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Kyle Tucker of The Athletic and Dan Rieffer of Fox 56 in Lexington bring you a daily podcast on the University of Kentucky Wildcats. If it is a big deal to the Big Blue Nation, we'll talk about it on Locked On Kentucky. Consistent, connected, concise with a dash a comedy, make the Locked On Kentucky podcast part of your daily routine. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Curtis Burch shares what John Calipari had to say about Reid Travis' status for the SEC Tournament, it was really encouraging stuff. Then some notes on who UK will play and a recruiting update. Plus Kyle Tucker has interviews from Alabama players and coaches from Nashville.
29 min
John Calipari is focused on the important things
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker give thoughts on the SEC tournament, discuss the SEC basketball coaching carousel already spinning. Plus Kyle talks about his latest on The Athletic about UK vs Wichita State. Oh and a John Calipari social media update.
32 min
Reid Travis injury update and a one on one with...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker talk about the latest injury update for Reid Travis (it is a positive one) and SEC awards including SEC player of the year. Then a one on one interview with PJ Washington before UK goes to the SEC Tournament.
24 min
Was it Smart for LSU to cut that net
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch look at the SEC Tournament bracket, discuss LSU celebrating a confrence championship and the NCAA Tournament committee chair had some interesting comments about Duke.
24 min
Oh, that’s drippy
Curtis Burch an Kyle Tucker recap UK's win over Florida on the last day of the regular season. Also the latest on Reid Travis. Plus some fashion talk.
28 min
We Will Wade into those Waters
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch preview UK vs UF, update some recruiting news, then talk about the latest update in the FBI basketball investigation.
34 min
Get your pandering somewhere else and landsharks
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker talk a bunch of topics including Dontaie Allen winning Mr. Basketball, LSU locking up (?) an SEC title, UK football notes including a "controversy" around Eddie Gran. We wrap with some more NFL draft talk.
31 min
Herro back to loving the road
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch breakdown Kentucky's win at Ole Miss including impressive play from Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro and PJ Washington
29 min
Keldon Johnson wasn't saying I love you to an I...
Curtis Buch and Kyle Tucker preview Kentucky at Ole Miss, discuss the end of game dunk from Admiral Scholfield and
31 min
Rocked on Rocky Top
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss UK's loss at UT, how much did not having Reid Travis impact the game, should PJ Washington have played with 2 fouls and Kyle finds some bright spots in the loss. Plus John Calipari's comments.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK vs UT preview and the d...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker preview the huge game in Knoxville including a little pregame smack talk and the match ups they are most excited to see. Then Kyle doesn't an impression of John Calipari doing an impression of Sling Blade.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Coach of the year debate a...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss John Calipari being left off a national coach of the year list. Then some talk about Tennessee and them escaping Ole Miss with a win setting the huge match up on Saturday. We wrap with some talk about IG models and social media.
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - I'm a bucket - Episode 133
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss UK's comeback win over Arkansas including clutch late free throws from Tyler Herro, Keldon Johnson intensity, Nick Richards defense and Mike Anderson not being happy with the officials.
33 min
Locked on Kentucky - Joel Justus loves to track...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch share what a rebound attempt is, then Joel Justus doubts his players. We then preview UK vs Arkansas. We wrap sharing why John Calipari is talking about vacating wins.
28 min
locked on Kentucky -Pistol PJ - Episode 131
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker break down UK's big win over Auburn including another impressive game fore PJ Washington, Keldon Johnson grabbing 17 rebounds and Ashton Hagans having an great shooting night. Also PJ Washington on his nick name.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Is 'one and done' done? - ...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about the apparent end of one and done. Then preview UK vs Auburn included in that is Kyle doing a John Calipari impression. Then we wrap talking about some raises for members of the UK Football staff.
27 min
Locked on Kentucky - Reid Travis' MRI results -...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss Reid Travis' MRI results and what that means for UK. Then a recruiting update and we wrap with some fun.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Reid Travis injured and Jo...
Curtis Burch is joined by Derek Terry of The Cats Pause to talk about UK's win at Missouri and the injury to Reid Travis. Plus football staff changes. Then Kyle Tucker's interview with John Calipari.
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - John Calipari is a LIAR!!!...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss the 'overrated' chant, share some apparent disagreements between Kenny Payne and John Calipari. Then did Reid Travis reveal Calipari was lying? Plus a few football notes and a preview of Kyle's latest for The Athletic.
