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Locked On Magic 03.04.19: Stick with T-Ross
The Orlando Magic again lost to one of the Eastern Conference's worst teams. And again it was Terrence Ross struggling to shoot that seemed to sink the Magic.
36 min
Locked On Magic 03.01.19: Believe
The Orlando Magic scored a big upset defeating the Golden State Warriors. After Tuesday's loss, this recovery leads to one major conclusion. The team is fighting together and believes they can achieve their goals.
36 min
Locked On Magic 02.28.19: The best time in Orla...
The city of Orlando has a lot to get excited about as the Orlando Magic continue their Playoff chase and a new Orlando City season begins.
53 min
Locked On Magic 02.27.19: The Narrow Path to Vi...
The Orlando Magic lost to the New York Knicks. It really happened. And because the Magic again strayed from what they must do.
36 min
Locked On Magic 02.26.19: It only gets more int...
The Orlando Magic enter the fourth quarter of the season as favorites to make the Playoffs. The intensity is only growing from here.
29 min
Locked On Magic 02.25.19: Grant-in-aid
The Orlando Magic got a big boost form Jerian Grant in Sunday's win as they found their groove again after Friday's loss.
24 min
Locked On Magic 02.22.19: Getting a bit More Ch...
Evan Fournier has had an off year there is no denying that. During the Orlando Magic's winning stretch, Fournier has started to come alive.
20 min
Locked On Magic 02.21.19: The Road Ahead
The Orlando Magic get back to work after the All-Star Break with Playoff dreams. But the road ahead is not as simple as it seems.
18 min
Locked On Magic 02.18.19: Nikola Vucevic soaks ...
Nikola Vucevic did not do much during the All-Star Game. But he still represented Orlando and the Magic well.
23 min
Locked On Magic 02.15.19: The Past, Present and...
The Orlando Magic shed their past, made the most of their present and looked ahead to a bright future entering the All-Star Break.
31 min
Locked On Magic 02.14.19: The keys behind a win...
The Orlando Magic have turned a corner and are playing their best basketball to build a season-long four-game win streak. What is behind it and the team's (relative) success?
29 min
Locked On Magic 02.13.19: A Win Streak is Just ...
The Orlando Magic are on a four-game win streak and playing their best basketball in years. But that is just a part of the long-term formula. No one is celebrating.
25 min
Locked On Magic 02.12.19: Terrence Ross, the hu...
Terrence Ross has adopted the nickname, the Human Torch, and he is living up to his Marvel moniker.
25 min
Locked On Magic 02.11.19: The Orlando Magic are...
The Orlando Magic collected two impressive blowout wins and find themselves streaking back into the Playoff race. Their buy in and trust are evident as Steve Clifford has his team playing at a high level.
30 min
Locked On Magic 02.08.19: Orlando Magic acquire...
The Orlando Magic made a big move at the trade deadline acquiring 2017 top overall pick Markelle Fultz.
32 min
Locked On Magic 02.07.19: Trading Days
The trade deadline is here. So we ignore tonight's game and lay down a final assessment of the Magic's trade position and who might be on the block.
31 min
Locked On Magic 02.06.19: No Mo Bamba
Mohamed Bamba is out indefinitely with a leg injury and the Orlando Magic have a replacement ready. They just need to get it all together.
28 min
Locked On Magic 02.05.19: The tension of presen...
The season has not brought much clarity for what the Orlando Magic should do entering the trade deadline as they try to develop for their future while making the most of the present.
34 min
Locked On Magic 02.04.19: Where the Orlando Mag...
The Orlando Magic enter trade deadline week still clinging to Playoff hopes, with an expiring NBA All-Star's contract and a whole lot of questions.
47 min
Locked On Magic 02.01.19: Hey now, you're an Al...
Nikola Vucevic is officially a NBA All-Star, named as a reserve. Making it even better? The team got a win over the Indiana Pacers.
30 min
Locked On Magic 01.31.19: One week and so many ...
The Orlando Magic have one week to go before the trade deadline and so many decisions to make about their future and key players on the roster.
32 min
Locked On Magic 01.30.19: The Last Stand is lon...
Orlando Magic coach Steve Clifford publicly reprimanded his team following a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a sign the team's last stand is here.
33 min
Locked On Magic 01.29.19: The close game conundrum
The Orlando Magic have found themselves in far too many close games. And lately find themselves losing far too many of them.
21 min
Locked On Magic 01.28.19: They are who we thoug...
The Orlando Magic raised expectations for a time with the Playoffs in range. The disappointing realization is they are who we originally thought they were.
34 min
Locked On Magic 01.25.19: Trade Deadline is Com...
The trade deadline is two weeks away and the Orlando Magic are in a strange position. Keith Smith of Yahoo! Sports tries to sort it out for us.
