan Friday Feat...
With Trevor in Vegas, Jon is joined by Ben Solak for an upgraded show that features your questions getting answers by two true "experts".
32 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/4/18 - NFL Week 5 Pick...
Jon and Trevor offer their takes on Jon Gruden's Derwin James claim, while also picking the betting lines for the Week 5 games in the NFL
27 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 10/3/18 - You Can Watch A...
Trevor handles some fastball question from Jon about his new Top 75 big board, before previewing the best matchups in college football this weekend.
33 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/2/18 - Don't Coach Lik...
Jon and Trevor discuss the play of Justin Herbert, several excelling edge defender prospects and why James Franklin was trippin' during and after Penn State's loss.
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 10/1/18 - Rookie QBs Will...
Jon and Trevor lament the sad state of their bad football teams, while also recapping rookie performances from around the NFL in Week 4.
25 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/28/18 - TDN Super Show:...
Jon and Trevor welcome Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino from the Draft Dudes podcast, discussing high school recruiting and prospects who have risen and fallen on their boards this season.
34 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/27/18 - NFL Week 4 Pick...
Jon and Trevor pick all the Week 4 NFL games, talk about a few of the worst teams in the league and more on Thursday's Locked on NFL Draft pod
23 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/26/18 - Gird Your Loins...
Jon and Trevor preview an outstanding upcoming slate of college football games (that are all at night wtf), including Ole Miss-LSU, Stanford-Notre Dame and Ohio State-Penn State
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/25/18 - 2019 Wide Recei...
Jon and Trevor talk Steelers-Bucs before moving on to a loaded wide receiver class that has opened the 2018 season on a torrid pace.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/24/18 - Josh Allen, Der...
Jon and Trevor embrace the challenging evaluation of Josh Allen, pick their current Defensive Rookie of the Year and laud the performance of Calvin Ridley
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/21/18 - A King Is Born ...
It took an unfortunate circumstance to get him on the field because his head coach is the worst, but Baker Mayfield's coming out party was worth every second of Hue's awfulness.
21 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/20/18 - Week 3 NFL Pick...
It's Bucs-Steelers pick day on the pod, and Jon and Trevor have a friendly wager to lay down, but not until after they discuss Josh Gordon to the Patriots and what it all means.
24 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/18/18 - It Costs 2 Buck...
Jon and Trevor examine a rich slate of Week 4 college football games, including super low ticket costs, Drew Lock's big test and N'Keal Harry vs good corners
28 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/18/18 - Is Jarrett Stid...
Jon and Trevor talk Jarrett Stidham, Drew Lock, Dwayne Haskins and a group of quarterback prospects still looking for a true no. 1 signal caller.
30 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/17/18 - NFL Week 2 Rook...
It's Bucs-Steelers week on the pod! In the meantime, Jon and Trevor have thoughts on Patrick Mahomes, rookie receivers, Phillip Lindsay and the slow start for pass rushers.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/14/18 - Fan Friday: Tre...
Trevor has a sizzler of a take for the second straight day, while he and Jon handle a multitude of questions, including how good the 2019 wide receiver class really is.
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/13/18 - Week 2 NFL Pick...
Jon and Trevor lay down their picks for Week 2 of the NFL season, including their picks for a deep slate of top-tier matchups.
27 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/12/18 - CFB Week 3 Pros...
Jon and Trevor are stoked for six straight days of football, Brett Rypien and Dwayne Haskins' first big tests and Ole Miss receivers vs. Alabama defensive backs.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/11/18 - Running back cl...
Jon and Trevor discuss a running back class that might be in disarray without Rodney Anderson, and a quarterback class quietly on the rise.
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/10/18 - NFL Week 1 Rook...
Rookie storylines are running wild after just one week of NFL football, and Jon and Trevor are here to walk you through who played well, who didn't and who couldn't get on the field.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/7/18 - Super Show: NFL ...
Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino of the Draft Dudes podcast join Jon and Trevor to discuss their playoff picks, player superlatives and Super Bowl champions.