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - PJ Washington owns space i...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch break down UK's win over #1 UT. Including impressive performances from PJ Washington, Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro. Find out what John Calipari said the key to rebounding was, plus Hamidou Diallo won the dunk contest.
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK vs UT preview & Smellen...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker preview UK vs UT and talk about the emergence of Ellen Calipari as a social media superstar. Stay until the end to hear some comments from Ellen.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kyle jinxed Louisville - E...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss what the SEC had to say about the questionable to end the LSU vs UK game. Then we talk about some other college basketball games including Duke vs Louisville and Ole Miss vs Auburn. We also share a few football notes and some NBA news. Finally we share some Valentine's Day advice.
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - L-S-Eww - Episode 123
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss UK's loss against LSU including the controversial call at the end of the game. What did John Calipari have to say and PJ Washington comments.
26 min
Locked on Kentucky - Don't forget your phone or...
Kyle Tuker and Curtis Burch preview UK vs LSU including key match ups in the post. Then we look at how Kentucky has improved this season and what they can do to get even better. We wrap with discussing John Calipari's comments on his coach's show that might get him in trouble at home.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK basketball got a road w...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch recap UK's win at Mississippi State including another impressive game from PJ Washington. Then we discuss the #1 player in high school picking a school to play college basketball next year. We wrap talking about Matt House staying at UK after there was interest from the NFL.
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Who got traded and who got...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch preview UK at Miss State including a few key players to keep an eye on. Then which former UK players got traded at the NBA deadline? And we wrap about a surprising UK invite and snub to the NFL Combine.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Okay fine we'll mention th...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about Ashton Hagans having a bad half but why that might be a good thing. Also Jemarl Baker's shoes, PJ Washington's sweatshirt and Tyler Herro bucking stereotypes. Plus we comment on the Jay Bilas controversy.
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - Beisner brings us behind K...
Curtis Burch is joined by T.J. Beisner of CoachCal.com and the Behind Kentucky Basketball podcast joins the show to talk about UK's win over South Carolina. We talk about the big guys for Kentucky showing up big. EJ Montgomery, PJ Washington, Reid Travis and Nick Richards all had good games. Plus some behind the scenes stuff about the players. We wrap talking about a cool moment the players experienced after the game.
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kash Daniel is awesome - E...
Curtis Burch shares a few clips of an eventful John Calipari. Tyler Herro did an impressive thing in practice. Also we might have figured out why PJ Washington has taken it to another level. We wrap with some Kash Daniel audio and then preview UK vs USC.
27 min
Locked on Kentucky - Boy was Tyler Herro Wonder...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch break down UK's impressive comeback win at Florida. They look at EJ Montgomery's big plays. PJ Washington playing well once again. Plus Tyler Herro showed up big on the road again.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - How sharp are the Gator's ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker preview UK vs Florida. The Gators have had an odd season. Also a recruiting update on Anthony Edwards. And some NBA talk, a couple former UK players made the all star and others are being impacted by some trades. We wrap with the news of Missouri's NCAA sanctions.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Ashton is the Rockin' Litt...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker talk about how Ashton Hagans' impact on the team. Josh Allen won another award. Jimmy Dykes is singing. Plus why was John Calipari coaching so hard up late?
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Vandy was Candy - Episode 113
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss UK's big win at Vanderbilt including Bryce Drew heaping praise on Kentucky. Plus PJ Washington played great and Nick Richards might have started building his confidence.
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Tyler Herro is "not just a...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker share Associate Head Coach Kenny Payne's insightful thoughts on Tyler Herro, PJ Washington and Reid Travis. And find out what kind of dog Tyler Herro would categorize himself as. We also talk about Brad Calipari's look on the bench for the KU game. We wrap with a preview of Kentucky vs Vanderbilt.
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky wasn't light in t...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Buch discuss UK's win over KU. They look at the great games of Reid Travis and PJ Washington. Plus how Tyler Herro's defense was a real key to the game. Also Ashton Hagans is stealing stats again. We wrap with how a volleyball player is helping with Nick Richards' confidence.