51 min
Locked On Magic 01.24.19: The Orlando Magic's c...
The Orlando Magic lost a heartbreaker to the Brooklyn Nets as their problems throughout the game are getting amplified late as they fade from the Playoff race.
35 min
Locked On Magic 01.23.19: The Next Seven Games
The Orlando Magic's next seven games will take them to the trade deadline and pretty much determine their fate.
28 min
Locked On Magic 01.22.19: Professional Wins and...
The Orlando Magic had a solid win over the Atlanta Hawks with a strong defensive effort in the second half. But they know they are playing to a Playoff standard and there is no hiding it.
32 min
Locked On Magic 01.21.19: Every game is a Game 7
A pair of weekend losses has raised some new alarm bell for the Orlando Magic's fledgling Playoff hopes. None more so than from Nikola Vucevic who says it is now or never.
28 min
Locked On Magic 01.18.19: Midseason Mailbag
We have reached the midpoint of the season and still have plenty of questions to get to in this year's midseason mailbag.
27 min
Locked On Magic 01.17.19: Can't rely on the off...
The Orlando Magic had one of their best offensive games of the year. . . in a loss. The game with its inconsistent defense proved the Magic must build themselves on defense if they want to win.
31 min
Locked On Magic 01.16.19: Mo Bamba and the Cent...
The central tension for the Orlando Magic is coming to be represented in Mo Bamba. His development is clearly important, but his impact on winning is unclear as the Playoff fight continues.
25 min
Locked On Magic 01.15.19: The cost of doing bus...
The Orlando Magic are at the center of several big trade rumors as the deadline creeps closer. What we are learning is what a potential deal looks like and where the Magic might target improvements.
34 min
Locked On Magic 01.14.19: Weekend 180 and the O...
The Orlando Magic seemed at the lowest point of the season. One weekend and two wins later, the Magic are confident and surging again.
30 min
Locked On Magic 01.11.19: Magic at the Midpoint
The Orlando Magic have something to play for at the midpoint of the season. But big questions loom in the next quarter of the season.
32 min
Locked On Magic 01.10.19: So good and so bad......
The Orlando Magic had things rolling and then they fell apart quickly in Utah. At the midpoint of the season, the Magic are at a clear turning point.
34 min
Locked On Magic 01.09.19: Jonathan Isaac and wh...
The Orlando Magic find themselves in a rut, but it is clearly not on the starting lineup. But if there is one change to make it is Jonathan Isaac.
28 min
Locked On Magic 01.08.19: Questions without ans...
The Orlando Magic again could not find an offensive rhythm and their defense failed them again. This losing streak is raising some uncomfortable questions about this team.
28 min
Locked On Magic 01.07.19: The moment to decide
The Orlando Magic lost two games where they led by double-digits in the first half. As the season's midpoint nears, the Magic have a decision to make on what team they want to be.
29 min
Locked On Magic 01.04.19: #VoteForVucevic
Nikola Vucevic is not feeling the love in the first returns of All-Star balloting. But his numbers suggest he is certainly an All-Star.
20 min
Locked On Magic 01.03.19: Free Mo Bamba
Mohamed Bamba has struggled in his rookie year some. It was always going to be a learning curve. The Magic may finally be encouraging him to let loose.
30 min
Locked On Magic 01.02.19: Mr. D.J., keep on pla...
As the trade deadline inches closer, the focus on a new point guard will get louder. For this team in this place, D.J. Augustin has been more than serviceable.
21 min
Locked On Magic 01.01.19: Orlando's New Year's ...
The Orlando Magic find themselves in the middle of the Playoff race at the New Year. They will need to fulfill one resolution to get over the hump.
30 min
Locked On Magic 12.31.18: The Best Version of A...
Aaron Gordon has not increased his scoring as many thought he would. But the Orlando Magic are still getting a better version of him as he becomes an all-around player.
30 min
Locked On Magic 12.28.18: The long and winding ...
The Orlando Magic are looking to be a .500 team sneaking into the Playoffs. That road is not a straight line at all.
26 min
Locked On Magic 12.27.18: Thin margins and dice...
The Orlando Magic knew they had a small margin for error. Their poor depth and bench is hurting them now more than ever.
32 min
Locked On Magic 12.24.18: All I want for Christ...
The Orlando Magic's offense has disappeared as the team has gone 0-3 during a critical stretch of the schedule.
33 min
Locked On Magic 12.21.18: The young trade market
The NBA world is in Las Vegas for the G-League Showcase and it has led to the first trickle of rumors as teams begin to ponder what they will do in February.
30 min
Locked On Magic 12.20.18: The future is not now
The Orlando Magic started Mohamed Bamba with Nikola Vucevic out of the lineup and got a reminder of how far their future still is.
