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Matt George, Sacramento sports radio host, brings you a daily podcast of Sacramento Kings news, reactions, rumors, highlights, and more. The Locked On Kings Podcast is the most in-depth daily Sacramento Kings podcast available, and is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Mock Draft Season
Charles T Hamilton goes over the latest NBA news, Colangelo resigns, Ayton says he's #1, and goes over ESPNs newest mock draft.
28 min
Smoke Screen Season
Charles T Hamilton looks into the rift between The Kings and Luka Doncic, asks what would you trade the #2 overall pick for, and review the NBA Finals.
25 min
The 5 Free Agent's On Sacramento's List
Matt George shares the 5 free agents that the Sacramento Kings have their eyes on this summer.
26 min
Ignore The Rumors
Matt George talks about the upcoming NBA Finals matchup and addresses all of the rumors surrounding the Sacramento Kings as the NBA Draft approaches.
25 min
The Realistic Free Agents
16 min
Twitter Questions
Charles T Hamilton answers some Twitter questions regarding the Kings and the number two overall pick, and goes over a new report on Luka Doncic.
21 min
2nd Team Is The Best
28 min
2nd Is The Best!
Charles T Hamilton breaks down the big week for the Sacramento Kings, and gives his early thoughts on what they should they do with second overall pick.
19 min
What To Do With Number Two
Matt George speaks with Sactown Royalty's Tim Maxwell about the Sacramento Kings' options with the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft,
25 min
The Sacramento Kings Win Big in the NBA Draft L...
Time to celebrate as Matt George plays the live reaction from himself and Jason Ross when the Sacramento Kings moved up to the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.
26 min
Head Coaches - The NBA Fall Guy
Matt George talks about the importance of the NBA Head Coach in the league today and the firing of Dwane Casey in Toronto.
19 min
22 min
Opt In Season
26 min
What's Old Is New?
24 min
Kings of the Summer League
17 min
Coaching Musical Chairs
24 min
Re-Drafting the 2017 NBA Draft with Doug Christie
Matt George and Doug Christie re-draft thew 2017 NBA Draft and discuss the development from this upcoming offseason.
26 min
Kings Insider James Ham Discusses Sacramento Of...
Matt George plays an interview from The Grant Napear show where he and Doug Christie discussed the potential offseason moves for the Kings this summer.
16 min
Former King Darren Collison Speaks On Pacers vs...
Matt George plays audio of former King and current Indiana Pacer Darren Collison on KHTK's The Drive.
23 min
First Round Review
20 min
Offseason Essentials with Cowbell Kingdom's Leo...
Matt George talks about the NBA Draft, free agency, and more from this major Kings offseason with Cowbell Kingdom's Leo Beas.
31 min
Head Coach Dave Joerger's Performance Evaluation
22 min
Shock Waves in the Sacramento Kings Community
Matt George reacts to the news regarding Kings PA announcer Scott Moak and Sacramento Bee columnist Ailene Voisin. Plus good news about Bogdan Bogdanovic.
20 min
Best Moments of the 2017-2018 Season Part 2
28 min
Best Moments of the 2017-2018 Season Part 1
Matt George shares some of the best moments of the Sacramento Kings' season.
35 min
Roster Review: Bruno Caboclo, Iman Shumpert, Ha...
28 min
Roster Review: JJ, Z-Bo, VC, GT, KK
30 min
Roster Review: Buddy, Skal, and WCS
27 min
Roster Review: Fox and Bogey
32 min
End Of Year Awards
30 min
Grant Napear: This Summer Is Always About De'Aa...
Matt George speaks with Sacramento Kings TV play-by-play broadcaster Grant Napear about his partner Jerry Reynolds and the importance of this offseason.
24 min
Doug Christie Talks Jerry Reynolds, Importance ...
Matt George speaks with Sacramento Kings legend and new TV analyst Doug Christie about taking over for the great Jerry Reynolds and what we can expect from the Kings this offseason.
26 min
Thank You Jerry Reynolds
Matt George shares some of his favorite stories and thoughts on legendary Kings television analyst Jerry Reynolds who is retiring after tonight's game.
26 min
Bye Bye Vince?
Matt George recaps the Sacramento Kings' loss to the San Antonio Spurs and shares why he thinks tomorrow night's season finale will be the last NBA game Vince Carter plays.
