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John Butchko provides insight, in-depth analysis, and interviews on Locked On Jets, the only daily podcast covering the New York Jets. Big name guests that have appeared on the show include former Jets quarterbacks Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Darnold, Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, Pro Bowlers Matt Forte and CJ Mosley, 2022 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Sauce Gardner, and CBS Sports' Ian Eagle. Listen Monday through Friday all year long. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Jets 10/10/16 Episode 33: Recapping L...
The Jets lose again. Today's loss to the Steelers drops the team to 1-4. MacGregor and Nick from Gang Green Nation break it down.
24 min
Locked on Jets 10/7/16 Episode 32: Legendary Of...
Howard Mudd was on the NFL's All Decade Team in the 1960's and coached the line for almost four decades in the league. The author of a new book, The View From the O-Line, he joins us to teach some of the finer points of life up front.
50 min
Locked on Jets 10/6/16 Episode 31: Mailbag Thur...
The Jets take on the Steelers in a few days, and today is Mailbag Thursday where we answer your Jets questions.
23 min
Locked on Jets 10/5/16 Episode 30: Breaking Dow...
Nick from Gang Green Nation has gotten a chance to break down film of the Seahawks game, and he's here to share what he saw. It isn't pretty.
32 min
Locked on Jets 10/4/16 Episode 29: Four Thought...
The Jets have played four games. Here are four thoughts on the 1-3 football team.
23 min
Locked on Jets 10/3/16 Episode 28: Recapping th...
The Jets fall to 1-3, and Nick and MacGregor of Gang Green Nation join to recap the ugliness.
32 min
Locked on Jets 9/30/16 Episode 27: Jets vs. Sea...
Vincent Verhei of Football Outsiders and the Locked on Seahawks podcast previews the Week 4 game between the Jets and the Seahawks.
47 min
Locked on Jets 9/29/16 Episode 26: Mailbag Thur...
Readers left us questions, and we answer them on this edition of #Jets mailbag Thursday.
29 min
Locked on Jets 9/28/16 Episode 25: Nick From Ga...
Nick from Gang Green Nation has had a chance to review the film from the Jets' Week 3 loss. It isn't pretty, but he's going to share his observations.
24 min
Locked on Jets 9/27/16 Episode 24: Four Jets Th...
Four thoughts on the now 1-2 Jets both looking at the big and little pictures.
34 min
Locked on Jets 9/26/16 Episode 23: Recap of Fit...
Ryan Fitzpatrick throws six interceptions in a horrific performance as the Jets lose to the Chiefs 24-3. Nick and MacGregor from Gang Green Nation come on the show to recap.
28 min
Locked on Jets 9/23/16 Episode 22: MMQB's Andy ...
13 min
Locked on Jets 9/22/16 Episode 21: Mailbag Thur...
It is mailbag Thursday so it is time to answer your Jets questions.
27 min
Locked on Jets 9/21/16 Episode 20: Previewing J...
Chris Clark and Ryan Tracy of the Locked on Chiefs podcast join us to break down the Week 3 matchup between the Jets and Chiefs.
13 min
Locked on Jets 9/20/16 Episode 19: Talking Jets...
Andrew Hershkowitz joins the podcast to talk about the Jets and the NFL
41 min
Locked on Jets 9/19/16 Episode 18: Four Thought...
After the win against Buffalo, we talk about four Jets thoughts.
22 min
Locked on Jets 9/16/16 Episode 17: Jets Beat Bu...
The Jets defeat the Bills 37-31 on Thursday Night Football. Nick from Gang Green Nation comes on the show to break it down.
27 min
Locked on Jets 9/15/16: Episode 16: Your Pre-Bi...
Before tonight's game against the Bills, we answer some questions on mailbag Thursday and make Week 2 NFL picks.
26 min
Locked on Jets 9/14/16 Episode 15: Talking Bill...
20 min
Locked on Jets 9/13/16 Episode 14: Previewing J...
Matthew Fairburn, a Bills beat writer for New York Upstate and the host of Locked on Bills, joins the show for a special crossover episode previewing Thursday's game between the Jets and the Bills.
37 min
Locked on Jets 9/12/16 Episode 13: Recapping th...
MacGregor Wells of Gang Green Nation joins the show to help us recap the Jets' 23-22 loss to the Bengals in the 2016 regular season opener.
33 min
Locked on Jets 9/9/16 Episode 12: A Chat With H...
Curtis Martin joined us for a short chat on how fans can watch the NFL using a mobile device this season. We also talk about his career, his relationship with Bill Parcells, life after football, and the Jets.
12 min
Locked on Jets 9/8/16 Episode 11: Thursday Jets...
The Jets are just a few days away from opening the season. I answer your Jets questions from the comment section of GangGreenNation.com and make some Week 1 NFL picks.
21 min
Locked on Jets 9/7/16 Episode 10: Previewing Je...
The NFL regular season is ready to begin, and the Jets face the Cincinnati Bengals in the opener. Rebecca Toback of SB Nation's CincyJungle.com stops by the show to help us preview the game.
20 min
Locked on Jets 9/6/16 Episode 9: Everything You...
Ken Fang from AwfulAnnouncing.com comes onto the show to talk about the NFL on TV in 2016. We talk about the fallout of Mike Tirico's big move from ESPN to NBC, changes to how we can see Thursday Night Football, and watching NFL games out of market.
37 min