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Your daily NBA podcast breaking down all the games, basketball news, updates, rumors, and analysis in 30 minutes from the hosts of the Locked on Podcast Network. Highlighted by Jackson Gatlin (Locked On Rockets) on Mondays, Matt Moore (Locked On Nuggets) and David Ramil (Locked On Heat) on Tuesdays, John Karalis (Locked On Celtics) & Jake Madison (Locked On Pelicans) on Wednesdays, Nick Angstadt (Locked On Mavericks) & PatTheDesigner (Locked On Bulls) on Thursdays, Adam Mares (Locked On Nuggets) & Wes Goldberg (Locked On Heat) on Fridays. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON NBA #87 - Scout on All-NBA, LeBron, C...
David Locke talks to an NBA Scout about his all-NBA team, LeBron place in history what should the Celtics, Rockets, Clippers do next and the Warriors dominance
37 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #86 - Final Season PAAC and by...
David Locke shares his offensive stat PAAC for every position in the NBA
26 min
LOCKED ON NBA #85 - Author of Golden and Bay Ar...
David Locke sits down with Marcus Thompson, author of Golden, Bay Area News Group Beat Writer and all around brilliance
33 min
LOCKED ON JAZZ - #84 - Washington Post's Tim B...
David Locke and Tim Bontemps discuss how to change officiating, Warriors dominance, LeBron's legacy and more
37 min
LOCKED ON NBA #83- The Scout on the Final 4 of ...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Scout to discuss the Final 4 in each conference
39 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #82 - Western Conference Playof...
David Locke sits down with Adam Mares of Locked on Nuggets and Jake Madison of Locked on Pelicans to breakdown the Western Conference Playofs
56 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #81 - Digging into 3 Eastern C...
David Locke is joined by host of Locked on Heat Wes Goldberg and host of Locked on Knicks to look at the Eastern Conference Series and the Cavaliers
42 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #80 - The Scout breaks down the...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Scout who breaks down the 8 playoffs series and what he is seeing
36 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #79 - SI's Lee Jenkins on the p...
David Locke and SI Lee Jenkins dig into LeBron James, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durnat plus veer into other directions in sports
49 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #78 - Playoff Preview with Zach...
David Locke sits down with Zach Harper (@talkhoops) of Fan Rag Sports and Kevin Pelton (@kpelton) of ESPN
52 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #78 - ESPN's Kevin Pelton on he...
David Locke sits down with ESPN brainiac Kevin Pelton to discuss what they each have discovered this season in the NBA
44 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #78 - The Scout - on MVP, DPOY,...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Scout who gives you the breakdown on MVP, how the playoffs look, which teams have go to play and more
42 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #77 - Nate Duncan on Awards, Al...
David Locke sits down with the host of Dunc'd on Podcast Nate Duncan to talk awards, all NBA and playoffs
48 min
LOCKED ON NBA #76 - The Coach - Playoff prep, p...
David Locke talks to an NBA coach who comes on gives his insight and expertise but not his name
41 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #75 - Fan Rag Sports Zach Harpe...
David Locke and Zach Harper (@talkhoops) sit down for a fun fast paced NBA conversation
51 min
LOCKED ON NBA #74 - Chad Ford ESPN NBA Draft In...
David Locke sits down with the premiere NBA Draft Expert Chad Ford and breaks down the brackets based on NBA talent
48 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #73- The Vertical's Michael Lee
David Locke sits down with Michael Lee and talks about all the biggest personalities in the league, Durant, Westbrook, LeBron, CP3 James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins, Carmelo and more
63 min
LOCKED ON NBA #72 - ESPN David Thorpe, Basketba...
David Locke and David Thorpe run over all the hot topics in the NBA, the Warriors without Durant, MVP, Top of the West and East, Hayward, George or Butler
55 min
#71 - NBA Trade Deadline PAAC and Numbers Break...
David Locke is the host of Locked on NBA and he has created PAAC an offensive metric to evaluate players. He uses PAAC and other metrics to evaluate each of the NBA trades
35 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #70 - The Scout on the trades, ...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Scout he gives you the inside scoop on his take on the trades, creative coaches, best screeners, best passers, up and comers and more he just doesn't give you his name
39 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #69 - SI's Rob Mahoney on the C...
David Locke sits down with SI's Rob Mahoney for a craft of basketball coversation and then a rapid fire ending
55 min
LOCKED ON NBA #68 -- ESPN's Kevin Pelton - trad...
David Locke and ESPN's Kevin Pelton doing their NBA dance from trade deadline to defensive numbers to Knicks to Cousins to Thomas and more
51 min
LOCKED ON NBA - # 67 - The Scout on Carmelo, De...
NBA Scout comes on the show and gives the inside scoop on all the happenings in the NBA
47 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #66 - Coach David Thorpe of ESP...
Locked on NBA guest is ESPN's David Thorpe talking player development, coaching styles, Minnesota young guns, Portland's guards, Warriors, concern on Cavaliers, etc
60 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #65 - The Coach - Rockets, Spur...
An NBA Coach comes on Locked on NBA to give his expert insight into the league what he is seeing, how it is happening and more. The only condition is we can't use his name
64 min