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/6/18 - Le'Veon Bell & N...
Jon and Trevor have takes on the Le'Veon Bell situation, as well as their MyBookie pick 'ems for Week 1 of the NFL regular season.
32 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/5/18 - NFL Rookie Expec...
Jon and Trevor dive into the expectations for several key rookies in Week 1, including Sam Darnold's first start, Saquon Barkley vs the Jaguars DL and lord have mercy the Raiders honestly traded Khalil Mack.
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/4/18 - Florida State Fa...
Jon and Trevor talk Willie Taggart, Florida State, Levonta Taylor, Brian Burns, Sam Darnold and the joke of Christian Hackenberg continuing to get jobs in the NFL.
28 min
Locked On NFL Draft - 9/3/18 - Major Takeaways ...
It's only been one week, but can we already call multiple "contenders", pretenders? Jon and Trevor talk about the players and teams that stood out in Week 1.
28 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 9/1/18 - Spectator Saturd...
Jon and Trevor answer all of your questions on the second ever Spectator Saturday, including whether Jim McElwain ever rode a shark butt naked.
32 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/30/18 - Top 10 Position...
Jon and Trevor analyze their top 10 positional rankings, discussing the host of players they are higher and lower on than the early consensus.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/29/18 - Scouting Interi...
We may have used up all the good interior offensive line prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft, because 2019 is hurting for impact players between the tackles.
24 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/28/18 - Scouting 2019 O...
Is Trey Adams slated to be no. 2 offensive tackle off the board? Will David Edwards work his way into round one? Why is Greg Little getting so much hype?
21 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/27/18 - Scouting Offens...
Is Jonah Williams the next Joe Thomas? Does Dalton Risner have the ability to play tackle in the NFL? Can Tyree St. Louis reach his ceiling this season?
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/24/18 - The Draft Netwo...
Jon and Trevor are joined by Kyle and Joe to break down the AFC and NFC South divisions, identifying what second and third-year players they need to break out in 2018.
43 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/23/18 - Preseason Top 5...
Jon and Trevor cover a lot of ground on Thursday, including their top five wide receivers and who the top tight ends to watch are for the 2019 NFL Draft.
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/22/18 - Scouting 2019 W...
South Carolina has one heck of a wide receiver duo, but Jon might be higher on them than Trevor. The latter prefers the contested catch ability of N'Keal Harry, while J.J. Arcega-Whiteside and Denzel Mims also go under the microscope
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/21/18 - Scouting 2019 W...
Is Kelvin Harmon WR1? Can Ahmmon Richards' maddening drop issues get fixed? How athletic are Anthony Ratliff-Williams and Jaylen Smith?
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/20/18 - Scouting 2019 W...
Ole Miss is loaded with wide receiver talent in 2018, so Jon and Trevor are here to talk to you about D.K. Metcalf, A.J. Brown, DaMarkus Lodge and the one who got away from the Rebels
27 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/18/18 - Spectator Satur...
Jon and Trevor answer all of your questions on the first ever Spectator Saturday, including Jalen Ramsey takes, inaccurate player comps, and the second-year WR ready to break out.
25 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/16/18 - Preseason Top 5...
Jon and Trevor lay down their top five running backs in the prospective 2019 class, but this ain't no 2018 group, folks. The 2019 running back class is hurtin'.
18 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/15/18 - Scouting 2019 R...
How weird an eval is David Montgomery? Is Travis Homer really just 195 pounds? What to make of Mike Weber's limited reps...all that and more on latest LO NFL Draft podcast!
19 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/14/18 - Scouting 2019 R...
Jon and Trevor dive into the mystery of the small statured running back, including how such prospects should be valued, and what kind of ceiling and role Myles Gaskin, Bryce Love and Justice Hill have in the NFL/
27 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/13/18 - Scouting 2019 R...
Can Rodney Anderson crack the top 32? Should Damien Harris be getting more love as a prospect? What is Benny Snell's ceiling in the draft?
24 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/10/18 - Welcome to The ...