29 min
G-League Is Coming to Stockton
Matt George shares the breaking news about the Sacramento Kings moving their G-League affiliate from Reno to Stockton, and talks the draft lottery with Sactown Royalty's Tim Maxwell.
24 min
Early Unrestricted Free Agency
21 min
King Kahwi?
25 min
Kings VS Suns Recap
20 min
Suns VS Kings Preview
23 min
Weekend Back to Back Review
27 min
An Awesome East vs West Battle in Sacramento
Matt George recaps last night's Sacramento Kings vs Indiana Pacers game and gives out some Easter-themed NBA awards.
25 min
Battle of the Bogdonovic
Matt George previews the Sacramento Kings vs Indiana Pacers tonight and is joined by Sports 1140 KHTK's Carmichael Dave.
32 min
Never Underestimate Your Opponents
Matt George talks about the Sacramento Kings' horrible effort in last night's 103-97 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, and shares his thoughts on the latest protests outside the Golden 1 Center.
26 min
I Guarantee A Win Tonight
Matt George previews Kings vs Mavericks in Sacramento and shares his top five NBA jerseys from the 1990s.
24 min
8 Games Remain: Can the Kings Finish 5-3?
Matt George talks about the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday, runs through the final 8 games of the season, and answers listener questions.
28 min
Sacramento Proud: The Protests that Shut Down t...
Matt George shares his thoughts on the protests last night outside the Golden 1 Center that forced the Sacramento Kings to lock the doors and not allow fans inside. Also, hear from Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, coach Dave Joerger, and Garrett Temple.
35 min
Redemption Night
Matt George previews tonight's Sacramento Kings vs Atlanta Hawks games and answers a listener question about Kosta Koufos.
23 min
Rookies vs Veterans: The Great Playing Time Debate
Matt George shares an interesting stat about youth vs veteran playing time in the NBA and plays highlights of Garrett Temple's interview with KHTK's The Lo-Down from this afternoon.
24 min
The Bogdon Bogdonovic Effect
Matt George recaps last night's Sacramento Kings loss to the Detroit Pistons and answers three looming questions surrounding Bogdon Bogdonovic
21 min
One Good Basketball Weekend
Matt George recaps the Sacramento Kings win vs Golden State, their loss the next night vs Utah, and previews Kings vs Pistons tonight.
29 min
How To Watch March Madness - With Jason Ross
Matt George speaks with the former host of the Locked On Kings Podcast about the Sacramento Kings' recent play and how to approach the NCAA March Madness Tournament as a casual NBA fan.
25 min
No L In OT
Matt George reacts to last night's Sacramento Kings overtime win over the Miami Head and discusses what it means for player development and upcoming free agency.
23 min
Gettin' Fox-y With It
Matt George recaps the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, previews Kings vs Heat tonight, and shares what he thinks about De'Aaron Fox's recent development.
22 min
Sactown Royalty's Tim Maxwell - Twelve Damn Years
Matt George interviews Sactown Royalty writer Tim Maxwell after releasing his earlier peace about the Sacramento Kings' 12 year playoff drought
28 min
Time For The Sacramento Kings to Play Spoiler
Matt George recaps the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Denver Nuggets over the weekend and previews tonight's Kings vs Oklahoma City Thunder matchup.
23 min
Kings V Magic Preview
15 min
13 Point Loss to the Pelicans
18 min
Player Options Part 2
19 min
Player Options
18 min
Nice win against NYK
20 min
ABC's Sean Cunningham Talks Tanking & Sacrament...
Matt George recaps last night's Sacramento Kings overtime win vs the Brooklyn Nets and speaks with ABC's Kings reporter Sean Cunningham.
25 min
Interviews With Willie Cauley-Stein & Coach Dav...
Listen to Willie Cauley-Stein and Kings head coach Dave Joerger on KHTK's The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie. Plus, Matt George shares some stories of fun interactions with Coach Joerger.
32 min
The Futures Of Garrett Temple & Kosta Koufos
Matt George plays an interview with Garrett Temple from Sports 1140 KHTK's The Lo-Down and discusses the futures of Temple and Kosta Koufos with the Kings organization.
34 min
Let's Talk About Tanking
Matt George reviews the Sacramento Kings loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves last night and shares why the term "tanking" in sports should not be associated with the Kings.
22 min
What Is A Good Loss?
Matt George breaks down the last two Sacramento Kings losses to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers and discusses the concept of a "good loss".
