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The Locked On Mavericks Podcast hosted by Nick Angstadt (Locked On NBA) is the best (and only) daily Dallas Mavs show. Every day Nick is joined by Mavs Media friends to discuss the latest on Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Dirk Nowitzki, NBA Trade Rumors, Free Agency, and the rest of the NBA. Past guests include Mark Cuban, Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Nico Harrison, and many more. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network and a WFAA contributor.

Locked On Mavericks - 2/26/18 - Why is Dennis S...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks games against the Lakers & Jazz and discuss DSJ playing off the ball
42 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/23/18 - All Basketball
Nick and Isaac discuss the Aaron Gordon rumor, the Draft, and what the Mavs will look like tanking forward.
35 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/22/18 - How have the Ma...
Nick and Rebecca Lawson (MavsMoneyball) discuss the unfolding Mavericks abuse scandal
39 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/21/18 - The SI Article ...
Nick and Isaac discuss their top 10 Draft Prospects for the Maverick
50 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/20/18 - "Losing is our ...
Nick and Isaac discuss Mark Cuban's comments about tanking and the future.
49 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/19/18 - Dennis Smith Jr...
Nick and Isaac discuss Dennis Smith Jr getting robbed at the Slam Dunk Contest
43 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/17/18 - A Rising Star D...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Rising Stars game and draft their team of Rising Stars
36 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/16/18 - RIP Don Carter
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs vs Kings, the Rising Stars Challenge, and the passing of Don Carter
39 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/12/18 - It's time to pl...
Nick and Isaac are back to discuss the Trade Deadline and two fun Mavs Games from this weekend
61 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/8/18 - Dougie McDeadline
Nick and Isaac breakdown the Mavericks trade and the Trade Deadline
59 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/8/18 - Players the Mave...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks at the Trade Deadline and players they would like to see on the Mavs after the deadline
56 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/7/18 - Calm Before the ...
Nick and Isaac discuss Seth Curry, Caron Butler, and the Trade Deadline
38 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/6/18 - James Harden-Typ...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs loss to the Clippers and target James Harden-Type players
32 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/5/18 - 10 Players that ...
Nick and Isaac discuss 10 players that might be moved at the trade deadline
34 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/4/18 - The Mavs like li...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks win over the Kings
28 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/3/18 - Would you trade ...
Nick and Isaac discuss the rumors around Wesley Matthews and Aaron Gordon
45 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/2/18 - They Let Dennis ...
Nick and Isaac discuss Dennis Smith Jr. in the Dunk Contest and the Locked On Network Award Survey
34 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/1/18 - 10 Questions/Pre...
Nick and Isaac ask 10 questions before the NBA Trade Deadline
41 min
Locked On Mavericks - 1/31/18 - If the Bulls co...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mirotic almost trade and give their Locked On Network midseason awards
26 min
Locked On Mavericks - 1/30/18 - Blake the internet
Nick and Isaac discuss the Blake Griffin trade and the Mavericks
31 min
Locked On Mavericks - 1/29/18 - A dozen trade i...
Nick and Isaac discuss a dozen or so trade ideas for the rest of the NBA
45 min
Locked On Mavericks - 1/28/18 - DeMarcus Cousin...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs loss to the Nuggets and what the DeMarcus Cousins injury means for the Mavericks
52 min
Locked On Mavericks - 1/27/18 - More Wes Matthe...
Nick and Isaac discuss potential Wes Matthews trades to the Western Conference
33 min
Locked On Mavericks - 1/26/18 - Wes for a First...
Nick and Isaac discuss every possible way the Mavericks could trade Wes Matthews for a first round draft pick.
52 min
Locked On Mavericks - 1/25/18 - 4th Quarter The...
Nick and Isaac try another edition of 4th Quarter Theater during the Mavs vs Rockets game
26 min