27 min
Locked On Magic 12.19.18: On Winning Ugly
The Orlando Magic have learned how to win "ugly" games. But this is more than just a passing skill. This signals they are developing the good habits to build a true identity.
20 min
Locked On Magic 12.18.18: The quiet evolution o...
Aaron Gordon has not put up the All-Star numbers everyone expected. But his game has grown and been vital to the Orlando Magic.
27 min
Locked On Magic 12.17.18: What we've learned so...
The Orlando Magic have completed one of the roughest stretches of their schedule. So what have we learned about this team so far?
33 min
Locked On Magic 12.14.18: Wins are wins
It wasn't pretty. But Nikola Vucevic bailed the Orlando Magic in a sloppy game that ended up the way it needed to go -- a win.
28 min
Locked On Magic 12.13.18: The trade winds are c...
The Orlando Magic are preparing for a critical stretch of their season as the trade market fully opens and an uncertain trade strategy develops.
23 min
Locked On Magic 12.12.18: The Education of Moha...
Mohamed Bamba has not quite provided the defensive impact everyone expected. Is this just him growing as a rookie or something more serious.
22 min
Locked On Magic 12.11.18: All the things you sh...
The Orlando Magic once again did everything they cannot do if they want to win games. Another blowout loss should have the team doing some soul searching before their next game.
35 min
Locked On Magic 12.10.18: Ghosts of Magic Past
The Orlando Magic's blowout loss to the Indiana Pacers reminds the team how fragile their success still is.
20 min
Locked On Magic 12.06.18: Frustration boils ove...
The Orlando Magic let frustration get the better of them as calls against kept going against them. But it was their own execution that cost them in the end.
36 min
Locked On Magic 12.05.18: They forgot about AG
Aaron Gordon showed up and made sure the Miami Heat remembered him as the defense helped push the team to a win.
20 min
Locked On Magic 12.04.18: Taking steps... still...
The Orlando Magic can look back at their season so far and point to the progress and steps they have taken. But they also clearly see how much more work they have left to do.
21 min
Locked On Magic 12.03.18: The First Quarter MVP...
The Orlando Magic had a surprising run to the first quarter. It was exemplified in its MVP. But so many questions still remain to maintain the success.
26 min
Locked On Magic 11.30.18: The First Quarter Rev...
The Orlando Magic are past the quarter pole and are finding some strong performances and some confusing ones.
44 min
Locked On Magic 11.29.18: Not Tough Enough
The Orlando Magic again lost a lead and squandered an opportunity to beat a good Portland team. But it was what coach Steve Clifford said that shows how much things have changed and how much work is left to do.
35 min
Locked On Magic 11.28.18: The First Quarter Rev...
The Orlando Magic are a quarter of the way through their season. We begin to assess the first 20 games and what comes next.
32 min
Locked On Magic 11.27.18: Impact without scorin...
Aaron Gordon made an impact with his absence. The Orlando Magic missed his defense as Kevin Durant went nuts in the fourth quarter to give the Golden State Warriors a win.
32 min
Locked On Magic 11.26.18: Resilient wins and li...
The Orlando Magic were impressive once again in defeating the Los Angeles Lakers. But it was a lineup change that helped spark the victory. And it might be something permanent coming down the road.
26 min
Locked On Magic 11.23.18: Mo Bamba at the quart...
Mohamed Bamba has gotten plenty of attention and fans want to see more of him. But the Orlando Magic know patience is still required.
18 min
Locked On Magic 11.21.18: BIG things coming... ...
The Orlando Magic finally debuted their BIG lineup and saw their defense come tot he fore to push the Toronto Raptors. But it was still a loss that showed a lot of work to do.
27 min
Locked On Magic 11.20.18: Nikola Vucevic gets a...
Nikola Vucevic got some kudos for his stellar season so far winning the Eastern Conference's Player of the Week Award.
23 min
Locked On Magic 11.19.18: A long wait for Jonat...
Jonathan Isaac had himself a week where he made sure Orlando Magic fans remembered how important and fun he can be.
26 min
Locked On Magic 11.16.18: The road ahead
The Orlando Magic continue their homestand this week and it will be a vital part of the season as a difficult road lays ahead for the team.
30 min
Locked On Magic 11.15.18: Don't call it a comeb...
The Orlando Magic surprised the Philadelphia 76ers during Jimmy Butler's debut winning in the final seconds thanks.
24 min
Locked On Magic 11.14.18: Reviewing where we're at
The Orlando Magic prepare to open up the most difficult stretch of their schedule. So I take the time to review where we are at with this team.
53 min
Locked On Magic 11.13.18: Keeping the rhythm
The Orlando Magic were not able to execute down the stretch and faded away in Washington. Their poor bench play again was part of the reason why.
28 min
Locked On Magic 11.12.18: One year later, 12 ga...