27 min
Locked on Kentucky - We POINT to one key match ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker preview Kansas vs Kentucky including the key match ups. We also look at the Big 12/SEC Challenge. Then we discuss Kyle's latest piece on Jodie Meeks 54 points game at Tennessee. We wrap with Josh Allen looking like a robot.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - The Duke loss might be bec...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are talking about the progress UK has made since the Duke game, is it now becoming a positive? We also are talking Calipari's shoes, the SEC Standings, a floss cam and Kyle shares why he is an old man. Plus Curtis has an Indiana take.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Does PJ stand for Pure Jum...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker talk UK's 21 point win over Mississippi State. PJ Washington and Tyler Herro both had great shooting nights and the bigs off the bench each contributed in their own ways. An update on a player who wasn't 100% for the game and why the cheerleader pyramid wasn't great tonight.
32 min
Locked on Kentucky - Big talk time - Episode 107
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about Kentucky's big men after getting the change to talk to PJ Washington and EJ Montgomery. We discuss PJ's effort and EJ's jumper. We also share a note about the questionable flagrant foul on Washington in the Auburn game. Curtis explains a tweet from the weekend. And we preview UK vs Miss State.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Keldon Johnson woke the f*...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about UK's win at Auburn. Including Ashton Hagans telling Keldon Johnson to wake up. Tyler Herro's good game and Bruce Pearl's glowing comments about this UK team. We wrap with John Calipari's postgame comments.
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Will UK get Au-Burn-ed fro...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker preview UK's game at Auburn and look at the key match ups. Then Josh Allen is very high on a new mock draft board and UK Football is losing someone off their staff. We wrap with the weird video policy of a prep school. Plus shout outs!!
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Is a change to the startin...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch share what John Calipari had to say on his coach's show. He seemed open to a line up change and is doing something really nice for local federal employees who are not getting paid because of the government shut down. Then we talk Josh Allen who is skipping the senior bowl and showed up lower than some expected on a recent mock draft board. We wrap with some QB transfer talk (none of it really has to do with UK though).
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Ashton Hagans Homecoming K...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker breakdown UK's impressive win at Georgia. They discuss Ashton Hagans awesome performance, Tyler Herro's underrated game, Nick Richards showing signs of growth and UK winning by 20 when their leading scorer didn't make a bucket. We wrap with some fun tweets at Nick Richards.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Calipari didn't flip Ashto...
Kyle Tucker of The Athletic and veteran Kentucky radio personality Curtis Burch preview UK vs UGA by discussing SEC freshman of the week Ashton Hagans, who was once committed to Georgia. Plus Calipari is still friends with Georgia's new coach Tom Crean. Also Nick Richards said Calipari called him the key to a championship and updated how he is feeling after the Vandy game in which he took a shot to the head and an awkward landing. We preview Georgia and tell you who to keep an eye on. Finally thoughts on TV stations changing games.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky vs Vanderbilt was...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker talk about UK's win over Vanderbilt including the slow start, Kentucky struggling against the zone and the point guards playing well. We also updates some injuries; Ashton Hagans butt bone and Keldon Johnson.... well listen and find out about that one. We wrap by sharing the facts about the hard hat world record.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Will Vandy be candy? Live ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker recorded their 100th episode at the Lexington location of Skyline Chili on Richmond Rd. We look at UK's upcoming game against Vanderbilt, the Commodores did not look impressive in their last game. Then we discuss the early enrolled for UK Football and which ones could be impactful next year. We wrap with a look around the SEC the teams at the top of standings are not what was predicted. Thanks to everyone at Skyline for the hospitality.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Eddie Gran, title contenti...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about the rumors of Eddie Gran possibly taking the offensive coordinator job at Georgia. We also get sidetracked and talk a little about UK players abs. Then we wrap with a discussion about what Kentucky basketball needs to do to become a national title contender.
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Jemarl Baker told you he c...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker breakdown Kentucky's win over Texas A&M. They discuss how important Kentucky's bench was specifically including Jemarl Baker and Immanuel Quickely. They also talk about some of the defensive issues UK had specifically going under screens even though John Calipari told his team not to do that. We wrap with the topic of reviews during the game and how the last shot really could have impact some people in the desert.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Should Keldon Johnson get ...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss if Keldon Johnson should be the go to guy for UK. Plus we talk about what John Calipari had to say in his press conference including some book recommendations. We also preview the Texas A&M game a little and there is a computer ranking that is really undervaluing Kentucky Football. Stay till the end to hear John Calipari speak Chinese.
