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Adam Armbrecht and Doug Norrie take you inside the Brooklyn Nets for all the latest with the Locked On Nets Podcast. The two started on the We Got Nets podcast, uniting on the air prior to the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signings. Adam calls Nets play-by-play on Sportscastr and brings a brand of fandom diehards will understand. Doug has spent years in the fantasy sports world with his company DFSR, creating NBA projections and talking about the league as a whole. Tune in every day because We Go Hard. Locked On Nets, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Nets-6/10/18-Grading D-Lo
Gavin and Josh review D-Lo's season
30 min
Locked On Nets-6/1/18-Grading Allen Crabbe and ...
Gavin and Josh talk Allen Crabbe.
25 min
Locked On Nets-5/25/18-Reviewing Caris Levert
Gavin and Josh review Caris Levert's season.
35 min
Locked On Nets-5/12/18-Mozgov?
Gavin and Josh talk Timmy Mozgov and the Conference Finals.
38 min
Locked On Nets-5/11/18-Grading Spencer Dinwiddie
Gavin talks Spencer Dinwiddie's season
23 min
Locked On Nets-5/7/18-The One With No Rundown
Gavin, Josh and Marcus go in.
25 min
Locked On Nets-5/3/18-Nets Season Awards Part Two
Gavin and Josh talk Awards SZN
28 min
Locked On Nets-5/3/18-Nets Season Awards Part One
Gavin and Josh talk Awards SZN
21 min
Locked On Nets-4/30/18-New Coaches And Bad Parm
Gavin and Josh are back
25 min
Locked On Nets-4/25/18-Offseason Mailbag Part 3
Gavin and Drex break down Nets free agency.
24 min
Locked On Nets-4/23/18-Offseason Mailbag Part 2
Gavin nd Drex go in on Nets' player improvements
21 min
Locked On Nets-4/20/18-Offseason Mailbag Part 1
Gavin and special guest Matt Drexler go in on the NBA offseason.
24 min
Locked On Nets-4/18/18-Marksisms Part Two
Gavin and Josh talk Kenny Atkinson quotes and the playoffs.
26 min
Locked On Nets-4/17/18-Marksisms Part One
Gavin welcomes back Josh
21 min
Locked On Nets-4/12/18-Not With A Bang But A
Gavin goes solo to talk the loss and exit interviews
18 min
Locked On Nets-4/11/18-WhoAmIGate
Gavin talks controversy and efficiency.
22 min
Locked On Nets-4/8/18-Three's Please
Gavin and Josh break down the Nets' record setting win.
32 min
Locked On Nets-4/6/18-Season Made
Gavin and guest host Jeremy talk the Nets win.
28 min
Locked On Nets-4/4/18-Salt Intensifies
Gavin and Josh cover a wide range of topics.
34 min
Locked On Nets-4/1/18-Seder Not Dinner!
Gavin and Josh break down the Nets split.
32 min
Locked On Nets-3/30/18-People Person Paper People
30 min
Locked On Nets-3/27/15-Beasts Of The East
Gavin and Josh break down back to back losses against the Raps and the Goat
32 min
Locked On Nets-3/22/18-Speaking Of Incompetency
Gavin and Josh talk the Nets blown lead.
23 min
Locked On Nets-3/21/18-The Commish
Gavin goes solo.
35 min
Locked On Nets-3/19/18-Josh's World
Josh goes solo.
19 min
Locked On Nets-3/14/18-Explosive D-Lo But We Lo...
Gavin and Josh talk back to back losses
31 min
Locked On Nets-3/10/18-The Ceiling Is The Roof
The Nets win!
19 min
Locked On Nets-3/8/18-Cali Blues
Gavin talks the Cali Blues.
32 min
Locked On Nets-3/2/18-THIS IS MARCH
Gavin and Josh break down the Kings loss.
27 min
Locked On Nets-2/27/18-Close Buy No C(ed)igar
Gavin and Josh break down the Cavs loss.
