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Locked On Magic 04.03.19: A Playoff Look-Ahead
The Orlando Magic could very well see the Toronto Raptors again. I break down Monday's game with Locked On Raptors and discuss the playoff race.
52 min
Locked On Magic 04.02.19: This is not how we play
The Orlando Magic lost to the Toronto Raptors with a third straight poor defensive performance. This is not who the Magic are.
27 min
Locked On Magic 04.01.19: The ace in the hole
The Orlando Magic are in the playoff race and have an ace in the hole to make the playoffs. They just have to take care of business.
22 min
Locked On Magic 03.31.19: Aaron Gordon's maturity
The Orlando Magic picked up a critical win against the Indiana Pacers that showed just how much Aaron Gordon's game has matured.
26 min
Locked On Magic 03.29.19: Punch first
The Orlando Magic took the first punch again from the Detroit Pistons and never recovered, falling out of playoff position.
27 min
Locked On Magic 03.28.19: The biggest game sinc...
The Orlando Magic go from the huge game against the Miami Heat to the huge game against the Detroit Pistons.
39 min
Locked On Magic 03.27.19: Dousing the Heat
The Orlando Magic scored a major victory over the Miami Heat. We break it down with Locked on Heat.
38 min
Locked On Magic 03.26.19: Michael Carter-Willia...
Michael Carter-Williams has been a revelation during his first 10-day contract, providing the energy needed to blow out the Philadelphia 76ers.
23 min
Locked On Magic 03.25.19: The Playoffs are here
The Orlando Magic have nine games to go to make their playoff push. The playoff pressure has already arrived.
20 min
Locked On Magic 03.22.19: Home Sweet Home
The Orlando Magic have slowly established a home-court advantage at the Amway Center. It has been central to their turnaround and Playoff hopes.
19 min
Locked On Magic 03.21.19: Defense Leads the Way
The Orlando Magic dominated the New Orleans Pelicans. Their defense was again the key as it led the way to another blowout victory at home.
21 min
Locked On Magic 03.20.19: Home cooking
The Orlando Magic are in the middle of a critical homestand that will set the tone for a big road trip starting next week.
26 min
Locked On Magic 03.19.19: A bright future... A ...
The Orlando Magic are playing better and setting themselves up for a brighter future. But there are still plenty of question hanging over the team as the summer approaches.
30 min
Locked On Magic 03.18.19: Light the fire
The Orlando Magic needed to find some energy to hold off the Atlanta Hawks. New acquisition Michael Carter-Williams provided the spark.
25 min
Locked On Magic 03.15.19: Back on track for now
The Orlando Magic got the win they needed to open up a critical homestand, dispatching the Cleveland Cavaliers with little trouble.
19 min
Locked On Magic 03.14.19: Leading by more than ...
The Orlando Magic have gotten off to great starts this year. Their leaders set the tone and right now they need them more than ever.
31 min
Locked On Magic 03.13.19: Elimination Chamber
The Orlando Magic are rebounding at an elite level, but something still seems to be missing. And Jerian Grant has to step up now for the Magic.
28 min
Locked On Magic 03.12.19: Playing to the standard
The Orlando Magic need to rescue themselves and get back into the Playoff race. They can only do that by playing to their Playoff standard. There is no room for error.
27 min
Locked On Magic 03.11.19: Lacking Late-Game Poise
The Orlando Magic lost again because of poor late-game execution. They find themselves searching for poise to close these games and save their Playoff chase.
36 min
Locked On Magic 03.08.19: A chance to refocus
The Orlando Magic got a chance to refocus and reset their batteries as they begin a soft spot in the schedule. Ultimately success is up to them.
19 min
Locked On Magic 03.07.19: Lapses in consistency
The Orlando Magic have struggled since the All-Star Break and it is because their defensive consistency has dropped off.
29 min
Locked On Magic 03.06.19: Missed opportunities
The Orlando Magic sleepwalked defensively through three quarters. They still had a chance to win, but another opportunity slipped away.
37 min
Locked On Magic 03.05.19: Questions for the Fou...
The Orlando Magic are in their sprint to the finish of the season. We discuss the questions they must answer to achieve their goals.
31 min
Locked On Magic 03.04.19: Stick with T-Ross
The Orlando Magic again lost to one of the Eastern Conference's worst teams. And again it was Terrence Ross struggling to shoot that seemed to sink the Magic.
36 min
Locked On Magic 03.01.19: Believe
The Orlando Magic scored a big upset defeating the Golden State Warriors. After Tuesday's loss, this recovery leads to one major conclusion. The team is fighting together and believes they can achieve their goals.
36 min