27 min
Locked on Kentucky - Reid Travis is human - Epi...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch breakdown UK's loss at Alabama. How was Kentucky able to have a shot in the air for the win after playing so poorly. Ashton Hagans' defense continues to be on another level, but Tyler Herro came back down to earth after the Louisville game. Also what was going on with Reid Travis. We wrap with a former UK football assistant getting a big time job and mention a fool who made a really dumb tweet.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Is Tyler Herro this year's...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch preview Kentucky's basketball first SEC game against Alabama. They share what the coaches from both sides had to say and look at a few key match ups. Plus a look at the SEC as a whole, how good is it? We wrap with a few football topics including Eddie Gran and the NFL Combine.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Josh Allen thinks he shoul...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker are talking more about Kentucky’s win over Penn State. Kyle brings a little perspective to the win by comparing it to the first UK Football game he covered. We also talk about how Kentucky won was so fitting. Plus a little talk about the atmosphere and Josh Allen lobbying to be the #1 pick in the draft. Also an interview with Kash Daniel after the game. We wrap with an injury update on a future Wildcat.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky Football gets win...
Curtis Burch breaks down Kentucky's win over Penn State which was UK's first 10 win season since the 70's. How about Benny Snell and Josh Allen being so impactful in their final game as Wildcats. Plus what was going on with McSorley's broken foot? We wrap with a postgame interview with CJ Conrad who got a little emotional.
24 min
Locked on Kentucky - What would a win over Penn...
Curtis Burch is joined by Jon Hale of the Courier-Journal and The Voice of The Cats Tom Leach to talk about UK's Citrus Bowl match up against Penn State. We discuss expectations for Benny Snell in this game, who Kentucky will use Josh Allen .Then we look at what a win for UK would mean for the program.
24 min
Locked on Kentucky - It is a good thing Ashton ...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch breakdown Kentucky convincing win over Louisville. They talk Ashton Hagans' shoes, Tyler Herro shooting and PJ Washington and Reid Travis impacting the game without filling up the box score.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Who wins UK or UL? - Episo...
This a very Athletic edition of the podcast. Curtis Burch is joined by Kyle Tucker (as he almost always is) then a special guest Jeff Greer who covers UL for The Athletic. The guys discuss keys to the match up and Jeff previews some of the key players to look out for on the Cardinals. Then of course there is a hair debate.
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - What are the extradition l...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are talking about the Stoops family Christmas card with including an appearance by a UK football player and an awesome pun. Then a where are they now addition with the coaches who where talked about to take the UK job when Mark Stoops was hired. We give an update on an injury to a future wildcat. Also Rick Pitino has landed in Greece... Finally we wrap with a little Christmas talk.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - What Daggum Roy and Cal ha...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch share the comments from the head coaches of UK and UNC (John Calipari and Roy Williams) had to say after Kentucky's win over North Carolina. Then we share an interview with UK basketball commit Dontaie Allen find out why he chose to stay at Pendleton Co during his HS career. We wrap with comments from Mark Stoops on signing day. Stoops discusses Moses Douglass, Amani Gilmore playing baseball and there are some fun comments. Thanks for listening and happy holidays.
24 min
Locked on Kentucky - Ashton Hagans shows in UK'...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss UK' win over UNC. Ashton Hagans was unbelievable on the defensive end and great on the offensive end during UK's win over UNC. PJ Washington battled through an injury and nearly had a triple double and Reid Travis was also great finishing around the bucket. Keldon Johnson was also great specifically from the outside. Plus Tyler Herro struggled shooting but did others things well. And Jemarl Baker played a lot more than we thought.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Calipari clad in corduroy ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker share what John Calipari had to say before UK faces off against UNC. Ashton Hagans' match up with Colby White and EJ Montgomery will possibly be playing some three. Also John Calipari had an interesting fashion choice today and Kyle discussed it. Calipari also shared some memories about Brad Calipari while growing up. We wrap by picking a winner of UK vs UNC
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Can Kentucky Football clim...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss UK Football's signing day. We compare it to other SEC teams and share some interesting player comparisons the UK staff threw out. Kentucky Football had a lot more success in state this season compared to last year. We also share where UK basketball coaching staff visit. There is a quick preview of UK vs UNC. And we wrap with Kyle sharing a story on UK's committee of 101 aka blue coats.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - How Kentucky will replace ...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss how UK will replace Jordan Jones in the bowl game. Also we share comments from Josh Allen who has turned into an awesome character during his award gathering tour. Find out what Josh Allen wants for Christmas and Bunchy Stallings favorite Christmas present. We wrap with Penny Hardaway's comments about Rick Barnes... Yes Penny talked trash to Rick Barnes.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Mark Stoops is a great bow...
