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Your daily NBA podcast breaking down all the games, basketball news, updates, rumors, and analysis in 30 minutes from the hosts of the Locked on Podcast Network. Highlighted by Jackson Gatlin (Locked On Rockets) on Mondays, Matt Moore (Locked On Nuggets) and David Ramil (Locked On Heat) on Tuesdays, John Karalis (Locked On Celtics) & Jake Madison (Locked On Pelicans) on Wednesdays, Nick Angstadt (Locked On Mavericks) & PatTheDesigner (Locked On Bulls) on Thursdays, Adam Mares (Locked On Nuggets) & Wes Goldberg (Locked On Heat) on Fridays. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON NBA #72 - ESPN David Thorpe, Basketba...
David Locke and David Thorpe run over all the hot topics in the NBA, the Warriors without Durant, MVP, Top of the West and East, Hayward, George or Butler
55 min
#71 - NBA Trade Deadline PAAC and Numbers Break...
David Locke is the host of Locked on NBA and he has created PAAC an offensive metric to evaluate players. He uses PAAC and other metrics to evaluate each of the NBA trades
35 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #70 - The Scout on the trades, ...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Scout he gives you the inside scoop on his take on the trades, creative coaches, best screeners, best passers, up and comers and more he just doesn't give you his name
39 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #69 - SI's Rob Mahoney on the C...
David Locke sits down with SI's Rob Mahoney for a craft of basketball coversation and then a rapid fire ending
55 min
LOCKED ON NBA #68 -- ESPN's Kevin Pelton - trad...
David Locke and ESPN's Kevin Pelton doing their NBA dance from trade deadline to defensive numbers to Knicks to Cousins to Thomas and more
51 min
LOCKED ON NBA - # 67 - The Scout on Carmelo, De...
NBA Scout comes on the show and gives the inside scoop on all the happenings in the NBA
47 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #66 - Coach David Thorpe of ESP...
Locked on NBA guest is ESPN's David Thorpe talking player development, coaching styles, Minnesota young guns, Portland's guards, Warriors, concern on Cavaliers, etc
60 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #65 - The Coach - Rockets, Spur...
An NBA Coach comes on Locked on NBA to give his expert insight into the league what he is seeing, how it is happening and more. The only condition is we can't use his name
64 min
LOCKED ON NBA #64 -- George Karl
David Locke sits down with George Karl about his career and his 40 years in the NBA and his book Furious George.
19 min
LOCKED ON NBA - West #2 Mid Season Report - Cli...
The hosts of the Locked on Podcast Network give you a mid season report on their teams with what are the storylines, the overachievers and underachievers., trade deadline goals and the 2nd half success
74 min
LOCKED ON NBA - Mid Season Report West #1 - War...
The hosts of the Locked on Podcast Network give a mid season report on their teams. What are the storylines, who are the oveachievers, are they a buyer or seller at the deadline and what to expect going forward. #Warriors #Suns #Spurs #Rockets #Thund...
62 min
LOCKED ON NBA -Mid Season Report East #2 - Buck...
The Hosts of the Locked on Podcast Network give you the local inside look at how each of their teams is doing at the mid point. Who has been the biggest surprise and biggest dissapointment, are they buyers and sellers at the deadline and what is ahead
67 min
LOCKED ON NBA - Mid Season Report - East #1 - ...
The Hosts of the Locked on Podcast Network give you the local inside look at how each of their teams is doing at the mid point. Who has been the biggest surprise and biggest dissapointment, are they buyers and sellers at the deadline and what is ahead
75 min
LOCKED ON NBA #63 - ESPN and The Undefeated's M...
David Locke sits down with Marc Spears and discusses the Warriors, the Rockets, trade deadline, Raptors, Celtics, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the role of African American Athletes in today's social cutlure
53 min
LOCKED ON NBA #62 - Zach Harper - Why hasn't th...
David Locke and Zach Harper run through the NBA trade market and try to figure out why the top hasn't popped on the trade market
53 min
LOCKED ON NBA #62 - Get to know Quin Snyder
David Locke sits down with the Head Coach of the Utah Jazz Quin Snyder to find out who he is, what makes him tick, what drives him and how has he evolved
51 min
LOCKED ON NBA #61 - Scout #2 - Harden, Westbroo...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Scout and talks all things going on in the NBA, get this inside scoop on Locked on NBA
45 min
LOCKED ON NBA #60 - ESPN's Kevin Pelton
54 min
LOCKED ON NBA #59 - Coach Part #2 - Teams and P...