34 min
OKC Thunder VS Sacramento Kings Recap
15 min
OKC VS Sacramento Kings Preview
17 min
All Star Break Roster Review
17 min
All Star Weekend Review
17 min
Sacramento Kings Mid-Term Grades
Matt George and Charles T. Hamilton hand out mid-season grades to the Kings roster and preview All-Star weekend.
24 min
All-Star Weekend Getaway
Matt George & Charles T. Hamilton recap last night's Kings loss to the Houston Rockets, and discuss how Kings players should approach the all-star break.
20 min
Sacramento Kings Front Office Turmoil
Matt George and Charles T. Hamilton discuss the ESPN story that was released this morning, painting the Sacramento Kings front office in a bad light. Plus, highlights and reactions from the Kings win in Dallas last night.
22 min
Buddy Hield Needs More Minutes
Matt George & Charles T. Hamilton put all the Georgios Papagiannis nonsense to bed, discuss Buddy Hield's minutes distribution, and preview the Sacramento Kings vs Dallas Mavericks tonight.
19 min
Georgios Papagiannis' Agent Trashes Kings
Matt George rips into Georgios Papagiannis' agent for his shameful comments about the Sacramento Kings organization.
31 min
NBA Trade Deadline Part 2 with Matt George and ...
Matt George and Charles T. Hamilton run through all the non-Kings NBA Trade Deadline news and preview tonight's Kings vs Trailblazers game.
27 min
NBA Trade Deadline Part 1 with Matt George and ...
Matt George & Charles T. Hamilton run through all the Sacramento Kings' moves on NBA Trade Deadline Day 2018
25 min
Trade Deadline Roundtable with Matt George and ...
We discuss the Kings possible moves with tomorrow's deadline
21 min
Largest Comeback of the Season for the Kings
Kings rally from 21 down to beat the Bulls
21 min
Kings and Warriors Part 2
The Kings begin their 4 game home stand with the defending NBA champs in the house
24 min
The Kings at 50
Sacramento has played 50 games, what is working and what isn't.
19 min
Kings Finish Season Long Trip at (3-3)
The veterans play strong and carry the Kings to a road win
21 min
Kings and Pelicans to Close Out the Season Long...
Tonight the Kings will get a look at the Boogie-less Pelicans in the final game of the trip
19 min
Kings Fail to Capitalize on a Great 3 Point Nig...
Kings hit 18 three pointers yet still lose to the Spurs
21 min
A Flying Fox In Miami
Kings break their losing streak in Miami with a come from behind win
19 min
Hield and Bogi will be in LA for All-Star Festi...
Hear from Garrett Temple and Sam Amick on the latest with the Kings
23 min
Garrett Temple is Magical in Orlando
The Kings snap their 8 game losing streak on a career night from G. Temp
19 min
The Streak Reaches 8 For The Kings
After another loss in Charlotte, the Kings now have the worst record in the NBA
20 min
The Friday Mail Bag
Your questions are answered on the Friday Mail Bag
18 min
Kings Youth Movement Gets The Same Results
First matchup with the Jazz ends in a convincing win by Utah
22 min
Kings Get First Look At The Jazz
For the first time this season the Kings will match up with the Utah Jazz
17 min
Kings Going With The Youth Movement
The Kings state that they will play the young guys more the rest of the way
20 min
Missed Opportunities for the Kings
Kings hit the halfway point with a tough home loss to the Clippers
22 min
Kings Battle with LA Continues, this time it's ...
Kings hit the halfway point tonight after the game.
18 min
Bad Start and Worse Finish Doom the Kings in LA
The Kings shoot a season worst from the floor in their loss to the Lakers
22 min
Experience Shows in Spurs Win Over Kings
The Spurs close the game with a huge run to rally and beat the Kings
21 min
Kings Defense Gets Aggressive in Win Over Denver
The Kings used 3 days of practice to sharpen up their defense
19 min
Friday Mail Bag
The Kings react to their recent woes and questions from you in this week's mail bag
19 min
A King Sized Rut For Sacramento
The Kings are in a bad skid right now and hopefully some practice will help.
23 min
Hornets Light Up the Scoreboard at the Kings Ex...
Sacramento gives up a season high 131 points to the Hornets as the losing streak hits 3
23 min
Here Come The Suns
Can the Kings keep the momentum from Wednesday's great win over the Cavs?
20 min