Curtis Burch shares what Mark Stoops had to say at a press conference and on a bonus coaches show. He discuss a position change, update on Hughes situation and the difference in bowl prep compared to first season. Plus Josh Allen won another award and Keldon Johnson got some recognition. We wrap with a mailbag edition since Curtis is solo.
27 min
Locked on Kentucky - Is Jemarl Baker best shoot...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about Kentucky's easy win over Utah. The discuss Keldon Johnson having a monster game, Kentucky showing they are a good shooting team even though Calipari wants to limit the number of 3's the team takes. Also the 'big" line up made another appearance. Kentucky football was honored during a timeout and got a monster applause. Finally Jemarl Baker got into the game and hit shots in his limited time.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Why are so many UK players...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss UK basketball's recent transfers and spitball why it might be happening. Also we preview Utah coming to Lexington and guess how many minutes Jemarl Baker will play in the game. Plus UK is going to have an athlete on campus who is going to try to play two sports.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Quade Green will transfer....
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch Quade Green's decision to transfer from Kentucky. Was this a surprise transfer? How does this change the Kentucky team this season and now how important is Jemarl Baker getting back in the rotation. We wrap discussing if this is a trend that trend that Kentucky should be worried.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - How to fix Kentucky basket...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch look at the good and bad numbers from UK basketball, specifically PJ Washington. John Calipari also discussed some things he wanted to see from his team on his call in show. Could Jemarl Baker help UK? Also UK Football fans have show out for ticked presales to the bowl game and a former UK assistant has a new job.
27 min
Locked on Kentucky - Josh Allen shared why he w...
Veteran Kentucky radio personality Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker of The Athletic talk about Josh Allen's tour of the country collecting a bunch of awards awards and we discuss what it means for UK football going forward and how far Josh Allen has come dealing with the media.. Allen also shared why he will be playing in the bowl game. Mark Stoops spoke to the media last weekend and shared how many UK guys could get drafted into the NFL. We wrap with a talk on UK basketball's new spot in the AP poll and share the last time UK football was ranked ahead of UK basketball.
31 min
locked on Kentucky - Calipari goes home with ti...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are talking about UK's over time loss against Seton Hall in New York. Should John Calipari have taken a timeout on the last possession in overtime? Also what is going on with the shooting with this Kentucky team specifically Tyler Herro. We also find a few positives including PJ Washington's play. The Seton Hall Coach had played both Kentucky and Louisville and we share what he had to say about both squads. We wrap with two Allen's; Josh Allen won more awards and Curtis saw UK basketball signee Dontaie Allen play a game and shares some observations.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Evan Daniels on where UK s...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are joined by Evan Daniels of 247 to update where UK stands on all their major targets including; Matthew Hurt, Jaden McDaniels and Anthony Edwards. And find out if Evan believes Hurt and McDaniels could end up at the same place. We also talk about the recruits doing photo shoots with the team's jersey on while on visits. Evan also has some thoughts about UK guys coming back for next season. We also preview the Seton Hall game and share what John Calipari had to say at his press conference.
33 min
Locked on Kentucky - Wandale Robinson flips to ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss Wandale Robinson de-committing from Kentucky and committing to Nebraska. We talk about the how odd it is that less than 24 hours before announcing for Nebraska he said he was recruiting for Kentucky. Then there is a nice back in forth comparing the Kentucky and Nebraska offenses. We wrap with some basketball recruiting talk specifically on Matthew Hurt putting on a UK jersey during his visit, and Kyle has an interesting comparison with credit cards and recruiting.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Good and bad news for UK F...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are talking football and how the coaching carousel impacts UK Football recruiting. Will Ohio State's new coach hurt Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow's recruiting in the state of Ohio. On the flip side will Louisville's new coach allow Kentucky to continued recruiting success in Louisville and instate. Finally we talk about another honor for Josh Allen. We wrap with John Calipari on Jemarl Baker.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK Football racking up awa...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about all the awards UK Football is winning including coach of the year and defensive player of the year. Also we look at the match up against Penn State, Kyle is not a James Franklin fan. Then we discuss the #1 basketball player in the 2019 class and where Kentucky stands with him. We wrap up with some really fun audio from Kash Daniel.
