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Adam Armbrecht and Doug Norrie take you inside the Brooklyn Nets for all the latest with the Locked On Nets Podcast. The two started on the We Got Nets podcast, uniting on the air prior to the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signings. Adam covers the New York Giants on the One Giant Podcast and brings a brand of fandom diehards will understand. Doug has spent years in the fantasy sports world with his company DFSR, creating NBA projections and talking about the league as a whole. Tune in every day because We Go Hard. Locked On Nets, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Nets-3/19/19-Hollywood Heartbreak
Josh goes solo to cover the heartbreaking loss to the Clippers.
22 min
Locked On Nets-3/16/19-A Series of Unfortunate ...
Josh and Marcus record live during the loss to Utah.
26 min
Locked On Nets-3/14/19-Thunderstruck
Josh and Marcus discuss the loss to the Thunder.
23 min
Locked On Nets-3/13/19-Here We Go
Marcus goes solo to discuss the win over Detroit
23 min
Locked On Nets-3/10/19-John Collins Is Very Good
Josh and Marcus discuss last night's win over the Hawks
29 min
Locked On Nets-3/8/19-A Nice Win
Josh and Marcus talk about the win over Cleveland
26 min
Locked On Nets-3/6/19-Big Win Over Big D
Marcus goes solo to talk about the blowout win over the Mavs
25 min
Locked On Nets-3/3/19-Trouble In Brooklyn
Josh and Marcus discuss disappointing losses to the Hornets and Heat.
23 min
Locked On Nets-3/1/19-Dinning Time
Josh and Marcus discuss the loss to the Wizards.
26 min
Locked On Nets-2/27/19-Josh Tests Marcus
Josh and Marcus break down the win over the Spurs.
29 min
Locked On Nets-2/25/19-Good Charlotte
Josh and Marcus recap the close win over the Hornets.
28 min
Locked On Nets-2/23/19-Josh Rides Again
Josh goes solo to recap the loss to the Blazers.
16 min
Locked On Nets-2/19/19-All-Star Recap and Mailbag
Josh and Marcus recap All-Star Weekend.
28 min
Locked On Nets-2/14/19-We Love The Nets
Josh and Marcus recap a wild 3OT win over the Cavs.
16 min
Locked On Nets-2/13/19-They Still The North
Josh and Marcus recap the loss to the Toronto Raptors.
26 min
Locked On Nets-2/9/19-Caris LeVert Is Back
Marcus goes solo to talk about the loss to the Chicago Bulls.
27 min
Locked On Nets-2/7/19-Trevor Booker
Former Brooklyn Net Trevor Booker joins the podcast to talk NBA.
21 min
Locked On Nets-2/6/19-Crabbe (Almost) Back
Josh and Marcus recap the loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.
29 min
Locked On Nets-2/3/19-Hey Now, D-Lo's An All-Star
Josh and Marcus recap the loss to the Orlando Magic.
25 min
Locked On Nets-2/1/19-Chris Herring, FiveThirty...
FiveThirtyEight's Chris Herring joins the pod to talk all things Nets.
37 min
Locked On Nets-1/30/19-Anthony Davis Discussion
Josh and Marcus discuss how the Nets could be involved in the chase for Anthony Davis.
27 min
Locked On Nets-1/27/19-Locked On Knicks Crossover
Josh and Marcus welcome back former Locked On Nets host Gavin Schall.
41 min
Locked On Nets-1/23/19-Kristian Winfield, SB Na...
SB Nation's Kristian Winfield joins Josh and Marcus to talk all things Nets.
38 min
Locked On Nets-1/19/19-Ice In Our Veins
Josh and Marcus discuss yesterday's win over the Orlando Magic.
30 min
Locked On Nets-1/18/19-Rocketing Up The Standings
Josh and Marcus dive deep on the win over the Rockets.
26 min