Locked on NBA is join by the Coach, who talks #knicks, #magic #hawks #gasol #jazz #memphis #westbrook #OKC #timberwolves
39 min
LOCKED ON NBA #58 - The Coach Part 1 - Schemes,...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Coach to talk about the opening portion of the NBA season with a focus on schemes, reaching players, switching defenses and more
37 min
LOCKED ON NBA #57 - SI's Chris Ballard on Sam H...
David Locke sits down with Chris Ballard about Sam Hinkie and the Process plus some general NBA talk and player greatness
34 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #56 - USA Today Sam Amick on Cl...
David Locke and Sam Amick chat all things NBA from the #clippers #warriors #spurs #kings #demarcus #harden #westbrook #lakers #lukewalton #rockets #vivek
54 min
LOCKED ON NBA #55 - The Scout -Schemes, Players...
David Locke sits down with an NBA Scout and talks about the new schemes in the league, the players making names and how teams are looking
63 min
LOCKED ON NBA #54 - Roland Lazenby on Kobe, Mic...
David Locke is joined by the author of Showboat, the Kobe Bryant story, Roland Lazenby. Lazenby also has written about Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson as well as John Stockton, Jerry Sloan and Karl Malone
60 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #53 - The Coach on the Warriors...
David Locke talks to an NBA coach who comes on the show anonymously and gives the scoop on what is happening in the NBA. #Clippers #warriors, #bucks, #hawks #pacers #lakers #nuggets #Celtics
46 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #52 - NBA.com John Schuhmann
David Locke and John Schuhmann talk about when numbers are real, trends, teams, what to believe and to not believe
49 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #51 - ESPN's Kevin Pelton on st...
David Locke is joined by ESPN's Kevin Pelton. They start on strong link v. weak link theory in the NBA and then lots of team discussions
50 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #50 - Voices of the NBA - Warri...
David Locke hangs out with good friends Tim Roye of the Warriors, John Ireland of the Lakers and Eric Hasseltine of the Grizzlies to talk about the upcoming season
45 min
LOCKED ON NBA #49 - West Preview #2 - #Pelicans...
The Locked on Podcast Network previews the Western Conference with the Pelicans, Thunder, Suns, Blazers, Kings and Jazz
68 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #48 - West Conf Preview #1 - Ma...
Locked on Podcast Network and David Locke preview the #Mavs, #Warriors, #Rockets, #Clippers, #Lakers, #Grizzlies. #Wolves
84 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #47 - East Conf Preview #2 - H...
David Locke is joined by the hosts of the Locked on Podcast Network to preview the Heat, Bucks, Knicks, Magic, 76ers and Raptors
67 min
LOCKED ON NBA #46 - East Conf Preview #1 - Hawk...
The Locked on Podcast Network team previews the Eastern Conference with the Hawks, Celtics, Nets, Hornets, Bulls, Cavs, Pistons and Pacers
79 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #45 - ESPN Kevin Pelton - how m...
ESPN Inisder Kevin Pelton and David Locke talk about how many 3s should go up and how defenses are preventing it. What skill sets are becoming even more important and a look to the 16-17 season. Brought to you by casper.com/locked
52 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #44 - CBS Sports Zach Harper on...
David Locke is joined by CBS Sports @talkhoops Zach Harper talking KG, starting units, bench units and open 3 shooters
42 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #43 - Utah Jazz Head Coach Quin...
David Locke sits down with Utah Jazz Quin Snyder about a coaches off-season, finding plays, where the game is going and the Jazz this upcoming season
29 min
Episode #42 - ESPN's Kevin Pelton talking real ...
Utah Jazz radio voice David Locke talks with ESPN Kevin Pelton on his real plus minus projections, what is more important defensively and first time all-stars #nba #espn
53 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #41 - Portland Trailblazers He...
