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Matt George, Sacramento sports radio host, brings you a daily podcast of Sacramento Kings news, reactions, rumors, highlights, and more. Matt provides the most in-depth daily podcast coverage of this young, growing future champion Sacramento Kings team. The Locked On Kings Podcast is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Kings June 13- Draft Coverage Continu...
As we close in on the NBA draft we chat with Hoop-Ball.com's Aaron Bruski and try and figure out what a perfect draft night would look like for the Kings.
34 min
Locked on Kings June 12- Bobby Jackson Jumps in...
Former Sacramento King Bobby Jackson shares who he likes at the guard, wing and big positions in the upcoming NBA draft.
27 min
Locked on Kings June 9th- NBA Draft Chatter Wit...
CBS Sports college basketball columnist and analyst Gary Parrish joins the podcast to discuss the top prospects and the Friday mail bag is back too.
36 min
Locked on Kings June 8th- More NBA Draft Covera...
James Ham discusses the best case scenarios in the NBA draft for the Kings and what they might do with all their money this summer.
36 min
Locked on Kings June 7th- Our NBA Mock Draft
Check out our first Locked on Kings Mock Draft. We check in with teams on picks 1-4 and 6-9 and give you picks for the Kings at 5 and 10.
32 min
Locked on Kings June 6- Part 2 of our NBA draft...
Bobby and I get into names like Tatum, Fox, Smith and more on today's part 2 of our NBA draft conversation.
36 min
Locked on Kings June 5- Draft Talk with Bobby G...
Bobby Gerould from HoopObsession.com joins us for part 1 of our 2 part in depth NBA draft discussion. Listen and Enjoy!
41 min
Locked on Kings June 2- Draft Coverage, Finals ...
More draft coverage as we are joined by UCLA basketball analyst Tracy Murray. Also a recap of Game 1 of the NBA Finals and our Friday Mail Bag
26 min
Locked on Kings June 1- Pac 12 Draft Prospects ...
Pac 12 basketball play-by-play man Roxy Bernstein joins the podcast to discuss the prospects out of the conference.
22 min
Locked on Kings May 31- Let's Talk NBA Draft
We are closing in on the NBA draft and the Sacramento Kings have 3 picks that they need to get right. Which way should they go in the draft?
21 min
Locked on Kings May 30- Evaluation of Coach Joe...
A look back at the first season as head coach of the Sacramento Kings for Dave Joerger.
19 min
Locked on Kings May 29- Season Evaluation of An...
A look back at the first season in a Kings uniform for NBA veteran Anthony Tolliver.
15 min
Locked on Kings May 26- Season Evaluation of Ko...
Our crew breaks down the season that was for Kings big man Kosta Koufos.
22 min
Locked on Kings May 25- Season Evaluation of W...
The player that thrived the most after the DeMarcus Cousins trade was Willie Cauley-Stein, our panelists discuss his 2nd year as an NBA pro.
24 min
Locked on Kings May 24- Season Evaluation of Ga...
Garrett Temple's 1st full season with the Kings was a good one. He fit in, he showed leadership and he played hard. Our crew analyzes his first season in Sacramento.
20 min
Locked on Kings May 23- Season Evaluation of Be...
A look back at the 4th season of Ben McLemore. Will he stay with the Kings or not? Also the Warriors make their 3rd consecutive trip to the NBA Finals with a sweep of the Spurs
21 min
Locked on Kings May 22- Player Evaluation of Ar...
A look back at the season for first year King Arron Afflalo. Also a recap of the weekend in the NBA playoffs including Boston's thrilling game 3 win.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 19- Player Evaluation (Ty L...
A look back at Ty Lawson's first season with the Sacramento Kings. Also it is back, the Friday Mailbag where we answer your questions.
25 min
Locked on Kings May 18- Player Evaluation (Darr...
A look back at the 2016-17 season for Kings free agent point guard Darren Collison
20 min
Locked on Kings May 17- Lottery Luck Falls On K...
For only the 2nd time in their lottery history the Sacramento Kings moved up. They could have been as high as 3 but had to swap back to 5 with Philly. This still gives the Kings some really good options for next month.
19 min
Locked on Kings May 16- The First Pick of the 2...