32 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK Basketball has found a ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker talk about Kentucky's win over UNCG including Ashton Hagans impressive defense and what Reid Travis was able to do. Then we finish with comments from Mark Stoops on UK Football accepting a bid to the Citrus Bowl.
24 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky Football is suffe...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker give of a full breakdown of where Kentucky Football is ranked in the College Football Playoff Rankings and how UK should probably be ranked higher than some of Penn State, Texas and Washington. Plus a few recruiting topics including a former basketball commit talking trash. We wrap with a preview of UK vs UNC Greensboro
31 min
Locked on Kentucky - Does UK's defense have a H...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss UK basketball blow out win over Monmouth. They talk about Tyler Herro's improved defense, Ashton Hagans looking more comfortable and the team actually looking like the best shooting team Calipari has had at Kentucky. We also share what Calipari had to say about Jemarl Baker and Nick Richards. We wrap with some football talk Josh Allen is on a impressive list and UL will have to look elsewhere for a coach.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Fixing UK Basketball's def...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch share what John Calipari had to say before Kentucky faces Monmouth. Most of the conversation is what is wrong with Kentucky's defense and how it can be improved. Then we discuss the implications of Danny Clark's transfer from UK Football and what it means for the QB position going forward. We wrap by sharing some of John Calipari and PJ Washington's comments and then announce a new giveaway
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK Basketball has an impor...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss 5 star forward Matthew Hurt visiting Kentucky this weekend. Discuss some bowl chatter with UK football and give some more props to Terry Wilson. We wrap discussing the NET, a new tool that the NCAA will use when selecting and seeding tournament teams.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky dominates Louisvi...
Kyle Tucker an Curtis Burch discuss Kentucky Football's dominating win over Louisville. We discuss the game including Lynn Bowden's catch when he was ridiculously wide open. We also look what this season means in the history of UK Football and try to attempt to put in perspective how good some of the Kentucky players have been. Plus bowl projections and something scary from social media.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Eric Crawford on UK vs UL ...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are joined by Eric Crawford of WDRB to discuss the Cats vs the Cards. How the Louisville program fall so far so fast and is there anyway UL can pull off an upset. Plus just like every week Kyle and Curtis do their over/unders and pick the winner of the game.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky over Winthrop and...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss UK's win over Winthrop. What is wrong with Kentucky's 3 point defense and can it be fixed? The offense looked much better what was working. Tyler Herro had a great game but took a spill we update what he said happened after the game. Plus UK missed on another big man target and LeMelo Ball tagged himself as being in Lexington.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Ben Roberts on the fall ou...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are joined by Ben Roberts of the Lexington Herald Leader to discuss recruiting. Why did James Wiseman pick Memphis and was there anything Kentucky could have done? Then where does Kentucky go after missing on James Wiseman. There are still targets that could pick Kentucky out there. Plus should UK be considered that Kahlil Whitney hasn't signed a letter of intent yet.
32 min
Locked on Kentucky - James Wiseman sets a decis...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch are discussing James Wiseman setting a decision date and where he will likely end up. Plus Kash Daniel wasn't pleased with the crowd on senior day. Was he wrong in what he said? Plus we talk about a cool thing the SEC did with the defensive player of the week award.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK gets revenge on VMI and...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about Kentucky football's win over Middle Tennessee on senior day. Including big days from seniorsJosh Allen and Mike Edwards. Also we talk about the UK offense. Most importantly we discuss Josh Paschal's return to the field after being diagnosed with cancer. Plus we talk basketball the veterans stepped up big for Kentucky in a game that VMI hit a bunch of tough 3's. And of course we have mention Reid Travis' new glasses.
27 min
Locked on Kentucky - Who will cry on UK Footbal...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker preview UK's senior day against Middle Tennessee. How will CJ Conrad and Josh Allen performs in their last game at Kroger Field. Plus as always we do our over/unders and predict who will win and by how much. We also have a little basketball talk including why PJ Washington was taken out after playing on 58 seconds and a school that will bring up bad memories for UK fans is coming to town on Sunday.