The Orlando Magic dominated the New York Knicks. It is a strange place for the team as they round the same mark their season collapsed last year.
25 min
Locked On Magic 11.09.18: Who steps up to the c...
Coach Steve Clifford challenged the Orlando Magic after Wednesday's loss. Now the question is who steps up to the call?
25 min
Locked On Magic 11.08.18: Losses are not accept...
Coach Steve Clifford had harsh words for his team, publicly rebuking them for giving up a winnable game as he tries to change the standard for his team.
28 min
Locked On Magic 11.06.18: The other side of an ...
The Orlando Magic made an improbable comeback of their own showing a confident team ready to fight and stealing a win when maybe they shouldn't.
29 min
Locked On Magic 11.05.18: Is this the foundatio...
The Orlando Magic scored a big win Sunday in response to a bad performance Friday. Is this how the Magic establish their culture?
28 min
Locked On Magic 11.02.18: Bench energy... Bench...
The Orlando Magic's bench has statistically played well and done exactly what they need to -- bringing energy to the team.
19 min
Locked On Magic 11.01.18: Where in the world is...
Evan Fournier was always a reliable shooter. To start the season, he has struggled like never before. Those struggles have hurt a team hungry for offense.
25 min
Locked On Magic 10.31.18: Make or Miss (mostly ...
The Orlando Magic were able to get their defense right against the Sacramento Kings. But their horrid offense prevented them from getting a win.
31 min
Locked On Magic 10.30.18: Offense, not as bad a...
The Orlando Magic offense is statistically abysmal, as expected. But there is something hidden in there. The team can and should be a lot better.
21 min
Locked On Magic 10.29.18: Looking for leadership
The Orlando Magic are struggling to find consistency as the season starts. Their leaders must set the tone at this early stage.
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.26.18: It's all in the details
The Orlando Magic looked flat-footed and a bit disengaged in a loss to the Portland Trail Blazers as Damian Lillard ran right past them.
25 min
Locked On Magic 10.25.18: Jonathan Isaac is the...
Jonathan Isaac has gotten to a bit of an uneven start. But his strong game Monday shows why he is so important to the Magic, in whatever form he is ready to take.
21 min
Locked On Magic 10.24.18: Mailbag, revisited
I asked for your mailbag questions and you delivered, showing a lot of curiosity in the B-I-G things coming for the Orlando Magic.
37 min
Locked On Magic 10.23.18: Get used to the defense
The Orlando Magic displayed their defensive prowess in upsetting the Boston Celtics on the road and returning to .500.
31 min
Locked On Magic 10.22.18: So close... is not go...
The Orlando Magic had what might be termed a good performance in a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. But Steve Clifford is clearly trying to set a new standard.
33 min
Locked On Magic 10.19.18: What's different abou...
The Orlando Magic have heard the promise of new coaches before. So what is going to be different about Steve Clifford? Already it seems like a lot.
24 min
Locked On Magic 10.18.18: A little bit of Aaron...
The Orlando Magic opened their season with a strong performance that previews what the team ultimately wants to become. Even if the end was extremely nervy.
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.17.18: The BIG Day is here!
The big day is here! The Orlando Magic open their season against the Miami Heat tonight! I preview the game and discuss the early part of the season.
25 min
Locked On Magic 10.16.18: The Eastern Conferenc...
With the NBA season starting today, I preview the Eastern Conference and where the Orlando Magic fit in.
28 min
Locked On Magic 10.15.18: The Western Conferenc...
The NBA season is finally here! Well, almost. As we get set for the first slate of games and the season to begin, I preview the Western Conference.
32 min
Locked On Magic 10.11.18: Jonathan Isaac makes ...
Jonathan Isaac returned from injury and suddenly the Orlando Magic looked ready for the regular season, routing the Memphis Grizzlies.
21 min
Locked On Magic 10.10.18: The next steps for Aa...
Aaron Gordon is set to take another step this year and is playing well in the preseason. What will he do in the regular season now?
22 min
Locked On Magic 10.09.18: Feeling the Heat
The Orlando Magic are starting to feel the pressure as they try to round into form. The loss to the Miami Heat raised some discouraging signs even with some time to correct.
24 min
Locked On Magic 10.08.18: Paving your own way
The Orlando Magic are trying to pave their own way as Steve Clifford takes over and the team tries to build itself from the bottom.
27 min
Locked On Magic 10.05.18: The Eastern Conferenc...
The Orlando Magic season is quickly approaching and we dive into expectations for the year and the Eastern Conference landscape with Orlando Pinstriped Post's Zach Oliver.
65 min
Locked On Magic 10.04.18: Same old, same old Ni...
Nikola Vucevic has been one of the most reliable options for the Orlando Magic for a long time. But it seems his days are numbered as the team prepares to turn a new page.
23 min