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John Butchko provides insight, in-depth analysis, and interviews on Locked On Jets, the only daily podcast covering the New York Jets. Big name guests that have appeared on the show include former Jets quarterbacks Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Darnold, Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, Pro Bowlers Matt Forte and CJ Mosley, 2022 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Sauce Gardner, and CBS Sports' Ian Eagle. Listen Monday through Friday all year long. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Jets 11/21/16 Episode 58: Ryan Fitzpa...
The Jets have named Ryan Fitzpatrick the starting quarterback against the Patriots. Here are some thoughts on the move.
14 min
Locked on Jets 11/21/16 Episode 57: What Is Lef...
With the Jets out of the Playoff chase, what reasons exist to watch the team?
17 min
Locked on Jets 11/18/16 Episode 56: What Change...
Today we answer more listener questions, mainly dealing with potential changes to the team after the season.
20 min
Locked on Jets 11/17/16 Episode 55: Bye Week M...
We take mailbag questions and make NFL picks at the bye week.
20 min
Locked on Jets 11/16/16 Episode 54: Talking Abo...
Should Jets fans be rooting for the team to lose and improve its Draft position? Let's discuss the various aspects.
14 min
Locked on Jets 11/15/16 Episode 53: A Look at t...
Let's talk about who should start at quarterback for the Jets after their bye and some of the factors that will go into the decision-making.
14 min
Locked On Jets Podcast #52: We lose... again.
22 min
locked on jets podcast #51: What's the plan?
22 min
Locked On Jets Podcast #50: Recapping Jets Loss...
22 min
locked on Jets #49 2nd Half Recap
18 min
Locked onJets #48 11/1/16: First Half Review
17 min
Locked On Jets #47: Are the Jets a Bad or Medio...
19 min
Locked on Jets Podcast #46 Jets Comeback agains...
14 min
Locked on Jets 10/26/2016 Episode 45: Ravens/Je...
13 min
Locked on Jets 10/25/16 Episode 44: All about t...
Sp0rtsfan86 fills in for John B and is talking Jets QB situation.
15 min
Locked on Jets 10/24/16 Episode 43: Jets Beat B...
The Jets are back in the win column. Nick and MacGregor from Gang Green Nation join to break it down.
27 min
Locked on Jets 10/21/16 Episode 42: Four Though...
The Jets are in very bad shape. Here are some thoughts on things that need to happen and things that need to change.
25 min
Locked on Jets 10/20/16 Episode 41: Geno Smith ...
The Jets have named Geno Smith their starting quarterback this Sunday against the Ravens. Today on Mailbag Thursday, we answer your Geno questions.
22 min
Locked on Jets 10/19/16 Episode 40: Nick from G...
Nick from Gang Green Nation joins the show to talk about the loss to the Cardinals.
31 min
Locked on Jets 10/18/16 Episode 39: Jets-Cardin...
The Jets lose again. Let's talk about what happened, how the Jets got into this situation, and where things will go from here.
21 min
Locked on Jets 10/17/16 Episode 38: Jets-Cardin...
Gavin of Locked on Cardinals joins for a crossover episode previewing Monday Night Football between the Jets and the Cardinals.
35 min
Locked on Jets 10/14/16 Episode 37: One Thing T...
Here's one thing about the Jets that really jumps off the page.
21 min
Locked on Jets 10/13/16 Episode 36: Jets Mailba...
It's Thursday, which means it's time to answer mailbag questions.
32 min
Locked on Jets 10/12/16 Episode 35: Another Loo...
Nick from Gang Green Nation has reviewed the film, and he's back to tell us what he saw on his second viewing of the Jets' loss to the Steelers.
24 min
Locked on Jets 10/11/16 Episode 34: Four Though...
The Jets are 1-4. Here are four thoughts on the troubles the team faces.
25 min