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Locked on Kings September 26- The Shooting Guards
The Kings met with the media on Monday which means that basketball is back. Today we chronicle the shooting guards on the 2017-18 roster of the Kings.
22 min
Locked on Kings September 25- The Kings Point G...
We return to the daily podcast format and start by looking at the different Kings that will be playing point guard. This includes Fox, Mason and Hill.
23 min
Locked on Kings Sept. 22- Deuce and Mo Join the...
In our final show before we get back to going each and every day I am joined by Dave Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan. I actually was on their podcast but I recorded them too and here it is.
21 min
Locked on Kings Sept. 15- The Fantasy Basketbal...
Josh Lloyd from Locked on Fantasy basketball chatted with me about the Kings this season and here it is. Enjoy.
41 min
Locked on Kings Sept 8- Kings Basketball Is Alm...
We go over the latest news with the Kings and catch up with Doug Christie too.
19 min
Locked onKings August 28- ABC 10's Sean Cunning...
We chat with Kings locker room reporter and ABC 10 Sports Producer Sean Cunningham about Dave Joerger and the Kings.
28 min
Locked on Kings August 25-The Friday Mailbag
Your questions are answered on the Friday mailbag.
21 min
Locked on Kings August 24- Former King Isaiah T...
Once a King and now a member of the Cavs we focus on Isaiah Thomas including an interview from a few years back with IT.
21 min
Locked on Kings August 23- Fran Fraschilla Talk...
ESPN College Analyst, former college basketball coach and international hoops junkie Fran Fraschilla joins the show to talk Bogdonovic and the Kings.
24 min
Locked on Kings August 22- With Bill Herenda
NBA contributor and hoops analyst Bill Herenda joins the podcast for a return visit.
27 min
Locked on Kings August 21- With ESPN NBA Writer...
ESPN writer Kevin Arnovitz checks in on Locked on Kings
24 min
Locked on Kings August 18- The Friday Mailbag
Your questions are answered on the weekly Friday mailbag
22 min
Locked on Kings August 17- With Kings Insider J...
Catching up with Kings Insider James Ham. We talk ZBo, the schedule and all things Kings.
24 min
Locked on Kings Aug. 16- Dreaming Big About the...
I may have lost my mind with today's dream segment but I sure did have fun with it.
22 min
Locked on Kings August 15- The Kings Schedule i...
A in depth look at the 82 games season schedule with the Kings including the 10 must see home games for 2017-2018
22 min
Locked on Kings August 14- CBS Sports NBA Write...
We get insight on the NBA from CBS Sports writer Matt Moore
26 min
Locked on Kings August 11- Oh No From Z-BO and ...
Unfortunate news regarding Zach Randolph and we answer your questions in the Friday mailbag.
20 min
Locked on Kings August 10- Get To Know New King...
I catch up with new assistant GM Brandon Williams and I think you will LOVE him.
25 min
Locked on Kings August 9-Catching Up With Jerry...
Jerry Reynolds weighs in on all things Kings from over the Summer
25 min
Locked on Kings August 8th- Can the Kings Becom...
The question seems crazy but we ask it anyway and we check in with KHTK's Matt George who caught up with ex-King Darren Collison.
17 min
Locked on Kings August 7-Picking Up Where We Le...
After a week off we are back with Locked on Kings. Today we catch up on everything we missed over the last week.
20 min
Locked on Kings July 28- Bleacher Report's Jona...
Bleacher Report's Jonathan Abrams joins the podcast and we check in on the Friday Mailbag
16 min
Locked on Kings July 27- Kings News and Deuce M...
We catch up with Dave Deuce Mason and share some of the latest news regarding the Sacramento Kings
27 min
Locked on Kings July 26- Scott Howard-Cooper Ta...
You have heard you can have your cake and eat it too? How about getting basketball conversation from NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper and ice cream talk too.
34 min
Locked on Kings July 25- Jason Jones of the Sac...
Jason Jones shares his insight on Kyrie, the Kings and NBA Summer League too.
23 min
Locked on Kings July 24- Addressing the Kings a...
Kyrie Irving dropped a bomb shell on Friday about wanting out of Cleveland, just where will he land? James Ham joins us to talk Kings and much more.
25 min
Locked on Kings July 21- Story Time with Jim Cr...
We catch up with Fox 40 Sports Director Jim Crandell and answer your questions from the Friday Mailbag
33 min
Locked on Kings July 20- Gambling at Games? NB...
Could we be heading down a path of legal gambling happening at NBA arenas? Plus, Willie Cauley-Stein talks about the upcoming season.