Draft Dudes co-hosts Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino join Jon and Trevor to discuss the players from the AFC/NFC North that they need to step up this season for the brand.
34 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/9/18 - Scouting 2019 QB...
The QB guru himself, Mark Schofield, joins Jon and Trevor on the show to discuss Justin Herbert, Drew Lock, Ryan Finley, a few quarterback sleepers and more.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/8/18 - Scouting Will Gr...
At this point in their careers, Grier and Finley aren't showing Jon and Trevor much in the way of future NFL starting quarterback material.
18 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/7/18 - Scouting Justin ...
It's Trevor's turn to be the disgruntled scout, as he remains unimpressed with the quarterback class, while Jon sees hope in the midst of darkness.
21 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/6/18 - Scouting 2019 NF...
Jon and Trevor are excited about the launch of The Draft Network, but harness their joy enough to talk about two quarterback prospects to keep your eye on, Drew Lock and Jarrett Stidham.
25 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/3/18 - Fan Friday Q&A: ...
We made it fam. Football is back, Jon and Trevor never left, the questions are better than ever and Locked on NFL Draft has everything you need on this Fan Friday
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/2/18 - Preseason top 5 ...
Trevor thinks he's found a safety diamond-in-the-rough (a.k.a Alabama), while Jon laments a safety class that hasn't impressed him and a cornerback class that needs work.
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 8/1/18 - Scouting 2019 sa...
Jon is disgusted with the 2019 safety prospects, while Trevor remains optimistic despite a lack of quality tape.
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/31/18 - Scouting 2019 c...
Derrick Baity is an SEC corner not getting much love, Amani Oruwariye has some alluring traits and some big question marks and Julian Love needs to find consistency in his game.
21 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/30/18 - Scouting 2019 N...
Greedy Williams, Levonta Taylor and DeAndre Baker, 3 very different types of corners, each with a lot to prove to live up to their current billing.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/27/18 - Fan Friday Q&A:...
Jon and Trevor talk Malik McDowell, Draft Network superlatives, what NFL team they would relocate and more.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/26/18 - Preseason top 5...
Jon and Trevor drop their preseason top 5 linebacker rankings on the latest Locked on NFL Draft, including differing opinions on a pair of Devins.
17 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/25/18 - Scouting 2019 l...
Mack Wilson, Kendall Joseph, Leo Lewis, Ryan Connelly, Bobby Okereke and Jordan Jones are all discussed on today's pod
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/24/18 - Scouting 2019 N...
Jon and Trevor drop their thoughts on three of the top linebacker prospects in the 2019 class, including Paddy Fisher, Te'Von Coney and Shaq Quarterman
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/23/18 - Scouting 2019 l...
Bleacher Report's Connor Rogers joins Jon and Trevor on the podcast to break down Devin White, Devin Bush and T.J. Brunson.
28 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/20/18 - Fan Friday Q&A ...
Jon and Trevor are joined by the great John Owning, who answers your questions and offers his takes on the top edge rusher prospects in the 2019 class.
33 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/19/18 - Preseason top 5...
Jon and Trevor rank their preseason top 5 interior defensive lineman and top 5 edge defenders, with a couple absent names that might surprise you
28 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/18/18 - Scouting 2019 e...
Jon and Trevor move up the world rankings of iconic duos, while waxing poetic about a bunch of overrated, day 3-caliber edge defender prospects
23 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/17/18 - Scouting 2019 e...
Is Rashan Gary worth the top 5 hype? Can Brian Burns or Joe Jackson establish themselves as premier edge rushers in this class?
27 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/16/18 - Scouting 2019 e...
Is Nick Bosa on Joey's level? Can Clelin Ferrell overcome his athleticism and flexibility concerns? Montez Sweat has great traits, but is he strong enough to survive NFL trenches?
25 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/13/18 - Fan Friday Q&A:...
Jon and Trevor field all your questions about the 2019 interior defensive line prospects, as well as addressing their biggest IDL misses ever
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/12/18 - 2019 Interior D...