David Locke sits down with Portland Trailblazers Head Coach Terry Stotts to talk last year's Blazers, is it fun to coach games v. Warriors, coaching in the NBA. what do players want, Dirk, Blazers going forward and more
36 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #40 - NBA Scout on the NBA off-...
David Locke sits down with an NBA scout to talk about all the moves of the off-season. The Scout is hired by an NBA team and comes on the show to give the inside scoop as long as we don't mention his name
37 min
LOCKED ON NBA - Episode #39 - SI.com Rob Mahoney
Locked on NBA's host David Locke talks with SI.com great NBA writer Rob Mahoney
50 min
LOCKED ON NBA - Episode #38 - The Ringer's Jona...
David Locke talks with one of the up and coming NBA writers the Ringer's Jonathan Tjarks about Warrios, Jazz, head scratching moves, rookies and more general baketball talk
38 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #37 - The Coach breaks down Fre...
NBA Coach joins David Locke on condition we don't use his name and then breaks down all the free agent moves
47 min
LOCKED ON NBA - #36 - ESPN's Kevin Pelton revie...
ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton and David Locke look at the free agent moves and then where the world stands after the dust settles in the NBA
42 min
Episode #35 - The Scout on NBA Free Agency
The NBA Scout breaks down NBA Free Agency position by position tier by tier with Locked on NBA host David Locke
46 min
Episode #34 - NBA Draft by the Numbers with ESP...
David Locke and Kevin Pelton discuss who should the numbers take, who is the hidden gem, who should give you concern and the international projections
33 min
Episode #33 - ESPN NBA DRAFT Insider Chad Ford ...
David Locke and ESPN draft expert Chad Ford break down the #nbadraft
60 min
Episode #32 - Part 2 Draft Express Mike Schmitz
In Part 1 Mike Schmitz broke down spots 1-8 now Locke and Schmitz run thru spots 9-30+ of the #nbadraft
37 min
Episode #31 - Part 1 - Draft Express Mike Schmi...
David Locke and Mike Schmitz break down the top 8 players of the NBA Draft. Part 2 drops Wednesday with 9-30 players
41 min
Episode #30 - NBA DRAFT Insider Chad Ford
David Locke and Chad Ford talk all things NBA Draft. From Simmons to Ingram to bigs who are passers and shooters, to drafting to gain or drafting out of fear and crazy draft tiers
51 min
Episode 29 - The Scout previews NBA Final
Get an X-O breakdown of the #nbafinals with the #warriors and the #cavs from a Scout paid to file reports on these teams
29 min
EPISODE #23 - Bored PBP announcer edition with ...
Two bored NBA play by play announcer hang out and talk NBA playoffs and more as they wish their teams were still playing.  Utah Jazz's David Locke and Minnesota's Alan Horton   2:55 - Voting on awards 6:20 - Warriors incredible game was too late 9:...
43 min
Episode #22 - Kevin Pelton and David Thorpe
0:00- 14:30 -  Kevin Pelton on when you take the air out of the ball 16:20 - Open with Thorpe  - what do you believe in? 17:30 - End of OKC/Spurs game 24:30 - Spurs/OKC series 28:00 - Royal Jelly 33:00 - Can't be good the first time you do somethi...
57 min
Episode #21 - Positional and Playoff PAAC
16 min
Episode #19 - The Scout 1st Round Playoff Edition
1:00 - Dallas v. OKC           What Dallas did to Durant           How Rick Carlisle gets such production    12:30 - Toronto v. Indiana 16:25 - Houston v. Golden State 20:00 - Atlanta v. Boston 24:30 - Can Atlanta beat Cleveland 26:00 - Detroit...
47 min
Episode #16 - PAAC - Who is the clutchest in th...
PAAC - Points above average created  Who are the most impact offensive players? Who are the least impact defensive players? Who are the hottest over the last 10 and the coldest? Who is the clutchest and least clutch  
18 min
Episode #16 - What do you believe in edition ...
1:30 - What do you believe in? 5:00 - Is defense analytics more important? 10:00 - Dinosaurs 12:00 - Brilliant coaching 20:00 - OKC Thunder issues  - Billy Donovan or roster make-up 25:00 - Love of high volume shooters and Ricky Davis 31:00 - Val...
49 min
Episode #15 - PAAC Friday - All time best seaso...