It's NBA draft lottery day and the Kings are hoping to move up for the just the 2nd time ever. We also look back at game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals too.
20 min
Locked on Kings May 15- Kings Report From Combi...
The Kings are closing in on the next month's NBA draft and will find out their draft order on Tuesday. Also game 1 was a thriller in the Western Conference Finals and we have your recap.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 12- Friday Mail Bag and Wes...
We answer your questions in our weekly Friday mail bag segment plus the series that we have waited for has finally arrived as the Spurs battle the Warriors.
18 min
Locked on Kings May 11- Player Evaluations (DeM...
Jerry Reynolds, Kayte Christensen, Jason Jones and James Ham all look back at the 55 games that Boogie played for the Kings this past season.
25 min
Locked on Kings May 10 Player Evaluations (Rudy...
He only played in 30 games this season before his season ending injury but our panelists discuss what Rudy meant to the team and what his future looks like ahead.
23 min
Locked on Kings May 9- Rudy Opts Out
Rudy Gay said he would opt out and now he confirms it. What does this mean for him, who may be interested in his services and how does it affect the Kings?
21 min
Locked on Kings May 8- The Weekend in the NBA P...
One sweep, one on the verge and 2 series that will go at least 6 games. We recap all of the games and series on today's podcast.
18 min
Locked on Kings May 5- Player Evaluations (Budd...
It's Friday so we have the Mail Bag and we get our panel to evaluate the 25 games that we saw Buddy Hield as a Sacramento King.
23 min
Locked on Kings May 4- Player Evaluations (Skal...
Rookie Skal Labissiere captured a lot of Kings fans hearts with his smooth and impressive game. Today we look back at his first season in the NBA.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 3- Player Evaluations (Matt...
A look at the season of former King Matt Barnes. His 2nd time as a King ended abruptly and now he has a shot at a ring with the Warriors. We discuss what he did for the team in 2016-17.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 2- Player Evaluations (Papa...
Our player evaluations continue and this time we focus on Big George. We also look back at the lopsided playoff action from Monday.
20 min
Locked on Kings May 1- Player Evaluations (Mala...
Today's player that we focus in on is rookie Malachi Richardson. Also a look back at the end of round 1 in the NBA playoffs and what to expect in round 2.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 28- Player Evaluations (T...
Tyreke returned and gave the Kings a few flashes of his old self. We look at his 25 games back as a King and look ahead to his future.
14 min
Locked on Kings April 27- Player Evaluations (O...
Today we look at the up and down and virtually incomplete season of Omri Casspi. He didn't get much of a chance this year before the trade to New Orleans.
15 min
Locked on Kings April 26- Player Evaluations (L...
We start in on our player evaluations and begin with Langston Galloway. Jerry Reynolds, Jason Jones, James Ham and Kayte Christensen all help out with their opinions too.
13 min
Locked on Kings April 25- Front Office Harmony ...
More and more people are feeling good about what the Sacramento Kings are building. The addition of Scott Perry has been well received. I asked Jerry Reynolds, Jason Jones, Kayte Christensen and James Ham to share their thoughts on the move.
19 min
Locked On Kings April 24- Kings Add To Front Of...
The Sacramento Kings add Scott Perry to the front office. He has nearly 20 years of NBA experience and will serve as VP of Basketball Operations. Also we look at the NBA playoffs from the weekend.
23 min
Locked on Kings April 21- Friday Mail Bag and T...
Your questions are addressed on the Friday mail bag, plus we look back at 3 games from the NBA playoffs on Thursday night.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 20- Home court was nice t...
Wizards, Warriors and Westbrook all went off but one didn't get the W. A recap of the Wednesday NBA playoff action.
17 min
Locked on Kings April 19- Tie Breakers, a C Web...
The final tie breakers were broken heading into next month's lottery. I share a Chris Webber story from back in the early 2000's and the night in the NBA too.
21 min
Locked on Kings April 18- Cavs and Spurs both g...
Cleveland and San Antonio both did their jobs by defending home court. Tuesday three teams that lost home court will get a chance to get a split before hitting the road. Plus the latest on Rudy and the Kings analytics future.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 17- Nice Opening Weekend ...
All 8 series are underway and we had some interesting games and storylines to track. We look back at all the games and their key moments on today's episode.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 14-End of Season Presser ...