Who is better, the Auburn duo, the Ohio State duo or the Texas A&M duo? Can any of them vault themselves into top prospect consideration?
25 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/11/18 - 2019 Interior d...
Is Dexter Lawrence worth the hype? 2 SEC interior defensive linemen aren't getting enough love, while one needs to stay healthy and find consistency.
27 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/10/18 - Scouting 2019 N...
Is Ed Oliver the next Aaron Donald? Can Raekwon Davis go in the top 10? Are Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence worth the hype?
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/9/18 - Breaking down su...
Jon and Trevor break down the top three supplemental draft prospects, including their takes on what rounds each player will be bid on.
29 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/6/18 - Fan Friday Q&A
Jon and Trevor offer as much perspective on their new site The Draft Network as possible, while also answering your NFL Draft-related questions
33 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/5/18 - Projecting rooki...
Will the Texans have a rookie starter? Will all the Colts rookies start? Does Taven Bryan see the field in year one? Does Tennessee have two top DROY candidates?
31 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/4/18 - Projecting rooki...
Jon and Trevor examine the potential rookie impact in the AFC West, including a shortage of likely first-year starters in L.A. and Oakland
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/3/18 - Projecting Rooki...
Jon and Trevor dive into the rookie prospects in the AFC North, including whether Edmunds starts for Pittsburgh, when Lamar and Baker take the reins and how big Billy Price's impact is in Cincy.
33 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 7/2/18 - Introducing The ...
Jon and Trevor introduce their new site The Draft Network, launching August 6th, before delving into the rookie impact likely to be had in the AFC East
32 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/28/18 - Projecting Rook...
Are the Cardinals prepped for rookie overload? Will Seattle's rebuild call for major rookie usage in 2018? Are SF and LAR the top dogs in the West now?
21 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/27/18 - Projecting Rook...
Jon and Trevor predict what impact the rookies in the NFC South will have for each of their teams.
19 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/26/18 - Projecting Rook...
Will the Cowboys have 4 rookie starters? Will the Eagles have any? Can Guice win OROY? Or will Barkley be the undisputed champion due to opportunity?
20 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/25/18 - Projecting Rook...
The Packers rookies are gonna play big snaps, the Vikings rookies may not play at all and the Lions and Bears are somewhere in between. Jon and Trevor break down the NFC North rookie impact.
23 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/22/18 - Fan Friday Q&A
Jon and Trevor tackle all of your Fan Friday questions, including the perfect first date spot, NBA Draft takes, Adonis Alexander breakdown and 2019 top RBs/LBs
28 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/21/18 - Second-year Sna...
Jon and Trevor take a look at the second year outlook for the AFC West 2017 draft picks, including Elway needing a win, the Chiefs hope in Mahomes and Raiders/Chargers injury woes
30 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/20/18 - Second-year sna...
Jon and Trevor take a look at the second year outlook for the AFC North 2017 draft picks, including a big upcoming year for T.J. Watt, the Ravens quiet rookie class and Cleveland needing a draft win.
35 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/19/18 - Second-year Sna...
Jon and Trevor take a look at the second year outlook for the AFC South 2017 draft picks, including whether the Colts class can reverse their year 1 look, if Corey Davis will break out in year 2 and the return of QB1
34 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/18/18 - Second-year Sna...
Jon and Trevor take a look at the second year outlook for the AFC East 2017 draft picks, including the return of Derek Rivers, a massive opportunity for Zay Jones and Miami getting take 2 on their early draft picks.
35 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/15/18 - Second-year sna...
Jon and Trevor take a look at the second year outlook for the NFC West 2017 draft picks, including the Seahawks weak drafting, huge year for 2 Rams defenders and 49ers odd drafting of Joe Williams
33 min
Locked on NFL Draft - 6/14/18 - Second-year sna...
Jon and Trevor take a look at the second year outlook for the NFC East 2017 draft picks, including a host of corners about to step into prominent roles and a couple of edge defenders who need big seasons
36 min