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Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe host the Locked On Knicks podcast, giving you a daily look inside the New York Knicks and the NBA with all the latest news, insight and expertise. From Clyde-isms, to RJ Barrett and Jalen Brunson highlights, to rampant draft and free agency speculation, Alex and Gavin have you covered every day on Locked On Knicks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Can Cam Reddish, Obi Toppin And Immanuel Quickl...
Alex Wolfe and Gavin Schall are joined by Benjy Ritholtz of Knicks Film School and The Strickland fame to discuss the upside and downside of each of the Knicks' young guns.
32 min
Who Is The Most Important Member Of The Young C...
There's always a painful price to be paid for acquiring a star and for the Knicks it will likely come in the form of giving up at least one of Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, and Quentin Grimes. Who should the Knicks prioritize in keeping?
40 min
Who could be the Knicks' next target if they're...
Alex is rejoined by former Locked On Knicks host James Marceda to continue going through your July mailbag questions. Who might the Knicks target next if they acquire Donovan Mitchell? What's the best food between tacos, burritos, burgers, and hot dogs? How closely should the Knicks guard their 2023 first round picks in trade negotiations? And much more!
32 min
Are the Knicks treated fairly by the media, and...
Alex is joined by former Locked On Knicks host James Marceda to get into your July mailbag questions! Are the Knicks unfairly judged by the media? Were they in the wrong for restricting the Jalen Brunson event to just fans? Does adding Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks increase or decrease confidence in Thibs next year? And how does James feel about Gavin's controversial decision to put garlic powder in his pasta water?
38 min
How Does Donovan Mitchell Fit With The New York...
Gavin Schall is joined by Basketball News Writer Ethan Fuller to get the lay down on Donovan Mitchell's potential fit with the Knicks.
38 min
How Much Will Donovan Mitchell Cost The New Yor...
Alex Wolfe and Gavin Schall barge into a Locked On Jazz recording to play out the Donovan Mitchell negotiations with The Voice Of The Utah Jazz David Locke and figure out what the final deal might look like.
37 min
Three lessons learned from the New York Knicks'...
Alex goes solo to break down three lessons learned from the Knicks' 2022 NBA Summer League, including why Quentin Grimes could be more than we thought, why Jericho Sims could almost be TOO much of a good thing, and why the Westchester Knicks seem like they should be a pretty good time this year.
26 min
Could the New York Knicks' trade package for Do...
Alex goes solo to talk about the Donovan Mitchell saga, in particular some new reporting from SNY's Ian Begley that shines a light on what the Knicks might have previously offered the Jazz. Could the eventual Mitchell package be a lot less than what's being speculated? And has Leon Rose proven to this point that he's not willing to cave to large trade demands? Finally, to close, Alex reviews the Knicks' latest Summer League victory over the Magic, featuring a breakout performance from Deuce McBride.
28 min
The Case For The New York Knicks Going All In O...
avin Schall is joined by No Ceilings' Albert Ghim (@albertoghim) to discuss the case for a Donovan Mitchell trade and his thoughts on seeing all the young Knicks after watching them in person at NBA Summer League.
41 min
RUMOR: Are The New York Knicks Heavy Favorites ...
Reports are flying around the NBA world that the Utah Jazz are officially open to a Donovan Mitchell trade and that the New York Knicks might just be the favorites. Do the Knicks have all the leverage here?
34 min
Is RJ Barrett A Top 50 Most Valuable Player In ...
Bill Simmons dropped his trade value rankings and he had RJ Barrett at 53, should he really be behind the likes of Tyler Herro and Marcus Smart? Gavin Schall goes solo to dive into that and Quentin Grimes continued Summer League dominance.
30 min
Knicks annihilate the Bulls in Summer League; I...
Alex goes solo to break down the New York Knicks' 101-69 romp over the Chicago Bulls at Summer League. Is Quentin Grimes already too good for this level of play? Has Jericho Sims proved all he needs to? Is Deuce McBride challenging himself enough? What does Trevor Keels have to do to get better? All that and more answered in this episode!