23 min
Locked on Kings July 19- Final Thoughts From Su...
Cleaning up the leftovers from Las Vegas as we close out our Summer League material
21 min
Locked on Kings July 18- ABC 10's Sean Cunningh...
Sean Cunningham shares his insights from his time covering the Kings while they were in Vegas.
26 min
Locked on Kings July 17- Kings Summer League Co...
An interview with the Kings Summer League Coach Jason March
23 min
Locked on Kings July 14- Knicks Pick Perry and ...
The Kings feel good vibe took a turn on Thursday as the Knicks plucked Scott Perry out of Sacramento and into the Big Apple.
20 min
Locked on Kings July 13- The GMan Stops By and ...
The GMan Gary Gerould shares his perspective on the new look Sacramento Kings and we look back at the Kings first win in Las Vegas in Summer League.
23 min
Locked on Kings July 12- Memphis TV Voice Pete ...
Pete Pranica has called a lot of Zach Randolph and Vince Carter's games and has called the Kings Summer League games too as he joins the podcast to discuss it all.
18 min
Locked on Kings July 11- They Are Now Officiall...
Vince Carter, Zach Randolph and George Hill officially became members of the Kings on Monday and we recap the 3rd Summer League game too.
21 min
Locked on Kings July 10- Vince Carter Is A King...
The Kings added to their roster and brought in Vince Carter and a look at the first 2 games of NBA Summer League for the Kings.
19 min
Locked on Kings July 7- Get To Know More About ...
Former Head Coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Lionel Hollins and current radio voice Eric Hasseltine share their opinions on Z Bo. We also answer your questions in the Friday mailbag.
30 min
Locked on Kings July 6- What Does George Hill B...
Utah Jazz play by play voice David Locke joins us to discuss the addition of George Hill to the Kings and we get reaction from the 3rd day of Kings mini camp.
20 min
Locked on Kings July 5th- Kings Land Some Key V...
The Pros and Cons of the moves the Kings made on July 4th
20 min
Locked on Kings July 4th- Observations From NBA...
8 different observations from the beginning of the NBA Free Agency Period.
21 min
Locked on Kings July 3rd- Kings History in Free...
The Kings are still waiting to make their mark in this year with free agency but it has been tough for them in the past to land big free agents.
19 min
Locked on Kings June 30- On The Eve Of Free Agency
Free agency is almost here, what will the Kings do? Ailene Voison weighs in and we have the Friday Mail Bag too.
26 min
Locked on Kings June 29- Kings News and Marc J....
Plenty of NBA news on Wednesday and the Kings were involved as well. Catch up on the latest.
20 min
Locked on Kings June 28- A Collection of Kings ...
A hodgepodge of sound from the front office, coaching staff and players on the future of the Sacramento Kings.
21 min
Locked on Kings June 27- Sam Amick Addresses Th...
After the good feeling of a productive draft what might the Kings do with all that cap money. Sam Amick joins us to discuss the potential moves they could make.
39 min
Locked on Kings June 26- The New Kings Have Arr...
The fans are happy, the critics are pleased and the new guys are loving it. Fun times with Kings basketball right now.
23 min
Locked on Kings June 23- They Got Their Man
Kings add Fox, Jackson, Giles and Mason on Thursday's NBA draft.
26 min
Locked on Kings June 22- What will the Kings do...
Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee joins us to try and figure out what the Kings will do on draft day.
24 min
Locked on Kings June 21- NBA Trade News and Dra...
Sam Vecenie joins the podcast to recap the crazy day in the NBA with 2 big trades and to get us ready for Thursday's NBA draft.
25 min
Locked on Kings June 20- Draft Stories With Jer...
Jerry Reynolds has years of experience in the draft room and he shares some memories of some good and not so good picks by the Kings.
35 min
Locked on Kings June 19- Draft Express and The ...
Draft week is here and the director of scouting for Draft Express Mike Schmitz weighs in on Thursday's draft.
29 min
Locked on Kings- June 16 ( Our NBA Mock Draft 2...
As we are now within a week of the draft we take a second crack at a mock draft. Some things stayed the same while others changed in our top 10.
42 min
Locked on Kings June 15- Scott Howard-Cooper Ch...
We are now a week away from the NBA draft and Scott reveals some details of his upcoming draft and what scenarios the Kings may have in front of them.
38 min
Locked on Kings June 14- SI NBA Analyst Jordan ...
Could the Lakers pass on Lonzo Ball? Jordan Schultz thinks they will so what will that do to the top part of the draft? Find out on today's episode of Locked on Kings
25 min
Locked on Kings June 13- Draft Coverage Continu...
