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Locked On Magic 10.20.17: Here's what's next...
The Orlando Magic are still basking in their 1-0 start. But the schedule is unforgiving. Here come the fast-charging Brooklyn Nets (2:30). I look back at players we overlooked from Wednesday's game (10:50), comment on why winning Friday could be huge (...
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.19.17: First adversity, firs...
The Orlando Magic did not handle adversity well last season. But they came through big to defeat the Miami Heat down the stretch. I break down the game on today's episode and dream of what this all could mean.
22 min
Locked On Magic 10.18.17: The Day is Finally Here!
Opening night is finally here! I preview what to watch for in the Orlando Magic's opening night game against the Miami Heat (2:25). I also take a global view with a look at some important points in the schedule -- especially the beginning (11:05) -- an...
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.17.17: The Night Before
A few roster touchups to get to on Regular Season's Eve. The Orlando Magic did not get to an extension agreement with Aaron Gordon or Elfrid Payton, I calm you down on what that means (3:30). Orlando also added Jamel Artis and made Khem Birch the last ...
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.16.17: OMD Facebook Live NBA...
I took to Facebook Live this Sunday to officially log my predictions for the NBA season. How do I see the season shaking out? Where will the Orlando Magic finish? Who makes the Playoffs? And can anyone dethrone the Golden State Warriors?
53 min
Locked On Magic 10.13.17: Fast Starts
The Orlando Magic play their final preseason game Friday, but we are already looking ahead to the regular season. On today's show, I talk about why winning is important for the Magic this year (10:40) and why they need to get off to a fast start (17:55...
26 min
Locked On Magic 10.12.17: The post-up stretch-5...
Nikola Vucevic always seems to come with something good and a criticism to follow. On offense, Vucevic is looking to recover from last year by expanding to the 3-point line and regaining his efficiency in the post (10:30). I also (finally) discuss Trac...
25 min
Locked On Magic 10.11.17: The mirages are real?
The preseason is coming to a close after the Orlando Magic's win over the San Antonio Spurs. I wonder if the mirages of the preseason are real (14:15). I am leaning yes. I also recap the Magic's win over the Spurs (2:45) and why Elfrid Payton is great ...
32 min
Locked On Magic 10.10.17: Jonathon Simmons and ...
The Orlando Magic are certainly willing to explore and let Jonathon Simmons be Jonathon Simmons. They are looking to expand his game off the bench for now, and he is proving to them in the preseason just how good he might be (9:40). I also take a look...
28 min
Locked On Magic 10.09.17: Transition and Defense
The Orlando Magic's identity is beginning to emerge as we hit the midpoint of the preseason. On today's episode, I discuss the Magic's transition game and why it is critical for the team's offense (12:55). I also analyze where the defense is at (22:50)...
31 min
Orlando Magic Daily Podcast Episode 77: Nationa...
As we parse through the preseason predictions and what the national experts think of the Orlando Magic, something is clear. The Magic get no respect. This may seem unimportant, but it has major consequences. On today's episode, I explore those conseque...
59 min
Locked On Magic 10.05.17: On to the next
The Orlando Magic prep for their second preseason game against the Dallas Mavericks and their preseason home opener Thursday. I look at what the Magic did well in Monday's game and what they hope to build on and improve for Thursday (5:50). I also prev...
20 min
Locked On Magic 10.04.17: For the fans
The Orlando Magic had their annual open practice Tuesday. And like them, I think the fans were eager to see their Magic team play live (2:50). I also discuss how the Magic need to get better use from the 3-point line (11:45) and why Frank Vogel's secon...
28 min
Locked On Magic 10.03.17: Games sound familiar
The Orlando Magic are off and running, playing their first game of the preseason. I break down the 92-84 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies and what the big takeaways are from the preseason opener (1:45). I then discuss the already apparent effects of famil...
31 min
Locked On Magic 10.02.17: The first game is here!
Training camp officially ended Friday and the first game is upon us. As the Orlando Magic prepare for their game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday (15:00), I discuss what the Magic built in training camp (1:30) and what they hope to get out of th...
22 min
Locked On Magic 09.29.17: Aaron Gordon rising
The Orlando Magic and its fans are eagerly awaiting to see Aaron Gordon take the floor this year. It feels like this season is his time to shine. To do so, he will have to improve his jumper and take a big leap (9:40). The stakes are high as it appears...
19 min
Locked On Magic 09.28.17: Focused on Defense
Orlando Magic training camp continues as the team continues to install its offensive and defensive principles. It is clear the Magic will put a lot of their focus on defense after struggling last year (1:15). As for the future, it is also clear Jeff We...
23 min
Locked On Magic 09.27.17: Off and Running!
Orlando Magic training camp is off and running as the team got going in its first day. It was a bit different as the team's familiarity with each other and the coach helped them get off to a fast start (2:05). I also check in on Jonathan Isaac's first...
26 min
Locked On Magic 09.26.17: Media Day Expectations
The Orlando Magic gathered together for the first time in the 2018 season as they prepare for training camp Tuesday. There was no talk of the Playoff like last year, but rather a simple directive and expectation to meet. That simple task may be the har...
26 min
Locked On Magic 09.25.17: Expectations for 2018
The Orlando Magic enter the 2018 season with uncertainty. What will this team be and how does it achieve its goals? What even are its goals. As we prepare for media day and training camp, I look at what to expect for the Magic this season (3:05) and re...
35 min
Locked On Magic: 09.22.17: Potential to Reality
We finish our player outlooks with a look at perhaps the most promising and important player for the Orlando Magic: Aaron Gordon (11:45). This is the year where he has to turn potential into reality. I also discuss the Magic's recent hire of David Tenn...
26 min
Locked On Magic 09.21.17: Put up or shut up
For Elfrid Payton and Mario Hezonja it is a big prove-it year as both players try to establish themselves in the NBA. For Payton, he has to prove his post-All-Star run was more than a fluke (2:10). For Hezonja, he has to prove he belongs in the NBA (11...
25 min
Locked On Magic 09.20.17: Evan Fournier and Nik...
Evan Fournier (11:00) and Nikola Vucevic (18:45) arguably had down years last year in 2016. They both will figure to be important in 2017 and the Orlando Magic will need them both to breakthrough to find success. I also discuss the ESPN report the Magi...
29 min
Locked On Magic 09.19.17: It's the bench!
The Orlando Magic worked to remake their bench this year, I dug into the numbers a bit to find out why this was so important, and why the season might rest on how the bench performs (9:25). I also give an outlook on a key player off that bench in Arron...
23 min
Locked On Magic 09.18.17: New and Not-So-New
We are officially a week away from Orlando Magic Media Day! We kick our player outlooks into high gear looking at Jonathan Isaac and what he can bring to the team his rookie year (2:30) and Bismack Biyombo and how to reconcile his contract with his pro...
26 min