Vlade Divac and Dave Joerger gathered with the media to address the 2016-17 season and what's ahead. We also gathered your questions for the Friday mail bag.
24 min
Locked on Kings April 13- That's a wrap for sea...
The Kings closed out the season in Los Angeles with a loss to the Clippers. Now we look ahead to an important off-season and what's next for the Kings with Dave Deuce Mason.
25 min
Locked On Kings April 12- Career Nights for Law...
The finale at Golden 1 Center was an offensive explosion for the Kings. Sacramento squashed the Suns as Lawson went for his first career triple double and Buddy Hield connected for his first 30 point game of his career.
23 min
Locked on Kings April 11- The Final Home Game o...
Kings and Suns play the final home game for the first season of Golden 1 Center. Also Ben McLemore is Mr. April and the Kings are better "technically speaking".
21 min
Locked on Kings April 10- Rockets Math Works, A...
The Kings can't stop the Rockets 3 point party. Houston rolls and the Kings also dropped a close one on Friday to the Lakers. Recaps are right here.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 7- Lakers Preview and the...
The Kings and Lakers hook up one last time this season with Sacramento taking 2 of the first 3 meetings. We also take your questions in the Friday Mail Bag.
16 min
Locked on Kings April 6- The Phantom Checks In
We catch up with The Phantom and ask about the direction of the team and what they should look at doing in the draft.
29 min
Locked on Kings April 5- Planned Rest Leads to ...
With only 8 available players the Sacramento Kings took out the Dallas Mavericks for their 31st win of the season.
23 min
Locked on Kings April 4- Buddy Wins Rookie Of M...
Morgan Ragan joins the show to share her hoops knowledge and Buddy Hield wins the Western Conference Rookie of the Month.
27 min
Locked on Kings April 3- Kings On Target in Min...
The Kings lose Friday in their first matchup with DeMarcus, but bounce back with a "can't miss" night in Minnesota.
20 min
Locked on Kings March 31-Kings Visit Boogie For...
The Sacramento Kings face DeMarcus Cousins for the first time since they traded him. We also have the Friday mailbag all in our jam packed episode.
24 min
Locked on Kings March 30- All That Jazz
Utah dominates the Kings in every way on Wednesday with a 30 point blowout of Sacramento.
19 min
Locked on Kings March 29- Kings and Jazz previe...
The Kings battle the Jazz Wednesday at G1C. The creator of the Locked on Network and voice of the Jazz, David Locke joins us to preview the game. He also shares his insight on why the Kings did the right thing in trading Cousins.
24 min
Locked on Kings March 28- Another 1 Point Blowo...
Back to back days the Kings have found a way to win. First it was against the Clippers and on Monday they beat the Grizzlies. Next up the Utah Jazz on Wednesday.
24 min
Locked on Kings March 27-King Sized Comeback in LA
Down but not out. The Kings trailed by 18 points with 5:16 to play. They rallied and stunned the Clippers at Staples Center
24 min
Locked on Kings March 24- Final Battle vs. Warr...
Matt Barnes wants to "kill em" when talking about the Kings. This is the final matchup of the season between the 2 Northern California teams. We also answer your questions from the mail bag
20 min
Locked on Kings March 23- The Greek Freak is so...
Giannis Antetokounmpo showed all of his skill set on Wednesday at Golden 1 Center. The Kings fell short but have a good example for their young guys on how you can develop talent into the all-star level.
16 min
Locked on Kings March 22- A Conversation with M...
Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton joins the show as we talk Kings, NCAA and I share my plan for fixing the resting epidemic.
24 min
Locked on Kings March 21- Bill Herenda Joins us...
College Basketball analyst and NBA contributor Bill Herenda is back and with us on Locked on Kings. We discuss Lonzo Ball and the Kings post Boogie trade on today's episode.
27 min
Locked on Kings March 20- Papa's Breakout Saturday
The Kings lost both games this weekend but there were still some good things including the play of rookie Georgios Papagiannis.
20 min
Locked on Kings March 17- Kings Battle Mr. Trip...
How on earth will the Kings slow down Westbrook? Plus your questions are answered on the Friday Mailbag.
19 min
Locked on Kings March 16- Skal Goes Off and Kin...