23 min
Locked On Nets-2/26/18-All Is Well
Gavin and Josh break down the Nets first win
22 min
Locked On Nets-2/25/18-Mo Bamba Mo Problems
Gavin and Josh talk Draft SZN.
36 min
Locked On Nets-2/22/18-Dante's Inferno
Gavin and Josh break down the Hornets loss.
19 min
Locked On Nets-2/18/18-DINSANITY
Gavin and Josh break down Spencer Dinwiddie's Skills Challenge dub and the Nets loss to the Pacers.
30 min
Locked On Nets-2/12/17-The Gold Pass On The LIRR
Josh gets fired up.
26 min
Locked On Nets-2/11/18-We're Crabbe People Now
Gavin and Josh break down the Pellies loss.
40 min
Locked On Nets-2/9/17-New Player New L
The boys break down the acquisition and the L.
23 min
Locked On Nets-2/8/17-Trade Deadline Primer
Gav and Josh talk trade deadline.
33 min
Locked On Nets-2/7/18-The Good Loss (But First ...
Gavin and Josh break down losses to the Bucks and Rockets.
30 min
Locked On Nets-2/4/18-Bro Lo El Cunado
Gavin and Josh break down the Lakers loss.
17 min
Locked On Nets-2/4/18-Deja Vu and Jarrett Allen...
Gavin and Josh break down the Knicks loss, and the Sixers win.
28 min
Locked On Nets-1/28/17-We Couldn't Fix Wolves
Gavin and Josh breakdown the two worst first quarter's of the Nets season
28 min
Locked On Nets-1/24/18-Great Loss!
Gavin and Josh break down the Thunder defeat.
28 min
Locked On Nets-1/22/18-DONEWIDDIE
Gavin and Josh break down the last second Nets win over the Pistons.
39 min
Locked On Nets-1/20/18-D-Lo Back
Gavin and Josh talk D-Lo's return
34 min
Locked On Nets-1/18/18-New York State Of Mind
Gavin breaks down Nets-Knicks
22 min
Locked On Nets-1/17/18-I Was In A Coma What Hap...
Gavin and Josh break down the Zards loss.
19 min
Locked On Nets-1/17/18-I Was In A Coma What Hap...
Josh breaks down the last week in Nets basketball
23 min
Locked On Nets-1/7/18-Let's Get Defensive
Gavin and Josh break down the Celtics loss.
37 min
Locked On Nets-1/7/18-Charming Wolves
Gavin and Josh break down back to back wins over the Magic and Wolves.
26 min
Locked On Nets-1/1/18-Comeback Resolutions
Gavin and Josh break down the Celtics loss.
23 min
Locked On Nets-12/31/17-A Time For Reflection
Gavin and Josh break down the Heat win.
29 min
Locked On Nets-12/29/17-Southern Discomfort
Gavin and Josh talk the Nets rough road trip.
36 min
Locked On Nets-12/28/17-The Best And The Worst ...
Gavin goes solo for the triple header breakdown
21 min
Locked On Nets-12/27/17-The Best And The Worst ...
Gavin goes solo for the triple header breakdown
25 min
Locked On Nets-12/20/17-Paced And Spaced (To De...
Gavin and Josh break the Pacers L.
32 min
Locked On Nets-12/16/17-First Trimester Award
Gavin and Josh hand out awards for the Nets first Trimester.
32 min
Locked On Nets-12/16/17-Raining Sauce In A Loss
Gavin and Josh break down the back to back losses.
36 min
Locked On Nets-12/13/17-Point Guard Hypothetica...
Gavin talks seeing Jarrett Allen up close and personal, and more.
37 min
Locked On Nets-12/11/17-Locked On Wizards Cross...
Gavin talks with Locked On Wizards about the teams' upcoming game.
33 min
Locked On Nets-12/10/17-Dubs and L's In Mexico ...