37 min
The Knicks crush the Warriors in Summer League ...
Alex is joined by his friend-o Jon Schulman to break down the Knicks' first Summer League game, featuring Quentin Grimes in the starring role, a good-not-great showing from Deuce McBride, Jericho Sims doing Jericho Sims things, and... Feron Hunt of all people emerging as the folk hero!
33 min
Trevor Keels intel from JJ Jackson of Locked On...
Alex goes solo and is joined by JJ Jackson of the Locked On Blue Devils podcast in the first segment to get the skinny on Trevor Keels' game before his Summer League debut. Then, Alex gives his goals and curiosities for Deuce McBride, Jean Montero, Quentin Grimes, and Jericho Sims heading into Summer League play.
35 min
Just How Bright Is The New York Knicks Future? ...
Gavin Schall is joined by the former host of WFAN's The Bank Shot Podcast John Schmeelk to break down why the team's future is brighter than you think.
38 min
Can Julius Randle Still Work On The New York Kn...
Following an eventful offseason and the acquisition of Jalen Brunson, the New York Knicks still have a Julius Randle problem. Can he fit in with the current roster or does he have to be dealt to maximize the young talent?
36 min
MITCHELL ROBINSON IS BACK!!! + Donavan Mitchell...
Mitchell Robinson is officially coming back! Can he still get better?
36 min
NBA vet Antonio Daniels on Jalen Brunson, Juliu...
Alex and Gavin are joined by longtime NBA veteran and current color commentator Antonio Daniels to talk about Jalen Brunson's fit with the Knicks, and what the locker room situation must be like with Julius Randle after a tough season in New York.
13 min
Jalen Brunson and Isaiah Hartenstein are Knicks!!! Alex Wolfe and Gavin Schall share their enthusiasm for both before getting into some Brooklyn Nets schadenfreude.
36 min
Can Jalen Brunson Play With Immanuel Quickley F...
On paper Jalen Brunson and Immanuel Quickley make a whole lot of sense offensively, but will Tom Thibodeau trust them on the defensive end down the stretch of big games? Gavin Schall is joined by The Strickland's Ariel Pacheco to find out!
28 min
Farewell to Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel as they...
Alex and Gavin react to the trade that sent Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel to Detroit, freeing enough cap space for the Knicks to make their run at Jalen Brunson in NBA free agency; react to Mitchell Robinson's rumored new contract; decide if Brunson taking meetings with the Mavericks and Heat is something to be worried about; and finally react to the Dejounte Murray trade from the Spurs to the Hawks and talk about whether the Knicks should have met the price that Atlanta gave up for Murray.
36 min
How will Jalen Brunson fit with the Knicks' cor...
Alex is joined by Lauren Gunn (@TheLaurenGunn on Twitter) of the Gunn Shot podcast to break down Jalen Brunson's reportedly imminent signing with the Knicks in NBA free agency, including whether the reported $100 million-plus contract is worth it, how he'll fit with RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, and his new Knick teammates, whether he's actually an ideal fit for Tom Thibodeau, and, finally, how the Dallas Mavericks can hope to regroup and recover from losing their second-best player.
39 min
Is Collin Sexton The New York Knicks Backup Pla...
Is Collin Sexton New York bound? Where do the Knicks assets actually rank amongst the league's best? Gavin Schall and Alex Wolfe are joined by Locked On Cavs Hosts Chris Manning and Evan Damarell to get into all that and much more!
41 min
Is Jalen Brunson New York Knicks Bound? | Knick...
The latest reports around the NBA world indicate the New York Knicks have a fantastic shot at signing Jalen Brunson following a breakout playoff performance for the young guard. Is he worth it? Alex Wolfe and Gavin Schall debate.
33 min
Final Reflections On The Draft, What Ifs And Wh...
Where did the New York Knicks go so wrong on draft night?
27 min