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LOCKED ON NBA - 8/20/18 - Biggest Stories, Loca...
Josh chats Nets not tanking, Bucks making some moves, and Michael Porter's back
29 min
LOCKED ON NBA -- 8/17/18 -- Zion Williamson, Ca...
How does a guy that big move that well?
31 min
LOCKED ON NBA = Mav's voice Chuck Cooperstein p...
54 min
LOCKED ON NBA- Aug. 15: We play Commish & fix t...
Time to fix the NBA, so John Karalis & David Locke team up to play Commissioner. We fix the conferences, the officials, and free agency. Also, Melo is a Rocket & Ben Simmons might go righty
39 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 8/13/18 - Biggest Stories, Loca...
Josh chats LeBron's Return To Cleveland, Wade's Future, And The Clippers Rough Start To The Year
27 min
LOCKED ON NBA -- 8/10/18 -- Breaking down the N...
Which games are you most looking forward to?
32 min
LOCKED ON NBA- Aug 8: Is Wall top 5?, NBA o/u, ...
ohn Wall is upset he not talked about as a top 5 PG, but is he? John Karalis & Jake Madison discuss that, Vegas over/unders, and what we hope to see when the Christmas Day games are announced
28 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 8/6/18 - ESPN Projects Lakers T...
Josh chats Lakers, Clippers, and Blazers, with a focus on ESPN Win Projections
28 min
LOCKED ON NBA -- 8/3/18 -- What effect will leg...
The NBA's partnership with MGM is fascinating.
38 min
LOCKED ON NBA--8/1/18--LeBron's charity work; N...
26 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 7/30/18 - Biggest Stories, Loca...
Josh Lloyd talks Capela, DeRozan, and Kevin Love with Locked On Network Hosts
29 min
LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 7/27/18 -- Kevin Durant, co...
Which former players do we wish could work with current guys?
31 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 7/26/18 - DeMar DeRozan speaks ...
40 min
LOCKED ON NBA- July 25: Love's new deal & beast...
41 min
LOCKED ON NBA - How Does Carmelo Fit in Houston?
26 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 7/23/18 - Biggest Stories, Loca...
Josh Lloyd chats Thunder, Raptors, and Hawks on this episode of Locked On NBA
31 min
Locked on NBA - 7.20 - Winners and Losers of NB...
Plus, 5 things we LOVE about the NBA
26 min
LOCKED ON NBA - Local Experts on the Biggest St...
26 min
LOCKED ON NBA-July 18: Pop & Kawhi reuniting & ...
Kawhi Leonard might show up at Gregg Popovich's Team USA minicamp. Can Pop convince him to stay a Spur? Plus, Memphis is trying to win, which is something we should have seen coming.
33 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 7/17 - Most Underrated Free Age...
28 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 7/16/18 - Biggest Stories, Loca...
Josh Lloyd chats Nets, Knicks, and Bulls in today's Locked On NBA.
29 min
Locked On NBA - 7.13 - Summer League Winners & ...
Plus, Isaiah Thomas signed a vet minimum deal with the Denver Nuggets
27 min
LOCKED ON NBA--7/11/18--Reactions to the Latest...
32 min
LOCKED ON NBA - 7/9/18 - Biggest Stories, Local...
Josh talks Celtics and Wolves at Summer League, as well as Tony Parker moving on from San Antonio
26 min
LOCKED ON NBA -- 7/6/18 -- Could the Lakers mis...
In short, yes.
29 min