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Locked On Magic 01.11.18: The Question for a Star
The Orlando Magic hope to groom Aaron Gordon as their next star. He learned some valuable lessons from Giannis Antetokounmpo.
26 min
Locked On Magic 01.10.18: Trash
The Orlando Magic played like trash with their coach questioning their toughness. The losses only seem to be piling up more now.
31 min
Locked On Magic 01.09.18: Trade winds are blowi...
The trade rumor mill is churning a month from the trade deadline. And the Orlando Magic might have a market to work with.
24 min
Locked On Magic 01.08.18: Midseason Mailbag
The Orlando Magic reach the midpoint of the season so I answer your questions about the team on our weekly Facebook Live.
56 min
Locked On Magic 01.05.18: Jeff Weltman's mid-se...
Jeff Weltman spoke to the Orlando Sentinel and spoke about what he has seen from the team so far and how those famous evaluations are going.
35 min
Locked On Magic 01.04.18: Make or Miss League
The Orlando Magic missed shots. The result was predictable
23 min
Locked On Magic 01.03.18: The Biz effect
The Orlando Magic have turned to Bismack Biyombo without Nikola Vucevic, and the potential of his effects are clear.
25 min
Locked On Magic 01.02.18: Late game blues
The Orlando Magic struggled for a second straight game to execute and lost a game they probably deserved to win.
27 min
Locked On Magic 01.01.18: What to watch for in ...
We are putting a forgettable 2017 behind us and looking forward to what the Orlando Magic can do in 2018.
48 min
Orlando Magic Daily Podcast Episode 80: Rock bo...
The Orlando Magic officially hit rock bottom, coming in 30th in the latest CBS Sports Power Rankings. We ask the ranker himself how we got here.
49 min
Orlando Magic Daily Podcast Episode 79: The tra...
The Orlando Magic have a very uncertain future and the trade market does not even see a clear salvation. I discuss the market with The Step Back's Andrew Bernucca.
58 min
Locked On Magic 12.27.17: Some good news and so...
The Orlando Magic got some renewed energy with Evan Fournier back in the lineup. But the result was still the same.
30 min
Locked On Magic 12.26.17: Merry Welpmas
The Orlando Magic are feeling the pain as another injury to a major player sends their season a lump of coal.
25 min
Locked On Magic 12.22.17: New Orleans Pelicans ...
The New Orleans Pelicans are heading to Orlando. I preview the game with The Bird Writes.
24 min
Locked On Magic 12.21.17: Everyone sees it... t...
The Orlando Magic did not play with the energy they needed undermanned (again). And everyone knows it.
23 min
Locked On Magic 12.20.17: Time is now
The Orlando Magic have to get going now. And as players come back, they need to get up to speed quickly to save the season.
24 min
Locked On Magic 12.19.17: Big Mo' and Mario Hez...
The Orlando Magic struggle to build momentum and that is stifling the team and their ability to find their normal. Mario Hezonja though appears to be setting a new normal as he defines his role.
28 min
Locked On Magic 12.18.17: What's wrong with the...
The Orlando Magic have had a lot of problems in the last month. Locating a problem, needs an hourlong episode.
59 min
Locked On Magic 12.15.17: The 3-pointer
The Orlando Magic promised to modernize their offense. They have not been afraid to let their 3-pointers fly, but their efficiency and quality has been impressive.
28 min
Locked On Magic 12.14.17: Bigger questions than...
The Orlando Magic lost to the LA Clippers and left themselves asking some bigger questions than they need right now.
24 min
Locked On Magic 12.13.17: Greater thans and les...
The Orlando Magic are hoping to be more full for Wednesday's game and they now face a critical juncture of their schedule.
29 min
Locked On Magic 12.12.17: Orlando Magic in space?
The Orlando Magic had an (unfortunately) easy day at practice with all their injuries. So I talk about these space uniforms supposedly coming down the pike.
22 min
Locked On Magic 12.11.17: The Nikola Vucevic co...
The Orlando Magic are facing a lot of injuries right now. Nikola Vucevic is at the center of what the team will need to do to survive.
56 min
Locked On Magic 12.08.17: Sans Fournier
The Orlando Magic will be without Evan Fournier and it is a big hole to fill...
29 min
Locked On Magic 12.07.17: Ugly is beautiful (or...
The Orlando Magic won ugly. It is important to look at the negatives and acknowledge them. But also to embrace winning this way.
23 min