Gavin breaks down Spring Break.
24 min
Locked On Nets-12/7/17-SEMI-RAPID REACTION
Gavin and Josh react to the Jahlil Okafor trade
15 min
Locked On Nets-12/7/17-WAY TOO EARLY DRAFT BUZZ
Gavin and Josh talk draft
32 min
Locked On Nets-12/5/17-Posterized Some Birds
Gavin and Josh break down the Jarrett Allen dunk fest
20 min
Locked On Nets-12/4/17-Jordan And Jordan
Gavin and Josh break down the Mavs win and the Hawks loss.
23 min
Locked On Nets-11/30/17-Ben Nadeau
The boys welcome on Basketball Insiders' Ben Nadeau
40 min
Locked On Nets-11/28/17-If You Get A Coach Fire...
Gavin and Josh talk the Memphis win and the Rockets loss.
18 min
Locked On Nets-11/26/17-Portland Kept Us Bad
Gavin and Josh break down the Portland loss.
16 min
Locked On Nets-11/23/17-LEBRON LOOKS ANGRY!!!
Gavin and Josh break down the Cavs loss.
19 min
Locked On Nets-11/22/17-HammuRobby's Code
Gavin and Josh break down the Dubs loss.
34 min
Locked On Nets-11/20/17-You Win Some (One) And ...
Gavin and Josh break down the Celtics loss and the Jazz win.
37 min
Locked On Nets-11/12/17-We Kept Portland Weird
Gavin and Josh break down the Blazers dub.
17 min
Locked On Nets-11/9/17-We...We Might Not Be Tha...
Gavin and Josh break down the Suns/Nuggets double header.
44 min
Locked On Nets-11/6/17-No More Parties in LA
Gavin and Josh break down the Lakers loss and what it was like seeing Brook Lopez dominate in Purple and Gold.
32 min
Locked On Nets-11/2/17-Dinwiddie>D-Lo...For Rea...
Gavin and Josh talk about seeing the Nets live and break down why Spencer Dinwiddie outplaying D-Lo.
35 min
Locked On Nets-`10/31/17-Dinwiddie>D-Lo
Gavin and Josh talk through the Nuggets' loss and give some thoughts/prayers to a win over the Suns.
27 min
Locked On Nets-10/29/17-Taking L's
Gavin and Josh break down the Nets' falling to the Magic and Knicks
33 min
Locked On Nets-10/25/17-Cavs Rapid Reaction AKA...
Gavin and Josh react...rapidly! To the Nets 112-107 win over Cleveland without D'Angelo Russell, sing the praises of Sean Marks, question just how good the Cavs are and so much more!
29 min
Locked On Nets-10/24/17-SUCK IT WE'RE 2-1!!!!
Gavin and Josh break down the Nets miraculous run to above .500 basketball, Caris Levert playing like bambi and so much more on this edition of Locked On Nets.
24 min
Locked On Nets-10/21/17-Magic Recap and Alvin SZN
Gavin and Josh are back, BREAKING DOWN THE NETS FIRST WIN!!!! They talk up RHJ as Draymond Lite, Jarrett Allen's debut and preview the Nets upcoming trip to try and find broads in Atlanta.
17 min
Locked On Nets-10/19/17-Jeremy Lin
Another day, another heartbreaking podcast. Gavin and Josh why they're so heart broken for Jeremy Lin, what it means for the season and a few bright spots from last night's game.
24 min
Locked On Nets-10/17/17-Gordon Hayward
Gavin and Josh talk through Gordon Hayward's horrific ankle injury and then break down the centers.
23 min
Locked On Nets-10/16/17-Forwards Big Questions
Gavin and Josh are back breaking down both forward positions! Just how good can Caris Levert be? Is Quincy Acy really a marksmen? Can Rondae Hollis-Jefferson become a true franchise cornerstone? All that and more on this episode of Locked on Nets!