A career night for Skal as he gets his first double double in the win over the Suns. Big assist to Willie Cauley-Stein too in the the 2nd straight victory for the Kings.
19 min
Locked on Kings March 15- Kings Reporter Sean C...
He has great relationships with C. Webb, DeMarcus and many of the Kings players. How does he do it? We chat with longtime Kings reporter Sean Cunningham from ABC 10.
34 min
Locked on Kings March 14- Eight is Enough as Ki...
The Kings avoided matching their longest losing streak in 8 years with an offensive explosion against the Magic. With only 9 players the Kings found balance and a rhythm in a 5 point victory.
25 min
Locked on Kings March 13- Weekend Recap as the ...
The Kings played 2 completely different games this weekend but ended up with the same results. We recap both games and look ahead to the matchup with Orlando.
20 min
Locked on Kings March 10- Wizards Preview and S...
We catch up with NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper, look ahead to the Kings and Wizards game and reach into the weekly mailbag too.
29 min
Locked On Kings March 9- No Lead is Safe Agains...
Spurs spot the Kings 4 touchdowns and still come back to win and secure another 50 win season. Plus G-Man with Rudy Gay on today's episode.
20 min
Locked on Kings March 8- How will the Kings han...
Streaks are on the line as the Kings battle the Spurs. San Antonio has won 8 straight while the Sacramento has dropped their last 5. Also we make a strong case for Kawhi as the league MVP
16 min
Locked on Kings March 7-Streak Stretches to 5 a...
The Kings are running out of games and time to catch the Denver Nuggets after losing by double digits on Monday. Sacramento is now 4 back with 19 games to play.
25 min
Locked on Kings March 6- After Further Review.....
53 minutes of basketball came down to a fraction of a second. That was just enough for the Jazz to win an OT thriller over the Kings. We recap it all on Locked on Kings
27 min
Locked on Kings March 3- Heeeee's Got the Bucket
Gary Gerould hits a milestone this Sunday broadcasting his 2500th game for the Sacramento Kings. We catch up with the GMan and reflect on so many wonderful things over 32 years of NBA basketball.
42 min
Locked on Kings March 2- A Night To Forget at G...
The Kings lose their 3rd straight game and fall to (1-3) since the trade as the Nets defeat the Kings. Sacramento never had the lead against the league's worst team.
22 min
Locked on Kings March 1-Checking in with Doug C...
Doug shares his insight on what the Kings will do for the final 22 games of the season and previews the Kings and Nets.
19 min
Locked on Kings Feb 28- The Struggle is Real fo...
Kings fall to (1-2) since their trade and have dropped 2 straight. Trying to find a flow on offense has been a major challenge for the Kings over the last 8 quarters.
21 min
Locked on Kings Feb 27-Day Game Turned Dark Qui...
A recap of the Saturday game vs. the Hornets and a look ahead to what the Kings and those chasing the 8th seed have over the next 7 days.
26 min
Locked on Kings Feb 24-Quite a Return For the S...
The Kings played their first game since the All-Star break and played their hearts out. The Kings get a complete team win as the welcomed in some new players and others put in new roles and all looked good.
32 min
Locked On Kings Feb 23- Meet The New Guys
Hear from Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, and Tyreke Evans. Plus I get interviewed on CBS radio by Amy Lawrence all on today's episode.
38 min
Locked on Kings Feb 22- National Perspective Fr...
ESPN host Ryen Russillo shares his thoughts with us on the Sacramento Kings trade of DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans.
26 min
Locked on Kings Feb 21- Vlade Presser, Trade Re...
The Kings finally spoke on the deal to trade DeMarcus Cousins. We hear from Vlade on this episode. Also the trade reactions from Jerry Reynolds and Nate Duncan.
34 min
Locked On Kings Feb 20- Kings Trade Their All-Star
Reaction from Grant Napear, Bobby Marks, Jason Jones and Sam Amick on the Kings trade of DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans.
25 min
Locked On Kings Feb 17- Best, Worst and Bizaare...
A look back at the first portion of the schedule and the Friday mail bag too.
27 min
Locked on Kings Feb 16- Killer 3rd Quarter by t...
The 3rd meeting of the season was going along quite nicely for the Kings until the Warriors hit "one of those runs" and ran away with the win.