PAAC  - Points above average created. An offensive metric that David Locke uses to evaluate players Top offensive players in the NBA and who have been the worst Who is the hottest player in the NBA and who is the coldest? Where does Steph Curry sea...
16 min
Episode #13 - The Scout II (Scout #2)
David Locke talks with NBA Scout about the hot topics of the NBA.   *  Spurs or Warriors *  Are Thnder a disappointment *  How do you beat the Warriors? *  Are the Cavs different
32 min
Episode #12 - Introducing PAAC Friday
David Locke introduces PAAC, points above average created, an offensive metric. 
30 min
EPISODE #9 (Re-Launched Full 48 minutes)- Chad ...
Some people reported that that Chad Ford podcast cut off at the :31 minute mark. Here is the full :48 minutes 
48 min
Episode #10 - SI Media Columnist Richard Deitsch
David Locke talks with SI media columnist Richard Deitsch about NBA Media, NBA on TNT, the future of NBA tv and more
50 min
Episode #9 - Chad Ford, ESPN NBA Draft Expert
Who should you watch in the NCAA tournament as it pertains to the 2016 NBA Draft
32 min
Episode # 8 - Mavs voice Chuck Cooperstein
David Locke sits down with Good Friend Chuck Cooperstein for a wide ranging nba talk Race for 8th in the West 6:00 - Where does Durant go 11:00 - Spurs clamp down 14:00 - Mimicking the Warriors 17:00 - Value of the bigs - Dwight Howard 20:00 - Bl...
40 min
#7 - Jackie MacMullan and Celtics Sean Grande
David Locke talks with NBA Curt Gowdy Hall of Famer Jackie MacMullan and Celtics announcer Sean Grande.  MacMullan talks greatness of Magic, Larry, Shaq, Steph Curry and others.  Grande talks LeBron, MVP, group think, cost of being a NBA player, 
29 min
Episode #6 - ESPN's Kevin Pelton
Kevin Pelton joins David Locke for the 2nd time on Locked on NBA 1:00 - Cleveland v. OKC 9:00 -- Happy Teams 17:30 - players impacted by teammates 20:00 - Western Conference playoff race 25:00 - Passing bigs 28:30 - Organizational approach 33:00...
41 min
Episode #5 - Scout II - Trade Deadline Edition
David Locke talks with the 2nd Scout  or Scout II about trade deadline pieces that might be available for teams.  5:00 - How players fit 10:00 - Ty Lawson 11:00 - Schroeder or Teague 14:00 - Evan Fournier 18:00 - Clippers situation 21:10 - Sacram...
37 min
Episode #4 - The NBA Scout Part 2
TOPICS Karl Anthony Towns or Anthony Davis James Harden His favorite killer in the league Beat Coaches  Play calls in the league  
25 min
Episode #4 - The Scout Part 1
David Locke talks to an NBA Scout anonymously  Topics The Golden State Warriors, any way to slow them down? Can Tyrone Lue help the Cavs? How good is Kevin Love? What do the Clippers do now? Who are the Stars in the league?  
24 min
Episode 3 - The Front Office
David Locke talks with a Veteran of the NBA Front Offices.  He joins the show anonymously to give the inside scoop on how trades are made, how the league is evolving, how teams communicate with league about officials 
36 min
Episode #2 - ESPN Zach Lowe
David Locke sits down Zach Lowe to discuss David Blatt firing, small ball teams and skill ball teams, Warriors, Gordon Hayward and Quin Snyder
20 min
Episode 1 - Part 2 - ESPN Kevin Pelton
David Locke talks with ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton  2:00 - How do you evaluate players 5:00 - evaluating players in NBA history 8:00 - Pelton system to evaluate all time players 11:00 - impact of international players 14:00 - how you look at eras  ...
20 min
Episode 1 - ESPN's Kevin Pelton
David Locke and Kevin Pelton talk about  1:30 - Big trends of the NBA 8:30 - How many threes should teams take 10:30 - Why aren't teams more effective 16:00 - Future trends for acquiring players  - Kwahi Leonard and Jimmy Butler 21:00 - What is go...
29 min
Welcome to Locked on the NBA
David Locke introduces a new national NBA podcast called Locked on NBA
1 min