As we close in on the NBA draft we chat with Hoop-Ball.com's Aaron Bruski and try and figure out what a perfect draft night would look like for the Kings.
34 min
Locked on Kings June 12- Bobby Jackson Jumps in...
Former Sacramento King Bobby Jackson shares who he likes at the guard, wing and big positions in the upcoming NBA draft.
27 min
Locked on Kings June 9th- NBA Draft Chatter Wit...
CBS Sports college basketball columnist and analyst Gary Parrish joins the podcast to discuss the top prospects and the Friday mail bag is back too.
36 min
Locked on Kings June 8th- More NBA Draft Covera...
James Ham discusses the best case scenarios in the NBA draft for the Kings and what they might do with all their money this summer.
36 min
Locked on Kings June 7th- Our NBA Mock Draft
Check out our first Locked on Kings Mock Draft. We check in with teams on picks 1-4 and 6-9 and give you picks for the Kings at 5 and 10.
32 min
Locked on Kings June 6- Part 2 of our NBA draft...
Bobby and I get into names like Tatum, Fox, Smith and more on today's part 2 of our NBA draft conversation.
36 min
Locked on Kings June 5- Draft Talk with Bobby G...
Bobby Gerould from HoopObsession.com joins us for part 1 of our 2 part in depth NBA draft discussion. Listen and Enjoy!
41 min
Locked on Kings June 2- Draft Coverage, Finals ...
More draft coverage as we are joined by UCLA basketball analyst Tracy Murray. Also a recap of Game 1 of the NBA Finals and our Friday Mail Bag
26 min
Locked on Kings June 1- Pac 12 Draft Prospects ...
Pac 12 basketball play-by-play man Roxy Bernstein joins the podcast to discuss the prospects out of the conference.
22 min
Locked on Kings May 31- Let's Talk NBA Draft
We are closing in on the NBA draft and the Sacramento Kings have 3 picks that they need to get right. Which way should they go in the draft?
21 min
Locked on Kings May 30- Evaluation of Coach Joe...
A look back at the first season as head coach of the Sacramento Kings for Dave Joerger.
19 min
Locked on Kings May 29- Season Evaluation of An...
A look back at the first season in a Kings uniform for NBA veteran Anthony Tolliver.
15 min
Locked on Kings May 26- Season Evaluation of Ko...
Our crew breaks down the season that was for Kings big man Kosta Koufos.
22 min
Locked on Kings May 25- Season Evaluation of W...
The player that thrived the most after the DeMarcus Cousins trade was Willie Cauley-Stein, our panelists discuss his 2nd year as an NBA pro.
24 min
Locked on Kings May 24- Season Evaluation of Ga...
Garrett Temple's 1st full season with the Kings was a good one. He fit in, he showed leadership and he played hard. Our crew analyzes his first season in Sacramento.
20 min
Locked on Kings May 23- Season Evaluation of Be...
A look back at the 4th season of Ben McLemore. Will he stay with the Kings or not? Also the Warriors make their 3rd consecutive trip to the NBA Finals with a sweep of the Spurs
21 min
Locked on Kings May 22- Player Evaluation of Ar...
A look back at the season for first year King Arron Afflalo. Also a recap of the weekend in the NBA playoffs including Boston's thrilling game 3 win.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 19- Player Evaluation (Ty L...
A look back at Ty Lawson's first season with the Sacramento Kings. Also it is back, the Friday Mailbag where we answer your questions.
25 min
Locked on Kings May 18- Player Evaluation (Darr...
A look back at the 2016-17 season for Kings free agent point guard Darren Collison
20 min
Locked on Kings May 17- Lottery Luck Falls On K...
For only the 2nd time in their lottery history the Sacramento Kings moved up. They could have been as high as 3 but had to swap back to 5 with Philly. This still gives the Kings some really good options for next month.
19 min
Locked on Kings May 16- The First Pick of the 2...
It's NBA draft lottery day and the Kings are hoping to move up for the just the 2nd time ever. We also look back at game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals too.
20 min
Locked on Kings May 15- Kings Report From Combi...
The Kings are closing in on the next month's NBA draft and will find out their draft order on Tuesday. Also game 1 was a thriller in the Western Conference Finals and we have your recap.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 12- Friday Mail Bag and Wes...
We answer your questions in our weekly Friday mail bag segment plus the series that we have waited for has finally arrived as the Spurs battle the Warriors.
18 min
Locked on Kings May 11- Player Evaluations (DeM...
