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Adam Armbrecht and Doug Norrie take you inside the Brooklyn Nets for all the latest with the Locked On Nets Podcast. The two started on the We Got Nets podcast, uniting on the air prior to the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signings. Adam covers the New York Giants on the One Giant Podcast and brings a brand of fandom diehards will understand. Doug has spent years in the fantasy sports world with his company DFSR, creating NBA projections and talking about the league as a whole. Tune in every day because We Go Hard. Locked On Nets, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Nets-12/29/17-Southern Discomfort
Gavin and Josh talk the Nets rough road trip.
36 min
Locked On Nets-12/28/17-The Best And The Worst ...
Gavin goes solo for the triple header breakdown
21 min
Locked On Nets-12/27/17-The Best And The Worst ...
Gavin goes solo for the triple header breakdown
25 min
Locked On Nets-12/20/17-Paced And Spaced (To De...
Gavin and Josh break the Pacers L.
32 min
Locked On Nets-12/16/17-First Trimester Award
Gavin and Josh hand out awards for the Nets first Trimester.
32 min
Locked On Nets-12/16/17-Raining Sauce In A Loss
Gavin and Josh break down the back to back losses.
36 min
Locked On Nets-12/13/17-Point Guard Hypothetica...
Gavin talks seeing Jarrett Allen up close and personal, and more.
37 min
Locked On Nets-12/11/17-Locked On Wizards Cross...
Gavin talks with Locked On Wizards about the teams' upcoming game.
33 min
Locked On Nets-12/10/17-Dubs and L's In Mexico ...
Gavin breaks down Spring Break.
24 min
Locked On Nets-12/7/17-SEMI-RAPID REACTION
Gavin and Josh react to the Jahlil Okafor trade
15 min
Locked On Nets-12/7/17-WAY TOO EARLY DRAFT BUZZ
Gavin and Josh talk draft
32 min
Locked On Nets-12/5/17-Posterized Some Birds
Gavin and Josh break down the Jarrett Allen dunk fest
20 min
Locked On Nets-12/4/17-Jordan And Jordan
Gavin and Josh break down the Mavs win and the Hawks loss.
23 min
Locked On Nets-11/30/17-Ben Nadeau
The boys welcome on Basketball Insiders' Ben Nadeau
40 min
Locked On Nets-11/28/17-If You Get A Coach Fire...
Gavin and Josh talk the Memphis win and the Rockets loss.
18 min
Locked On Nets-11/26/17-Portland Kept Us Bad
Gavin and Josh break down the Portland loss.
16 min
Locked On Nets-11/23/17-LEBRON LOOKS ANGRY!!!
Gavin and Josh break down the Cavs loss.
19 min
Locked On Nets-11/22/17-HammuRobby's Code
Gavin and Josh break down the Dubs loss.
34 min
Locked On Nets-11/20/17-You Win Some (One) And ...
Gavin and Josh break down the Celtics loss and the Jazz win.
37 min
Locked On Nets-11/12/17-We Kept Portland Weird
Gavin and Josh break down the Blazers dub.
17 min
Locked On Nets-11/9/17-We...We Might Not Be Tha...
Gavin and Josh break down the Suns/Nuggets double header.
44 min
Locked On Nets-11/6/17-No More Parties in LA
Gavin and Josh break down the Lakers loss and what it was like seeing Brook Lopez dominate in Purple and Gold.
32 min
Locked On Nets-11/2/17-Dinwiddie>D-Lo...For Rea...
Gavin and Josh talk about seeing the Nets live and break down why Spencer Dinwiddie outplaying D-Lo.
35 min
Locked On Nets-`10/31/17-Dinwiddie>D-Lo
Gavin and Josh talk through the Nuggets' loss and give some thoughts/prayers to a win over the Suns.
27 min
Locked On Nets-10/29/17-Taking L's
Gavin and Josh break down the Nets' falling to the Magic and Knicks
33 min