32 min
Locked On Nets-10/12/17-Shooting Guards Big Que...
Gavin and Josh open the show talking about meeting the Binge Mode crew and a Bachelor star in one night then get into the few thousand transactions the Nets had today, the biggest question for every two guard on the roster and why this season of Curb Y...
25 min
Locked On Nets-10/10/17-Point Guard Questions
Ya bois are back! Gavin and Josh break down Nets-Knicks round two, Trevor Booker as garbage man's LeBron and answer the most intriguing question for each Nets' point guard.
23 min
Locked On Nets-10/5/17-Preseason Overreactions
Gavin and Josh break down what they've seen from the Nets through two games, how the guards fit together, who's going to fall out of the rotation and wonder aloud why the Miami media blames Brooklyn for missing the playoffs last season.
22 min
Locked On Nets-9/27/17-NETS MEDIA DAY!
Gavin and Josh break down the best of Nets media day and quickly run over some of the biggest storylines heading in training camp.
19 min
Locked On Nets-8/19/17-September Mailbag
Gavin and Josh debate the Tyler Zeller signing, why the Nets lose money, whether or not they should tank when the "Billy (Goat) King" curse ends, and the merits of sour cream (spoiler it's awful).
32 min
Locked On Nets-9/16/17-A Beautiful Dark Twisted...
Gavin is joined by Locked on Fantasy Basketball's Josh Lloyd . Come for the breakdown of the Nets fantasy prospects, stay for Josh's accent.
46 min
Locked On Nets-9/4/17-Ryan Ruocco
The best one yet! The boys welcome on Nets Broadcaster Ryan Ruocco to talk about his journey in broadcasting, just how much he believes in Sean Marks and (SPOILER WARNING) his love of Game of Thrones.
40 min
Locked On Nets-8/26/17-The Perfect Net
Gavin and Josh do their best Bran impression and go on a journey throughout time and space to build the perfect Net out of all the Nets who came before him.
41 min
Locked On Nets-8/16/17-Nets Dream Team
Gavin and Josh are back! Gavin shares insights from seeing Jason Collins' speak, then the dynamic duo break down the Nets' schedule and pick their best "$15" Nets starting five.
29 min
Locked On Nets-What Could Allen Crabbe Be?-8/3/17
Gavin and Josh are joined by Locked On Blazers Erik Gundersen in this crossover episode to breakdown the Allen Crabbe trade, the futures of both franchises and whether simply being a good team is worth it.
30 min
Locked On Nets-7/30/17-MAILBAG PART TWO: REVENG...
Gavin and Josh answer all of your pressing questions including just how high D'Angelo can fly, why Isaiah Whitehead is oh so important and who should get the final roster spot.
28 min
Locked On Nets-7/26/17-CRABBE PEOPLE
Gavin and Josh break down their failed trip to woo John Wall, the Nets acquisition of Allen Crabbe, what he brings, and what the deal means.
16 min
Locked On Nets-7/17/17-MAILBAG!
Gavin and Josh answer your questions, including debating whether or not D'Angelo Russell is a future all-star, who's starting and so much more!
25 min
Locked On Nets-Summer Nets And Free Agency Bets
The boys break down the Justin Hamilton trade (fine "the DeMarre Carroll trade"), the KCP news and their hot takes on the Summer Nets.
24 min
Locked On Nets-7/7/17-Swaying Nets
Gavin and Josh break down the Otto Porter offer, the Nets remaining free agent options, and the Summer League Dream Team.
31 min
Locked On Nets-6/30/17-Free Agency Preview: The...
Gavin and Josh break down why the Nets should be interested in Otto Porter and Nerlens Noel before going into some more low cost options and finally Josh's hot take on baby fashion.
26 min
Locked On Nets-6/29/17-Free Agency Preview: Guards
Gavin and Josh break down the D-Lo presser, Joe Harris and Sean Kilpatrick resigning, and preview which guards the Nets could target in free agency.
24 min