Jerry Reynolds, Kayte Christensen, Jason Jones and James Ham all look back at the 55 games that Boogie played for the Kings this past season.
25 min
Locked on Kings May 10 Player Evaluations (Rudy...
He only played in 30 games this season before his season ending injury but our panelists discuss what Rudy meant to the team and what his future looks like ahead.
23 min
Locked on Kings May 9- Rudy Opts Out
Rudy Gay said he would opt out and now he confirms it. What does this mean for him, who may be interested in his services and how does it affect the Kings?
21 min
Locked on Kings May 8- The Weekend in the NBA P...
One sweep, one on the verge and 2 series that will go at least 6 games. We recap all of the games and series on today's podcast.
18 min
Locked on Kings May 5- Player Evaluations (Budd...
It's Friday so we have the Mail Bag and we get our panel to evaluate the 25 games that we saw Buddy Hield as a Sacramento King.
23 min
Locked on Kings May 4- Player Evaluations (Skal...
Rookie Skal Labissiere captured a lot of Kings fans hearts with his smooth and impressive game. Today we look back at his first season in the NBA.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 3- Player Evaluations (Matt...
A look at the season of former King Matt Barnes. His 2nd time as a King ended abruptly and now he has a shot at a ring with the Warriors. We discuss what he did for the team in 2016-17.
21 min
Locked on Kings May 2- Player Evaluations (Papa...
Our player evaluations continue and this time we focus on Big George. We also look back at the lopsided playoff action from Monday.
20 min
Locked on Kings May 1- Player Evaluations (Mala...
Today's player that we focus in on is rookie Malachi Richardson. Also a look back at the end of round 1 in the NBA playoffs and what to expect in round 2.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 28- Player Evaluations (T...
Tyreke returned and gave the Kings a few flashes of his old self. We look at his 25 games back as a King and look ahead to his future.
14 min
Locked on Kings April 27- Player Evaluations (O...
Today we look at the up and down and virtually incomplete season of Omri Casspi. He didn't get much of a chance this year before the trade to New Orleans.
15 min
Locked on Kings April 26- Player Evaluations (L...
We start in on our player evaluations and begin with Langston Galloway. Jerry Reynolds, Jason Jones, James Ham and Kayte Christensen all help out with their opinions too.
13 min
Locked on Kings April 25- Front Office Harmony ...
More and more people are feeling good about what the Sacramento Kings are building. The addition of Scott Perry has been well received. I asked Jerry Reynolds, Jason Jones, Kayte Christensen and James Ham to share their thoughts on the move.
19 min
Locked On Kings April 24- Kings Add To Front Of...
The Sacramento Kings add Scott Perry to the front office. He has nearly 20 years of NBA experience and will serve as VP of Basketball Operations. Also we look at the NBA playoffs from the weekend.
23 min
Locked on Kings April 21- Friday Mail Bag and T...
Your questions are addressed on the Friday mail bag, plus we look back at 3 games from the NBA playoffs on Thursday night.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 20- Home court was nice t...
Wizards, Warriors and Westbrook all went off but one didn't get the W. A recap of the Wednesday NBA playoff action.
17 min
Locked on Kings April 19- Tie Breakers, a C Web...
The final tie breakers were broken heading into next month's lottery. I share a Chris Webber story from back in the early 2000's and the night in the NBA too.
21 min
Locked on Kings April 18- Cavs and Spurs both g...
Cleveland and San Antonio both did their jobs by defending home court. Tuesday three teams that lost home court will get a chance to get a split before hitting the road. Plus the latest on Rudy and the Kings analytics future.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 17- Nice Opening Weekend ...
All 8 series are underway and we had some interesting games and storylines to track. We look back at all the games and their key moments on today's episode.
20 min
Locked on Kings April 14-End of Season Presser ...
Vlade Divac and Dave Joerger gathered with the media to address the 2016-17 season and what's ahead. We also gathered your questions for the Friday mail bag.
24 min
Locked on Kings April 13- That's a wrap for sea...
The Kings closed out the season in Los Angeles with a loss to the Clippers. Now we look ahead to an important off-season and what's next for the Kings with Dave Deuce Mason.
25 min
Locked On Kings April 12- Career Nights for Law...
The finale at Golden 1 Center was an offensive explosion for the Kings. Sacramento squashed the Suns as Lawson went for his first career triple double and Buddy Hield connected for his first 30 point game of his career.
23 min
Locked on Kings April 11- The Final Home Game o...
Kings and Suns play the final home game for the first season of Golden 1 Center. Also Ben McLemore is Mr. April and the Kings are better "technically speaking".
21 min