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Andy and Brian Kamenetzky bring you a daily look into the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. The Kamenetzky Brothers have covered the Lakers since 2005 for a variety of media outlets including the LA Times, ESPN and The Athletic, with a unique style combining traditional journalism, informal commentary and offbeat humor. They'll break down all the latest news surrounding L.A.'s premiere franchise on the "Locked On Lakers" podcast, a part of the "Locked On Podcast Network". #nba #lakers

Ham, Atkinson and Stotts: The Lakers Have Three...
It's down to three. Which candidate is best for the job?
31 min
Outside the Box Russell Westbrook Trade Ideas (...
The oddsmakers don't see it as an option, but does a trade to Miami make sense for both sides?
31 min
The Phil Jackson/Russell Westbrook Connection, ...
People are queasy about Phil Jackson's reported support for Russell Westbrook. Should they be?
32 min
Listeners React to Anthony Davis Trade Hypothet...
It's been an angsty sort of week, highlighted by reports the Lakers could be planning for another year of Russ...
32 min
Should the Lakers Trade Anthony Davis? What Cou...
Is the best path to a title caliber team around LeBron James trading Anthony Davis?
34 min
How Big Is the Gap Between the Lakers and Weste...
The top two seeds in the West are out. No dominant teams, or just tons of excellent ones?
31 min
Talking HBO's "Winning Time" and Lakers Culture...
He wrote the book that inspired HBO's "Winning Time," plus "Three Ring Circus." Jeff Pearlman knows the Lakers
40 min
Scouting Terry Stotts: Would He Be a Good Fit a...
He's quietly rocketed to the top of the odds list. Is Terry Stotts the cure for what ails the Lakers?
35 min
Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Speaks! Impatience, Lu...
Jeanie Buss gave a rare interview that published Tuesday. There was a lot in it to discuss.
32 min
Quin Snyder Seems Set in Utah. How Does That Im...
The Lakers likely won't have a "star" coach to pick, which brings opportunity and risk
31 min
Kings hire Mike Brown. Are the Lakers Now More ...
The Kings will hire Mike Brown, taking a name off the board but also cutting the competition for candidates
29 min
Russell Westbrook Could Be A Laker Again Next S...
Meanwhile, some are reportedly upset Phil Jackson is in on the coaching search. Who? Why?
29 min
Is Trading LeBron James an Option? Plus Adrian ...
Stephen A. Smith suggests the Lakers trade James, while James attacks the dweebs!
31 min
The Lakers are Reportedly Consulting Phil Jacks...
Can the Zen Master help them land a big fish? Is it weird they keep going back to the same people over and over?
28 min
Is Darvin Ham a Good Candidate for the Lakers C...
With news the Lakers will interview Ham, attention goes to L.A.'s process: Who gets on the list, who doesn't, and why?
32 min
Can the Lakers Build a Culture That"s More Than...
The "superteam" model (as constructed by the Lakers, Nets and Clippers) is suffering. Should the Lakers adjust?
33 min
Can the Lakers Get Value in a Russell Westbrook...
Is addition by subtraction enough in a Westbrook trade? Plus, where are the Lakers looking for their next coach?
30 min
Are LeBron James and Anthony Davis Still a Cham...
Part I of a conversation with The Athletic's Jovan Buha, on what the Lakers have now, and what they can get going forward
33 min
Russell Westbrook Removes the Lakers From His I...
It's a rite of passage these days - an embattled athlete removes a team from his social media!
32 min
What the Failures of the Lakers and Nets Have i...
The Kamenetzkys discuss the similarities between the Lakers and Nets this season, plus where Anthony Davis should
31 min
LeBron James Pledges Never to Miss the Playoffs...
Plus, exploring what a real teardown would look like vis-a-vis LA's 3 stars, plus Westbrook trade parameters.
31 min
Does it Matter *Why* LeBron James Stays with th...
The Lakers are in a real pickle vis-a-vis traditional expectations heading into next year. Can they message their way out?
34 min
How Will the Lakers Approach Hiring the Next He...
The Lakers need a new coach. They also need to figure out what they think they can be next year.
33 min
Why Westbrook Went Wrong. Plus, Are the Lakers ...
Lakers beat writer Dan Woike joins the show, discussing the psychology of Russ, Pelinka, and the roots of a coaching search
31 min
How Close is Malik Monk to Other Elite Young NB...
Is this really the year Lakers fans should take shots at the Clips for missing the postseason?
33 min