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky Basketball finall...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss UK's blowout win over North Dakota. Is PJ Washington a shooter now? How did Tyler Herro get over his shooting slump? Plus updates on PJ Washington's injuries fingers and Jermarl Baker's status
25 min
Locked on Kentucky - Football under the lights ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker are talking about what John Calipari had to say in his press conference including how Tyler can fix his shot and the reason for the slow start to the season. Then we make our predictions for UK vs North Dakota. We also talk some football, find out what the staff did today to change things up during practice.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - Benny Snell sounded off po...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch talk about Benny Snell's postgame comments after Kentucky's loss to Tennessee. Was that a good move by Benny? Then we share what Mark Stoops had to say at his press conference including his thoughts on Benny Snell's comments. We wrap discussing where UK ended up in the AP basketball poll and how a few other SEC teams faired in the poll.
29 min
Locked on Kentucky - What is wrong with the UK ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker break down a bad weekend for BBN, Kentucky football gets man handled by Tennessee and Kentucky basketball struggles with Southern Illinois. What is going on with the UK Football offense? On the basketball side who's play is more concerning PJ Washington or Tyler Herro? We wrap discussing Louisville firing Bobby Petrino and what that means for the last season of the year for UK Football.
26 min
Locked on Kentucky - How does UK Basketball and...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss what John Calipari said before Kentucky faces off in their second game of the year and how they will react after getting blown out by Duke. Also we do our over/unders for UK/UT and make a prediction for the game. And we wrap with comments from John Calipari and Mark Stoops.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky players mentioned...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss Kentucky players were mentioned in an ESPN report about evidence in the FBI's has on their investigation into basketball. Also we look at the Duke/UK game some crazy stats and what it means for the rest of the season for Kentucky. Plus one positive note from social media about the game.
35 min
Locked on Kentucky - What happened before and a...
Curtis Burch discuss what happened before and after Kentucky's blow out loss to Duke in the Champions Classic.
22 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK/Duke position break dow...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker breakdown the Kentucky vs Duke game looking at specific match ups. Who guards RJ Barrett for Kentucky who guards Reid Travis for Duke? Then we make our game predictions. Plus the notes from Mark Stoops Monday press conference including a few injury updates and how UK will replace Darius West.
32 min
Locked on Kentucky - UK/UGA game review and UK/...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch discuss UK's loss to UGA and what it says about the program (most of it is positive). We share some comments from Kash Daniel that shows his passion for his team. Then wrap up football talk by breaking down the two ejections Kentucky had. We wrap with a draft of players in the UK/Duke game on Tuesday night, keep in mind we are drafting based who will play best in the game.
33 min
Locked on Kentucky - A Wandale-ful day for Mark...
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch preview the game for the SEC East Championship game. We do our weekly over/unders and predict who will win the game. Also Mark Stoops got some really good recruiting news with the commitment of Wandale Robinson. We also share what Mark Stoops had to say in his last press conference before the UGA game. Plus Joel Justus calls out Kyle
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Mark Stoops the basketball...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker answer you mailbag questions on football recruiting talk including Wandale Robinson. Also why are there some negative comments from the national media on UK Football. Plus we find out a little bit about Mark Stoops as a basketball player. Bonus a little candy/Halloween talk.
28 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky Football in the C...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker discuss Kentucky being ranked in the top 10 of the College Football Playoff rankings. Curtis makes a case for why it was too low. Then we talk some basketball does UK have the pieces to win a championship this season. We wrap with a bit of recruiting news that caused Kyle to fight with a teenager on social media.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Stoops broke the freaking ...
On this edition of the show Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch get you caught up on what Mark Stoops had to say at his Monday press conference then we discuss the celebration after Kentucky's win at Missouri and we wrap with Rick Pitino's name in the news again and how rappers are playing a role in James Wisman's recruitment.
30 min
Locked on Kentucky - Kentucky Football somehow ...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker break down Kentucky's improbable win at Missouri. They discuss the last drive in detail, talk about questionable calls and praise the defense extensively. Plus what do we make of the exchange between Benny Snell and the coaching staff, is it a big deal at all?
32 min
Locked on Kentucky - Who starts for UK Basketba...
Curtis Burch and Kyle Tucker hash out who is most likely to start for UK basketball this season. Then we do our weekly over/unders and preview UK at Mizzou football game. Finally a few comments from Mark Stoops on his QBs
32 min