23 min
Locked on Kings Feb 15- Kings BEAT LA
The Sacramento Kings win their 4th in a row and play 1 final game before the All-Star Break. On this episode we break down the win with Dave Deuce Mason by talking trade deadline and "Playoffs"?
30 min
Locked on Kings Feb 14- The State of the Kings ...
ESPN's NBA front office insider chats with us about what to do with the roster of the Sacramento Kings. Also we preview the Kings and Lakers part 3 all on today's episode of Locked on Kings
25 min
Locked on Kings Feb 13- Kings Grab 2 Wins
All the Kings did this weekend was set a franchise record for 3 pointers made in a game and came from their largest deficit down to win a game. Cousins shook off demons and outplayed the Brow all in a wild weekend.
28 min
Locked on Kings Feb 10- Conversation with Aaron...
Kings welcome back DeMarcus Cousins as they battle the Atlanta Hawks. Also a chat with NBA writer Aaron Bruski on the Kings at the trade deadline and the Friday mail bag.
31 min
Locked on Kings Feb 9- No Boogie, No Problem as...
The under-manned Sacramento Kings took on the hot Boston Celtics and spoiled the return of Isaiah Thomas. A complete team win for the Kings as they are now (2-2) on this 6 game home stand.
26 min
Locked on Kings Feb 8- Isaiah Returns, Boogie i...
The Kings continue their home stand against the Boston Celtics as former King Isaiah Thomas returns. The Kings will play for the 63rd time over the last 7 seasons without DeMarcus Cousins, and what does the national sports media think of the Kings.
21 min
Locked on Kings Feb 7- Kings Lose Game, Lose Te...
Monday at G1C the Kings trailed Chicago by 27 but rallied all the way back to tie the Bulls. In the end Chicago made the plays to win without their All-Star Jimmy Butler. With 2 technicals for Cousins the Kings will play their next game without him.
26 min
Locked on Kings Feb 6- Booker Kiss, Curry Miss,...
Of course we all saw the Kings losing to the Suns and beating the Warriors. We recap the wild weekend and preview Monday's matchup with the Bulls with radio voice Chuck Swirsky
24 min
Locked on Kings Feb. 3- Interview with Reno Big...
What does the Kings D-League affiliate head coach Darrick Martin think of the Skal, Big George and Malachi? Plus we remember his days as a Sacramento King. Also it is back, the Friday Mailbag all on this episode of Locked on Kings
25 min
Locked on Kings Feb. 2- Addressing the Kings Tr...
Update on Garrett Temple's injury plus we are closing in on the NBA trade deadline. Today we discuss rumors with the Kings and I propose a couple of trade ideas too. Also we check in with the Dunc'd on Podcast to see what they are saying about the Ki...
24 min
Locked On Kings Feb. 1- Rockets Roll On Tired K...
The Kings closed out their 8 game road trip with a flat performance against Houston. Sacramento ends the month (5-11) and now plays at home 9 times in February. Can they figure out how to win at the G1C?
17 min
Locked on Kings Jan. 31- Kings Lose Mojo And Ga...
Sacramento gave up 74 second half points in their road loss to Philadelphia. The Kings close out the trip Tuesday in Houston. A full recap with analysis, quotes and more on today's podcast.
23 min
Locked on Kings Jan 30- Kings Look For Another ...
Sacramento went (3-1) last week and would like to do more of the same this week. It starts with a good battle of "BIGS" between Cousins and Embiid.
20 min
Locked on Kings Jan 27- Interview with Bobby Ma...
Former assistant GM of the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and current front office insider for The Vertical on Yahoo Sports Bobby Marks shares his insights on the Kings. What will Rudy do? What should the do with DeMarcus and how do they look for the future?
36 min
Locked On Kings Jan. 26- Kings Beat "Top Heavy"...
LeBron James called out his organization and his team after sluggish play, then the Kings went out and beat them anyway. Sacramento gets an impressive overtime win over the Cavs. Special guest appearance by the one and only Dave Deuce Mason to break ...
29 min
Locked on Kings Jan 25- Kings Visit the Champs ...
Kings head to Cleveland to face a surprisingly struggling Cavs team and we catch up with Sacramento Kings television sideline reporter Kayte Christensen
28 min