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Andy and Brian Kamenetzky bring you a daily look into the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. The Kamenetzky Brothers have covered the Lakers since 2005 for a variety of media outlets including the LA Times, ESPN and The Athletic, with a unique style combining traditional journalism, informal commentary and offbeat humor. They'll break down all the latest news surrounding L.A.'s premiere franchise on the "Locked On Lakers" podcast, a part of the "Locked On Podcast Network". #nba #lakers

Why Anthony Davis Is the Cause of and the Solut...
On the on hand, he's elite. On the other, he's unreliable. But then again...
33 min
LeBron James Carries the Lakers Past Rockets. H...
The Lakers needed every one of LeBron's 48 points Monday night. When does help arrive?
33 min
The Lakers Lose to Sixers, as Darvin Ham's Coac...
The Lakers had a chance to win, but couldn't get a shot off.
32 min
LeBron and Westbrook Run Out of Gas, Lakers Los...
The Lakers fought back from a 19-point deficit, but ultimately fell short
34 min
Has Russell Westbrook Been Good, Bad or Both fo...
It's a simple question, but hard to answer because Westbrook carries so much baggage.
36 min
Lakers at the Halfway Point: Grades for Darvin ...
Surprises and disappointments for the Lakers in the first half of the
35 min
The Lakers lose to the Nuggets, and get an Upda...
Monday's loss in Denver saw the team take more hits on the injury front
27 min
LeBron James is Putting More Pressure on the Fr...
The Lakers are gaining ground on the West, and LeBron is asking (without asking) for help
34 min
Despite Davis, Reaves, Walker, and Brown injure...
Kendrick Nunn chips in with 23. Is this the game that'll get him going?
19 min
Optimism Around Anthony Davis's Return? And How...
How much help does the supporting cast provide?
33 min
Lakers Beat Miami ! Schröder-Fest! Plus, what's...
Meanwhile, Dennis Schroder leads a shorthanded Lakers squad to an improbable win
37 min
Westbrook For 6th Man of the Year? Could LeBron...
And what's out there for the Lakers on the trade market that might not cost an arm and a leg?
31 min
LeBron James Scores 43 Points as the Lakers Bea...
Is the supporting cast coming around, too?
34 min
Anthony Davis Explains His Injury... But Not Wh...
LeBron is carrying the load, but is that sustainable through another month of games?
34 min
Can the Lakers Make a Trade to Help LeBron? And...
The door has been opened to potentially massive changes for the Lakers... but they won't be easy.
32 min
LeBron James Sends Message to Lakers: He Wants ...
If he's going to keep playing, he wants the games to be meaningful.
34 min
The Lakers Get a Badly Needed Win in Orlando Be...
And should the Lakers look inward for better management talent?
33 min
What Do the Lakers Owe LeBron James? Is Rob Pel...
Rob Pelinka said they have an obligation to James and his legacy... but what is it?
33 min
The Lakers Lose to the Mavericks on Christmas, ...
It's not going well. Not at all.
33 min
The Lakers' Four Options for Trades and Fixing ...
None of them, it should be noted, are terribly appealing.
30 min
Why Haven't the Lakers Issued an Update On Anth...
The shorthanded Lakers lost Wednesday in Sacramento, as Laker Nation waits for definitive AD news...
35 min
The Lakers are Chasing the Kings in the West. H...
Plus, previewing a fascinating trade season in the West...
36 min
How Does Anthony Davis' Injury Impact The Laker...
The Lakers have big, scary, difficult decisions to make. Are they waiting for a magic bullet?
33 min
LeBron James Leads Lakers Past Wizards. Can The...
AD is reportedly going to miss a month. Can the Lakers stay afloat?
36 min
BONUS EPISODE! Lakers Beat Denver as Anthony Da...
The Lakers got big contributions from LeBron, Russ and more... but is Davis going to miss time?
19 min